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Coronation Date and Site Announced

Sat, 2015-08-15 10:06

Photo by Raziya Bint Rusa.

Their Highnesses Brennan and Caoilfhionn announced that they accepted a bid for their upcoming Coronation.  It will be held in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows on October 3 at the same site where St. Kenric of Blessed Memory was laid to rest.
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Remembrance of Countess Adrienne of Toledo

Fri, 2015-08-14 17:13

Let all who dwell in The Known Worlde who would do honour to the memory of Countess Adrienne of Toledo, First Queen of the East, be advised that there will be at 6 PM on this coming Sunday the 16th of August a Service for that purpose at Greyhaven, 90 El Camino Real in Berkeley, California.  Please RSVP and/or send reminiscences to Countess Diana Listmaker (diana@westria.org).

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Pennsic’s Volunteer War Point

Thu, 2015-08-13 20:21

Our thanks to Thane Alexander Makcristyne, the East Kingdom’s Volunteer War Point Representative, for providing the following information at The Gazette’s request. 

The Volunteer War Point, or VWP, happened this year and many people put in a combined total of over five thousand hours in various areas of Pennsic. Some of the highest registered hours came from Pennsic University and Herald’s point.  The total hours per warring faction broke down as follows:
East/Mid/Acre – 3,181 hours
AEthelmearc /Allies – 2,308.

The VWP staff consisted of one representative and a deputy from the Middle Kingdom, one representative from the East Kingdom, and one neutral counter.  They put in a combined total of four hours distributing the VWP packets, collecting them, and counting/verifying hours. Once hours were counted and verified by three different people, the staff broke to inform their kingdoms of the results, however there was no representative for AEthelmearc/Allies available at that time to go report the results.

The VWP is a valuable War point because everyone has a chance to aid in the war and help the war continue.  Many hand make light work. I want to thank everyone who even gave up one minute of their time to help the war.

East Kingdome VWP representative: Thane Alexander Makcristyne

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Pennsic War Point Tally / Sommaire des Points de Guerre

Thu, 2015-08-13 19:52

En français

During closing ceremonies, the war was declared a tie by Their Majesties of the East, Middle and AEthelmearc.  The following are a detailed list of how the war points were divided.

15 Points for Armored Combat
Unbelted Champions – 1 point – East/Mid
Belted Champions – 1 point – AEthelmearc/Allies
Matched Champions – 1 point – East/Mid
Century Champions – 1 point – AEthelmearc/Allies
Armored Castle Battle – 2 points – AEthelmearc/Allies took 2
Armored Bridge Battles – 3 points – AEthelmearc/Allies took 3
Armored Woods Battles – 3 points – AEthelmearc/Allies took 3
Armored Field Battles– 3 points – East/Mid took 2, AEthelemearc took 1

10 Points for Rapier
Rapier Manor Battle – 1 point – East/Mid
Rapier Village Battle – 1 point – AEthelmearc/Allies
Rapier Champions Battle – 1 point – AEthelmearc/Allies
Rapier Heroic Champions – 1 point – Tie; point was split evenly.
Rapier Woods Battle – 3 points – East/Mid took 2, AEthelmearc/Allies took 1
Rapier Field Battles – 3 points – East/Mid took 3

7 Points for Archery
Archery Champions Shoot – 1 point – AEthelmearc & Allies
Populace Archery Shoot – 6 points – East/Mid

1 Point for Service  – neither side

A&S- 1 Point – East/Mid won the point

Siege and Combat Archery Battle – 1 point – AEthelmearc/Allies
Thrown Weapons Tournament – 1 point – AEthelmearc/Allies

En français  par Sir Pellandres dit Le Frère

Lors des cérémonies de clôture, la grande guerre a été déclarée nulle par leurs majestés de l’Est, du Milieu, et d’Aethelmearc. Ci-bas nous incluons la description de comment les points se sont ventilés entre les belligérants.

Et voila les détails :
15 Points pour le combat en armure, soit :
– Les champions dit “Unbelted” – 1 point – East/Mid
– Les champions de la chevalerie -1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés
– Le défi des champions – 1 point – East/Mid
– Les cent champions – 1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés
– Bataille dans le château – 2 points – Aethelmearc/Alliés pour 2
– Bataille sur les ponts – 3 points – Aethelmearc/Alliés pour 3
– Bataille dans les bois – 3 points   Aethelmearc/Alliés pour 3
– Champ de bataille classique – 3 points- 2 points pour East/Mid et 1 pour Aethelmearc/Alliés

10 Points pour les escrimeurs, soit :
– Bataille dans le manoir – 1 point – East/Mid
– Bataille dans le village – 1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés
– La mêlee des champions – 1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés
– Le défi des champions – 1 point – Nul, le point a été partagé de facçon égale..
– La bataille dans les bois – 3 points – 2 points pour East/Mid et 1 pour Aethelmearc/Alliés
– champ de bataille classique – 3 points – East/Mid gagne les trois.

