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Polling Deadline is Tonight at Midnight

Mon, 2017-05-01 08:12

Responses to the second poll of Their Majesties Ioannes and Honig need to be sent before midnight TONIGHT – Monday, May 1st. The polls close at 11:59 pm, and the polling link will be inactive after that time.

Polls are sent to the members of the Orders of High Merit and the Peerages so that they may provide input to the Crown on future members.  Orders which conduct polls include the Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Silver Crescent, Tygers Combatant, Sagittarius, Maunche, Golden Rapier, and Golden Lance.

If you are a member of one of the Orders of High Merit or the Peerage and are not currently receiving polling emails, please sign up via the instructions on the East Kingdom Polling Lists page. Please note that the discussion lists and the polling lists must be subscribed separately.

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Call for Nominations

Fri, 2017-04-28 17:21

The Board of Directors is seeking nominations from the populace for individuals to serve as members of the following Board Committees:

Finance and Audit Committee

Mission:  to assist the Board’s oversight of the Company’s accounting and financial reporting processes, the audit and integrity of the Company’s financial statements and the qualifications and independence of the Company’s independent auditor.

Communications Committee

Mission:  to develop and oversee advertising; public relations; publications, social media and other communications initiatives of the Society.

Membership Committee

Mission:  grow and sustain membership in the Society; evaluate and oversee implementation of programs and initiatives for membership support.

If you are interested in serving on any of these Committees, please send a letter of interest, together with your SCA and mundane resumes to the following committee chairpersons:

Finance Committee: Richard Sherman (rsherman@director.sca.org)

Communications Committee: Vandy Donelson (vdonelson@director.sca.org)

Membership Committee: Chele Martines (cmartines@director.sca.org)

If you would like additional information, or have any questions about the Committees or the nomination process please contact the Committee chairperson or the Corporate Office.
Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email comments@lists.sca.org.

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Unofficial Court Report – First Court of Ioannes and Honig

Fri, 2017-04-28 16:39

Their Imperial Majesties Ioannes and Honig opened Their First Court at Their Coronation, held in the Barony of Dragonship Haven on the 1st of April, Anno Societatis LI, also counted as 2017 in the Common Era.

For Their first item of business, they called for Lady Kit de Coldwood and named her Captain of the Queen’s Guard. Lady Kit then called for each Guard to take their place and Empress Honig draped them each with the baldric of their appointment.

Their Majesties invited William and Isolde, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom, to join Them in Court. Their Majesties gave Their Highnesses gifts of embroidered books, made by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse. Their Highnesses gave gifts to Their Majesties in turn.

Next, Their Majesties invited the Baron and Baroness of Dragonship Haven, Joseph of the Red Griffin and Bronwen Rose of Greyling, to join them on the dias. Their Excellencies offered gifts to the Crown with were accepted with appreciation.

The Crown called for Duke Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon and Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon. Their Majesties gave them bottles of fine spirits and accepted gifts from them in return. Their Graces then swore fealty to the Crown of the East.

Emperor Ioannes and Empress Honig then called for those newcomers attending their first Royal event and gave them tokens of welcome.

Their Majesties called for the children of the East and offered them toys from the Royal toy chest. Jarl Thorvald Halversson called Thorson was given the box and the children ran after him with much exuberance.

Lady Liadin ingen Chineada was summoned and Their Majesties spoke of her skill in the rapier lists and her work building a local rapier practice. For these things, Their Majesties called for the Order of the Silver Rapier and named her a Companion. A scroll will be forthcoming.

Following that, Lady Arabella de Mere was called forward. Their Majesties spoke of her work as a fiber artist and weaver and made her a Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch. She was given a scroll calligraphed by Baroness Marieta Charay with illumination by Lady Triona MacCaskey.

Emperor Ioannes and Empress Honig then requested the presence of Siona Dunleavy. They spoke of her garb-making, her jewelry-crafting, and her singing. Finding these things worthy of recognition, they Awarded her Arms. She was given a scroll with calligraphy and words by Lord Faolan an Sccreccain and illumination by Lady Lorita de Siena.

Matthias von Würzburg was summoned before the throne. The Crown spoke of his work with the webminstry and help problem solving in that venue. They called for the Order of the Silver Wheel and named him a Companion of that Order. To remember the day, he was given a scroll with words by Baroness Aislinn Chiabach, calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan, and illumination by Lady Triona MacCasky.

Next there was a presentation of the Venaralia of Venus. Drumming filled the air, flower petals were strew in front of the ladies processing, and much joy was had.

The Crown Province of Ostgardr made a presentation of gifts to the Crown, to fill the largess coffers.

Lord Gaius Claudius Valerianus came before the throne and made a presentation of coins he had minted in the Emperor and Empress’ honor.

His Majesty called for the drummers who had contributed much to the day. Ce’ol  of Glenwood, Aidan of La Familia Gladiatoria, Caius Pontus, and Cassius Pontus were all awarded the Order of the Troubadour for their work that day and at many Pennsic Wars. Each was given a cup as the token of the Order. His Majesty announced that scrolls would be forthcoming.

The event steward, Don Thomas of Effingham, was thanked for his work putting the event together and he, in turn, thanked his staff.

Their Majesties then called for the answer to the question set before Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre at the Last Court of Brion III and Anna III. Various worthies were asked to speak on his behalf. Sir Ivan Ulrickson, with “help” from Sir Ane du Vey and Sir Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus, spoke for the Order of Chivalry. For the Order of the Pelican, Mistress Anastasia Guta spoke the words of Master Christian Wolfe of Edinburgh then spoke briefly on her own behalf. Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova spoke the words of Master Frasier MacLeod for the Order of Defense. The Order of the Rose found its voice with Chatricam Meghanta called Countess Meggie. And for the Order of the Laurel, Mistress Kayleigh Mac Whyte spoke. Finding these words worthy, Their Majesties called for the Order of the Laurel. Alexandre was released from his apprenticeship by his apprentice sister Maitresse Camille desJardins on behalf of his peer, Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe. He was then given the regalia of his peerage – a cloak, a medallion, and a wreath. Now Master Alexandre then gave fealty to the Crown. The event was recorded in a scroll with words by Mistress Anastasia Guta, calligraphed by Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir with ink made by Ian the Green, and illuminated by Maitresse Camille desJardins and Lady Adrienne d’Everus.

There being no further business, the First Court of Their Imperial Majesties Ioannes and Honig was closed.

These are the events as I recall them. My thanks to all those who attended the event and all those who aided the Crown with the day.

Pray know I remain,

For Crown and College,

 – Master Rowen Cloteworthy

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Autocrats’ Colloquium South Event Announcement

Mon, 2017-04-24 21:19

Do you have a great idea for an event, but you don’t have the vaguest idea how to do it?

Are you a novice autocrat who wants to learn more of the techniques of running an event?

Last November, the Barony of Carolingia ran a one-day Autocrats’ Colloquium for people like you, and on May 13, the Shire of Blak Rose (Harrisburg, PA) will be running a similar event for those in the Southern and Western regions of the Kingdom (and for anyone else who couldn’t get Carolingia last fall.

This event will be a series of classes — so you don’t have to come in garb – covered topics include:
• Real World and SCA Laws – What you need to know as an autocrat about dealing with SCA and real world laws. Mistress Katherine Barr is a former Kingdom Seneschal and currently works as an intellectual property paralegal with a background in contract work.

• Food: Options and Considerations – What an autocrat needs to know about dayboards and feasts at events. Meister Dietrich Schwelgengräber is a veteran of many feasts, a Laurel for cooking and a professionally trained chef.

• Guide to Jewish Holidays – Which Jewish holidays is it important to avoid? Reb Eleazar ha-Levi, author of Compleat Anachronist 110, “An SCA Guide to Jewish Persona”, does an overview of the Jewish holidays for those who don’t understand them. “If you don’t know what Goyim means, it means you.”

• Publicizing Events – Today an autocrat has a wide variety of powerful tools available to publicize your event. A roundtable discussion on how to make sure you are choosing the right tools to get the word out, and that you are sending out the messages that you intend to send.

• Making New People Welcome – Recruitment and retention are key to the health of the SCA. How can an autocrat make new people feel more welcome? Lady Dara von Halstern has autocrated over 100 in her thirty years in the Society

• Special Needs – Accessibility issues and food allergies are two needs that an autocrat needs to consider. How can and should you take these into account when planning? Mistress Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher is East Kingdom Accessibility Porter.

• Budgeting – How to develop the budget for your event, projecting attendance, considering expenses. Lady Tuathflaith ingen huí Chleirigh has done budgeting for a variety of events, activities, and programs conducted by a number of different groups, including, among others, the SCA, the Mid-State Swim League, and the Girl Scouts.

• Camping Events – Camping events create their own set of challenges in both mechanical infrastructure and staffing. To run a successful event an autocrat needs to be aware of these challenges and have strategies for overcoming them. Mistress Linette de Gallardon has been autocrat for a number of camping events including Southern Regional War Practice.

• Children at Events – How and what to plan for the youngest members of the Society. The class will use a presentation prepared by Mistress Leonete D’Angely, East Kingdom Chancellor of Minors, who is herself unable to attend.

Registration Fees

Registration: Cost is $20, with a five dollar discount for members. This includes a do-it-yourself lunch board. Deadline is May 6, 2017.
Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc. — Shire of Blak Rose

Contact Information

Event Steward:
Reb Eleazar ha-Levi
mka Lew Wolkoff
2118 Penn Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Send Reservations to:
Lady Alana O’Keeve
mka Rachel Wright
4809 Brian Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

For more information, including directions to the site, go to the entry for the Autocrats’ Colloquium in the East Kingdom Calendar.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we must have at least fifteen more registered attendees on Monday, May 1, 2017, or we may have to cancel this event.

