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Mudthaw to be Held at New Location

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-31 09:00

The Barony of Settmour Swamp’s annual celebration of the Thawing of the Mud will be held on the last weekend of March at Waterloo Village, our new location in Stanhope, NJ. As usual, Mudthaw will include tournaments of armored combat, fencing, and youth fighting. The arts and sciences will also be celebrated through competitions and displays, as well as an artisans row.

Please note that our new location does not allow alcoholic beverages to be brought on site; however, a cash bar will be serving beer and wine for much of the day.

For more information, please see the event announcement at

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Gulf Wars XXIV Registration

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2014-12-29 16:56

If you intend to Stand With King Edward and Queen Thyra at Gulf Wars, please get your reservations in NOW!

The online ACCEPS registration system is available for this event. Mailed registrations must be postmarked by January 31, 2015. Links and forms are available at the Gulf Wars Registration page.

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Embroiderers’ Schola in February

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2014-12-29 14:15

The Shire of Quintavia is pleased to once again host the Keepers of Athena’s Thimble at our second Embroiderers’ Schola!  As the wind blows cold and the snow lies deep, come join us by the fire for a day of artistry and learning.

This event will be a day of classes and good conversation focused on the art of the needle.  Classes will be held on all forms of embroidery and needlework.  All embroiderers are encouraged to bring their work to add to the display of needlework, and to present at the guild panel at the end of the day.

There will be a potluck lunch held mid-day. The event is donation only, no set fee.

Anyone interested in teaching should contact the Guildmistress of Athena’s Thimble:  Mistress Briony of Chatham.  Classes can be 1, 1.5, or 2 hours long. One classroom can easily be made dark enough for slides.

For more information, please see the event announcement.


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Their Majesties Announce Changes For Tournament Marshaling

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2014-12-27 12:35

Unto Our Populace,

We have been working on plans to bring more transparency to the way we marshal tournaments, and the manner in which we as a kingdom deal with questionable results when they arise.

We apologize for the pace of our communications to you. We have talked to Our Earl Marshal and various members of the marshallate. We have talked to Our Order of Chivalry. We have talked to Our kingdom Seneschal and our Ombudsman. We have talked to many of you, and tried to make ourselves available to hear your concerns and advice.

When conduct during a tournament is called into question, the tournament can and should be paused or suspended. We should have suspended Our Crown tournament, whether for a few minutes or more, to give the combatants the time to remember themselves and their responsibilities to the kingdom. This option did not occur to Us at the time.

We instruct Our marshallate, chivalry and all peers to resolve misunderstandings or issues before the tournament advances. If that leads to delays or temporary suspensions of a tournament, that is appropriate. The populace should not be left in doubt as to the outcome of a bout or tournament, particularly in situations when conduct has deteriorated.

We will be adopting a policy of active marshaling similar to one used by the Midrealm, which can be found here, and We encourage you to read it. Our policy will be in place by Birka. This will bring a more disciplined approach with greater transparency to the role of marshaling at Eastern tournaments.

We also plan to amend EK Law at our Birka Curia, to limit the existing exemption in the complaint procedure for Royalty, to specify only the King and Queen. This situation needed a clear process for bringing issues to light and for following through to a resolution. In matters as significant to the kingdom as the succession, We are duly hesitant to set any precedent for the King and Queen overturning the results of their Crown List. This update to Eastern Law will bring us into compliance with Corpora’s recommendation that our kingdom escalate concerns through an internal review process, up to a Grievance Committee, Court of Chivalry or a Court of Courtesy.

We are a kingdom of laws, and we must act within the bounds of those laws. We must also redouble our efforts to apply our laws evenly regardless of social station and rank. Rank is awarded for noble efforts, and assigned with the requirement to serve this kingdom and it populace.

Thank you for being a kingdom that we are proud to lead.
Edward & Thyra
Rex & Regina Orientalis

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Seasons Beating IV Cancelled

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-24 14:57

From the autocrats of Seasons Beating IV, Lady Sofya and Lady Magdelena:


Regretfully Seasons Beatings IV, originally scheduled for the weekend of January 17th, 2015, has been cancelled. Ongoing site issues forced us to make this difficult decision. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Although this event has been cancelled please check out the East Kingdom schedule for other exciting events happening in Ostgardr!

