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Q&A: East Kingdom Webminister

Fri, 2015-03-20 20:48

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers.  The Gazette thanks Lord Lorenz Greylever,  East Kingdom Webminister, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities.
I am the Lead “Defender” for the East Kingdom’s Æther Realms. In other words, if it has something to do with the security, usability, accessibility and supportability of the Official on-line/Internet presence of the East Kingdom, it falls to myself and my team to make certain that it is ready for the populace of the Kingdom and its varying regions to use.
– This includes but is not limited to:
.. Every Local branch, Kingdom Office and Royal Guild website that exists for the Eastern Realms
.. Email forwards and Email lists for each Local branch, etc
.. Email lists for the Polling Orders
Educating the East Kingdom populace about what the Office of the Webminister is and how it helps the Kingdom, but more importantly, what the Office is not.
– Reducing the confusion surrounding several aspects of the services available to the Kingdom, including but not limited to:
.. The East Kingdom Calendar of Events (working with the Chronicler and Pikestaff Editor). The Webministry only makes certain that the Calendar is up and functioning properly. We do not police for content or completion of the entries for inclusion in the Pikestaff. The Local branch Seneschal and the Kingdom Chronicler do these tasks.
.. The East Kingdom Order of Precedence (working with the Office of the Brigantia Herald). The Webministry only makes certain that the website for the op is active and accessible. All content is supplied and updated by the Shepherd’s Crook Herald, or by a designated Webminister assistant when needed.
o Training Local branch, Kingdom Office and Royal Guild Webministers in best practices for website design and use. You do not have to be a modern webmaster to be a Webminster for the East, however knowing some basics will go a long way in supporting the website the Webminister has.
o Overseeing the 150+ websites and making certain that all are in compliance with Modern, Society and Kingdom acceptable use policies.
o Overseeing the 1700+ email addresses that are used throughout the Kingdom for proper use by the designated Officer.
o There’s certainly more, but you’ll never get this to print if I don’t stop somewhere.

What do you enjoy about this activity?
Helping people. In a nut shell, it all boils down to being able to work on something that makes the other members of the Society’s (namely the populace of this Kingdom), experience a little bit better in terms of finding the information they are looking for, when they need it.

This is where the Anachronistic part of our game comes into play rather heavily. If the Internet was a technology in the feudal system of the times that we are recreating, would there be someone, per Kingdom, fief, enclave or monastery whose sole purpose would be to build, expand and defend their territory of the Æther Realms from any and all transgressors? I would believe so, and I am happy to hold that mantle at this time for the East Kingdom.

Do you have a goal for your term?
Well, yes and no. I have multiple goals for my term. I am hoping to get through a huge list of things, or at least get them all started. Of course not all at once, but spread out over the term, going through by quarters of the year (three month intervals). I’ll give a listing here, in no particular order:
o Moving from email forwards to email boxes to wean the Kingdom off of 3rd party services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and build a historical document repository within the emails for every Officer in the Kingdom.
o Offering up an in-house alternative to Yahoo! Groups and wean the Kingdom off of this other very popular yet unofficial 3rd party service.
o Promoting the East Kingdom Wiki as a repository for the History of the Kingdom. For example, the web page http://wiki.eastkingdom.org/index.php?title=Category:History has ample space to hold all the details of all of the events that we have ever had since the creation of the Kingdom, yet it remains fallow and bereft of details. (Hint, hint…)
o Getting all East Kingdom Local branches in compliance with their website being hosted on the East Kingdom server. There are many that are not currently following this requirement to be official sites. Now that the new Server is up and running, there is no reason to be off the server.
o Update the Webminister Policy Handbook to cover all of the new services available and document previously unlisted tools and support for the Webministers and Populace of the Kingdom.
o Write a Webminister Procedures Handbook to go hand in hand with the Policy Handbook as a Webministry 101 Toolbox/Tool Kit for all Webministers to use as their to-go-to resource while supporting their individual assignments.
o Host “Webministry Hours” at events throughout the Kingdom to help with the education of what this Office does and does not do for the Kingdom. All are invited, not just Webministers.

Are you currently looking for any deputies?
Most definitely yes!
Please visit http://webminister.eastkingdom.org/ and view on the lower left hand side the open positions and their descriptions.
o East Kingdom Deputy Webminister (someone interested in taking on the job once I have to step down).
o Tir Mara Deputy Webminister
o Social Media Deputy
o Anyone who has webmaster experience that want to be a Webminister-At-Large to help support those Local branches, Kingdom Offices or Royal Guilds that do not have an already assigned Webminister. There is a partial list found at http://webminister.eastkingdom.org/ek-websites/warrants-missing/ which I would like to ultimately see empty.

What was your first event?
Oh, now we are taking a trip into the past to the fall of A.S. XVIII, or 1983 CE. I can’t remember the name of it, but my mother recalls that it was at Bear Mountain Park in New York, during September sometime. I was aware of the Society since ’82, but only made it to informal gatherings of the Shire of Hollyendale prior to the event.

And what made you stay?
I found something that I was missing. A home. The people were open and friendly, accepting and caring of each other and generally helpful. You can’t find that in many places of the rest of the world, even if you look hard.

Now my extended family through the Society spans multiple Kingdoms, continents and decades. I view a new member of the Society, or even those just curious in the SCA as friends I haven’t met yet.

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why?
This is the hardest question on your list. I’m not used to talking about myself, or personal influences, so I will try to do my best here. I’d be here until the end of days recounting the multitudes of people who have influenced me personally on a path that encompasses three quarters of my life, so in general I will have to say, “Everyone that I have met and will meet has had and will have an impact on me, however slight that impact has and would be.”