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Eastern Results from the February 2017 LoAR

Sun, 2017-04-23 17:24

The Society College of Arms runs on monthly cycles and letters. Each month, the College processes name and armory submissions from all of the Kingdoms. Final decisions on submissions are made at the monthly meetings of the Pelican Queen of Arms (names) and the Wreath Queen of Arms (armory). Pelican and Wreath then write up their decisions in a Letter of Acceptances and Return (LoAR). After review and proofreading, LoARs generally are released two months after the meeting where the decisions are made.
An “acceptance” indicates that the item(s) listed are now registered with the Society. A “return” indicates that the item is returned to the submitter for additional work. Most items are registered without comments. Sometimes, the LoAR will address specific issues about the name or armory or will praise the submitter/herald on putting together a very nice historically accurate item.
The following results are from the February 2017 Wreath and Pelican meetings. The submissions in this letter are from Herald’s Point at Pennsic 2016.

EAST acceptances

Aoife inghean Donnchaidh. Name.

Benjamin le Rat. Name and device. Sable, in pale a hand inverted Or and a rat statant argent.

The submitter requested authenticity for “English.” While both name elements are in English, they do not appear to have overlapped in time. Thus, this name is not authentic, but it is registerable.

Brannoc of Mountain Freehold. Name and device. Sable, a frying pan fesswise argent and issuant from base a demi-sun Or.

Although the name was submitted as Brannoc_ of Mountain Freehold, no documentation was provided in the Letter of Intent for the requested spelling of the given name. Instead, the only documentation was for Brannock as a 16th century English given name. Fortunately, Lillia Pelican Emerita found examples in 16th century English of names that use the endings -oc and -ock interchangeably. Based on this data, Brannoc_ is a valid variant spelling of the attested Brannock and we can register the given name as submitted.

Mountain Freehold is the registered name of an SCA branch.

Brigid nyn Thomas O’Neill. Name.

The submitter requested authenticity for “Irish.” The byname and construction are authentic for 16th century Anglicized Irish. Unfortunately, we were unable to document the given name Brigid in 16th century Anglicized Irish; it was documented on the Letter of Intent in English. Given the overlap in naming pools between 16th century English and 16th century Anglicized Irish, is it possible that a woman from an Anglicized family living in Ireland in the 16th century could have been named Brigid, but we cannot say for sure.

Cailin Macsalny. Badge. (Fieldless) Two arrows inverted in saltire argent, overall a boar’s head erased close Or.

The boar’s head was submitted as simply erased, which would place the severed edge closer to where the neck meets the shoulders. Instead, this head has the severed edge right behind the ears, so we reblazoned this as erased close. No difference is granted for this distinction; it is a purely artistic note.

Christopher of Smoking Rocks. Holding name and device (see PENDS for name). Per pale embattled vert and sable, a winged stag and a wolf combattant, in base two trenkets in fess, blades to center Or.

The charges in base were submitted as two leather worker’s knives. We modified the blazon to use the accepted term for this type of knife.

Submitted under the name Úlflundr Járnhauss, that name was pended as Úlfr Járnhauss.

Conchobar mac Óengusa. Name and device. Per bend vert and azure, in sinister chief a wolf salient argent.

Nice 10th and 11th century Gaelic name!

Cristina da Treviso. Name.

Daithi Dubh. Device. Vert, a dragon between three mullets voided and interlaced, each within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

Submitted as Vert, a dragon segreant between three mullets voided and interlaced within and conjoined to annulets argent, the blazon has been modified to remove the unnecessary posture (as segreant is the default for dragons) and to clarify the relative relationships between the mullets and annulets.

As established in the November 2011 precedent, “mullets of five and six points voided and interlaced are found in period armory so that their voiding and interlacing may be considered part of their definition of type allowing them to be used as non-primary charges.”

Artist’s note: Please instruct the submitter to draw the dragon’s wings in better proportion with its body which should lie in the center of the field.

Donnchadh mac Eóin. Name.

Nice Gaelic name for c. 1200 onwards!

East, Kingdom of the. Heraldic title Golden Lyre Herald.

Edmund Forster. Device. Azure, a camel statant contourny Or, on a chief wavy argent three thistle heads purpure.

There is a step from period practice for the use of thistle heads without slips and leaves.

Artist’s note: Some commenters found the thistle heads difficult to recognize, in part due to their internal detailing. In the future, use fewer hatchmarks to make the thistle heads easier to identify.

Edwyn Le Clerc. Badge. Argent, an open book and in chief a feather fesswise quill to dexter within a bordure wavy azure.

Elspeth Scot. Name and device. Vert, a capital letter E and a gore sinister argent.

This name is clear of the registered Elizabeth Scott under PN3C1, by the difference of two syllables in the given name: El-iz-a-beth vs. Els-peth.

Nice Scots name for the 15th century onwards!

There is a step from period practice for the use of a gore with another charge on the field.

Erin inghean Chonchobhair. Name and device. Per saltire purpure and Or, in saltire a mallet and a needle inverted sable.

This name combines an English given name with a Gaelic byname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

Eyfríðr Einarsdóttir. Name.

Fionnghuala Chláirseóir. Name and device. Azure, four swans naiant two and two argent.

This name was submitted as Fionnghuala Cláirseóir, with a request that the byname be changed to a feminine form if one existed. Applying a strict interpretation of standard Gaelic grammar, because the given name is feminine, the byname should be spelled Chláirseóir with the initial C lenited. As the submitter specifically requested a distinctly feminine form, we have changed the byname to add the lenition.

However, as more and more Gaelic documents become available, it has become clear that lenition was applied idiosyncratically in practice; it is omitted far more frequently than we had previously thought. Therefore, the spelling of the byname without the lenition is registerable as well. If the submitter prefers the spelling Cláirseóir, she may make a request for reconsideration.

Nice device!

Godiva de la Mer. Name and device. Azure, a heart sable irradiated argent.

This name combines an English given name with a French surname, an acceptable lingual mix under Appendix C.

Period examples of irradiation show a pattern of rays having good contrast with the field, regardless of the main charge’s tincture. If more than 2/3 of the edge of the main charge is separated from the field by the rays, the irradiation functions as a form of fimbriation for contrast purposes. Substantial rays such as these also function as a modifier to the main charge, much like adding wings, and add a DC from an unmodified version of the same charge.

Godiva de la Mer. Badge. (Fieldless) Two natural seahorses respectant tails entwined, the dexter azure and the sinister Or.

Gregor the Vigilant. Name and device. Argent, on a bend sable between a brown bull’s head cabossed proper and a cardinal gules, three Maltese crosses palewise argent.

By precedent, the Vigilant is a registerable English byname. [Godfrey the Vigilant, 10/2010 LoAR, A-Æthelmearc].

There is a step from period practice for the use of the cardinal, a New World bird.

Gwenllian ferch Llewellyn ap Henry. Name and device. Purpure, a domestic cat sejant contourny and a chief rayonny Or.

The submitter requested authenticity for Welsh. This name is authentic for Welsh in the 16th century, and possibly earlier as well.

Hallbjorn Tryggvason. Name.

Nice 9th-10th century Icelandic name!

Hallveig Alfarinsdóttir. Name and device. Argent, a reremouse inverted sable maintaining in its feet a spear fesswise and on a chief azure a crescent in sinister Or.

A question was raised in commentary about whether Alfarinsdóttir needed to be Álfarinsdóttir, with an acute accent on the first A. Norse names with the protheme Alf- are recorded both with and without an acute accent on the A. Either form, therefore, is registerable.

Nice 9th-10th century Icelandic name!

Recent precedent states that “there is a step from period practice for the use of a reremouse inverted.” (Emelyn de Chelseye, 3/2010). However, this is at odds with the long-standing and oft-reiterated precedent that states “We do not allow inverted animate charges in SCA heraldry except when in recognized orientation, such as in annulo. (Daibhidh MacRaibert, 2/1999, upheld 6/2016)” To resolve the conflict between precedents, as of September 2017 reremice inverted in any posture will no longer be registerable.

Isaac Klingensmith of Æthelmearc. Name (see RETURNS for device).

John fitz Thomas. Name.

This name does not conflict with the registered Johan Fitztomas. Names must be different in both sound and appearance in order to avoid conflict. SENA permits us to analyze the necessary changes in sound in appearance under two different subsections of PN3C: “Names may be different in sound under one standard and appearance under another standard.”

Here, the name is clear under PN3C1 because there are changes in appearance that affect two syllables: John vs. Johan and Fitz_Thomas vs. Fitztomas. The name is clear by sound under PN3C2 because Johan has one more syllable than John. Therefore, this name is registerable.

The submitter requested authenticity for 14th century England. This name meets that request.

Leonora da Ferrara. Name.

This item was pended from the September 2016 Letter of Acceptances and Returns to discuss whether the name presumes upon the historical Eleanor of Naples, also known as Leonora da Ferrara and Leonora or Eleonora of Aragon, first Duchess of Ferrara.

The fact that she was Duchess of Ferrara (and de facto ruler of Ferrara according to some sources) does not by itself make her important enough to protect. PN4D1 states in relevant part:

Sovereign rulers of significant states are generally important enough to protect. Some historical city-states are not considered significant states. Provinces or regions integrated into larger units like the Holy Roman Empire are not generally considered significant states. Sovereigns of small states that did not give rise directly to modern countries will not be protected under this clause, nor will legendary kings of any state (though these kings may be individually important enough to protect).

