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Applications for East Kingdom Chatelaine

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-09 21:56

The following announcement has been received from Mistress Vienna de la Mer.

Good Gentles of the East, pay heed –

My term as East Kingdom Chatelaine will expire on April 1, 2015.  Applications of those interested in the office will be considered at this time. Please submit a letter of intent, along with copies of your SCA and mundane resumes to King Edward, Queen Thyra, Mistress Mercedes (the East Kingdom Seneschal), and myself.

If you are interested in applying for this position and are not familiar with the duties of the Kingdom Chatelaine, I encourage you to contact me.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with the local Chatelaines and my staff to welcome newcomers to our great hobby.

In love and service,
Mistress Vienna de la Mer
East Kingdom Chatelaine.

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Exchequer Reports Due

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-09 19:45
The following message is from Maestra Ignacia la Ciega, East Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer. Greeting unto all the exchequers of the East Kingdom. Many groups have not sent in completed the End of Year reports. By my estimate less than half of the groups have sent in the the fourth quarter 2014 report. If you have not sent in a completed Q4 report, you need to do that now. Groups that do not have a bank account need to file the negative report each quarter; that form is on the exchequer website. While some groups have contacted the regional deputies for additional time, that is not the case for most groups. All exchequer warrants are renewed on Feb 15, based on a timely and complete Q4 report being submitted. The reporting requirements from the exchequer webpage are below. Q1=Jan, Feb, March: due April 30; Q2=April, May, June: due July 31; Q3=July, Aug, Sept: due October 31; Q4/EOY=Oct, Nov, Dec: due January 31. The reports should be sent to your local Seneschal, Regional Deputy Exchequer and Kingdom Exchequer and include:
  • All event reports not previously sent
  • All bank statements for the quarter
  • All cancelled checks (front only) for the quarter
  • A ledger, cumulative to the quarter being reported
  • A complete and balanced SCA Financial report, cumulative to the quarter being reported

Event reports are due 30 days after the event, to the Regional Deputy and the Kingdom Exchequer. This should include the check for the Kingdom’s portion of the profits for Kingdom level events.

Non Member Surcharge reports are due to the NMS Deputy within 14 days after the event. The NMS check is due to the NMS Deputy within 30 days after the event.

In Service,

Maestra Ignacia la Ciega,

Penny Supina

East Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Incipient Heirs For Carolingia

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2015-02-08 19:03

Their Majesties have announced the successors to Fergus MacRae and Imiglia Venture as Baron and Baroness of Carolingia.  Maitresse Nicolette Bonhomme and Baron Colin Ursell will be invested on Saturday, April 4 at the German Club in Walpole, MA.  More information is available in the event announcement.

Baron Colin Ursell

Maitresse Nicolette Bonhomme


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Get Your Fight On – Getting Started in Rattan Combat

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2015-02-08 13:24

This was written by Sir Tanaka Reiko in response to requests the Gazette has received for an article on how to start in rattan fighting. The Gazette thanks him for writing the article.

You watched fighting for some time now, and you’ve been amazed at the feats of arms and honor. So much so that there’s a little voice inside you saying, “do it….just do it.” Well, you should just do it. Immerse yourself in the game; try something to give you a better perspective on another aspect of this thing of ours. Pick up the gauntlet and accept your challenge.

First and foremost this activity is FUN! From the physical elation to the psychological uplift to the adrenalized kick in the pants, fighting will be exciting and enjoyable to the individual who can overcome themselves. We’re all different, how we react to the elicitation of our “fight or flight” instinct will determine how much fun this game is for you. Some love the competition, or the camaraderie. The shared challenge will bring you closer to others and yourself.

The way to start in Heavy Combat is find a practice that is relatively close to you. I say relatively because not all local groups have heavy weapon practices. Take a look at your Kingdom’s website and locate where your home group is. Contact the group’s seneschal and ask if they have a local practice when and where it may be.

The local seneschal may or may not put you in contact with their Knight Marshal. He’s the officer in charge of running practice and teaching new fighters. He will advise you to the particulars of practice–the where, when, how of it–and will be in charge of showing you the basics and the ropes of what you’re doing.

About starting the first time in Heavy Combat, you should be aware that it is physically strenuous. This should not be taken lightly. If you do nothing else but wear armor, it will send your blood pressure soaring. The typical suit of SCA armor is 30-60 lbs. Just standing in it will elevate your heart rate. So as a popular series of commercials say, check with your doctor and make sure your heart is ready for…

SCA combat is real conflict. Nothing is choreographed. The blows are meant with murderous intent. There are no weight classes or gender classes. You’re a fighter. This is daunting to some and liberating to others. If you expect to have the game dumbed down for you, please find something else to do. New fighters have to learn not only how to move in armor, but move in ways that their bodies aren’t accustomed to. The loading on your limbs is significant and constant. You need to be aware of this going in.