7 Points pour les archers, soit :
– Les rondes des champions – 1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés
– Les rondes populaires – 6 points – East/Mid.

1 Point pour le Service – Ce point n’a pas été attribué à ni un ni l’autre des partis.

Arts et Sciences- 1 Point – Remporté par le East/Mid

Battaille d’archerie de combat et d’armes de siège – 1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés

Touirnoi de tir d’Arme de jet – 1 point – Aethelmearc/Alliés


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Volunteers Needed for SCA Demo at the Great Falls Balloon Festival

Wed, 2015-08-12 16:10

Home from Pennsic and feeling like you want to help promote the SCA to even more people? Or just haven’t had quite enough camping, fencing, fighting, and fun?

Friday, August 21 through Sunday, August 23 the Incipient Riding of Ravensbridge will be hosting a weekend-long demo and medieval encampment at the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Auburn, Maine. This festival draws over 100,000 people annually to view the hot air balloons and learn about and support a variety of local nonprofit organizations — this year, including the SCA!

The schedule for the weekend will include armored and rapier combat demos, live demonstrations of a wide variety of period crafts and arts, and education to festival attendees about what the SCA is and how they can get more involved. There will also be a “medieval village” period encampment. All Scadians are welcome to come to help promote the SCA – whether you can attend for the weekend or just for an afternoon, your help is needed!

The medieval village portion of the demo will be a walk-through medieval encampment that includes the live arts demonstrations. Currently there are 26 period tents in the village (with room for a few more), and arts demonstrations of the following crafts: Spinning, card weaving, archery, brewing, games, heraldry, enameling, embroidery, blacksmithing, soapmaking, medieval confections, bardic, and scribal arts.

The demo coordinator, Lady Sigrida Arnsdottir, is still looking for additional artisans to participate in all or part of the live arts demonstrations, particularly in the areas of armoring, stained glass, and medieval foods.

If you would like to attend and camp in the medieval village, please contact Lady Sigrida to reserve space. Campers must be in period tents, must pre-reserve space, and must be prepared to have their camp open to the public during the day. Campers should be prepared to be set up from Friday afternoon through 5 pm Sunday. Above ground fire rings only! Carry in, Carry out. No alcohol is allowed as it is a public park. Public hours for the medieval village walk through are Friday 4 – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, Sunday 10 am – 5 pm.

For those not able to spend the entire weekend at the Festival, there are many other opportunities to get involved. Many hands are needed to man the information tables, and the demo staff welcomes all authorized fighters and fencers to come and show your stuff.

Armored combat demos will take place on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, combatants muster is at noon, and there will be combat demos (rapier and armored) from 2 to 3 pm and again from 5 to 6 pm. On Sunday, there will be a “vikings invade the village” battle at 1 pm, plus other activities during the “family fun” portion of the festival from 10 am to 1 pm. There will also be a youth combat demo if enough youth fighters and marshals are available.

Scadians from everywhere are encouraged to attend and get involved in telling festival attendees about this great hobby we all enjoy.

The demo coordinator is Lady Sigrida Arnsdottir. Please contact her at sel210@gmail.com or via phone at 207-890-5349 (leave a message).

For questions about the combat demo, please contact Syr Marcus Blackaert at syr.marcus.blackaert@gmail.com.

For more details, including directions, please see the announcement on the East Kingdom Webpage.

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How to Join Polling and Discussion Lists

Tue, 2015-08-11 08:52

The following message is from the Duchess Katherine Stanhope, who is the Polling Clerk for the East Kingdom.

Greetings all,

Many, many new awards have been bestowed recently, so there are many people to be added to polling and discussion lists. The link to join these lists is:


Note that the polling and discussion lists are SEPARATE. You receive the polls on the polling list ONLY, and all discussion takes place on the discussion lists.

Because there are so many new award recipients, I haven’t been able to keep track. When you join the lists, please send me an email to polling@eastkingdom.org explaining who you are, and when you received your award. This will help prevent delays to processing your request. Also, the current polling is open until August 23. If you sign up before then, I will send you the link to the poll.

If you think you are subscribed but haven’t received your poll, the first thing you should do is check your spam filter. If you don’t find the polls in there, then go to the link and resubscribe.

Thank you!

Katherine Stanhope
Polling Clerk

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