Archive - Oct 2002


October 26th

New Articles on Midrealm Cooks' Website

A number of interesting new articles have been added to the Middle Kingdom Culinary Collegium website.

October 25th

New Feature for Newswire visitors can now use a simple form at the bottom of the site's home page to scan for news within a given time period.

October 24th

Pennsic War XXXI Photo Album Online has an extensive Pennsic XXXI photo album online, with contributions from more than twenty-five photographers.

Tentmaking Workshop at Infimous Mons Aureus in Drachenwald

The event is scheduled for November 29 through December 1 at the shire of Infimous Mons Aureus, south of the Alps. has the event flyer directly from the Autocrat.

BoD Requests Comments on Crown Tourney Rules Change

The SCA Board of Directors is requesting comments until December 15 on a proposed Corpora change that would require prior BoD approval for any contest other than individual combat within a Crown Tournament.

Medieval Marketplace Site Debuts

Medieval Marketplace, a new web site for Renaissance and SCAdian reenactors to buy and sell personal items, is similar to eBay (TM) except that it uses fixed prices rather than auctions.

Court Report from TRM Drachenwald, Giles and EzaBella

Numerous awards were presented at the Royal Court of Their Majesties Giles and EzaBella of Drachenwald, on October 19.

Da'oud Wins Artemisia Crown

Sir Da'oud al-Dimashqi, blood brother to the current King, fought for the honor of Lady Tairdelbach MacLachlainn.

Matthew Wins Drachenwald Crown

Duke Matthew Blackleaf, inspired by Countess Alienor of Farryngdon, was victorious in the Drachenwald Crown Tournament.

October 23rd

Middle Kingdom to Welcome New Kingdom Officers

Several current and pending successions have been announced among the kingdom officers of the Midrealm.

October 22nd

Gwyntarian to Host Craftsman's Fair and War College

The Marche of Gwyntarian (Akron, OH) will present Make it or Break It: A Craftsman's Fair and War College, November 16, 2002.

Hound Coursing Information Available

Hound coursing is becoming a popular activity at SCA events. Learn how to get started with this fascinating activity.

17th Annual Punkin Chunkin November 1-3

Rehoboth Beach, DE will once again play host to the World Championship Punkin Chunkers, a yearly contest to determine how far a pumpkin can fly.

October 21st

Montengarde 12th Night Announced

The Barony of Montengarde in An Tir has announced a Twelfth Night celebration in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

New Information for East Kingdom Crown Tournament

Lord Dorio of Whispering Oaks, Autocrat for the East Kingdom Crown Tourney and Northern Lights to be held October 26, 2002 in the Barony of Stonemarche, has announced important changes.

New Heirs of Drachenwald Chosen

Drachenwald List: The new heirs of Drachenwald were chosen at a Crown Tourney held October 19, 2002 in Uppsala, Sweden.

October 19th

Sir Pieter Van Doorn and Mistress Nan Astrid of York Become Heirs to Midrealm Throne

On the field of honorable combat, Sir Pieter van Doorn has won the right to make his lady, Mistress Nan Astrid of York, the next Queen of the Middle Kingdom.

October 18th

Read About "Gode Cookery" Online

Medieval recipes and sources are available online at "A Boke of Gode Cookery."

Metropolitan Museum of Art Adds Exhibit on Central Asia

The Great Hall Balcony of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the new home of "Glimpses of the Silk Road: Central Asia in the First Millennium."

Prize to be Awarded for Essay in Renaissance Studies

Submissions for the Louis L. Martz Essay Prize in Renaissance Studies are now being taken. The winner will receive a $1,000 award and a chance to present at an international conference.

Encampment at the Castle to Return to the Mansfield Reformatory

On June 20, 21 and 22, 2003, the Marche of Three Towers in Mansfield, Ohio will host its third annual "Encampment at the Castle."

October 17th

Create Gaelic Curses Online

Dennis King offers Irish Gaelic sources online at his website, and one of the most creative aspects of the site is its Gaelic Curse Engine.

Midrealm Demo Page Offers Many Suggestions

Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote, former Deputy for Demos of the Barony of Roaring Wastes (Metro-Detroit) has put together a website for materials and ideas for handling demos in the SCA.

Feature: The Coronation of Chrystofer and Margarette

Mistress Jenna of SouthWind writes in splendid detail of the Coronation of the new King and Queen of Calontir on October 12. (Republished by blanket permission from the author.)

Fordham University Offers Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Fordham Unviersity's Center for Medieval Studies offers educators a wealth of information on the Middle Ages.

Ealdormere Earl Marshal Seeks Comments on Siege Weapons Rules

A draft for the proposed Siege Weapons Rules for the Kingdom of Ealdormere is now available online.

Caid Posts Photos from Great Western War 6

New photos taken at Great Western War 6 are now available on the Caid Kingdom website.

Sir Conor Weisszhan Wins West Kingdom Crown Tourney

The Medieval Times reports that Sir Conor Weisszhan has won Crown Tournament in the West Kingdom

October 16th

Bodleian Library Purchases Medieval Arabic Atlas

In June, the Bodleian Library of Oxford University purchased the "Book of Strange Arts and Visual Delights", an Arabic manuscript from the late 12th or early 13th century.

October 15th

Teaching of Latin in American Schools on the Rise

Hoping to improve student performance in American schools, some teachers are turning to an ancient discipline: Latin.