But I am certain that you are looking for names here, so I’ll try to keep it to one or two in a few broad categories that we encompass, which I fear will still be quite the list anyway. Otherwise I’d feel like I was in some way name dropping, which is definitely not my intention. In no particular order…

Alasdair Stuart Campbell of Argyll, the gentle giant of a man that showed me what it meant to be someone of respect and honor when I was but a small boy, and still does today. Edward Dragonslayer and Geoffrey Fitz Galen both easily are considered those that I looked up to over the years (and still do) for this as well.

Edward Zifran of Gendy, Randal of the Dark and Morgunn Sheridan as shining stars of how one can own being chivalrous without being puffy about it. Each in their own unique and different way. (There are so many more that embody what we espouse as Chivalric pillars this list would need its own printing, even for my own personal influences.)

Ian of Clan Mitchell and Anton Winteroak, how to be approachable and smile even when there is stress to be found. How to hold together with tenacity and perserverence amid adversity, coupled with a side of polite decorum and remaining calm.

Alastar O’Rogan, Isabella of York and the one they call “Gypsy”, also each in their own way, showing the rest of us how grace and beauty can be personified to stop the world without having to be demure or overbearing about it.

Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher and Lydushka as additional mother figures, always caring and nurturing no matter how far away they are, or how often they see you. Personal examples of the extended family that the Society in general brings together.

Lastly, but certainly not at all least, Rebecca Greylever, my actual mother yet my persona’s Aunt (you can ask for the story around a campfire sometime) for being the House matriarch and the main driving force behind who I am today.

Of course, I could go on and on. I still feel a bit like I was name-dropping, even after cutting out so many others to make it less so, but… you did ask. How about we just say, “Dear reader, if you know me more than just in passing, you have made an impression on me and your name would be somewhere in this listing as well. I’ll leave it for you to decide where.”

Now, to finally wrap up. The Office of the Webminister has an “Open Door” policy. That is to the entire Kingdom, not just the Webministers. Please feel free to contact me for anything that comes to mind which pertains to the on-line presence of the East Kingdom. Questions, Concerns, Requests, Kudos and Complaints are all welcome. Yes, even the complaints. Without knowing that there is something wrong, I can not fix it. And that is what I am here for. To make sure that the Æther Realms of the East Kingdom work, are secure and giving the populace what is needed.

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News of Don Davius from Gulf Wars

Fri, 2015-03-20 18:24

Don Davius with the Queen of Trimaris and Queen Thyra. Photo courtesy of Mistress Kayleigh Mac Whyte

Mistress Kayleigh Mac Whyte reports from Gulf Wars that Don Davius St. Jacques, former Eastern Queen’s Champion, was made a member of the Order of the White Scarf in Trimaris court this morning.

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Thanks for Aid at King and Queen’s A&S Championship and BIA (En français)

Fri, 2015-03-20 15:08

En français

Unto the Populace of the East Kingdom does Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh send greetings.

Thank you to all who visited our Barony this past weekend to attend King and Queen’s A&S Championship and BIA.  I hope you had a great event and lovely time.

It’s now time to offer thanks to those who made this event possible.  My first thanks goes to Their Royal Majesties, King Edward and Queen Thyra for their trust in allowing us to host this event. Then a special thanks to Mistress Tadea di Bruno for her continual support and confidence in our team. Next to my co-autocrat, Boyarinia Ekaterina Solov’eva Pevtsova.  She was the webmaster for the event.  She also sat at the troll most of the day. To our seneschal Lady Aciladai for her help on setting up the site on Friday and for your helping throughout the event. To Flavius Felix for your help with troll.

To our kitchen staff lead by Lady Sile Dhubh inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh for an incredible dayboard and a succulent feast.  Without you this event would not have been sucessful.  To Lady Marguerite de Gui who help established the menu.  To Ladies Bella, Jolene ,Nicole and Lord Graaw who help in the kitchen Friday and Saturday. To Maerwen who rolled the pie crust for the pear tart and camesome evenings to help.  Your presence was appreciated.  To Lady Caught Mhor inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh who helped in the kitchen cleaning, scrubbing from early in the morning on Saturday.  It’s always a pleasure to work with you. To Lady Deidre Ruath inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh  who let us use her freezer to store foods and also help in the kitchen.

To Lady Kirsa, Lady Mayuki Yuri, Lord Guyuk and Sean Mac Fergus for being there where ever I needed help. To Lady Mayuki Yuri, who found people for service and washing the dishes.  A special thanks to Master Luke, Master Jehan du Lac, Mistress Cynthia Dudley and Mistress Briana Douglase. To Baroness Genovefa Clerica who found  the coordinator for set-up and clean-up team.  To Renaud, Léana, Camil, Hakan Al-Bashir , you were amazing, just amazing! To Lady Sile Dhubh who help created the event token, to Lady Gaeira Aggodottir, Lady Deidre Ruath inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh, Maerwen, Saoirse and Ragnar for doing them. To Osc the Weaver and Alexander for IDD chatelaine’s tokens. To Sir Pélandres who has volunteered on many occasion for this event.  I told I was keeping you  in back-up.  My apologies to you as I was trying to keep the secret from you.

To Lady Sunnifa I Hvalseyju,  Osc the Weaver and Flavius Felix for playing a lovely piece of music before feast. To Mistress Rainilt, Master Luke and to all the judging team for your comments and advices. To participants who shared their arts and knowledge.  Thanks to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you again.