Ferrara did not directly give rise to any modern country; it was integrated into modern Italy. Thus, even treating Leonora as a ruler of Ferrara, it is not an entity whose rulers are automatically protected from presumption and Leonara’s significance must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Leonora does not have an article in the Encyclopedia Britannica (not even in the on-line edition). Her Wikipedia article is fairly brief and contains mainly generalizations about her qualities without accompanying citations. Although she patronized artists and authors, she is not linked to any major work that would be familiar to non-specialists. Her portrait is not particularly famous, even among students of Italian Renaissance costuming. She was a member of a famous family and had famous children, but we were presented with no evidence that she herself made any significant historical, artistic, scientific or social contributions. Therefore, Leonora da Ferrara/Eleanor of Naples/Eleonora of Aragon is not significant enough to protect from presumption and this name is registerable.

Molly Blythe. Name change from Maria Alegreza Nicoletti and badge. Sable, a rabbit courant contourny within an annulus of roundels argent.

The submitter’s prior name, Maria Alegreza Nicoletti, is retained as an alternate name.

Submitted as Sable, a rabbit courant to sinister within 13 roundels in annulo argent, the blazon has been modified to remove the number of roundels.

Molly Blythe. Release of name Molle Blythe.

Nivashi Byhari. Name and device. Per pale argent and azure, in pall inverted three peacock feathers conjoined at the quill counterchanged.

Nivashi is the submitter’s legal middle name. As Nivashi is a given name by type, it may be used as the submitter’s registered given name.

Rose Sorin. Name.

Nice French name for c. 1300!

Sabat Ocharra. Name.

Uluric Josepsone. Name.

EAST returns

Alianora la Tesserande. Device change. Purpure, on a pile inverted Or, a peacock feather purpure.

From the May 2015 LoAR, “The SCA has a long-standing precedent that says that piles inverted and per chevron are not entirely interchangeable, but each must be considered for conflict against the other, granting no difference between the two. (Return of badge, Canton of Dragonsfire Tor).”

This device must therefore be returned for conflict with the badge of Emelyn Pacok, (Fieldless) A peacock’s plume palewise purpure. Considering this submission as a feather on a per chevron inverted field, there is one DC for the field, but none for placement.

The submitter is advised to draw the pile inverted in such a way that better fills the shield. While the February 2008 precedent on the length of piles allows for as little as 75% of the overall height of the shield based on a single theoretical example from Legh, it does not explicitly apply to piles inverted; we decline to extend the allowance here, and encourage the submitter to use at least 85% of the length, and 33% of the width, of the shield in future depictions.

Ana Ximenez de Hume. Badge. (Fieldless) On a flame gules a dandelion in seed slipped and leaved argent.

This badge is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states “Elements must be drawn to be identifiable.” Commenters were unanimous in their inability to recognize the tertiary charge as a dandelion in seed. Absent period documentation of a dandelion in seed, the submitter is encouraged to draw individual seeds and tufts, relatively few in number, to assist in recognition of the charge. We decline at this time to comment on whether dandelions in seed are registerable if depicted recognizably.

Andreiko Eferiev. Device. Gules, a cloud sable within a bordure Or.

This device is returned for violation of SENA A.3.B.4.a, which states “Charges must have good contrast with the background on which they are placed.” The submitter attempted to document an Individually Attested Pattern for late-period English heraldry. While sable charges on gules fields were sufficiently documented, and evidence of both bordures and clouds in English heraldry were established, the pattern of a low-contrast complex primary charge and a high-contrast secondary charge was not sufficiently documented by the submitter (who provided only two examples), and subsequent examples were not found in commentary.

Removal of the bordure would bring the submission into alignment with the documented patterns, but would create a conflict with the badge of Mell MacAlpin (Fieldless) A cloud sable.. Given how recently the badge was registered, we encourage the submitter to reach out to the heralds of Calontir to seek permission to conflict from Mell MacAlpin.

Isaac Klingensmith of Æthelmearc. Device. Argent, a raven rising sable maintaining with its beak an annulet gules.

This device is returned for conflict with the badge of Stephen Grimfalcon, Argent, a falcon striking sable within a bordure gules. There is only one DC for change to the type of secondary (annulet vs. bordure). There is no DC for the nearly identical postures of the birds.

EAST pends

Giana di Nicholò da Firenze. Device change. Argent, a bend sinister vert, overall a wyvern erect sable.

Commentary on this submission centered around the potential conflict with Charles the Traveler raised in the LoI: Argent, a bend sinister vert, overall a drakkar sable its sail paly gules and argent. There is most certainly one DC for the change in type of overall charge, but there are conflicting precedents over whether the tincture of a ship’s sail constitutes half the charge, which is necessary for the second DC to clear the conflict.

Current precedents state the following:

1. There is no DC for type of ship (lymphad, drakkar, rowboat, etc.). This is based on period practice, which changed the type of ship depicted on a given set of arms depending on when it was being painted.

2. There is no DC for sails furled vs. unfurled. This is largely based on the previous precedent; if lymphads have sails furled by default, drakkars have sails unfurled by default, and rowboats have no sails at all, there is no way to compare the status of the sails in any sort of meaningful way.

3. There is no DC for the tincture of an unfurled sail as half the charge. Also largely based on the first two precedents, if the sail is not consistently half the charge of a boat (or indeed depicted at all) there is no way to provide consistent difference for its tincture.

We seek further commentary on whether unfurled sails should be considered half of a heraldic charge when considering whether there should be a distinct change for tincture between charges.

This was item 20 on the East letter of November 30, 2016.

Úlfr Járnhauss. Name.

Submitted as Úlflundr Járnhauss, the given name was a hypothetical constructed name based on the Old Norse elements Úlf- and -lundr. PN1B2b of SENA permits name phrases to be constructed from attested period elements. However,”[w]e generally require at least three examples to consider something a pattern, as sometimes a single name phrase can create the appearance of a pattern that does not actually exist.” PN1B2b. Only a single example of –lundr as a second element could be found. Thus, this construction is not registerable.

After the Pelican decision meeting and the close of commentary, the submitter gave permission to change the given name to Úlfr, a male name found at p. 15 of Geirr Bassi’s The Old Norse Name. As we did not have adequate time to do so before the release of this Letter, we have pended this name for conflict-checking and commentary on the form Úlfr Járnhauss.

His device is registered under the holding name Christopher of Smoking Rocks.

This was item 33 on the East letter of November 30, 2016.

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Unofficial Court Report: Last Court of Brion III and Anna III

Wed, 2017-04-19 17:16

On the 1st of April, A.S. LI, also numbered 2017 in the common era, Their Majesties Brion III and Anna III traveled to the Barony of Dragonship Haven, there to witness the Coronation of Their Heirs. That morning, Their Majesties opened their Last Court of the reign.

Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre was called forward. Praising his skills as a calligrapher and artist, Their Majesties called for the Order of the Laurel and bade Alexandre to sit vigil and contemplate whether he would accept a place in that Order, his answer to be given that evening.

Cosimo de Venezia and Lady Elaine Howys of Morningthorpe were called forward and recognised as Master Bowmen.

Mistress Mercedes Vera de Calafia was called forward. Though she was absent, Her Majesty bestowed upon Mercedes her Queen’s Award of Courtesy for her exemplary behaviour as Kingdom Seneschal.

Their Majesties called for Lord John fitz Thomas and Lady Janna von Guggisberg. For their good works as event stewards for King’s and Queen’s Bardic and Arts & Sciences Champions, they were awarded the Order of the Burdened Tyger.

Laurence Vaughn was summoned before the Throne. In recognition of his skills as a fighter and winner of the year’s Novice Tourney, in addition to service to multiple baronies, he was awarded the Order of the Silver Tyger. A scroll will be forthcoming.

The Crown called for Baron Duncan Kerr. They praised his skill with horses and at the equestrian games and named him the premier of the new Order of the Silver Mantle. He was given a scroll calligraphed by Mistress Nest verch Tangwistel with illumination by Melina al-Andalusiyya.

Mistress Eloise of Coulter was called for and Their Majesties spoke of her attention to detail in researching and practicing her clothing, lifestyle, and mannerisms and awarded her the King’s Order of Excellence. She was given a small girdle book created by Mistress Sarra the Lymner with words by Sir Jan Janowicz Bogdanski.

Master Rowen Cloteworthy and Mistress Suba al-Hadid were announced as the next Baron and Baroness of Bhakail.

Their Majesties called for Lady Nastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva called Tasha. They spoke of her work as record-keeper and webminister for the reign and for that and more gave her a Court Barony. She was given a scroll created by Mistress Saerlaith ingen Chennetig with words by Sir Lucius Aurelius Varus.

Mistress Kayleigh MacWhyte was summoned and praised by the Crown for her work as royal scheduler and scribe. She was given an Augmentation of Arms and a scroll created by Lord Vettorio Antonello.

The Crown next called for Mistress Lucie Lovegood and Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer. They were each given a small gift.

Before she was dismissed, Their Majesties had further words for Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer. For her excellent work as Head Lady in Waiting, she was given an Augmentation of Arms, with a scroll illuminated by Lady Palotzi Marti and calligraphed by Mistress Eleanor Catlyng.

Their Majesties called for Duchess Katherine Stanhope and Duke Randall of the Dark, thanked them for their friendship and gave them gifts as a token of that friendship.

Lady Anne de Basillon, Lady Audrye Bennett, Lord Hugh Tauerner, Rhiannon Grimolfsdottir, Lord Robert of Angelspur, and Baron Robert dwe Makmayane were called before the Crown. For their efforts assisting the reign, they were each presented with tokens of the Queen’s Award of Esteem.

Next, King Brion called for Elian of the Fellswood, Lady Marian Kirkpatrick, Agnes de la Court, and Baroness Alana of Skye. For each of their efforts, they were given tokens of the King’s Award of Esteem.

