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Campaign for Officer and Marshal Medallions

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-05-07 12:04

SCA officers and marshals who would like durable medallions with the badge of their office might be interested in a Kickstarter campaign being run by Combat Medallions. Combat Medallions started the campaign after getting requests to create more medallions than they had the capital to produce. If enough orders are received, then the medallions will be made. A Gazette editor was approached by an officer who hoped that more publicity would increase the odds that his group’s medallion would receive enough orders.  The Heralds received enough orders in under 24 hours, but no other group hasn’t yet.  In response to that request, we’re helping spread the word.

Combat Medallions was started by Baron Jean Paul Ducasse to create durable pins for the Order of the Golden Rapier that could be worn on the field without being damaged. JP explained the expansion into other areas this way. “This got me to thinking and asking the different people of various orders WHY aren’t you wearing your regalia?  99% of the answers fell into one of two categories. One, they were afraid of breaking the medallion that they had been given, or two, ‘Do you know how many medallions I would have to wear, I couldn’t stand the weight of them all!’” The name Combat Medallions was picked because the medallions are designed to be lightweight, withstand being thrown into the bottom of an armor bag and still look good in court.

Each medallion requires 22 orders for them to be made. In addition to the Heralds, other medallions being offered are Chatelaine, Exchequer, Chirurgeon, Chronicler, Seneschal, Minister/Mistress of Arts and Science, Minister/Mistress of Lists, Archery Marshal, Equestrian Marshal, Web Minister, Heavy Weapons Marshal, and Thrown Weapons Marshal.

More information about Combat Medallions is available at their website. The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.


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The Challenge of Sir Cedric of Armorica

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2014-05-05 13:06

Sir Cedric enters court. Photo by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

Unto the people of the East,
Greetings from Sir Cedric of Armorica,

Twenty years ago during the reign of Lucan II and Jana II, I issued the following challenge on behalf of my lady, Annastrina Ruth O’Carney:

Unto all Princes, Barons, members of Chivalry, Squires, and other fighters of this, the East Kingdom, and all other Kingdoms of the Knowne World;

Know that I; Lord Cedric of Armorica; humble squire to Count Sir Kikuchi Tsurunaga, King of revered memory, do herein proclaim that my lady and love, the Lady Annastrina Ruth O’Carney, is beyond compare the fairest and sweetest lady in all Christendom. If there is any worthy cavalier who disputes this truth, or has a lady whose claim he is willing to advance; know that I stand ready to meet him in gentle and honorable debate.

All those desirous of going further into this matter with me are invited to seek out my banner emblazoned with my arms, Per chevron inverted or and azure; billety or; in chief a tankard azure.

This banner will be displayed at diverse events in the coming months; where I will vouchsafe to meet them with sword and shield, single sword, or glaive.

Let all know, in order that my intention of this proclamation may be more fully declared, I have signed these presents with my own hand, this 30th day of April, Anno Societatis 28.

During the course of the next five months I fought 100 fights against many a valiant and puissant opponent who were moved to advance their ladies fame. Among them were men who rose to become legends in our Kingdom and Society;

Sir Cedric’s arms – Per chevron inverted or and azure; billety or; in chief a tankard azure

Konrad von Ulm,
Hanse von Drackenklaue,
Padraig Dubh Maceanroig
Alaric von Drackenklaue
Amalric Blackhart
Yngvar the Dismal
Morguhn Sheridan
Gunther Pathwarden
Richard Blackmoor
Karl von Sussen
Torvald Sigurdson
Tearloch the Profane
Ivan Ulrickson
Thorvald Halvorson
Stephen Grandchamp

At the Coronation of Gregor II and Christence II, the challenge was officially closed and there; before the assembled populace of the East; I did humbly beg the hand of Lady Annastrina in marriage.

She accepted and has been by my side ever since. She is everything to me and her love, inspiration, and support are what made me worthy of the accolade of Chivalry.

That would have been enough for me, and for any other man, but she has blessed me beyond all measure by bearing our two daughters.

It is for these reasons and others too diverse to mention, that I am again issuing this challenge again to the fighters of the Knowne World. In addition; in honor of Her Majesty Caoilfhionn taking up the rapier to aid in the defense of our fair kingdom at the 43rd Pennsic War this year; I also open this challenge to those practitioners of the art of Defense who may wish to gently debate or discuss the truth of my statements.

I stand ready to meet all who wish to accept my challenge and will hold it open for the duration of Their Majesties reign.

In service to the Dream,
Sir Cedric of Armorica

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Welcoming a New Year

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2014-05-01 10:06

A fighter circa AS 7 with a freon can helm and a shield made out of 3/4 inch plywood with bicycle tire edging.

Today marks the anniversary of the first tournament and the day that the SCA turns over its calendar to a new year.  The year is now Anno Societatis XLIX (49).  An account of that first tournament is available on the West Kingdom Historian’s website.

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