In service,
Lady Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
Co-autocrat of the event

En français

Gentes Dames et Nobles Seigneurs, à toute la Populace Du Royaume de l’Est, Dame Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh vous envoie les salutations distinguées.

Je remercie tous ceux qui ont visités notre Baronnie la semaine dernière à l’occasion du Championnats d’A&S du Royaume de l’Est et de notre investiture Baronniale. J’espère que vous avez eu un bon évènement et que vous avez eu du plaisir.
Il est maintenant temps de remercier les gens qui ont fait en sorte que cet événement fut possible. Mes premiers remerciements sont pour Leur Royales Majestés, le Roi Edward et La Reine Thyra de nous avoir fait confiance et octroyer le Championnat.
Merci à Maitresse Tadea di Bruno pour ses précieux conseils et son soutien incontestable.
A ma co-autocrate, Boyarinia Ekaterina Pevtsova, qui était le webmestre de l’événement et qui était à la guérite le jour J.
A notre sénéchal Dame Aciladai pour son aide au montage le vendredi et son aide durant tout l’événement.
A Flavius Felix pour son aide à la guérite.
A Dame Sile Dhubh inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh et à son équipe pour un dayboard soutenant et un festin merveilleux. Sans vous, la réussite de cet événement vous rend louange. A Dame qui a établi avec la festocrate le menu. A Dames Bella, Jolene, Nicole et Seigneur Graaw pour leur aide le vendredi ainsi que le samedi.
A Maerwen qui a roulé la pâte pour ces tartelettes aux poires. Un vrai délice. Le soir, la fin de semaine, toujours disponible. Ton aide fut apprécié. A Dame Caught Mhor inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh qui fut une femme a tout faire efficace le jour de l’événement. C’est un plaisir de travailler avec toi. A Dame Deidre Ruath inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh pour son aide et l’utilisation de son congélateur.
A Dame Kirsa, Dame Mayuki Yuri, Seigneur Guyuk, Seigneur Sean Mac Fergus pour être présents là où le besoin était pressant.
A Dame Mayuki Yuri, qui a trouvé les personnes pour le service aux tables ainsi que l’équipe de laveurs. Un merci très spécial à Master Luke, Master Jehan du Lac, Mistress Cynthia
A Baronne Genovefa qui a trouvé le coordonnateur pour le montage et démontage. A Renaud, Léana, Camil, Hakan Al-Bashir, vous êtes merveilleux. Chapeau!
A Dame Sile Dhubh qui m’a aidé a créé les tokens. A Dame Gaeira Aggadottir, Dame Deidre Ruath, Maerwen, Saoirse et Ragnar pour leur confection. Merci!
A Osc the Weaver et Alexander pour la confection des tokens du premier événement pour le bureau de la châtelaine de IDD.
A Sire Pélandres qui s’est porter volontaires à maintes reprises et que j’ai dû lui offrir un poste d’aide générale afin le lui cacher un petit secret. Merci encore.
A Dame Sunnifa I Hvalseyju, Osc the Weaver et Flavius Felix d’avoir joué cette jolie pièce avant le festin.
A Mistress Rainilt, Master Luke et les autres juges de la compétition, d’avoir pris le temps de parler avec les exposants et d’avoir donné vos commentaires. Ce fut apprécié, merci.
Un grand merci à tous les participants, exposants qui ont su partager leur savoir et leur passion. Et un merci particulier à tous ceux qui sont venus et nous espérons vous revoir bientôt.

En service,
Dame Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
Co-autocrate de l’événement
Ministre des A&S d’IDD
Châtelaine du Tir Mara
Protégé de Magister Godfroy de Falaise
Apprenti de Maitresse Alisay de Falaise

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Unofficial Court Report for Black Rose Ball

Wed, 2015-03-18 18:05

Their Majesties Edward and Thyra commence the Black Rose Ball

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen by agency of that same right, second of that name, held upon 14 March in the forty-ninth year of the Society in the Barony of the Bridge; on which day were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Item.  Her Majesty called forth Lorenz Greylever and endowed him with the Queen’s Order of Courtesy for his good works and noble bearing, the which deed was confirmed with a document created by Nest verch Tangwistel.

Item.  Their Majesties summoned before the Court their good servant Malcolm Bowman and set the question before him whether he would join the Order of the Pelican, answer to be given later that afternoon.

Whereupon the Court was adjourned until later in the afternoon.

Item.  Their Majesties recognized the children who had participated in the Children’s Service Initiative.

Item.  Their Majesties invested Kathleen of Anglespur with the Order of the Tyger’s Cub, the which deed was memorialized with a document authored by Ulrich Reinhart and calligraphed and illuminated by Sorcha Dhocair inghean Ui Ruairc.

Item.  Their Majesties made gifts of sweets to the children of the East.

Item.  Their Majesties summoned Fiónán MacLeóid of Armagh before the Court and awarded Arms to the said Fiónán, the which deed was confirmed in a document calligraphed by Bebhinn inghean Ui Siodhachain and illuminated by Ruaidhri Mac Crimthainn.

Item.  Their Majesties bade Katharine of Kyngesbridge to attend upon them and thereupon awarded her Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Bebhinn inghean Ui Siodhachain.

Item.  Their Majesties gave tokens of welcome to newcomers to the Society.

Item.  Their Majesties inducted Harvey Wynegode into the Order of Terpsichore, the which deed was memorialized with a document calligraphed by Nest verch Tangwistel and written and illuminated by Lorita de Siena.

