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Message from the Kingdom Seneschal

Tue, 2015-07-21 21:50
Greetings to all from your Kingdom Seneschal! Camp Ocala Work Day

Prior to our last event there, Sarah from Camp Ocala asked if we would gather a team of folks to help break down the beds and equipment, and help load them into trailers. After polling the Kingdom Officers and Seneschals, we agreed to help with this project. For our efforts, Camp Ocala gave the Kingdom a $2,000 discount on our last event fee.

The Camp Ocala workday will be held on Saturday, September 19th. We need about 20 folks to commit to being there to help. Sarah has offered to let us sleep at the camp on Friday night to make it easier to get an early start. Anyone willing to help, please contact me at or 407-712-5198.

Many hands make light work. Any help is much appreciated!

Sheriff’s Youth Camp – aka “The New Site”

Change is hard. Change is scary. Unfortunately, change it also inevitable.

When we first moved to Camp Ocala, the rules were very strict. Camp Ocala was initially a dry site. Over the years, by our actions, we earned the trust of the camp directors. We showed them we would leave their site better than we found it, and for the most part, we were responsible folks who would not leave beer bottles and spilled alcohol all over. We showed them that we would not have drunk people destroying their facilities. Because we did this, they relaxed the rules, and allowed us to have a discrete amount of alcohol on site.

Unfortunately, we also became so familiar with the camp, that some of us started treating the property as if we owned it. We took advantage of situations, plugged whole campsites into cabin plugs that were never intended to be used that way. Some of us decided that we had the right to use whatever we wanted. We “borrowed” tables and chairs from the buildings and did not return them. These practices are now at an end.

As we move to a new site, I want to remind everyone that the Sheriff’s Youth Camp directors don’t know us. They don’t yet know that we can be responsible, and not damage their property. They don’t know that we will leave things better than we found them.

The Sheriff’s Youth camp is essentially a dry site. They will not be checking coolers on the way in, but they expect us to respect their rules and not be drunk & stupid. They expect us to respect their property. There are areas on the site, that for our safety, we are not allowed to enter.

At the new site we will only be allowing folks with medical needs to run extension cords from the cabins to their tents. (e.g.: Cpap) Electric cords will be marked by the event staff, so be sure to ask about it at reservations. Please do not unplug these cords as they are medically needed. Folks using extension cords, please bring a splitter so the folks in the cabins can have access to power too! Household lights, fans, kitchens, etc will have to be powered in another manner. (e.g.: Batteries or propane) Unmarked extension cords will be investigated by the Constables, and possibly unplugged. Generators are not allowed.

Please remember that we are guests on the camp’s property. We do not have the right to use it in any way we wish. Also, please remember to be kind to the event staff and our Constables. They don’t make the rules; they just have to enforce them.

Let’s show the Sheriff’s Youth Camp the best we can be. Campsites large enough to accommodate events of our size are a rarity. I truly appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

In service,

Countess Brenna Jerabek, OP
Kingdom Seneschal