Archive - Nov 27, 2002


GallowGlass Academy Announces Rapier Classes for Twelfth Night

THL Senan and the GallowGlass Academy will present a special rapier workshop at Tree-Girt-Sea's Twelfth Night event. Tree-Girt-Sea is located in Chicago, Illinois (USA). Senan is a fencer of considerable reknown in the SCA and in the modern world.

New Baron Named for Red Spears

Their Royal Majesties of the Middle Kingdom, Tarrach and Fina, have announced Their choice of baronial candidate for the Barony of Red Spears in northwestern Ohio (USA).

Kingdom Fundraiser at Hunters' Feast Features Magnificent Handmade Quilt

THL Galiana fitz William has spent a year creating a fabulous quilt, nine feet (three metres) square, which is being donated to a fundraising auction in the Kingdom of Outlands.

East Kingdom Waterbearers Guild Formed

An East Kingdom Waterbearers Guild has been formed.

Preview Drachenwald's A&S Easter Site

Drachenwald's spring Kingdom A&S will be held at Karlhof, a property owned by Fuerst von Oettingen-Wallerstein. Pictures of the site are available online.

York Archaeological Photos Online

The York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Ltd. has provided a fantastic online resource for students of medieval history.

Catapult Stunt Kills Student

A student died Sunday in Bristol, England after being being flung 100 feet from a catapult.