Item.  Their Majesties bade Karrah the Mischievous to appear before the Court, and thereupon inducted her into the Order of Terpsichore, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Katherine Stanhope.

Item.  Their Majesties summoned Faelan Mac Lochlainn before the Tyger Thrones and, praising his skill with a blade, inducted him into the Order of the Silver Rapier, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Aesa Sturludottir.

Item.  Her Majesty endowed Matilda of Carolingia with the Queen’s Order of Courtesy, the which deed was memorialized in a document calligraphed by Nest verch Tangwistel and illuminated by Robert of Stonemarche.

Item. Her Majesty summoned Fortune Sancte Keyne before the Court and, acknowledging her many good works, endowed the said Fortune with the Queen’s Queen’s Award of Esteem.

Item.  Their Majesties summoned Malcolm Bowman to answer the question put before him that morning; and further heard testimony from good and honored Peers of the Realm as to the said Malcolm’s virtues and good works; and so hearing and so finding, Their Majesties inducted the said Malcolm into the Order of the Pelican, the which deed was confirmed in a document authored by Alys Mackyntoich and calligraphed and illuminated by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova.

Item.  Their Majesties thanked the musicians playing for the Court and the day’s festivities.

I, Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.


Martyn de Haliwell

Yehuda ben Moshe

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Eastern Royalty at Gulf Wars – Photobombed – Royals de l’Est aux guerres du Golfe

Wed, 2015-03-18 15:44

Baroness Mylisant Grey, Gazette editor, took photos of the Eastern royalty just before opening ceremonies at Gulf Wars.  An Aethelmearc royal also made an appearance in one of the photos.

Baroness Mylisant Grey, éditeur de la Gazette, a pris des photos de notres royals juste avant l’ouverture des cérémonies aux guerres du Golfe. Un Aethelmearc royal est aussi dans une photo, vous pouvez lui trouver ?

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Gulf Wars: Diamond Tourney / Tournoi de diamant

Tue, 2015-03-17 20:54

Diamond Tourney at Gulf Wars, Countess Marguerite reporting

The Diamond Tourney is one of the most prestigious tournaments at Gulf Wars. Sponsored by the Diamonds and Roses of Gleann Abhann it features Rapier and Armored combatants. Each sitting Queen is allowed one combatant of each. We are pleased to report that the finals consisted of

Count Cellach MacChormach Midrealm vs King Titus Germanicus of Aethelmearc – photo by Countess Marguerite / Comte Cellach MacChormach Midrealm contre Roi Titus Germanicus de Aethelmearc – photo par Comtesse Marguerite

Count Cellach MacChormach Midrealm and
Dona Anastasia fighting for Queen Thyra of the East.

King Titus Germanicus of Aethelmearc and
Don Blayde of the West fighting for Queen Anna Leigh of Aethelmearc.

Dona Anastasia vs Don Blayde of the West– photo by Countess Marguerite / Dona Anastasia contre Don Blayde, de l’Ouest – photo par Comtesse Marguerite

The victors were Count Cellach and Dona Anasasia for Queen Thyra. Vivat!


The victors, Count Cellach and Dona Anasasia with Queen Thyra – photo by Countess Marguerite / Les vainqueurs, Comte Cellach et Dona Anasasia avec la reine Thyra – photo par Comtesse Marguerite


En francais par Maîtresse Bess avec Behi Kirsa Oyutai. Comtesse Marguerite est la journaliste

Le Tournoi du Diamant est l’un des plus prestigieux à Gulf War. Parrainé par les Diamants et les Roses de Gleann Abhann, on y présente autant des combattants en armure que des escrimeurs. Chaque Reine à droit à un combattant dans chaque discipline.

Comte Cellach MacChormach du Royaume du Milieu et Dona Anastasia se sont battus pour la reine Thyra de l’Est.

Le Roi Titus Germanicus d’Aethelmearc et Don Blayde, de l’Ouest, se sont battus pour la Reine Anna Leigh d’Aethelmearc.

Les vainqueurs ont été Comte Cellach et Dona Anasasia pour la Reine Thyra. Vivat!

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Gulf Wars, News from the Front Lines / Gulf Wars, nouvelles du front

Tue, 2015-03-17 14:07

Their Majesties Declare for Trimaris – photo by Countess Marguerite

Countess Marguerite, reporting.

This reporter is standing at Gulf War Opening ceremonies where the Peace Negotiations between Trimaris and Ansteorra have broken down. In an egreegious display of temper the King of Ansteorra Lachlann kicked grass on the shoes of the King Kurn of Trimaris. It looks like there will be War. The East has allied with Trimaris.

There was much entertaining banter during the declaration. Calontir declared for Ansteorra after receiving from them amazing largess (Large S). Athelmaerc declared their sides after inspecting the jewels of both crowns and deciding it was better in Trimaris.

Their Majesties Calontir display the Large S they received from their allies Ansteorra – photo by Countess Marguerite


En francais par Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Leurs Majestés disent qu’ils vont se battre avec Trimaris – photo par Comtesse Marguerite

Nous sommes présentement à la cérémonie d’ouverture de Gulf War, où les négociations de paix entre le Royaume de Trimaris et Ansteorra sont au point mort. Dans un flagrant mouvement de colère, le Roi d’Ansteorra Lachlann a donné un coup de pied et couvert de poussière les chaussures du Roi Kurn de Trimaris. Il semblerait que ce sera la guerre. Le Royaume de l’Est s’est allié avec Trimaris.