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Stand With King Edward and Queen Thyra at Gulf Wars

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-24 11:17

Unto our Beloved Eastern Populace, Greetings,

For many years, I have campaigned in foreign lands, displaying prowess and courtesy upon distant fields, harvesting word fame and friendships for the Eastern Tyger. I have cherished the friendships forged in those distant lands, the camaraderie of our Eastern army and the privilege to introduce our fair Queen to so many good friends from around the Known World.

Their Majesties enter the last Gulf Wars

On March 16th, Her Majesty and I will step through the castle gates at Gulf Wars one last time as your monarchs and declare the East to stand beside true friends and noble allies. And so I ask, will you stand with us on that day?

Already word has reached my ears that a cohort of nearly 20 fencers will march with us. How many armored combatants will stand next to me on the field? How many archers and dancers will stand alongside my glorious queen? How many of you will join us with full cups, stories of deeds done and friendships newly minted?

Queen Thyra and her Rapier Champion, Davius St. Jacques, before a tournament at Gulf Wars last year.

We know that the road is long, and the burdens are many. But if you are prepared to stand with us at Gulf Wars, all except for the want of a ride, a way to get your spear to war, or a place to hang your hat, then I want to hear from you. I would hate to arrive at Gulf Wars with the space for an extra tent, but to have no one to fill it. Also, if you are prepared to pitch in by transporting a tent or two, maybe offering a ride, please contact us.

Planning details may be found on our website and at the Gulf Wars website and feel free to contact Lady Aine who will be our central point of contact for addressing logistics and helping gentles make the voyage.

Thank you all for everything that you do to make our kingdom great, and I hope to see some of you at Gulf Wars.

Edward Rex

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Kingdom Rapier Marshal Announces New Deputy

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2014-12-21 20:56
Unto the populace of the Kingdom of the East do I, Don Frasier MacLeod send warmest greetings,    It is with great pleasure that I announce that Dona Camille des Jardins will be stepping into the position of Northern Regional Deputy Rapier Marshal.  She will be replacing Don Jean DeMontagne, who I would like to personally thank for his long and dutiful service to the Northern Region and Rapier in general.  Please join me in thanking Jean and welcoming Camille into her new position, and help her make her transition as seamless as possible.    In Service,      Don Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East
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Queens’ Favor Design for Pennsic 44

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-12-19 12:15

Yes, that’s “Queens”, plural. This missive is from the Favor Coordinator:

For those who are inclined, Their Highnesses’ website is now up and running, including a link to a full color template and instructions for the shared favor of Princesses Arabella and Etheldreda.

These fine ladies have decided to mark the solidarity of their two kingdoms as we approach war with AEthelmearc, and have chosen a design that features the mighty dragon of the Middle Kingdom and the fierce tyger of the East.

We encourage all of the artisans of our fair kingdoms to create favors in any medium, provided they may hang from a belt. Please feel free to ask questions of myself or Lady Aislinn regarding the favors. They may be delivered to me, Her Highness, or to any retainers at an event.

Thank you all for your kind services to our kingdom and our honored allies and know that I remain yours in service,
Lady Jenevra

Details and a printable instruction sheet are available at:

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Event Announcement: Feast of the End of the Gaunt Days

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-12-19 10:05
Feast of the End of the Gaunt Days Sunday, February 22, 2015 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Our fair kingdom enjoyed the fruits of another bountiful harvest, then celebrated and hunkered down for a long winter. Then came the Gaunt Days, as larders became emptier and emptier. From Mid-February we can almost see the End of the Gaunt Days! Let us come together at table, bringing whatever we can to celebrate our survival! The Feast is a chance for the clever victualler to show off their cunning in making tasty fare from the remains of the pantry. What food do you have, when no other can be found fresh? Did you pickle? Smoke? Dry? Collect up the eggs? Ferment?

This pot-luck gathering is part foodie-schola, wherein anyone can come and either just enjoy the day, or show off your finest concoctions for judging and sharing (or just sharing), and part schmoozefest. The day starts with judging so that by lunch and throughout the day the rest of us can sample, learn techniques and swap tips.

Those who bring a dish that feeds 4 or more can have it judged for a chance at stunning prizes and our deepest gratitude! Before the event, it might be a good time to hold workshops and teach someclasses on preservation? Several guilds have sent representatives in the past and we look forward to them attending again.

