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East Kingdom Curia Set for May 31; Agenda Now Available

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-05-18 15:07

En français

East Kingdom Curia will be held on Sunday, May 31st at Southern Region War Camp in the Barony of Carillion.

Curia is an opportunity for the Crown to solicit and listen to the opinions of citizens of the East prior to amending East Kingdom Law. Curia meets at least once per reign. The following is a list of those positions who are entitled to a ‘seat’ at Curia. They are also entitled to send representatives should the position-holder be unable to attend:

– The Crown and Heirs of the East Kingdom
– Kingdom Officers
– Local Seneschals

East Kingdom Royal Peers and Territorial Barons and Baronesses are also invited to attend, and have the right to be heard by The Crown. Any other gentle who wishes to attend is welcome, but may speak only if recognized by The Crown.

The agenda for the upcoming Curia can be found on-line here:

— En français —

La Curie du Royaume de l’Est aura lieu le dimanche 31 mai durant le Camp de Guerre de la Région Sud (Southern Region War Camp) and la Baronni de Carillion.

La Curie offre la chance à la Couronne de demander et d’écouter les opinions du peuple de notre Royaume avant d’amender la Loi du Royaume de l’Est. La Curie se rencontre au moins une fois par Règne. Voici la liste des postes qui donnent un siège à la Curie. Les détenteurs de ces postes peuvent aussi choisir d’envoyer un représentant s’ils sont dans l’impossibilité de se déplacer pour cette rencontre :

– Leurs Majestés et leurs Héritiers du Royaume de l’Est
– Officiers du Royame
– Sénéchaux locaux

Les Pairs du Royaume ainsi que les Barons et Baronnes térritoriaux sont également invités et ont le droit d’être entendus par la Couronne. Tout autre sujet désirant se présenter le peuvent mais n’auront droit de parole que s’ils sont reconnus par Leurs Majestés.

Le procès-verbal de la prochaine Curie peut être consulté ici : (en anglais seulement)

En français par Ekaterina Solov’eva Pevtsova

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Jim’s Self Storage at Pennsic

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-05-13 19:48

Baroness Theodora Brynnissa, called Treannah reporting:

For anyone who has a storage unit at Jim’s Self Storage

Many of you may be aware that Jim had been very ill last year, sadly he has since passed away. He was a kind man who was always very good to his Pennsic customers, and he will be missed.

The new owner is named Brian, and is trying very hard to keep things moving along as smoothly as possible, however if your usual method of corresponding with Jim was email, he does not have access to the old email account and asked that you use his address moving forward.

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Waiver Policy for all Marshal Activities / Politique de formulaires de décharge pour toutes les Activités Martiales

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-05-12 22:20

En français

Greetings all,

It has come to my attention that we do not sign waivers at practices across the Kingdom. This is not acceptable. It must be done at EVERY practice. Below is the waiver policy and the waiver form.

I expected this to be adhered to strictly. Should any practice not follow the waiver policy, henceforth, the unbelted marshals shall be subject to having their warrants removed and chivalry sanctioned via suspension of fighting privileges (because I do not have the authority to suspend the marshal power of the chivalry).

I apologize if this appears heavy handed. It is a serious insurance issue and cannot be ignored.

The procedure is as follows for ALL practices falling under the Earl Marshal and must be done at each practice: Blue cards should be checked by the Marshal in Charge and the number logged with the SCA name and mundane name. Anyone who does not have a blue card must sign a waiver at each practice. You may use individual forms or a roster waiver at your leisure. The waivers should be held for the Waiver Deputy and not sent in to the office of the Earl Marshal.

The Kingdom waiver policy can be found here:

Waiver forms can be found here:

Yours In Service,
Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, EKEM

En français
Traduit par Behi Kirsa Oyutai


Il est venu a mon attention que nous ne signons pas de formulaires de décharge aux pratiques au travers du Royaume. Cette situation n’es pas acceptable. Il faut que ce soit fait à CHAQUE pratique. La politique des formulaire de décharge et les formulaires sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Je m’attendais à ce que l’on adhère strictement à cette politique. Dans le cas où une pratique ne suivrait pas les politiques établies, les maréchaux n’étant pas élevés aux rangs de la chevalerie verront leurs certifications révoquées et la chevalerie sera sanctionné par la suspension de leurs privilèges de combat (parce que je n’ai pas l’autorité de suspendre le maréchalat des membres de la chevalerie).

Je m’excuse si ceci apparaît comme étant sévère. Cela représente un sérieux problème vis-à-vis de nos assurances, et de fait, ne peut être ignoré.

