Archive - Dec 5, 2002


SCA "Switch" advertisement

The Quarter: The Quarter, "Trimaris' Perfectly Period Parody Publication", serves up an SCA-oriented satire of the Apple Computer "Switch" ad campaign.

New Articles Added to Stefan's Florilegium

The Honorable Lord Stefan li Rous has just released a list of the newest articles added to Stefan's Florilegium.

Riddle of the King's Relatives: A New Fairy Tale

Roy Harold Andes tells "A fairy tale for lawyers, knights and grownups."

Eclipse Shines Light on Medieval African Astronomical Observatory

New Scientist: In a report from New Scientist, Stuart Clark and Damian Carrington, write that last week's total eclipse of the sun has sparked renewed interest in Great Zimbabwe, a mysterious 13th century stone complex in South Africa, as a solar eclipse predictor.