You will be struck. You will be hit. The blows will be hard. That is part of the game. We teach you how to calibrate the blows you are receiving. By the rules a “telling blow” is one that would have defeated the armor standard. The armor standard is a chain mail hauberk over a padded gambeson, with an open faced helm. A safety assumption in our game is impervious hand and knee armor. This all translates to being struck with force. The majority of armor will protect you from injury, but you may likely be bruised. It happens. “Rough game Quidditch”.

As you may or may not know there are two forms of Heavy Weapons List combat; The Tourney (one on one) and Melee (team on team). As a new fighter you’ll typically train in one-on-one combat to start with learning and drilling the basics. There are also multiple weapon forms that you can train in. Weapon and shield can be single handed weapon in concert with a shield, usually sword and shield but often mace or ax and shield. Two weapon which can be two swords, two maces, or two axes or any combination of them. Polearm or halberd is a bladed weapon on a pole between 4 feet and 7.5 feet in length. Two handed sword or greatsword is any sword that is wielded with two hands. Spear, which is a “thrust-only” weapon, is usually only a melee weapon. Last but not least is combat archery, which can be either a hand bow (that is a longbow or recurve bow) or a cross bow. Combat archery is a melee only weapon form.

The majority of weapons are made of rattan, which looks like bamboo but is actually a member of the Palm family. It’s lightweight, strong, and flexes under stress. As it wears the fibers come apart and rarely fails catastrophically. If it does break, it does so without jagged or pointed edges unlike hardwoods. Spears most often are made of a protruded fiberglass haft with a padded tip. Sometimes they’re made of rattan, but those spears flex a great deal.

So you show up at a practice and a knight marshal or his/her designate takes you and shows you how to do footwork, shield work, and how to throw shots with a broadsword. You don’t HAVE to start with sword and shield, but it is the best combination of offense and defense in our game. They may or may not put you in armor right away. It’s a judgment call base on how you’re doing.

As mentioned you will get hit. I suggest you get it over with early so you’re not wasting your time or money. In our game only “telling blows” count. There will be times when you’re struck or throw a blow that just isn’t good. It’s the nature of the game. Armor does defend you. So you have to hit people with significant force. You will train up to it. We do not fight with “light sabers”. You have to hit people with force. There are times you will be hit and you will be bruised. Yes, you will be hit that hard. If you don’t want to bruise, don’t play this game. Even the best get hit with murderous intent; in the beginning everybody gets hit. If you go in with excitement and a sense of adventure, it will mitigate the fear of being struck. You’ll have fun.

In the beginning you’re going to be loaned armor. Sometimes a local group has loaner armor, many times it will be off the body of another fighter. This is a rite of passage in the SCA. Expect that you’ll be hot swapping armor. Fighting is a hot sweaty affair; you’ll sweat just standing in the armor. Once you start fighting you’ll be sweating like digging ditches in Georgia in the summer; expect it and plan accordingly. Helms are the most important part of your kit. They are heavy, but intentionally so, for a heavy helmet protects your brain. The mass of the helm will protect your brain; the heavier your helmet, the more protective to your brain. If you’re thinking you want a light weight helm, go play another game for your sake and ours.

There are few activities that will sort out the practitioners from the posers faster than heavy weapons combat. Check your ego at the door, practice and learn, it’s a worthy endeavor and you will find it enlightening.

This IS a martial art. It is strenuous. It is a lot of fun.

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East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-02-06 10:42

The date of Crown Tourney should have been listed as May 2nd, not May 3rd, in the previous post.

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Dates for Crown Tourney and Coronation

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-02-06 10:28

The dates and locations for the upcoming Coronation and Crown Tourney have been announced.  Coronation will be held on April 11 in the Canton of Black Icorndall (event site – Wallingford, PA).  Crown Tournament will be May 2 in the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn (event site – Middle Island, NY).  For more information, click on the links to go to the event announcements.

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TRU Teacher Registration Form

Trimaris (Kingdom) - Thu, 2015-02-05 20:37
Date * Month MonthJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Day Day12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 Year Year20132014201520162017 SCA Name * Mundane Name * Your Local Group * Email Address * Phone Number * Association * UnaffiliatedApprenticeStudent of a peerLaurelProtegePelicanSquireKnightRose

Their Majesties Urge All to Contact the BoD

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-04 23:25

A missive from Their Majesties:

Greetings unto the people of the East,

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a great deal of discussion about peerages in the Society. A large proportion of the population believes that there should be a path to the peerage for all martial endeavors (archery, equestrian, thrown weapons, and others). If you believe that this is the case, you need to let the Board of Directors hear that now. We have seen how important the response of the populace has been in the case of the Master of Defense proposal.