His Majesty called for Lady Cellach Dhonn Inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh, Baron Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch called Clockwork, Master Ryan McWhyte, Duchess Aikaterine Fitzwilliam, Baron Duncan Kerr, Baroness Jeanne de Robin, and Master Rowen Cloteworthy. For their service to His Majesty and the reign, each was awarded the King’s Cypher.

Queen Anna then called for Lady Serafina della Torre and Lady Fortune St. Keyne. For their service to Her Majesty, they were awarded the Queen’s Cypher.

King Brion called Lady Clarice d’Allaines le Comte and Lord Corwin Blackthorn before the throne. In recognition and thanks for their service, they were awarded the King’s Cypher.

Thereafter, Her Majesty called for Lady Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya called Raven, Lord Johannes Mikkinen, Lord Grimolfr Skulason, Lord Alaric Godricsson, Lord Hassan ibn Abd al-Malik, and Lady Yasemin bint al-Hajjar. For all their service to the Queen and the reign, they were each awarded the Queen’s Cypher.

The Crown asked for the attendance of Lord Agapios Cargos. For his exemplary service and comportment on the Queen’s Guard, he was presented with a Court Barony and Granted Arms. He was given a scroll to commemorate this, created by Mistress Fiona O’Maille ó Chuan Coille.

Finally, Their Majesties called for the Princes Royale, Lord Duncan Tarragon and Lord Nigel Tarragon. In recognition of all the young men gave, and gave up, for their parents’ reigns, each was given a Court Barony and a Grant of Arms. Both received scrolls crafted by Brion Rex and Anna Regina.

The main business of Court concluded, Brion turned to Anna and sang “You Will Always Be My Queen”. The audience could be heard quietly singing along with him on the chorus. Her Majesty was moved to tears.

Her Majesty then dismissed the retainers, ladies-in-waiting, and Queen’s Guard. The royal household now dismissed, the Crown called for Their Heirs. Prince Ioannes walked in by himself, then waited as his Princess, Honig, processed in with her retainers and ladies to the sound of drumming and a recorder solo by Lord Arne Ulrichsson. With Ioannes and Honig kneeling before them, King Brion then took the crown from Queen Anna’s head and he and Anna crowned Honig Empress. Brion then took the crown from his own head and he, Anna, and Empress Honig crowned Ioannes Emperor of the East. Now Duke Brion and Duchess Anna withdrew to much applause and thus began the coronation ceremony of Ioannes and Honig.

These are the events of the Court as I recall them. My thanks to all the heralds who helped with this reign, and all those other retainers, ladies in waiting, guards, scribes, and all those others who made the day and the reign the wonderful time it was.

Long live the King! Long live the Queen! Long live the East!

Pray know I remain,
For Crown and College,

– Master Rowen Cloteworthy

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New Baron and Baroness Announced for Bhakail

Wed, 2017-04-19 16:23

Photo by Mistress Philadelphia Brown, courtesy Master Rowen Cloteworthy

At the Last Court of Their Majesties Brion and Anna, it was announced that Master Rowen Cloteworthy and Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Sheikha al-Mu’allim (Mistress Suba al-Hadid) will be Invested as the next Baron & Baroness of Bhakail by Their Majesties Ioannes & Ro Honig on June 3rd at Bhakail Investiture and King’s & Queen’s Rattan Champions.

More information on the event can be found here: http://eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=3163


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Pennsic 46 War Point Schedule Announced

Wed, 2017-04-19 10:20

The full schedule of war points for Pennsic 46 was announced on April 19th.

The daily schedule for the points can be found on the Pennsic web page here.

There are a total of 42 total points, including 17 for armored combat, 14 for rapier combat, 6 for archery, 2 for thrown weapons, 2 for arts & sciences, and 1 for volunteer service.

Detailed descriptions of the war point rules have not yet been posted, but are expected shortly.

Pennsic War 46 will take place July 28 through August 13 at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA.

This year’s Pennsic War will be a contest between the Kingdoms of the East, the Middle, and Ealdormere and their allies vs Aethelmearc and Northshield and their allies.

You can pre-register to attend Pennsic War using this online form. Online paid registration will close on Saturday, June 17th.

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Details Regarding the Upcoming Kings and Queens Archery Champions

Sun, 2017-04-16 10:18

Kings and Queens Archery Champions

Panteria (Shire of Panther Vale)

5/26 through 5/29

Peter the Red, Queen’s Champion,  and I, Godric of Hamtun, King’s Champion, would like to invite you all to the 2017 edition of the East Kingdom K&Q Archery Championship, which will be held in the Shire of Panther Vale at their Panteria event. The archery competition will be held on Sunday May 28th and the following schedule has been tentatively approved. The ranges will be set up on Saturday evening May 27th. Peter the Red and I will need marshals to help us run the event. Please contact me at godricofhamtun@yahoo.com if you are a marshal and can give of your time.

On Sunday:

  • 9:30-10:30am: Open warm ups, bow inspections and competitors sign in.
  • 10:45am: A word from their Royal Majesties.
  • 11:00am: Competition starts with 3 mass shoots of varying distances and times.
  • Noon-12:30: Lunch
  • 12:30-2:30pm: Competition restarts with 10 station roving range.
  • 2:30-2:45pm: Top 16 archers are selected.
  • 2:45-4:00pm: Finals to determine Queen’s Champion of Archery; King’s Champion of Archery is chosen by the King. First shoot will take the field from 16 to 8 competitors, the second shoot will take the field from 8 to 4 competitors, the third shoot will take field 4 to 2 competitors and the final shoot will determine the Queen’s Champion of Archery.

This is a very ambitious schedule and I would very much like to stay as close to it as possible. Please, if you are competing, try and be at the range before 10:30am on Sunday to be inspected and to sign in for the tournament. This should be a very exciting tournament. Our theme for this year is The Princess Bride.

We look forward to seeing many on you at this event it should be a very fun and challenging shoot to determine our next champions. Thank you all!

In service

Master Godric of Hamtun

King’s Champion of Archery

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Porter mandatory step down

Tue, 2017-04-11 11:03

Unto the people of the East from Alayne, EK Porter,warm greetings!

As my term serving our glorious Kingdom in the capacity of Porter draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity I have had to be able to make the East a wonderful example of inclusiveness and accessibility.

Northern Region War Camp in Glenn Linn will mark the terminus of my service in this particular aspect, as the Porters serve under the auspices of the Seneschalate, with a limit of two consecutive terms.

At this time I would like to thank all those good gentles who have acted as my Deputies, the fine Web Ministers who have helped us create and maintain a site of resources:


Thank you also to all the fine Event Stewards who allowed me space for Accessibility Hours, and thank you to the people who attended these workshops.

I encourage anyone seeking a positive and proactive way of serving the East to consider putting in for this Office or working for the Office of the Porter in other ways.  During my tenure I have met amazing individuals, both in and out of the Kingdom.  Positive changes have occurred and will no doubt continue to occur because of the East Kingdom’s continuing commitment to courtesy and  accessibility.

Again, I thank you for this time in office and look forward to serving the East in other ways in the future.

Your humble servant,


Alayne Alexandra Nyvern Nightwatcher, OP

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Crown Tournament Competitors / Liste de participant du tournoi de la couronne du royaume de l’Est

Mon, 2017-04-10 19:40

En français
Their Majesties Ioannes and Honig have announced those gentles competing in Crown Tournament on May 6th in the Barony of Settmour Swamp.

Duke Ronald Wilmot fighting for Duchess Bronwyn Dawntreader
Duke Randal of the Dark fighting for Duchess Katherine Stanhope
Duke Achilles son Asia fighting for Shaunna
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver fighting for Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo
Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke fighting for Mistress Vienna de la Mer
Sir Zhigmun Czypsser fighting for Bannthegn(Baroness) Aleyd Czypsser
Sir Sichelgaita von Halsstern fighting for Sir Harold Hakonson
Master Ryan Mac Whyte fighting for Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte
Sir Culann mac Cianain fighting for Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge
Sir Cedric of Armorica fighting for Mistress Brid ni Sherlais
Master Ãvaldr Valbjarnarson fighting for Mistress Eva Woderose
Sir Pellandres, dit le frere fighting for Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne
Sir Ivan Ivanov syn Dmitriev fighting for Baroness Matilde DeCaden
Master Dmitri Stephanovich aka Deacon de Chatillion fighting for Mistress Nadezhda Voronov
Sir William MacCrimmon fighting for Lady Susanna of Dragonship Haven
Master Sigurthr Vigurhafn fighting for Baroness Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh
Baron Jonathan Miles fighting for Baroness Teresa Perez
Lord Donnan Fitzgerald fighting for Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcáçova
Baron Duncan Kerr fighting for Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick
The Honorable Lord Richard Crowe fighting for Lady Ameria Browne
The Honorable Lord William RavenHair fighting for The Honorable Lady Albreda Aylese
The Honorable Lord Turi Mac Kinnon fighting for Baroness Marguerite de Sainte Nazaire
Baron Rory Maclellan fighting for Baroness Astridr Sigrun Ulfkelsdottir
Lord Ingvar Thorsteinsson called Critter fighting for Lady Hasanah bint al-Kalil ibn Habib
Baron Vachir Artslanjin fighting for Sarvuu Arslanjin
The Honorable Lord Gawyn O’Clery fighting for Maeve O’Clery
The Honorable Lord Klaus Winterhalter Von Wallachia fighting for Lady Anastasia Wolfe
The Honorable Lord Arne Ulriksson fighting for Lady Anna VonBaden
The Honorable Lord Galvyn Lockhart fighting for Lady Rhiannon of Ayres
Lord Dorian Kalogero fighting for Lady Aziza al Shirazyya
Lord Martin Wasser Speier fighting for Master Donovan Shinnock
Lord Berkhommer Von Nuemburg fighting for Lady Auriora de Bianco
Lord Brick James Beech fighting for Lady Nadia Hart
Lady Vasia von KÃenigsberg fighting for Lady Ãesa Sturludottir
Lord Patrick Lumhalghs fighting for Lady Melody
Lord Abel atte Watere fighting for Ãesa assa
Luthor Von Eisenfaust fighting for Lady Mabel Fortune
Onryo fighting for Esmeralda

En français Traduction par Madame Æsa of the Island

“Bon matin à l’Est
Nous sommes de retour de terres lointaines et nous avons apprécié l’hospitalité de nos voisins.

