Archive - Nov 26, 2002


Pennsic 32 Online Preregistration Now Available

The web page to allow you to preregister for Pennsic 32 is now online, according to Fred Brezel of the Cooper's Lake staff.

Black Book of Carmarthen Online

The 13th century Black Book of Carmarthen, containing some of the earliest literature of Wales, will soon be available online.

Relic of St. Giles Discovered in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Evening News: What is believed to be an arm bone, and possibly a relic of St. Giles, has been discovered in the roof of St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Isabel is a Real Doll

The American Girl Company, long known for its American historical dolls, has added a line of "Girls of Many Lands" including an Elizabethan girl.