Archive - Nov 15, 2002



An Austrian church is the site of an archeological find containing a rodent of unusual....shape. Does a certain famous Disney character have a European ancestor?

First Sunday Declared "Boffer Sunday" for Midrealm Youth

Young Midrealmers interested in learning SCA fighter practices may gather at the Renaissance Fencing Club in Madison Heights, MI.

Coded Tudor Letter Translated into English

Times Online: The Times of London reports that a coded letter written in French to Queen Elizabeth I has been translated into English for the first time.

Estrella Treaty Negotiations Now Complete

The treaty for the Estrella War is now available online.

Finding Vikings Writer Harriet O'Brien goes on a quest to find out what Vikings were really all about in a news story from

Another Calontiri Rides the Bus

Reservations are still being taken for Calontir residents who wish to take the charter bus to the Estrella War.

Early Celts Cannibals?

Discovery News: Possible evidence of cannibalism among early Celts has been found in Berkshire, England.

Local Council Finds Roman Wall in Family's Backyard

A Saxon burial urn and a Roman wall have been found in a Buckinghamshire garden.

St. Birgitta's Bones to Solve Mystery

Scientists plan to use DNA testing to determine the burial site of Sweden's St. Birgitta.

Calontir History Page Seeks Photos

Photographs from the reign of Martino and Ariel are being sought for the Calontir History Page.