De retour à la maison et au travail


Baron (of Settmour Swamp) Jonathan Miles se battant pour Baronne (of Settmour Swamp) Teresa Ana Perez
Duc Ronald Wilmot se battant pour Duchesse Bronwyn Dawntreader
Duc Randal of the Dark se battant pour Duchesse Katherine Stanhope
Duc Achilles son Asia se battant pour Shaunna
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver se battant pour Madame Gracia Vasquez de Trillo
Sieur Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke se battant pour Maistresse Vienna de la Mer
Sieur Zhigmun Czypsser se battant pour Bannthegn (Baronesse) Aleyd Czypsser
Sieur Sichelgaita von Halsstern se battant pour Sieur Harold Hakonson
Maistre Ryan Mac Whyte se battant pour Maistresse Kay Leigh Mac Whyte
Sieur Culann mac Cianain se battant pour Maitresse Aneleda Falconbridge
Sieur Cedric of Armorica se battant pour Maitresse Brid nic Shéarlais
Maistre Ávaldr Valbjarnarson se battant pour Maitresse Eva Woderose
Sieur Pellandres, dit le frere se battant pour Baronne Mari Clock van Hoorne
Sieur Ivan Ivanov syn Dmitriev se battant pour Baronne Matilde de Cadenet
Sieur Harold Hakonson se battant pour Sieur Sichelgaita von Halsstern
Maistre Dmitri Stephanovich aka Deacon de Chatillion se battant pour Maitresse Nadezhda Voronova
Sieur William MacCrimmon se battant pour Madame Susanna of Dragonship Haven
Maistre Sigurthr Vigurhafn se battant pour Baronne Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh
Seigneur Donnan Fitzgerald se battant pour Madame Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcaçova
Baron Duncan Kerr fighting for Maitresse Eleanor fitzPatrick
The Honorable Lord Richard Crowe se battant pour Lady Ameria Browne
L’honorable Seigneur William RavenHair se battant pour l’honorable Madame Albreda Aylese
L’honorable Seigneur Turi Mac Kinnon se battant pour Baronne Marguerite de Sainte Nazaire
Baron Rory Maclellan se battant pour Baronne Astridr Sigrun Ulfkelsdottir
Seigneur Ingvar Thorsteinsson appelé Critter se battant pour Madame Hasanah bint al-Kalil ibn Habib
Baron Vachir Arslanjin se battant pour Sarvuu Arslanjin
L’honorable Seigneur Gawyn O’Clery se battant pour Maeve O’Clery
L’honorable Seigneur Klaus Winterhalter Von Wallachia se battant pour Madame Anastasia Wolfe
L’honorable Seigneur Arne Ulriksson se battant pour Madame Anna VonBaden
L’honorable Seigneur Galvyn Lockhart se battant pour Madame Rhiannon of Ayres
Seigneur Dorian Kalogero se battant pour Madame Aziza al Shirazyya
Seigneur Martin Wasser Speier se battant pour Maistre Donovan Shinnock
Seigneur Berkhommer Von Nuemburg se battant pour Madame Auriora de Bianco
Seigneur Brick James Beech se battant pour Madame Nadia Hart
Madame Vasia von Königsberg se battant pour Madame Æsa Sturludottir
Seigneur Patrick Lumhalghs se battant pour Madame Melody
Seigneur Abel atte Watere se battant pour Æsa assa
Luthor Von Eisenfaust se battant pour Madame Mabel Fortune
Onryo se battant pour Esmeralda

Seul la prouesse incontestable gagnera la journée, bonne chance à tous ceux qui prennent part.

Avec notre amour, et pour la gloire de l’Est.
LMR Honig Von Summerfeldt et Ioannes Serpentius”

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K&Q A&S Bids

Thu, 2017-04-06 19:44
Greetings all from the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White.

We are just about two months away from when bids are due for both A&S Champions and Bardic Champions.

Please note, we are encouraging local groups to submit bids for both A&S Champions and Bardic Champions together as a combined event.

We see a combined event providing a number of benefits to the Kingdom:

For entrants:

* Brings the arts together more across disciplines fostering community
* Increased exposure to larger populations and audiences
* Helps make both Champions competitions more of a destination event

For volunteers:

* Minimizes the burden of the Crown for Royal Progress
* Opens up the Kingdom planning calendar
* Relieves the weight on groups needing to host Kingdom events
* Limits the number of volunteers needed by hosting only one event

We know that there could be a perception that this would split Royal attention between the two activities. We successfully managed a good experience at this last combined A&S Champions and Bardic Champions event.

We also know that there could be some individual conflicts of interest between people who would like to judge and/or enter both activities. We acknowledge that people will need to prioritize their activities. We will try our best to help with any accommodations. We believe you will still have a great time.

We understand that groups may make bids otherwise, of course, to host only one of the two Champion competitions. You are welcome to do this. Submitting for a combined event is not a requirement.

We also understand that our upcoming Heirs will consult with our Crown for their eventual decision. We would like to give them options. Please help make that possible.

To submit a bid, please follow the Kingdom Event Bid Process found at:


For potential hosting groups, a few notes:

* You will not be responsible for the organization of either Champions competition. Good event spaces will have a large hall for bardic performance, another large hall for A&S displays, and a separate room for judges.
* The King’s Bard Countess Chatricam Meghanta (or Megha)(Katherine Journeay) and the Queen’s Bard Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant (Wendy Gale) will be managing the Bardic Champions Competition
* The King’s A&S Champion Honorable Lady Raziya bint Rusa (Elizabeth Burdick) and the Queen’s Champion Honorable Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste (Maria Dedvukaj) will be managing the A&S Champions Competition
* The Kingdom A&S Special Deputies Mistress Elisabeth (Lissa Underhill) and Master Magnus (Peter Olsen) will be managing the A&S entrants and judging registration and assignments.

Remember… Have fun! Teach! Learn!

Your Servant to Command,

East Kingdom Seneschal – Event Bid Form Note: you may print this document from your browser; the graphics, colors, and side menu will not appear. SCA, Inc. – East Kingdom Event Bid Form. This form must be completed and submitted along with any other information you wish to provide in your bid for a Kingdom Event. Please send it via e-mail … seneschal.eastkingdom.org
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A&S Consultation Table Deputy

Thu, 2017-04-06 19:39

Greetings all from the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White.

Thanks to your feedback and support, the Kingdom A&S Office created and started offering A&S Consultation Tables at events.

We’ve test run them now a few times. We are very happy with the feedback we have received from event organizers, judges, and especially artisans. We want to continue offering them and plan to offer them as a resource at events all over.

To those ends, Honorable Lady Kataryn Mercer has agreed to work with me as a Kingdom A&S Special Deputy charged with supporting A&S Consultation Tables.

In particular, her roles will be to:

1. Proactively coordinate A&S Consultation Tables at the more well-attended A&S focused Kingdom events
2. Ensure A&S Consultation Tables are offered regularly throughout all regions of the Kingdom
3. Reactively assist with local events that would like to host A&S Consultation Tables including how to find a coordinator, space needs, and soliciting local support.

Her work will blend well with the roles that Mistress Elysabeth and Master Magnus have taken on as Kingdom A&S Special Deputies revising the Kingdom A&S Rubric. (They are doing great work there and we expect more this Spring.)

Who are the A&S Consultation Tables for?


The A&S Consultation Tables are a chance for entrants to voluntarily get a sample walk-through based off of the Kingdom Rubric and Judging process that we use at A&S Champions.

This is to help artisans get used to the higher degree of expectations that happen at a more competitive level. The focus is on extensive research, historical understanding, and exemplary execution. These are all things that are important at A&S Champions but also other activities throughout the Kingdom.

Even if you never plan to enter A&S Champions you can use these tables as opportunities for feedback.

You’d have a chance to talk to a couple of judges and walk through their thought process as they use the Kingdom rubric.

We also welcome volunteer judges. Want to help? Let us know! You’re who is going to help make these A&S Consultation Tables successful.

Never judged before and want to learn? Let us know. You can be a shadow judge. We’d welcome the company.

Our goals are:

1. Set expectations early for the next A&S Champions competition while also helping people who do not want to compete but do focus on historical accuracy
2. Help artisans plan in advance and understand those expectations
3. Train more judges
4. Build consistency in that feedback

We think that these goals foster learning and teaching throughout the year.

We also hope that this will make the judging experience more constrictive and more enjoyable.

If you are interested in helping with any of these tasks please contact her. You can reach her at Kataryn@kitsclothingcollection.com.

And remember… Have fun! Teach! Learn!

Your Servant to Command,

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The Golden Seamstress Challenge: Competition Begins at 10:00pm Friday April 7th

Mon, 2017-04-03 20:06
Are you behind on your resolution to start your Pennsic sewing early? Do you like to sewing garb but find it’s more fun to sew with a group a folks? Do you have a set of garb that you want to make but are afraid to go it alone? Well we have just the event for you!
The Barony Beyond the Mountain invites you to show us your costuming skills The seamstresses of the East will take up the challenge to create a complete set of garments, from the skin out, in eighteen hours.  Teams of from 1 to 6 active members are to start at 10 PM Friday and continue to 6 pm Saturday.  Team members are expected to remain on-site during the competition.  At the close of the sewing portion of the competition, each team will present their final outfit to the judges and populace. They will be expected to show and explain all layers in as expeditious and succinct a manner as possible. Additional presentations are welcome but will be done while judges are sequestered after the show. Once the judges have reached a decision Their Excellencies of BBM will hold court, and the winners will be announced.