Leurs Majestés Calontir avec les largesses – photo par Comtesse Marguerite

La déclaration fût marquée par d’amusantes badineries. Le Royaume de Calontir s’est déclaré du côté d’Ansteorra après avoir reçu d’eux d’impressionnantes largesses (Large S). Tant qu’à lui, le Royaume d’Athelmaerc, pour déclarer son alliance, a inspecté les joyaux des deux couronnes opposées, avant de décider que ceux de Trimaris étaient mieux.

-Comtesse Marguerite

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Pennsic: EK Royal Scheduling Information / Informations de planification de campement Royal

Tue, 2015-03-17 09:59

“Greetings to the Populace of the East,

We are currently in the process of scheduling events and meetings that will take place in the East Kingdom Royal Encampment during Pennsic. In order to ensure that your group gets the time and space that they need, please contact me with your scheduling needs.”

Lady Wentlyanna Bengrek


En francais

Si vous avez des affaires nécessitant le campement Royal de Royaume de East à Pennsic, veuillez communiquer avec Lady Wentlyanna Bengrek avec votre demande

(traduction par Maîtresse Bess)

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Omnibus Peerage Proposal Submitted to SCA Board of Directors

Sun, 2015-03-15 22:55

Omnibus Peerage Support Badge

The Aethelmearc Gazette reports that a final proposal to create an omnibus peerage for all martial arts under the purview of the Earl Marshal, with the exception of rattan and rapier, was submitted to the Board of Directors  today.  To read more about the proposal including where to find its full text, see the article at the Aethelmearc Gazette.

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The Midrealm Gazette

Sun, 2015-03-15 15:23

Master Philip the Pilgrim has launched The Midrealm Gazette. If you are interested in reading the news from the Midrealm, you can find their Gazette here.  They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

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In Memoriam: Master Kali Harlansson of Gotland

Sun, 2015-03-15 13:11

Master Kali as Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2003

It is with great sadness that the Gazette reports that Master Kali Harlansson of Gotland passed away on March 12, 2015 after a long illness. Kali was well known for his gifts as a story teller and was a beloved member of the Barony of Carolingia. “Tell us a story, Uncle Kali” was the frequent request as people would sit at his feet and wait for him to speak.

“I remember Kali Harlansson as a warm, humorous, gentle and courteous man,” wrote Countess Elspeth. “So courteous, and gentle, that he, being very tall, would usually drop to his knees, with a grin and a twinkle in his eye, so that we could converse at an equal level. I always found this charming, and when I was in a position to do so, I presented Kali Harlansson with my Queens Order of Courtesy.”

Kali was best known for his story-telling and for this work was made a Companion of the Laurel by Their Majesties Kelson and Geneviere. “Kali had the gift of breathing life into stories that were a thousand years old,” wrote Master Alexsandr Yevsha. “When he told a section of an Edda or a Saga it was a fresh as this season’s television. When he talked about ancient political rivalries he made them as captivating as any modern political scandal”.

Master Kali as Oberon and his wife, Mistress Caryl, as Titania in 1982

Kali shared his gift for words, wry sense of humor and deep love of history in the All That column that he wrote for the Carolingian Miniscule and can still be accessed on here.   He taught and encouraged others, formally and informally. Mistress Gwendolyn of Middlemarch remembered his engaging and amusing lectures at the Carolingian Medieval Universities, in particular “Conjugation: The Verb and You” in which he illustrated the verb “to nibble” with small squeaking mice.

Over the years, Kali performed in and directed many plays in the SCA. He was Oberon in the first full length Shakespearean production staged in Carolingia in 1982. Twenty-one years later, he performed again in Midsummer Night’s Dream as Bottom. Baron Fergus MacRae, who directed him in the latter production, remembered Kali as an actor who was “a wonderful man to work with who always brought a warmth to rehearsal and unexpected depths to his roles.”

Kali supported the East through his work in the seneschalate also. He served as seneschal of the Barony of Carolingia and the Canton of the Towers, as well as Central Region Deputy Seneschal. “When I was elected seneschal,” said Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For, “one of the first things I did was talk to Kali. He generously shared his time and experience. Whenever I needed advice, he was always there with his gentle bits of wisdom and keen observations.”

Master Kali’s Laurel scroll by Mistress Rhonwen, inspired by Aldhelm’s “Riddles,” England, 10th century, and a Gospel, Northumbria, 8th century. The Skald-drapa praise poem by Lady Susanna la Flor was inspired by “The Head-Ransom,” c.935

Early in his SCA career Kali became thegn to then Master Vissevald, along with Johan von Traubenberg and Kobayashi Yutaka. This proved to be two more than Master Vissevald’s lady wife was willing to keep straight, so she addressed them all as “Thegn 1A”. While this was the cause of some confusion for others, it was oddly true that the thegns themselves always knew which one she was addressing.

Master Steffan of Silverwing put words to the loss felt by so many Easterners in this way. “In the early days, although he probably didn’t know it, and would have been surprised by it, he was a mentor to me just by being who he was, an example of How to Be in the world, around other people.”

Kali is survived by his wife, Mistress Caryl de Trecesson, and his children David and Bethany. Messages of condolence may be left at this website, where the obituary can also be read. Details on the memorial service are not yet available, but requests for notice can be sent to memorialservice@dragonbear.com. Memorial donations may be made to the American Brain Tumor Association (www.abta.org) or to the Unitarian Universalist Association (www.uua.org).

