Archive - Nov 25, 2002


"What Every Medievalist Should Know"

Scout Report: Scholars on every level will want to explore an online treasure trove chock full of SCA-useful material.

Sir Tristan von Eising Featured in Article on Fantasy in American Life As The Two Towers is about to be released, some news agencies have taken another look at the SCA.

Site Offers How-Tos for Medieval Scientific Instruments

A chemistry professor at Humboldt State University in California offers students of medieval science a chance to build replicas of scientific instruments.

They're At It Again

The Quarter: "At least it keeps us off the streets!" So reads one of the many randomly-inserted bits of slogan text at the bottom of a page on this month's issue of The Quarter. The advertisement for a certain well-known Norse deity's fighter school is just....wrong. Go see it, right away.

Drachenwald Royals Offer First Look at Celebration Site

Their Majesties Giles and EzaBella of Drachenwald invite gentles to have a look at the site for the June 2003 10th Year Drachenwald Celebration.

Photos from Lochac's November Crown Tourney

Held in the Barony of Innilgard, the second Crown tourney of the 17th and newest Kingdom of the Known World was a marvelous affair. Here are some photos from the event, accompanied by a slightly expanded text description of the Tourney.