For full details on rules of the challenge and how to register a team please visit http://bbm.eastkingdom.org

If you are not participating in the challenge, but would like to check out the event, you are welcome to join us on Saturday any time after noon.  The fashion show will take place at 6:30pm and should not be missed. Also, there might also be some space available for folks who want to do some sewing in the competition atmosphere, but don’t actually want to participate in the competition.  Please contact the autocrat if you think you want to do this to make sure there is room. A tavern will be available on Saturday for breakfast and lunch.

Site Opens: 6pm Friday April 7th
Competition Begins: 10:00pm Friday April 7th
Breakfast: 8:00-10:00am Saturday April 8th
Site Opens to General Populace: Noon Saturday April 8th
Lunch Tavern Opens: Noon Saturday April 8th
Competition Ends: 6pm Saturday April 8th
Fashion Show: 6:30pm Saturday April 8th|
Baronial Court: 8:00pm Saturday April 8th
Site Closes: 11pm Saturday April 8th The event will be held at the Middlefield Federated Church; 402 Main Street; Middlefield, CT  06455
Google Map

Take your best Rout to I-91.  Take exit 20.  Turn left onto Middle St (0.1 mile, turn left onto Country Club Rd (1.1 mile), turn right onto Higby Rd (1.2 mile), continue onto Jackson Hill Rd (2.1 mile), turn left onto CT-157 N, church will be on the right. Event Steward:
Ciara McRobbie
MKA:  Anne Akin

Note: This is a sewing only event, there will be no merchants, no children’s activities, and no martial activities.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Yours in Service,
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Unofficial Court Report for Mudthaw

Sat, 2017-04-01 13:03

On the 25th of March, Their Majesties Brion III and Anna III rode to Their Barony of Settmour Swamp, there to enjoy the annual Mudthaw celebration, and additionally to invest a new Baron and Baroness.

Court opened in the morning with a gift from the Keepers of Athena’s Thimble for Her Majesty. The needleworkers presented Queen Anna a lovely Viking coat and hood, which She immediately put on.

Their Majesties then called for Lady Kathryn Elizabeth Lyons Ramsey. They spoke of her excellent portrayal of an Elizabethan lady and her achievement as the first woman Master Gunner in the Guild of St. Barbara. In recognition of these things, Kathryn was made a Baroness of the Court and given a scroll to commemorate this crafted by Heather Rose de Gordoun.

Their Majesties then made Their way to the Youth Combat field and called for Lord Hroudland Who Wanders. They spoke of his work as Kingdom Youth Marshal and his many years of service to the youth combat community both within the Kingdom and assisting other Kingdoms at Pennsic. Wanting such notable contributions to be recognised, Their Majesties called for Their Order of the  Pelican and set Hroudland to vigil to contemplate whether he would accept a place in that Order that evening.

After a short break, the King and Queen made their way to the armoured combat field and there called for Lord Ozurr the Bootgiver. They spoke of his prowess in the lists and how Their Predecessors, King Kenric III and Avelina III, wished him rewarded for that. They called forth the Order of the Tygers Combatant and named him to that Order as of Barleycorn, held on the 10th of September, A.S. LI. He was given a scroll to remember the day, created by Elen Alswyth of Eriskay.

They then requested the attendance of Baron Joachim Liechtenauwer. Their Majesties spoke of his achievements on the Unbelted Combatants team at Pennsic and named him to the Order of the Tygers Combatant and gave him a scroll calligraphed and illuminated by Lady Magdalena Lantfarerin, with words by Baroness Aislinn Chiabach.

Their Majesties the took Themselves to the rapier lists and summoned Lord Ciarán Ua Meic Thíre. They spoke of his skill in the lists and his work creating a Known World map of rapier practices and felt these things worthy. They called for the Order of the Silver Rapier and named him a Companion, presenting him a scroll by Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, with words by Baron Yehuda ben Moshe.

Next They called for Master Lawrence Thornguard called Baron Larry. They spoke of his time in the lists and as rapier general of the Southern Army and his skill at melee fighting and named him to the Order of the Silver Rapier. He was given a scroll created by Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova.

The Crown the adjourned Their Court. Later in the day, while in the Royal room, Her Majesty presented the token of the Queen’s Cypher to Lord Rheinhart Basorad Draculesti in recognition of his service.

His Majesty then had word sent to Lady Leana Doucet that she had received the token of the King’s Cypher for her service to the Crown.

Their Majesties processed to the great hall and therein opened Their evening Court. They first spoke of the long and friendly ties with the Kingdom of Acre and renewed the treaty the East holds with that Kingdom.

Next They summoned Baron Erec le Clair, it being time for him to step down as Baron of Settmour Swamp. Their Majesties did not wish him to lose his title, though, and made him a Baron of the Court. He was presented with a stained glass panel commemorating this, crafted by Lord Conor O Ceallaigh.

King Brion and Queen Anna then called for the Baroness of Settmour Swamp, Mistress Jehannine de Flandres. As her time had also come to step down, she was given a scroll thanking her for her service, penned by Mistress Katherine Stanhope.

Their Majesties felt that a simple thank you was not enough to recognise Mistress Jehannine’s time as Baroness, Kingdom Archivist, and Captain General of Archers for the Kingdom and so they also gave her an Augmentation of Arms. This was commemorated in a scroll calligraphed and illuminated by Mistress Catarina Giaocchini, words by Baroness Theodora Bryennissa called Treannah.

Lord Jonathan Miles was summoned and named the newest Baron of Settmour Swamp. His Excellency was given a scroll to remember the moment by, crafted by Lady Altani Khatagi.

The Crown then called for Lady Teresa Ana Perez and invested her as the newest Baroness of Settmour Swamp. A scroll, calligraphed and illuminated by Lady Ding Li Ying, with words by Mistress Alayne Nyvern Nightwatcher, was given to Her Excellency.

Baron Jonathan and Barones Teresa were then draped with the regalia of their position by the officers of Settmour Swamp, took their places on their thrones, and opened their first court.

Baronial Court then concluded and Royal Court reconvened. Their Majesties called for the children of the East. King Brion and Queen Anna wished the children to learn more about the ways of the Kingdom and asked that they sit as witnesses to the next item of business.

The Crown then called for the answer set before Lord Hroudland Who Wanders. Lord Hroudland approched the thrones in a procession led by many of the youth combatants in attendance that day. The Court then heard words in support of Hroudland’s elevation. Master Ivan Valfrekr spoke for the Order of Chivalry. Mistress Linette de Gallardon spoke for the Order of the Laurel. Master Thomas de Castellan spoke on behalf of the Order of Defense. Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain represented the Order of the Rose. And Mistress Judith the Confused spoke for the Order of the Pelican. Those worthies having confirmed his acceptability, Lord Hroudland agreed that he would take his place in the Order. He was invested with a medallion, a cloak, and a marshal’s staff. Master Hroudland Who Wanders then offered his fealty to the Crown. A scroll naming him to the Order of the Pelican, created by Pan Jan Janowicz Bogdanski, was read to the Court.

The children of the East, having witnessed the elevation ceremony, were then given gifts from Their Majesties toy chest.

Their Majesties then called for Emma Lovell and Caleb Patrasso. King Brion and Queen Anna praised their work in the arts and sciences at such a young age and gave them each the Award of Gilder and tokens to represent this.

Queen Anna summoned Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell, and Master Antonio Patrasso and, in recognition of their service to the Crown, presented them each with the Queen’s Award of Esteem.

Those newcomers attending their first Royal event were then asked to present themselves to the throne, and they were given tokens of welcome by Their Majesties.

Alienor Salton was summoned to the Court. Their Majesties spoke of her time serving as Seneschal of the Canton of Whyt Whey and her welcoming nature and, believing these things worthy, made her a Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel. A scroll will be forthcoming.

Lady Svea the Short-Sighted was then called to attend Their Majesties, though she was absent that day. She was named a Seamstress to the Crown for the many hats she produced for Queen Anna. A scroll by the hand of Baroness Aesa Feilinn Jossursdottir was given to a representative of the Shire of Barren Sands to be delivered to Lady Svea.

Their Majesties called for Sir Jibril al-Dakhil. They praised his time in the office of Earl Marshal and his comportment and called for the Order of the Silver Crescent to rise. Sir Jibril was given a scroll calligraphed by Master Jonathan Blaecstan and illuminated by Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey.

The Order of the Silver Crescent not complete, the Crown called for Lady Lydia FitzWaulter and named her a Companion for her many years of service preparing feasts and dayboards and clothing others. A scroll recognising this was illuminated by Lady Onora inghean Ui Ruairc, with calligraphy and words by Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir.

Don Griffith Davion was called forward and he, too, was recognised with the Silver Crescent for his service as Baronial Seneschal, rapier marshal, and event steward. He was given a scroll penned by Dame Chrestienne la perscheress with words by Master Lawrence Thornguard.

Still wishing to recognise service, Their Majesties called for Lord Vettorio Antonello. They spoke of his works as a scribe, as the Signet’s New Scribes Deputy, and as a marshal and named him to the Order of the Silver Crescent as well. He was given a scroll created by Lady Christiana Crane with words by Mistress Kayleigh MacWhyte.