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An Announcement from Master Padraig MacEanruig, East Kingdom Pennsic Warlord/Une annonce de Maitre Padraig MacEanruig, Seigneur de Guerre du Royaume de l’Est à Pennsic

Thu, 2015-03-12 18:54

Photo courtesy of Baroness Leonete D’Angley.

En français

An announcement from Master Padraig MacEanruig, East Kingdom Pennsic Warlord

Greetings all, after consulting with Their Royal Highnesses  I am pleased to be able to announce the chivalric advisor and co-captains of this years Eastern Unbelted Team. They are Sir Alex as advisor, and as captains, Lord Harald Hokonson and Lord Tiernan MacAlpine. Although the format has yet to be decided for this upcoming war, they will help the Chivalric advisor and myself prepare a strong and chivalrous team.

En français

Une annonce de Maitre Padraig MacEanruig, Seigneur de Guerre du Royaume de l’Est à Pennsic:

Bonjour à tous,

Après avoir consulté leurs Altesses Royales, je suis heureux de pouvoir annoncer qui seront le conseiller chevaleresque et les co-capitaines de l’équipe Sans-Ceinture de l’Est pour cette année. Ils sont Sire Alex comme conseiller, et comme capitaines, Seigneur Harald Hokonson et Seigneur Tiernan MacAlpine. Quoi que le format de la guerre à venir reste encore à être choisi, ils aideront le conseiller et moi-même à préparer une forte équipe chevaleresque.

The Gazette thanks Mórag filia Scayth for translation services.

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Spring Schola and Feast

Thu, 2015-03-12 15:48
The Ducks of the Barony of Andubhaigeainn are excited to announce this year’s annual Spring Schola and Feast in Huntington, NY, inspired by a visit to the Sorbonne in the 13th Century.  Learn to cook the “local” cuisine, take classes in various artistic and scientific endeavors. Schola Classes Our Friendly Neighbors in Lions End had their Schola just four short weeks prior, and many of their classes were PART I. Come on out to the Ducky Domain for the PART II’s. Please see the event announcement on the East Kingdom website or SCADucks.org for more details on the classes.  Some classes are RSVP dependent so the instructor can have enough materials on hand. Some classes have a materials fee. There is a track especially for youth and there are many, many classes that do not require that you completed a PART I in Lion’s End. Baronial Championships Baronial Bardic Champion Eanraig MacEanraig and Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion Lady Saruke thugater Elmanos will be stepping down after a long hard winter, choosing new Bardic and Arts & Sciences Champions. All are invited and encouraged to participate in these annual competitions that welcome Spring’s beauty back into the lands of our Barony. The rules of both contests can be found on the event announcement on the East Kingdom website. Garb Sale We have an over abundance of “Gold-Key” or Loaner Garb.  In order to help cut down on the extra, there will be a display and SALE of many pieces.  Please contact the Autocrat with any questions. Populace Badge A badge for the people, by the people.  Try out your badge designing skills to help come up with ideas for the An Dubhaigeainn populace badge!
Lady Violet Hughes has a few ideas to suggest, and can help you with sources for inspiration and rules for how it all goes together.  This is not a formal class, and Violet will be available all day long. Feast and Dayboard There will be a delectable dayboard and a fantastic feast prepared by our own Lady Vetra with assistance from those participating in the Feast Creation Class. The feast will be served after the Spring Court of Baron David and Baroness Suzanne.
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Q&A: East Kingdom Mistress of Lists

Thu, 2015-03-12 09:41

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers.  The Gazette thanks Lady Sabina Luttrell, East Kingdom Mistress of Lists, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities.
My job as the Kingdom Minister of Lists is multi-layered.

My very visible task is to run the Crown Tournament of the King and Queen twice a year. I am also responsible for running the King and Queen’s Champions Tournaments for Heavy Rattan Combat and Period Rapier. “Running” means that I check all fighter and rapier authorizations to make sure that everyone is safe and playing within the rules of the East Kingdom. I am also the scorekeeper and historian for each tournament. I keep track of who has won what bouts and who moves on to the next round of the tournament.

Behind the scenes is a much busier place. All rattan fighters and rapier fighters are required to authorize in different weapons forms. They are also required to sign a waiver to participate in practices and tournaments in the East Kingdom. I am the person that keeps track of all of those waivers and weapons forms. I, along with my database deputy, update a central database roughly once a month, that allows all marshals and MOLs (local minister of lists) to do their jobs efficiently.

What do you enjoy about this activity?
I LOVE being the Minister of Lists. I enjoy interacting with the people of the East Kingdom. It is so much fun to see other people enjoying themselves. I get a front row seat to all of the best tournaments and get to cheer on everyone! I also have to admit that I like to organize things. Paperwork and databases are fun to me. Call me crazy!

Do you have a goal for your term?
My goal for this term, as in last term, is to continue to update entries regarding all combatants and marshals. If you ever see anything in the database that is incorrect, I would love to fix it.

Are you currently looking for any deputies?
I am always looking for MOLs for local groups. MOLs at large are also very important and help the fighters of the East more than you would imagine.

What was your first event? And what made you stay?
My first event was around 7 years ago with my family. We attended a very wet and rainy archery event in the Barony of Stonemarche. My children were young and we didn’t stay long, but the people were very friendly so we decided to try again. We next attended A Shire 12th Night in the Barony of Smoking Rocks. This is a 10 foot rule event that is geared toward a specific time period. I think that year it was 1180? Anyway, it was a fabulous event and again, the people were fantastic. I couldn’t wait to attend more. All in all, I would have to say that it is the people of the East that keep me coming back.

