Archive - Nov 4, 2002


The Legacy of Roman Roads

British Archaeology: Modern transport expert Hugh Davies looks at the legacy of Roman roads in Great Britain.

Metal Detector Finds Hidden Treasure

An amateur archaeologist with a metal detector has discovered hidden treasure outside London.

Baron Stormhold Reports on Lochac Crown Tourney

Gwynfor Lwyd, Baron Stormhold, has written an elegant report on Lochac's Crown Tourney held in the Barony of Innilgard November 2.

Southwark Roman Cemetery Offers Riddles - and Answers

British Archaeology: A 2-4th Century Roman Cemetery in Southwark, England gives researchers pause over burial questions.

New Discoveries Show Use of Roman Fortress Walls

British Archaeology: Archaelogists working on the site of the medieval St. Leonard's Hospital have discovered that Roman fortress walls may have been in use until after the Norman conquest.

An Tir Announces Scribal Contest

The Kingdom Scribes Office of An Tir has announced that it will sponsor a contest for original award scrolls.

Photos from Lochac Crown Tourney Available

Lady Katerina da Brescia has posted photographs from the Lochac Crown Tourney held November 2, 2002 at Longwood in Innilgard.

Lochac Has New Heirs

Cornelius von Becke, fighting for Morwenna Branwynt, was the winner of the weekend's Lochac Crown Tourney.

SCA Budget Online

Members interested in the numbers may now take a look at the SCA budget online.