While recently attending Gulf Wars, Their Majesties inducted several gentles into the Company of the Pennon of the East for service to the Crown at a foreign war. Due to absence at the time of recognition, Their Majesties now recognised Prince Ioannes and Princess Honig as members of that Company.

Their Majesties then called for Feargus of O’Choda and praised his skill. They spoke of his placing second in the Novice Tourney at Pennsic and named him to the Order of the Silver Tyger. A scroll to commemorate the moment will be forthcoming.

The Crown called for another of Their subjects, but the gentle was absent. The scroll, recognising an Award of Arms, illuminated by Lady Rennenwief van Grunewald and calligraphed by Lord Colin Maclaren, was read into the record and accepted by Their Excellencies Ostgardr.

Galwyn Lockhard was called forward. King Brion and Queen Anna spoke of his prowess in the lists and chose to recognise this with the Order of the Tygers Combatant. A scroll was presented, created by Lady Magdalena Lantfarerin with words by Baroness Aislinn Chiabach.

Her Majesty then summoned Baroness Tysha z Kieva and, for her service to the Crown, gave her the token of the Queen’s Award of Esteem.

Budang Altajin was called forth. Their Majesties spoke of his service to his Shire, his studies in Mongolian history, and his skill as a fighter and archer and Awarded him Arms. A scroll that he might remember the moment is forthcoming.

Their Majesties called for Elena Silvermane. They spoke of her skill making garb and her industrious works and named her a Lady of the Court, Awarding her Arms. A scroll, illuminated by Lady Triona MacCasky, calligraphed by Master Jonathan Blaecstan, with words by Lord Martyn de Halliwell, was given to Lady Elena.

The event stewards, Baroness Theodora Bryennissa called Treannah and Baron Wulfgar Silfraharr, were called forward. They were thanked by the Crown for putting on the event and Their Excellencies thanked their staff in turn.

The Crown called for Lord Rademes of Surtr’s Brood. Lord Rademes had received his Award of Arms at Hundred Minutes War in A.S. 50, and his Silver Tyger at 100 Minutes War in A.S. 51, but had not received scrolls for either award at the time. Their Majesties wished this corrected and presented him with and Award of Arms scroll with words and illumination by Lady Triona MacCasky, calligraphed by Master Jonathan Blaecsten and a Silver Tyger scroll illuminated by Lady Triona MacCasky, calligraphed by Lord Vettorio Antonello, with translation by Iosobail mhic Leoid.

Queen Anna then requested Lady Allura Rayne McKeoch approach. In recognition of her service to the Crown, she was presented a token and the Queen’s Award of Esteem.

Next, Queen Anna called for Duke Gregor von Heisler. She praised his years of friendship and advice, and called him her brother, and presented him the Queen’s Cypher. Most especially, She gifted him with the last remaining Cypher from Her first reign as Queen.

The Crown called for another of Their subjects, but the gentle summoned was absent. The scroll, recognising an Apollo’s Arrow, illuminated by Mistress Constance St. Denis, was read into the record and accepted by Their Excellencies Ostgardr.

King Brion and Queen Anna called for Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova. They spoke of her work making clothing based on Portuguese translations and asked the Order of the Silver Brooch to stand. She was given a scroll to remember the moment, created by Lady Mariette de Bretagne.

Their Majesties called for another subject, but that gentle was absent. The text of the scroll, recognising the recipient as a member of the Order of the Silver Brooch, written by Baroness Mari Clock von Horne, was read into the record. Their Excellencies Ostgardr will present this at a later time.

Lady Mariette de Bretagne was summoned. She had received the Order of the Silver Brooch on April 2, A.S. 50, but had not received the scroll at that time. One was presented, illuminated by Lady Adrienne d’Evreaux, calligraphed by Lord Alexandre St. Pierre with words by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich.

Baroness Tysha z Kieva was also called forth to stand with the Silver Brooch for her works of cooking and needlework. She was given a scroll to remember the day, illuminated by Lady Magdalena the Migrant, calligraphed by Mistress Kayleigh MacWhyte.

Baron Alexander Makcristyne was asked to attend the Crown. Their Majesties spoke of his skill at thrown weapons and how he had developed thrown weapons guidelines to provide more accessibility for people with disabilities. In recognition of this, he was awarded the Order of the Golden Mantle and given a scroll created by Master Jonathan Blaecstan.

Lastly, His Majesty called for Lord Gaston le Goth. King Brion spoke of Gaston’s many years of friendship and service and named him a Baron of the Court with a Grant of Arms. A document to commemorate this was created by Mistress Eleanor MacCarthaigh, with words by Queen Anna.

There being no further business, Their Majesties thanked Their subjects for the day and bade them join the Crown for feasting. These are the events of Court as I recall them. Thank you to all the scribes, heralds, retainers, guards, and all those others attending who participated in the day.

Pray know I remain,

In service to Crown and College,

Master Rowen Cloteworthy

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Eastern Results for the January 2017 LoAR

Sat, 2017-04-01 12:50


The Society College of Heralds runs on monthly cycles and letters. Each month, the College processes name and armory submissions from all of the Kingdoms. Final decisions on submissions are made at the monthly meetings of the Pelican Queen of Arms (names) and the Wreath Queen of Arms (armory). Pelican and Wreath then write up their decisions in a Letter of Acceptances and Return (LoAR). After review and proofreading, LoARs generally are released two months after the meeting where the decisions are made.

An “acceptance” indicates that the item(s) listed are now registered with the Society. A “return” indicates that the item is returned to the submitter for additional work. Most items are registered without comments. Sometimes, the LoAR will address specific issues about the name or armory or will praise the submitter/herald on putting together a very nice historically accurate item.

The following results are from the January 2017 Wreath and Pelican meetings.

EAST acceptances

Albrecht Østergaard. Name and badge. Sable, an escutcheon within a bordure argent.

This name combines a German given name with a Danish byname, a lingual mix permitted by Appendix C.

Alexander Makcristyne. Alternate name Eadulf Beornwaldes sunu.

The submitter requested authenticity for “8th century Anglo-Saxon.” This name meets that request.

Ann MacWard. Name.

Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcaçova. Name.

Appearing on the Letter of Intent as Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alaçova, the spelling of the locative byname was a typo for the submitter’s intended Alcáçova.

Unfortunately, we were unable to document Alcáçova with the acute accent on the ‘a’. Juliana Siren documented d’Alcaçova without the acute accent in her article “Portuguese Names from the 16th Century” (https://www.s-gabriel.org/names/juliana/portugal16/portugal16data.html#list). We have changed the locative byname to match the documentation.

Betryse Aaradyn Ghyoot. Device. Quarterly azure and vert, a thistle and on a chief argent three oak leaves vert.

Conall na Seamar Ó Conghaile. Name change from Conall Ó Suibhne.

The submitter’s prior name, Conall Ó Suibhne, is released.

Cornelia van der Brugghe. Name and device. Argent, a Catherine’s wheel sable, a bordure rayonny gules.

Danielle de Lorraine. Name change from Tina of Lorraine.

The submitter’s prior name, Tina of Lorraine, is retained as an alternate name.

Dieterich Brandt. Name and device. Or, a great helm affronty gules ensigned with a kettle hat, in base two rapiers inverted in saltire sable.

Nice German name for 1497!

Drákon Athenadôrou. Name and device. Argent, a cross swallowtailed voided gules conjoined in chief to an owl sable.

Drákon Athenadôrou. Badge. Argent, a legless dragon displayed within a bordure rayonny sable.

There is a step from period practice for the use of a dragon displayed.

Emeline la Chauciere. Name and device. Per pale azure and gules, in saltire four bouquets of rosemary conjoined at the base argent.

The submitter requested authenticity for “French with a preference for 14th century.” Both name elements are found in the 1292 Census of Paris, making this an authentic French name for that time and place, but not for the submitter’s preferred 14th century.

Esmeria de Rus. Name and device. Purpure, a caldera gringolada barry Or and sable, the serpents argent.

Nice device!

The submitter has permission to conflict with the badge of Selene Colfox: (Fieldless) A caldera gringolada barry sable and Or, the serpents Or.

Esmeria de Rus. Badge. (Fieldless) A distaff purpure.

Fodor Marta. Name and device. Per fess sable and argent, two tygers rampant addorsed Or.

Nice 16th century Hungarian name!

Jennet Eva O’Loghlan. Name and device. Gules, a ram’s head cabossed between three mullets of four points argent.

This name is registerable as a combination of double English given names with an Anglicized Irish byname. However, the submitter requested authenticity for “Scots/Irish.” This does not meet the submitter’s authenticity request. The name cannot be Scots because Clan Affiliation bynames using O’ are not found in Scots; such bynames for women are found only in Anglicized Irish. Mari ingen Briain meic Donnchada’s “Names Found in Anglicized Irish Documents” (http://medievalscotland.org/kmo/AnglicizedIrish/) provides evidence of women using O’ style bynames, such as Rose O’Scalle. Such names are found both with and without the apostrophe after the O.

The name also is not authentic for Anglicized Irish, as we have no evidence of double given names in Anglicized Irish. Jennet is found as both an English and an Anglicized Irish given name. Therefore, an authentic 16th century Anglicized Irish form would be Jennet O’Loghlan. If the submitter prefers that form, she may make a request for reconsideration.

Kosa Korotkaia. Name change from Katrin Daans and device. Argent semy of fish gules.

The submitter’s prior name, Katrin Daans, is released.

Leonardo di Sandro d’Abruzzo. Name and device. Or, a sword inverted sable within a serpent vorant of its tail azure.

Questions were raised in commentary about the formation of the locative byname. Although the use of da or dell’ as a marker was more common, the form d’Abruzzo is found dated to 1627 on p. 13 of Vita della B. Angelina Corbara contessa di Civitella dell’Abruzzo (https://books.google.com/books?id=Fbk9xGJtHFQC). If the submitter would prefer the more typical dell’Abruzzo, he may make a request for reconsideration.