Prize categories are: People’s Choice, February Fruits, A Mighty Impressive Pickle!, Season’s Meatings, Lenten Lunchtime, The Best Root Home, What Vegetation Survived, Behold the Power of Cheese!, Drinks that Are not Just Melted Snow, Toothsome Stews and Soups, Sweets for the Sweet, and the nebulous None of the Above.

The site is not dry, but do try not to stagger out into the street.

Costs: $0. Students and the elderly are half price.

Donations are gratefully accepted.

We remember those who are going through their own Gaunt Days. Donations to The Jonnycake Center – our local food bank – are gratefully accepted at the door.

The Event Steward, Meister Ulric von der Insel, can be reached at or 401-330-0357 before 9pm.

Site: Wishford Hall, 1034 Main Street, Hopkinton, RI

Site opens at 11:00am and the event ends at 5:00pm.

Directions: From I-95 north or southbound, take exit 3 to route 138 west.

Official Event Announcement

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Announcement from the East Kingdom Minister of Lists

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-17 21:24


I have updated all of MOL forms (with the help of Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey) to help reduce the amount of problem paperwork in the MOL office. They are available on the MOL website. You may also email me and I will email them to you right away.

All old forms should be destroyed and the new forms are to be used immediately.

The new forms have a space for an MOL to sign if at an event. If there is not MOL present please write “not present”. Please fill in the event name. These additions will allow for better follow up from the MOL office.
I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lady Sabina Luttrell
East Kingdom Minister of Lists

Email the Minister of Lists

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Unofficial Court Report: BBM/Bergental Yule

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-17 10:09

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen by agency of that same right, second of that name, held upon 13 December in the forty-ninth year of the Society in the Barony of Bergental; on which day were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Item.  Their Majesties accepted the fealty of the Baron and Baroness of the Barony Beyond the Mountain.

Item.  Their Majesties summoned before the Tyger Throne their subject Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya, and thereupon awarded her Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Kayleigh Mac Whyte.

Item.  Their Majesties called into their Court the good man Grímólfr Skúlason, whereupon they awarded him Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Eloise of Coulter.

Item.  Her Majesty acknowledged the valor of the children who had defeated the dread pineapples that had infiltrated their Court.

Item.  Their Majesties rewarded Emma Lovell, Caleb Patrasso, Courtney Rose and Fracesca Grieco for their work as part of the Children’s Service Initiative.

Item.  Their Majesties caused gifts of toys to be distributed to the children of the realm.

Item.  Their Majesties gave tokens of welcome to those good gentles newly come to the East.

Item.  Their Majesties accepted the gift of a song composed by Jean Louis LeCocq and rendered in calligraphy by Bronwyn of Wentworth.

Item.  His Majesty endowed Elisenda de Luna with the token of the King’s Esteem of Merit.

Item.  Their Majesties caused Erik Hemeor von Welzin, sometimes called Erik von Hemeor, to be brought before the Tyger Thrones, whereupon, praising the said Erik’s valor and prowess in battle, their Majesties did invest him with the Order of the Tygers Combattant, the which deed was confirmed with the gift of a stained glass created by Conor O Ceallaigh, with calligraphy by Lada Monguligin.

Item.  Their Majesties summoned their herald, Alys Mackyntoich, before the assembled Court and did then issue strict and unyielding command that she attend upon them on 31 January to answer the question whether she would be invested with the Order of the Laurel, the which command was set forth, at considerable and voluble length, in a document authored by Martyn de Haliwell and calligraphed by Eleanor Catlyng.

Item.  Their Majesties called into their presence the valiant man Finn of Concordia and did then award him Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Vettorio Antonello.

Item.  His Majesty summoned before the Court assembled Annys Ruth O’Carney, often called Annastrina, and, praising her fine works and careful study, did endow her with the King’s Order of Excellence, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Nest verch Tangwistel.

Item.  Her Majesty, finding much honor and worth in the good man Cedric of Armorica, did then endow him with the token of the Queen’s Honor of Distinction.

Item.  Their Majesties then commanded the Baron of Bergental, Robert dwe Makmyane, often called Robert dwe Mac Minn, to attend upon them, whereupon they did offer praise of his many labors and travails for the Realm, in cognizance of which they did invest him with the Order of the Silver Crescent, the which deed was confirmed by the gift of a book bound and calligraphed by Heather Rose de Gordoun.