We want to thank you all for the courtesy that we have witnessed in the discussions leading up to this momentous point, and we would remind you all that courtesy is at the heart of this Society. We also are keeping in mind that the BoD has process that they must follow. So, we reiterate our request to be patient and courteous in your communications, with them and with your community.

Yours in Service to the Dream,
Edward and Thyra

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Discussion Group for Additional Peerage

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-04 18:45

Are you interested in discussing a route to Peerage for all practitioners of martial arts in the SCA?  A Society-wide  Facebook group has been created to gather support and work towards a peerage that would be inclusive of all martial activities.  The Facebook group was started a day ago and already has over 330 members.  It can be found here.

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NBC News Account of Pennsic 43

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-04 17:19

NBC News filmed a report from last Pennsic War, which was posted to their website on January 14, 2015.  The video begins with the East’s King Brennan rallying the troops and many other Easterners can be spotted in the footage.

NBC News – coverage of Pennsic 43


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Unofficial Court Report, King’s and Queen’s Bardic Champions

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-04 14:25

January 31, 2015, Incipient Shire of Nordenfjord

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen by agency of that same right, second of that name, held upon 31 January in the forty-ninth year of the Society in the Shire of Nordenfjord; on which day was held a contest to determine who might be chosen as the next Bardic Champions of the East Kingdom. Upon the conclusion of the aforementioned contest, were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Item. Their Majesties did call for Sofya of Ostgardr, Arabella d’Mer, Katrusha Skomorokha Negodiaeva doch’, and Ailionora inghean Ronain and presented them each with the Award of the Golden Lyre for their works done in that day’s display of Arts and Sciences.

Item. Their Majesties called for Margretha la Fauvelle so as to induct her into the Order of the Troubadour, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Arden of Icomb.

Troubadour: Marguerite

Item. Determining that the aforementioned Order of the Troubadour remained incomplete, Their Majesties sent for Marguerite inghean Lochlainn to induct her into the same Order, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Marietta Charay and Constance de Saint Denis.

OGR: Anastasia

Item. Their Majesties called Anastasia da Monte to stand before the assembled Court, and praising her skill with a rapier inducted her into the Order of the Golden Rapier, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Svea the Short-sighted.

Maunche: Donovan

Item. Their Majesties did cause to step forth Donovan Shinnock, and inducted him into the Order of the Maunche, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Alys Mackyntoich and Kayleigh Mac Whyte.

Item. His Majesty called forth his Bardic Champion, Martyn de Haliwell, to release him from service. Their Majesties went on to praise the skill and scholarship of Martyn, and did cause him to be inducted into the Order of the Maunche, the which deed was confirmed in a document by Reijnier Verplank.

King’s Bard: Ysemay

Item. His Majesty called Ysemay Sterling before the assembled Court, and did name her as his new King’s Bardic Champion, the which deed was confirmed in a document by Martyn de Haliwell and Astrid Feilan.

Queen’s Bard: William

Item. Upon releasing Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige from her position as Bardic Champion, Her Majesty called forth William the Alchemist to stand before the Court and be named as her Queen’s Bardic Champion, the which deed was confirmed in a document by the aforementioned Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige and Lada Monguligan.

Item. Their Majesties did call forth the Children of the East, and after a great run did make gifts of toys to them.

Item. Their Majesties caused to come forth those Newcomers to the Society, and gave tokens of welcome to them.

Item. Their Majesties called Amelia Joan, known as Molly, to step before them. In thanks for her efforts at feeding the populace and other good works, Their Majesties did award unto her arms and presented her with a document by Nest verch Tangwistel confirming the deed.

Laurel: Alys

Item. With the day’s Court nearing its end, Their Majesties called for Alys Mackyntoich to come before them and answer the question which had been earlier put to her, that being whether she would accept the mantle of the Order of the Laurel. Mistress Alys then processed into the Court, accompanied by a great display of heraldic beasts, and did give consent to be inducted into the Order of the Laurel. Many worthies then did speak praises of Mistress Alys, and declaim her virtues and worthiness of this Order unto the Court, and Their Majesties did invest Mistress Alys with the regalia of her station and confirm the said station with a document created by Eva Woderose and Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne.

Item. Their Majesties did call Master Galefridus Peregrinus into Their Court to renew him in the office of Kingdom Chirurgeon.

I, Donovan Shinnock, Golden Rapier Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.

Malcolm Bowman
Ryan Mac Whyte
Alesone Grey of Cranlegh

Photos by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse.

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