Please advise the submitter to draw the serpent’s head larger so it cannot be confused with an annulet.

Martin Wasser Speier. Alternate name Martin Stop Heppin.

Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. Name and device. Per fess argent and vert, a bear passant gules.

Nice Gaelic name for c. 1100!

Blazoned on the Letter of Intent as “a bear cub”, SENA A2C1 states “Immature plants, animals, and flowers are allowed only when those forms can be documented as period charges”. Thus we have registered it as “a bear”.

Myr d’Allaines-le-Comte. Name and device. Gules, a fox sejant and on a chief argent three pumpkins gules.

The phrase d’Allaines-le-Comte is the registered byname of the submitter’s father.

There is a step from period practice for the use of the New World pumpkins.

Phelippe le Vigneron. Name and device. Azure, three bunches of grapes one and two between three grape leaves, a bordure Or.

The submitter requested authenticity for “14th century French.” This name is definitely authentic for the late 13th century, and appears to be authentic for the 14th century as well.

Reinaud de Morley. Name and device. Azure, three bears rampant argent, each collared and sustaining an axe Or.

The submitter requested authenticity for “Anglo Norman England, 1320.” Based on documents provided in commentary by Lillia Pelican Emerita, this name is authentic for England c. 1320.

Roxanne Ravenhall. Name and device. Argent, four ravens two and two sable.

Submitted as Roxanne Raven_Hall, the submitter requested the surname Ravenhall if it could be documented. Commenters documented that form to 1634 in England in the FamilySearch Historical Records. We have changed the name to the submitter’s preferred form.

Roxanne is a French literary name, which can be combined with an English surname under Appendix C.

Sakurayama Tomoe. Name (see RETURNS for device).

The submitter requested authenticity for “Japan.” This name meets that request as both elements are found in Japan in 1600.

Simha di Abramo. Badge. Azure, an owl affronty Or and in chief three mullets of four points argent, an orle Or.

Please advise the submitter to draw the owl larger with the wings closer to the body so as to improve identifiability.

Þyri Tyrkisdottir. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Þyri Tyrkirsdottir, we have changed the byname to Tyrkisdottir to use the correct Old Norse genitive form of the father’s name.

Vopiscus Rufius Donatus. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, a phoenix counterchanged issuant from flames proper.


EAST returns

Aiden Underhill. Device. Or fretty, on a chief vert three lozenges Or.

This device is returned for violating the requirement that an “emblazon must be reproducible by a competent heraldic artist, with only normal heraldic variation, from the written blazon” and for violating SENA A2C1 which states that “Elements must be drawn in their period forms” Blazoned on the Letter of Intent as “semy of frets conjoined vert“, with only three full charges on the entire field, this cannot be considered semy. Therefore, this must be considered as some strange variation of fretty. Since we have no period evidence of this depiction and no way to blazon it properly, this must be returned.

East, Kingdom of the. Badge for Company of Fellowship. Azure, a covered saltcellar shedding salt and an orle argent.

Unfortunately, this badge conflicts with the badge of Arwa al-Jinniyya: Azure, a covered saltcellar shedding salt, a bordure argent. There is only one DC for changing the type of peripheral secondary.

Sakurayama Tomoe. Device. Gyronny purpure and argent, on a flame gules a lotus blossom in profile argent.

This device is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states “Elements must be drawn to be identifiable.” Commenters had trouble identifying the flame, which did not match period depictions of the charge.

Þyri Tyrkisdottir. Device. Gyronny gules and sable, a tree blasted and eradicated between three mullets of six points one and two argent.

The submitter attempted to register this device using an Individually Attested Pattern in English armory. However, although they provided sufficient evidence of the use of gyronny gules and sable fields, neither the submitter nor the commenters were able to provide evidence of the use of mullets of six points in the same jurisdiction.


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Parking for Coronation

Fri, 2017-03-31 10:03

The following was sent out by the autocrat’s staff for Coronation.

Greetings! As the Coronation of Ioannes and Honig fast approaches, we would like to remind everyone to heed where they park. Please enter the site parking lot to the right of the building to unload. After unloading, go to the right rear of the parking area, then turn right to exit onto Humphrey St.

At the traffic light (intersection of Whitney Ave & Humphrey St), go forward into a large parking area. Your first right in that area will be a small reserved parking lot with a raised gate. Do NOT park in this small lot as you will be towed. Go through that gate and into the open parking lot (Lot 16 on maps) or the Pierson-Sage parking garage (Clearance 6’8″). All areas past it *including* the parking garage will be open on Saturday for parking. Most residential streets in the area are resident parking only, so please take heed of signage or risk being towed.

Please repost this to local groups to spread the word, and see you all Saturday!

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A Message of Gratitude from Their Majesties

Fri, 2017-03-31 09:09

Photograph courtesy of The Honorable Lord Hugh Tauerner

Unto the Our beloved Kingdom of the East, do We Brion and Anna, send greetings.

It is with heavy heart we commit to paper these words, as our time upon the Tyger thrones is drawing towards the end. We cannot believe how quickly time has passed.

There are so many wonderful individuals who undertook this journey with us, and helped us so very much along the way. We would like to especially thank Baron Duncan Kerr, Our Chief of Staff, Baroness Isabelle de Monstreuil sur Mer, Our Head Lady in Waiting, Baron Rowen, Master Ryan, and Master Malcolm for being Our voice and working with the many heralds to organize Our Courts.

To the members of the Queen’s guard, and those who served as ladies in waiting, and retainers throughout the reign, we appreciated your service, your company and your friendship. A special thank you to Lord Agapios Cargos for providing leadership and always being there. Thank you to Lord Hassan for stepping up when we needed the help.

We would like to thank those who served as Our Champions. You shined a brilliant light on the aspects of our Grand society, which you represented so well. To the Officers of this great Kingdom, a special thank you for all your hard work and support to the people of the Kingdom and to the Crown.

Thank you to Duchess Caoilfhionn and Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell for organizing the largess and the queen’s favors for the reign. We heard wonderful things from Our royal cousins and the many others who received these wonderful works of art and gifts from the people of the East. A special thank you to everyone who helped in creating, providing and donating to this effort, We truly appreciate it.

There are so many grand artistic expressions of the East that we see at every event, but we would like to call out a thank you to the scribes whose calligraphy and illumination bring lasting memories for the members of the East through works of art of the highest caliber. You truly amaze us and those throughout the knowne world who envy such beautiful creations. Thank you for your time and sharing your vision with our Kingdom. We would like to thank Mistress Nest, Mistress Kay Leigh, and Mistress Nataliia for organizing, scheduling, and helping to arrange for the magic to happen.

We would like to thank the members of Duchy Tarragon and Our Royal household. To Duchess Aikaterine, for making such wonderful clothing. To Mistress Eleanor, Baroness Alanna, Lady Natassia, Duchess Katherine, Duke Randall, Duke Griffith and Mistress Lucy, We appreciate your assistance, counsel, and support anytime throughout the reign.

We want to thank our youngest son, Lord Duncan Tarragon. You have supported us at home and away for these many, many years. Helping to keep the home fires burning and serving whenever we needed you. We are very proud of you, and the way you represent our family and name. Thanks for letting Mom and Dad have the time to play.

Lastly, we would like to wish Our heirs, the Crown Prince Ioannes and Crown Princess Honig, the very best as they embark on their Pennsic reign. May their days be filled with victory and joy, and their nights be filled with celebration and heroic stories to last the test of time. It has been a joy working with you both.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you, the members of the populace of the Kingdom of the East. Thank you for coming with us on this journey. Thank you for being willing to try some new things and for your friendship and smiles. We are truly grateful to have had another opportunity to serve as your King and Queen. We had a wonderful time, beyond words…

With love and respect,
We remain, in Service to the East

Brion Rex Orientalis Anna Regina Orientalis

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Call for Applicants – Laurel Sovereign of Arms

Wed, 2017-03-29 15:31

The Laurel Principal Sovereign of Arms (Laurel) is the principal heraldic officer of the Society and the head of the College of Arms. Laurel is responsible for fostering the study and practice of heraldry, supervising the processing of submissions, and overseeing the heraldic activities of the Known World.

Laurel is an unpaid position, currently requiring approximately 20 hours a week. The position requires considerable tact and patience, armory and onomastic knowledge, supervisory ability, the ability to work within tight deadlines and coordinate closely with Wreath, Pelican, and other staff to produce a Laurel Letter of Acceptance and Return monthly, computer literacy and word processing skills, reliable e-mail and telephone access, and time and ability to travel.

Resumes must be sent in both hard copy to Laurel Resume, SCA Inc., Box 360789, Milpitas CA 95036 and electronically to resumes@sca.org and bids@heraldry.sca.org. Resumes must be received by July 31, 2017. The present Laurel’s warrant expires in September 2017. Once the application period closes, the names of the candidates will be posted in a cover letter for the review of the College and submission of comments to the Board.

Andrewe Bawldwyn, OP
Laurel Principal King of Arms

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email comments@lists.sca.org.


This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Announcements mailing list
To unsubscribe or change your settings, visit:

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Reminder: Polling Award Recommendation Deadline is April 2

Wed, 2017-03-29 10:31

A reminder that recommendation for polling orders close April 2. You can make your recommendations here.

This includes a reminder that you do not have an award to write someone in for that award. This also includes a reminder to mention the person’s local group in the body of the recommendation letter, otherwise, it gets left out.

If clicking the above does not work, you can copy and paste this URL into your browser http://surveys.eastkingdom.org/index.php/945932/lang-en

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