Item.  Their Majesties did then summon forth from the kitchens Jovonna d’Esprit, of whom great praise had been spoken; so that her great merit be made manifest, Their Majesties did then devise unto the said Jovonna an Augmentation of Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document authored by Ryan Mac Whyte and calligraphed by Edward MacGyver dos Scorpos.

Item.  Their Majesties offered their thanks to the musicians who had entertained all during the day and during court.

I, Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.


Master Ryan Mac Whyte

Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranlegh

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Bergental Novice Schola – A Call for Teachers

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2014-12-15 15:58

Bergental’s Novice Schola will be held on March 14th, 2015, in Springfiled, MA and the event is currently recruiting teachers to create entry-level classes of all types. Any A&S, Garb, Food, Martial, History, and SCA Life classes are welcome.

This year there are two specialty tracks that are especially welcome. One is for classes intended for “tween” aged members, defined as youngsters between the ages of 8 or 9 and 14 or 15. Mistress Annestrina will be coordinating this set of classes, and will have a dedicated youth room for the entire day for her teachers.

Second, since the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt will occur in 2015, there will be a track of classes for anything having to do with Agincourt: 15th century life, the battles, the Kings, the history leading up to the battle or after it occurred. Lord Griffin Dunham is coordinating this track.

Put on your thinking caps, and contact Lady Barbeta Kyrkeland who is managing classes for the Schola with your class ideas as soon as possible.

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Æthelmearc’s Response

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2014-12-14 10:05

Their Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle, of Æthelmearc have sent a message to their kingdom about the challenge that Æthelmearc faces from the East Kingdom and the Midrealm.  Their words can be found here at the  Æthelmearc Gazette.

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Pennsic Message from the Prince

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2014-12-13 14:00

His Highness, Crown Prince Darius, called Omega asked the Gazette to share the following with the populace.

As some of you may know, Her Highness and I are very good friends with Their Highnesses Ragnvaldr and Arabella of the Midrealm. We have been getting along so famously that we have decided it is about time we were actually neighbors. To this end, we will be taking over Aethelmearc. The lands gained will of course be divided equally between the parties involved.

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New Southern Region Rapier Deputy Announced

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-12-12 17:30
Unto the Kingdom of the East do I, Don Frasier MacLeod send greetings.    I am pleased to announce that the new Southern Regional Rapier Deputy will be Baroness Engracia de Madrigal.  Again, I would like to thank Don Griffith Davion for his service in this position.  Please join me in welcoming Baroness Engracia to her new position, and I encourage all of you to help make her transition a smooth one.    In Service,      Don Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East
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East Kingdom Seneschal Seeking Chair for 50th Year Anniversary Display

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-10 17:20

Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia, East Kingdom Seneschal, is looking for someone to head up the East Kingdom Display at the 50th Year Anniversary celebration. This should be someone who has an interest in the pageantry and history of the East, as well as the ability to work with a multi-kingdom group to make the 50th Year celebration shine. The following letter is from the coordinator of the display chairs, and details what is expected from the chair and the Kingdom display. Please contact Dueña Mercedes with questions or to express your interest in the position.

To the Great Kingdom of the East does Eleanor, Baroness of the Flame, in the esteemed Kingdom of the Middle send greetings!

The 50th Anniversary of the Society for Creative Anachronism is upon us! “50 Year” will be celebrated in the Middle Kingdom in the State of Indiana, at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds & Conference Complex from June 16th to June 27th, 2016.

I have the pleasure of working as the Archivist for the event, alongside THL Elizabethe Alles, who is the Chair of Historic Displays, to ensure that all Kingdoms are represented at this most noble function!

We are asking that each Kingdom designate a Chair who will head your particular Kingdom’s display. This person will work directly with me in coordinating their displays, including the acquisition and collection of items if needed. If a representative cannot be on site for the event, any and all items can be sent to me and volunteers will set up the display. While these are static displays, having members of the Kingdoms on-hand to answer questions and tell stories is highly encouraged.

Each Kingdom will be allotted a 20-24’ (length) x 8’ (Depth) space located in the Hendricks Power Exposition Hall.