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why?
Three people have really shaped my SCA experience.

The first was Duchess Avelina Keyes. She was the first person that my husband and I made contact with in the Society. She was welcoming and encouraged our enthusiasm for archery and “All the things”. She made sure that we felt welcome and at home.

The second and third great SCA influences were Baroness eLeri of Concordia of the Snows and Baroness Lily of the same. These ladies were having so much fun running tournaments! They loved every minute that they spent behind an MOL table. I couldn’t help but fall in love with them both and want to spend more time doing what they were doing and spend it with them. I am so grateful that I was able to spend the time that I did with eLeri. She showed me what it was to have a true love of service to the people of the East.

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Unofficial Court Report – Estrella War

Wed, 2015-03-11 21:25

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen by agency of that same right, second of that name, held upon 1 March in the forty-ninth year of the Society upon the fields of the Estrella War; on which day were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Their Majesties called before them the following good and noble gentles and inducted them into the Company of the Pennon of the East, the which Company had formerly been known as the Tyger of the Foreign Legions, it being a gift of the Crown for those honored persons who support the East Kingdom at events held in another Kingdom:

• Matthias Grunwald
• Simony Gwyn
• Mael Eoin mac Echuid
• Eva Woderose
• Ellisif Veymundarsdottir

I, Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.

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A Memorial Roll for Their Majesties

Tue, 2015-03-10 18:23

by Gun∂ormr Dengir and Eleanor Catlyng

As the end of the reign of our Majesties Edward and Thyra approaches, we have started work on a scroll to commemorate their reign. The pattern is that of a Mortuary Roll. These were sent upon the death of an Abbot, Prioress or other high-ranking member of a religious community to other, related houses. The roll began with an obituary for the deceased and then, upon arrival, each house added a short, usually formulaic, prayer. These begin with the place name, introduced with the word “Titulus”, and then proceed to offer a prayer for the deceased. In some cases, they then tack on the names of deceased members of their houses, with the admonition “When praying for them, please also remember ours”. The final scroll, in some cases more than 10 meters long, then returned to the original house with a complete record of its travels.

One titulus, that of Notre Dame in Watten, from the roll for Abbot Foulques of Corbie with the title line of the following one, for St. Omer. Despite Folques having died in 1095, the roll probably dates to about 1106. (BNF Latin 11636, f.208v)

Using this pattern, we are constructing a memorial roll for the soon-to-be-former King and Queen. A modified text has been written to use as a skeleton for the Tituli.   In addition to asking for prayers for the soul of the dead, we’re remembering the wisdom, deeds or fame of those who have left us for other lands or those whose deeds inspire words and songs that travel the world.

The goal is to represent as many of the Baronies, Shires and Cantons of this and even other kingdoms to with contributed Tituli, adding any members from their local community whom they wish to celebrate. Where possible we are working with resident scribes, but the fates are harsh mistresses and the end of the reign draws nigh. Therefore we’re hoping to have other local groups contribute names to be remembered, with the Titulus added by whichever scribes may dedicate themselves to this work.

As such, those who wish to contribute one for remembrance, should submit information here.

We shall arrange a scribe to record your memorial, provided that we receive your contribution by the 22nd of March.

Those who may wish to lend their hand to the project as a scribe are also welcome to submit their interest here.  One does not need to be a well practiced scribe, as those who laid letters historically also ranged in skill, but a willingness to learn the appropriate hand for this project is necessary.

For more information about this project and the research behind it, please visit: www.wiglaf.org/~aaronm/edward-thyra/ or contact Gun∂ormr Dengir or Eleanor Catlyng.



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From the EK Seneschal about Tir Mara/De la part du Seneschal du Royaume de l’Est, à propos de Tir Mara

Tue, 2015-03-10 16:27

En français

The following is posted at the request of the East Kingdom Seneschal.

After much thought and conversation I am pleased to announce the selection of Baroness Allessandra Francesca di Milano as the regional Seneschal for Tir Mara. She and I will be working together to continue Tir Mara’s vital place in the East Kingdom.

Please feel free to contact her at Tirmaraseneschal@gmail.com.

Yours, In Service to the East,

Mercedes Vera de Calafia
East Kingdom Seneschal

En français

Ce qui suit est annoncé à la demande du Seneschal du Royaume de l’Est.

Après beaucoup de réflection et de discussions, je suis heureuse d’annoncer la sélection de Baronne Allessandra Francesca di Milano en tant que Seneschal régional pour Tir Mara. Nous allons travailler ensemble afin de maintenir et continuer la place vitale que Tir Mara a dans le Royaume de l’Est.

N’hésitez pas à la contacter à Tirmaraseneschal@gmail.com

Bien à vous, au Service de l’Est,

Mercedes Vera de Calafia
Seneschal du Royaume de l’Est

The Gazette thanks Lady Frenya Thorsteinndottir for translation services.

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Saturday’s Novice Schola Helps Newcomers Get Started

Mon, 2015-03-09 16:12

This Saturday, March 14th, the Barony of Bergental will host their annual Novice Schola, including a wide spectrum of classes on diverse topics of interest to those who are new to the SCA.

The event will be held in Springfield, MA, and full event details can be found online at the East Kingdom Website.

Click here to view the 2015 Novice Schola class list with descriptions (.pdf document) or take a look at the overall class schedule (.pdf document).

