Archive - Oct 11, 2002


Red Book of Hergest Inspires 21st Century Medicine

Scientists in Wales are studying the 13th century Red Book of Hergest, a work compiled by a dynasty of physicians from Myddfai, in hopes of finding new drugs.

Early Roman Plaque Discovered in London

A Roman plaque inscribed with the word "Londiniensium" was discovered October 11 in an archaeological dig in London. Scientists suspect that it is the oldest plaque yet discovered that bears reference to the city's Roman name.

York Doomsday Project Provides Online Sources for Mystery Plays

Over the past few years, a group of dedicated professors in the north of England have been working to make information on the York Mystery Cycle, 15th and 16th century plays, available to scholars.

Lochac Announces Kingdom Events

Her Majesty Elspeth, Queen of the Kingdom of Lochac has announced the next four kingdom events.