We are asking that all displays include the following:
o A banner or sign displaying the name of the Kingdom
o A large Kingdom device displaying the arms of the Kingdom
o King and Queen Lineage on a large easily readable display
o Pictures or items that are a part of the Kingdom’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
o A 10 minute video on the history and traditions of the Kingdom (Please keep videos positive and uplifting, use proper SCA photo release forms and send digital copies of forms to Kelly Magill at

Recommended but not required:
o Any written Kingdom histories
o Peerage Lineage
o Displays of Kingdom traditions
o Kingdom songs recorded or written for viewing and listening
o Lists and depictions of Kingdom level awards
o Maps of territories, baronies, shires etc.
o All the things that make your Kingdom unique!!

Though the event is a year and a half away we want to ensure each Kingdom is represented in the best way possible. Display Chairs should be chosen by February 28th 2015 in order to facilitate communication and provide time to plan and gather the materials needed for this project. A common information sharing webpage will be created when all Chairs have been identified.

I look forward to working with the Kingdom Display Chairs for all Kingdoms, and will assist in any way I can to make sure that all displays are successful.

In Service,
Eleanor, Baroness Flame
The Middle Kingdom

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East Kingdom Regional Rapier Practice

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-12-10 11:51

War is once again behind us, and though the fertile mantle of the East Kingdom will soon be covered in snow, it’s the perfect time for its fencers, soldiers, and duelists to bare polished steel and mind their deadly art. Another war is always around the bend, and preparation is paramount to victory!

To keep the East Kingdom rapier army’s skills sharp and improve unit cohesion, the Barony of Carolingia will be hosting an EK Regional Fencing Practice on Sunday, January 4th. At the practice, fencers will get a chance to work on their melee skills both with their household/local fencing unit, and with the kingdom army at large. There’ll also be time for single bouting, and a tournament taking place is also a strong possibility.

There will also be a class or two for fencers to learn from. Parties interested in teaching a fencing class (be it for single or melee), should contact Lord Remy Delemontagne de Gascogne, Captain of the Carolingian Caliver Company with their class title and agenda.

When: Sunday, January 4th from 12-5pm
Where: Cambridge War Memorial (1640 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02138), Barony of Carolingia
Cost: $5 entrance fee that goes to the school for maintenance
Other notes: Street parking is free on Sundays and folks can park in the Harvard Vanguard parking lot across the street. Please wear non-marking footwear. Because this is a practice, non-authorized fencers are allowed to participate.
Practice website
FB Event page

Can’t make it to the EK Regional Rapier Practice? Have no fear! Carolingia hosts a monthly melee practice at the War Memorial, open to all who want to work on their melee techniques. Here are the upcoming melee practice dates (more dates added monthly).

December: Sunday the 14th from 2pm-5pm
January: (REGIONAL PRACTICE): Sunday the 4th from 12pm-5pm
February: Sunday the 15th from 2-5pm
(Dates subject to change, but hopefully not)

Any questions, thoughts, or concerns should be directed to Lord Remy.

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The Reign of King Jehan de la Marche

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2014-12-09 15:33

King Jehan de la Marche, wearing the ancient crown of the East. The crown had a Velcro attachment so it could be resized for each wearer.

The Gazette asked Count Jehan de la Marche, eighth King of the East, for memories of some of his early SCA experiences. This is the second installment he sent, which covered his memories of his reign. 

The next event I recall was my coronation, which was also the next Crown Tourney, which was supposed to be the tradition at the time, though observed irregularly. (I believe it fell in late September or early October 1972.) It was held on a site in Beyond the Mountain which was basically an unmown field –the owner of the site had told the autocrat that it would be mowed in advance of the event, but it was not, so the field was covered in grass two or three feet high. Oddly enough, I have no distinct recollection of the moment that Cariadoc put the crown on my head, though I know the ceremony was very simple by later standards. I believe we used a version of the Archenlandish oath from C. S. Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy (”This is what it means to be a king: to be first in every desperate attack and last in every desperate retreat, and when there’s famine in the land, as must be sometimes, to wear finer clothes and laugh louder over a scantier meal than any man in your kingdom.”) However, that belief is based on what I recall of the practice of the time, not direct memory of hearing it. The one moment I distinctly recall is that when I kissed my queen after crowning her, her crown fell off.