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King’s & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champions Selected

Sat, 2015-03-07 22:11

Their Majesties have selected Their new Arts & Sciences Champions today:

Queen’s Champion – Lady Agatha Wanderer

King’s Champion – Lady Naomi bat Avraham

Lady Agatha’s entry – photo by Martyn de Halliwell

Lady Naomi’s entry – Photo by Martyn de Halliwell

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Q&A: East Kingdom Brigantia Principal Herald

Thu, 2015-03-05 11:58

Master Ryan in action as a court herald. Photo by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers.  The Gazette thanks Master Ryan Mac Whyte, Brigantia Principal Herald of the Kingdom of the East, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities.
The responsibilities of the Brigantia Herald’s office are many and varied but the functions can be broken into three broad areas.

The First is the most visible, that of Court Heraldry. Through the Eastern Crown deputy’s office we organize and perform the ceremonial portions of our events. The Brigantia and Eastern Crown deputy work together on a week to week basis on arranging for court and organizing the scrolls on the day of the event and work together with the Shepherd’s Crook Herald to maintain the records of awards in what is called the Order of Precedence. The intricate dance which is Court takes a good portion of every day’s time for the Royalty and the Court Heralds. Most of the time ‘Court’ for the Heralds begins first thing in the morning when they get on site.

The Second broad category which the Herald’s office is broken into is Field Heraldry. Field heraldry includes calling for combatants to enter the lists during a tournament, crying announcements to the event site, and otherwise being Loud. The Troubadour Herald’s office arranges for the organization of heralds for Crown Tournament, K&Q Champions of Fencing, and K&Q Champions of Arms. Being a Field Herald is all about grabbing the attention of distracted people across the fields of a list and managing another dance between the heralds and the Ministers of the Lists and the Marshals in order to keep the tournament moving. There are several deputy heralds who assist the troubadour with the display of heraldry during the tournaments.

The third category of the Heralds’ office is the least visible, but the most intricate and arguably the most important. Book heraldry is broken into Armorial Heraldry, which concerns the regulation and development of coats of Arms, and Onomastics, which is the research of Names. Onomastics and Armory combine to give us a sense of who we are, and who we want to have been in the times we are recreating. They are the basis of our personae and there is a virtual mountain of research which has been done over the last 50 years. Book heralds are not only those who sit in consulting tables on the weekends and assist our members in designing heraldry and selecting names, but also those who during the week, in their spare time, research and document and confirm the authenticity of our heraldry and names. Book Heraldry is led by the Blue Tyger Herald and staff.
As Brigantia I manage the personnel who fall into these areas and ensure that the College of Heralds of the East continues to perform at its best. The Eastern College has been the leader of the Known World in heraldic research and heraldic performance for years and I can only hope that my leadership and management continue that tradition.

What do you enjoy about this activity?
I initially got involved with the College of Heralds when a friend of mine, Rowen Cloteworthy, noticed I could be REALLY loud on the archery range. He saw me at a Crown Tournament and he gave me, and my lady wife Kayleigh, the opportunity to cry the lists. I was hooked instantly. Within three years I had become the Troubadour Herald, in charge of running Crown Tournament’s Heralds. As a heavy fighter myself I really enjoyed having a front-row seat to watch the fights. Being able to watch the best fighters in the known world from close range is an amazing thing.

Soon after I began my foray into field heraldry I was introduced to Court Heraldry by Malcolm Bowman. He coached me through court procedures and, along with Alys Mackyntoich trained me in the finer points of running a Court. Again Rowen coached me and set a fine example for me to follow for running Coronations. But the greatest thing in enjoy about Court Heraldry, and the real reason I keep doing it, is being able to see the look on a recipient’s face when they get an Award. There is no greater joy in the SCA than seeing a person’s face light up when it happens.

I have long had a fascination with Armory. My family can trace its bloodline, on the fraternal side, back to the 1600s when they left Southern France for Canada. When I was little I used to enjoy seeing the Armory in the family tree, from back in history when it was recorded. When I began in the society I designed my own arms and immediately became fascinated with the rules and with the design elements. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Do you have a goal for your term?
My primary goals for my term were to get all the Kingdom’s awards registered, which is finally finished, and to get the Kingdom’s Order of Precedence repaired. The Challenges in both are many but, with one problem down, the Order of Precedence is going to take center stage this year. I can only hope I leave the College stronger than I found it.

What was your first event? And what made you stay?
My first event was Jack Frost Bite Me II. An informal archery event held in the dead of winter. It had to be 10 below zero, with blowing, biting wind held at a member’s home in the Barony Beyond the Mountain. I was brought by my long-time friend, new, at the time, girlfriend, and now, years later, wife Kayleigh Mac Whyte. She had joined the SCA the summer before and had brought me along on a date. A month later I had purchased my own bow and arrows, and a month after that I was a SCA member. I can say that it’s she who kept me in the SCA but it was really the community which we share in the SCA which keeps me coming back.

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why?
I can not possibly do justice to a list on this topic because there have been so many. I’d have to say the first person to make an impact on me was Ragnar Two-Axe of the Reeking Swamp for being my mentor in archery and for teaching me that this IS a game and the first rule is to have fun. I’d have to say Duke Andreas von Ulm for being an example of chivalry and leadership to which i still strive to match. I’d have to say Duchess Anna of Tarragon for showing, by her example, how to still have fun with this game after all these years and for sharing with me her boundless energy and enthusiasm for the SCA. And lastly I’d have to say my Protegees, Raffaella, Donovan, Brighid, and Anastasia. Their faith in me inspires me to be better than I ever thought I could be.

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