A recent photo of Count Jehan de la Marche

There was also the episode of the Queen’s Piper. Sometime before the coronation, I was walking through Wolsey Hall at Yale and heard a man playing a bagpipe alone in an empty auditorium. I had invited him to the coronation, and since there was already a King’s Piper (Sir Eyolf) I appointed this one (whose name I do not recall), the Queen’s Piper, whereupon Lauryon said “All right, now play.” Someone said “The queen has issued her first command,” and he played.

I recall asking Duke Cariadoc and Duke Akbar to serve as my guards. We had a lot of byplay in those days over our personas’ religions (nowadays it might be more sensitive). I said approximately that although I was a Christian king I had found Saracen dukes very reliable.

There was a very small crown tourney –I believe there were five fighters entered (the minimum under SCA law at the time) and I asked Duke Akbar to enter so we would have even numbers for the first round. He did and ended by winning the crown, defeating Sir Finnvarr de Taahe, who had lately moved to the East from the Middle Kingdom (Barony of North Woods).

The next event I recall was a tourney in the Barony of Myrkwood (Baltimore), then led by Begum Sita of Oudh. The main point I remember was the tourney destroyed four swords (all those available in the barony at the time). I believe Middle-trained fighters tended to hit harder than Eastern ones (on average) –there were some exceptions, such as Shlomo and Garanhir. Sir Finnvarr and I met in the final, and I won. I believe one of the other fighters was Alain du Rocher.

I believe the next event was the Carolingian Yule Revel –the ancestor of the masked ball, though I am not sure it was masked at that time. All I recollect distinctly was that there was some elegant dancing and that I ended the event (or at least the formal part) with a quotation from Shakespeare “Our revels now are ended.”

During my reign, I did issue the first code of laws for the East Kingdom, all or nearly all of which have since been superseded. They included an attempt to have a representative of the Crown in each group to encourage communication –which was never implemented –and a law advocating (as it could not be required) that subjects who could not attend the wars should contribute to the costs of those who served (scutage). Although this was never enforceable, and has not been law for many years, I was told lately that one lady in the East still abided by it and contributed to her friends’ costs of going to war. My recollection is that I circulated these laws by postal mail (there being no email in those days) rather than discussing them in a live council.

I also reorganized the kingdom order of merit – as I understand the situation (it was before my time), Duke Akbar in one of his earlier reigns had created the Order of the Silver Crescent, and then Shogun Rakkurai had created an equivalent Order of the Golden Dragon . I merged the two orders into the one Order of the Silver Crescent (all members of the Golden Dragon becoming members of the SIlver Crescent). At that time, I believe that order was the only order beneath peerage level in the kingdom.

The last major event of my reign was Twelfth Night held in the Barony of Myrkwood. My queen Lauryon was unable to attend due to illness, and so I asked Countess Abrizhade al-Medina O.L. (who had been queen to Franz von Blickend-Lichten, second king of the Middle) to serve as my ceremonial consort, which she graciously did.

The guests at the event included members of the Maryland Medieval Mercenary Militia (later Markland) who contributed considerably to the liveliness of the occasion. Two of them staged a mock dagger fight (with steel daggers) and rolled around my feet as I was sitting at the feast. There was also an episode I never fully understood in which I remarked my drink tasted odd and one of the MMMM shouted “The king has been poisoned.” I am not sure whether someone had actually put something in the drink or it was just an improvised response.

More seriously, I did (as I mentioned before) knight Asbjorn the Fairhaired, chiefly for his valor at the First Pennsic War. Since he was squire to Duke (at the time Prince) Akbar, I asked Akbar if he would prefer to actually dub Asbjorn, but he replied that he wished me to do it, so I did. This was the only peerage granted in my reign.

Afterward I did crown Akbar as king (his third and last reign), and his lady Duchess Khadijah was crowned queen. Oddly enough, I do not recall the ceremony at all. There was no ceremony making me a count –I think the title was only developed a little later, though Atenveldt had Crown Barons and I believe Franz von Blickend-Lichten had been made a baron after serving as king of the Middle.

I do remember that the next morning El of the Two Knives asked me how it felt to be a duke, and I replied I was not a duke as I had only been king once. In fact, I never became a duke –I sometimes like to say “I only made one mistake” –though in fact I fought hard in several later crowns


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New Central Regional Deputy Rapier Marshal Announced

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-12-05 09:58

Don Frasier MacLeod, East Kingdom’s Rapier Marshal, has announced the new Central Region Deputy Rapier Marshal.

“After much consideration I have decided to install Don Lotieri Malocchio as my new Deputy. I would ask you all to welcome him and give him whatever help he may need settling into his new position.”


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Unofficial Court Report: Ruantallan Baronial Investiture and Tir Mara Champions

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2014-12-02 17:22

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen by agency of that same right, second of that name, held upon 28 November in the forty-ninth year of the Society in the Barony of Ruantallan; on which day were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Item. In the first sitting of Their Majesties’ Court, Their Majesties gave thanks to Donal O’Neill and Allessandra Francesca di Milano for their good, faithful and notable service holding the lands as Baron and Baroness of Ruantallan and, as tokens of their merit and great nobility, elevated the said Donal and the said Allessandra to the ranks of Baron and Baroness of the Court, and granted them Arms, the which deeds were confirmed in documents created by Nest verch Tangwistel, Alisay de Falaise and Margaret Twygge of Sky Hill.

Item. Their Majesties summoned before the Tyger Thrones the East Kingdom Seneschal, Dueña Mercedes Vera de Califia, who announced that the Incipient Shire of Avonmore had fulfilled all of the requirements for becoming a full and official Shire.

Briana Douglase is sent to vigil to contemplate joining the Order of the Pelican. Photo by Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood.

Item. Their Majesties called before them Briana Douglase and instructed her to go forth to the place prepared for her to sit vigil and prepare to answer the question whether she would join the Order of the Pelican.

Whereupon, Their Majesties adjourned their Court until the hour of tierce, at which time such further business was done and caused to be done:

Item: Their Majesties invested Guthfrith Yrlingsson as Baron of Ruantallan and Isobel Mowbray as Baroness of Ruantallen, and accepted the fealty of the same for the lands held of the Crown, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Mergriet van Wijenhorst.

Whereupon, with Their Majesties’ leave, Their Excellencies Baron Guthfrith and Baroness Isobel conducted such business as was necessary and fitting.

Whereupon, with the leave of Their Majesties, the Prince and Princess of Tir Mara, Darius and Etheldreda, did and caused the following to be done:

Item. The Prince and Princess of Tir Mara thanked their Rattan Champions, Robert Gower and Cornelia van der Brugge, for their worthy and excellent service, and dismissed them according to custom.

Item. The Prince of Tir Mara invested Spurius Genucius Rutilus as his Rattan Champion, the which deed was confirmed in a document calligraphed by Juliote de Castlenou d’Arry and illuminated by Conn Rosendubh.

Barom Pellandres is invested as Princess’ Rattan Champion of Tir Mara. Photo courtesy of Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood.

Item. The Princess of Tir Mara invested Pellandres dit le frère as her Rattan Champion, the which deed was confirmed in a document calligraphed by Juliote de Castlenou d’Arry and illuminated by Conn Rosendubh.

Item. The Prince and Princess of Tir Mara thanked their Arts and Sciences Champions, Mergriet van Wijenhorst and Katherine Murray, for their worthy and honorable service and, according to custom, dismissed them.

Item. The Princess of Tir Mara invested Inga Thorgansdottir as her Arts and Sciences Champion, the which deed was confirmed in document created by Mergriet van Wijenhorst.

Item. The Prince of Tir Mara invested Katherine Murray for a second time as his Arts and Sciences Champion, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Mergriet van Wijenhorst.

Whereupon, Their Majesties reconvened the Court previously adjourned and did and caused to be done the following:

Item. Their Majesties summoned the good lad Jack of Ynys Y Gwaed before the Court and inducted him into the Order of the Tyger’s Cub, the which deed was confirmed in document authored by Alys Mackyntoich, calligraphed by Eva Woderose and illuminated by Gianna di Aurelio.

Item. Their Majesties caused gifts of toys to be distributed to the children of the realm.

Guthfrith and Isobel, newly invested Baron and Baroness of Ruantallan swear fealty. Photo courtesy of Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood.

Item. Their Majesties summoned Onora Glencairn before the Court and homolgated the deed of Their ancestors of blessed memory, Brennan and Caoilfhionn, by awarding the said Onora Arms, the which deed was confirmed with a gift of embroidery created by Gwenlliana Vachan.

Item. Their Majesties brought before the Court the fair Artemizia di Niccolo della Fabro, to whom they then awarded Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Shadiyah al-Zahra’.

Item. Their Majesties brought Lloyd Smith before the Tyger Thrones and awarded him Arms.

Item. Their Majesties summoned before them the worthy Rozalin Vella and awarded her Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document authored by Alys Mackyntoich, calligraphed by Eva Woderose and illuminated by Aesa feilinn Josursdottir.

Item. Her Majesty called the noble Sarra Graeham of Birnham from her labors in the kitchens and, thanking her for her many good works, bestowed upon her the Queen’s Honor of Distinction.

Item. Their Majesties called Sage O’Rose before the Court and awarded Arms to that worthy

Item. Their Majesties called before them one Jonathan Rankin O’Rose, known to be a captain of ships, and endowed the said Jonathan with a license to seek out new and undiscovered lands and to claim and rule the said lands in the name of the East, with certain rights and responsibilities attendant thereupon, the which license was confirmed in a document authored by Alys Mackyntoich and calligraphed by Eleanor Catlyng.

Item. Their Majesties caused Isobel Bickerstaff to be brought before them, whereupon, praising her story-telling, they inducted her into the Order of the Troubadour, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Fiona O’Maille.

Item. Their Majesties called into the Court the good man Percival Gower and, praising his talents in shoe-making, invested the said Percival with the Order of the Maunche, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Sarra Graeham of Birnham.

Item. Their Majesties summoned into the Court the good lady Danuta Czarowna, and, praising her work in illumination and the scribal arts, inducted the said Danuta into the Order of the Maunche, the which deed was confirmed with the gift of a book created by Robin dit Dessaint, with text by Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys.

Hedda Bonesetter is Awarded the Queen’s Order of Courtesy. Photo courtesy of Baroness Ygraine of Kellswood.

Item. Her Majesty called into the Court the noble and gentle Hedda Bonesetter and endowed the said Hedda with the Queen’s Order of Courtesy, the which deed was confirmed in a document authored by Ygraine of Kellswood and calligraphed and illuminated by Eva Woderose.

Item. Their Majesties called the fine and worthy Castellanna Nazario d’Azzana before the Tyger Thrones and awarded her Arms, the which deed was confirmed in a document authored by Marion of Ruantallan, calligraphed by Elena O Sirideain and illuminated by Isa of Ruantallan.

Item. Their Majesties invited into their presence the noble Theresa de Chats, whereupon they awarded Arms unto the said Theresa, the which deed was memorialized in a gift of a carved wooden plate created by Hawise ferch Meredith, with words by Eleanor Catlyng.

Item. Their Majesties brought into the Court the worthy lady Kat of Ruantallan and awarded her Arms, the which deed was memorialized in a document created by Nest ferch Tangwystl.

Item. Their Majesties summoned into their presence the good man Rowan Fergus and, so doing, inducted him into the Order of the Silver Rapier, the which deed was confirmed in a document calligraphed by Constance de Saint Denis and illuminated by Marietta Charray.

Item. Their Majesties summoned Guthfrith Yrlingsson again into their presence and inducted the said Guthfrith into the Order of the Silver Rapier with the acclaim of the court.

Item. Their Majesties spoke of the good and notable deeds of Margaret Twygge of Sky Hill and granted Arms unto the said Margaret as a sign of her worth, the which deed was confirmed in a document created by Kayleigh Mac Whyte.

Item. The excellent demoiselle Emma, daughter of Wolfgang, aged four years, presented unto His Majesty Edward artwork she had created for him.

Item. Their Majesties summoned Briana Douglase into the Court to hear her answer to the question before her; the said Briana answering in the affirmative, Their Majesties heard testimony from notable Peers of the Realm concerning the merits of the said Briana; upon that testimony, Their Majesties did then invest and endow the said Briana with the Order of the Pelican and Arms by letters Patent, the which deed was confirmed in a document authored by Zaneta Gavlinne Angioliere and calligraphed and illuminated by Danuta Czarowna.

I, Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.


Lord Martyn de Haliwell
Lord Díarmaid Ó Bríain
Seigneur Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle

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