La procédure va comme suit pour TOUTES les pratiques ayant lieu sous l’autorité du Earl Marshal et doit être complétée à chaque pratique: Le Maréchal en Charge doit vérifier toutes les Cartes Bleues et noter le numéro avec le nom mondain et SCA du participant. N’importe qui n’ayant pas une Carte Bleue doit signer un formulaire de décharge à chaque pratique. Il est possible d’utiliser des formulaires individuels ou un formulaire avec une liste, selon votre préférence. Les formulaires de décharge doivent être conservés par le Député aux Formulaires de décharge et ne doivent pas être envoyés au bureau du Earl Marshal.

La politique de formulaires de décharge du Royaume est disponible ici (en anglais) :

Les formulaires de décharge sont disponibles ici:

Au Service,
Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil EKEM


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Memories of Pennsic IV

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-05-12 11:08

Queen Brekke and King Asbjorn on a sunnier day – the wedding of Arastorm and Aelfwine

Countess Brekke Franksdottir and Sir Michael of York recorded their memories of Pennsic IV, famous for its mud and rain, at the request of the Gazette.  Comments have been turned on for this article so others may add their own memories.

Countess Brekke
Pennsic IV was hosted by the Midrealm and held on a farm in Ohio over Labor Day weekend in 1975. It was the first Pennsic longer than 2 days and the first with really bad weather throughout.

As I recall, the site was a field on the side of a hill, with parking below on flat ground, near the road. The top of the hill was relatively flat, and that’s where we were camping, with woods behind the encampment, a fairly long hike to the cars, and the plains below for field battles. I vaguely recall the porta-pottie being essentially a large truck with two sides: Men, and Women, and only one private stall, at least on the Ladies’ side.

Sir Michael instructing the next generation of Pennsic fighters at a recent event. Photo by Lord Trentus Nubianus

Sir Michael
The site was a farm field – someone called it “the back 40 (acres)”. It was in the middle of nowhere and would have been a lovely site – except that the rain made the soft earth really muddy. If you weren’t at the top of the hill or able to find some kind of grassy hummock to stand on – you were standing in mud. In some places it was a few inches thick, in others – it was a foot deep.

Countess Brekke
As Queen of the East, I did have an obligation to be there (and the two previous were fun), but I lived in Manhattan at the time and did not drive. Master Frederick of Holland and his lady Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr offered me a ride with them, so we set out Thursday morning to arrive in Ohio Friday. We pulled off to a rest stop Thursday night, and slept under the stars – something I had never done before and was somewhat nervous about. (I thought it might rain. There was not a cloud in the sky.)

It was, however, a lovely evening and night, and we continued west to our destination after breakfast in the morning. We arrived on site, found a camp site on the hilltop, and dropped off our gear. The Mid had set aside an area for Royals to camp. The Mid royalty and I camped there. I set up my very modern, bright blue nylon tepee and started a fire. Asbjorn arrived later and camped with friends a little way down the hill. Flieg and Lynn set up their canvas tent – very shortly thereafter named “DON’T TOUCH!” It was canvas and would leak anywhere anything came in contact with the canvas.

Sir Michael
Asjborn and I arrived when the sun was out – the last sun we’d see for a couple of days. Just before our arrival, there had been a tremendous storm burst accompanied by high winds. We found our camp-mates holding up or crawling out from under a sodden tent made from a large cargo parachute that had collapsed in the rain and high winds. It was the pattern of the war – mud, rain, wet people.

Countess Brekke
The rains came. And came. And stayed and invited friends. Also they invited any rain cloud within the entire US, nay the Western Hemisphere, to come to their party and RAIN on us. And they did. I had dug a fire pit and gotten a fire going. It went out fairly quickly. Water runs downhill. Into my fire pit (and everyone else’s, too). And into the parking lot, which was on a flat surface below the hill. No fire. No hot meals. (Not good.) And after making sure the ground was sufficiently saturated that no one could start a fire, the water ran down the hill and into – and over – the parking lot. And people kept coming. And setting up. In the rain. Close the site? There was nowhere else around the people could stay, and many had been traveling on a very thin shoestring. This was 1975, the SCA was only in its 10th year, and many members were still in college, or just didn’t have much money. I remember one family even brought their cat. They arrived Saturday and could not just turn around and go home; they were exhausted after traveling all night through the downpour. And they needed to rest before going home, at the very least.

Duke Akbar and Duchess Khadijah had sent their infant son to “Camp Grandma”, a decision I’m sure they NEVER regretted, and set up camp – a large tent with a long entry way and a brazier which contained one of the few fires I saw on site. I asked how he had managed to start it, and he replied, “I poured a libation to the Gods over the coals and applied a fire stick to it. You have to appease the gods.” It was a memorable reply.

The paths became a quagmire very quickly. One young lady lost a “paten” (it was a Dr. Scholl’s sandal) in the muck, and neither of us could dig deeply or widely enough to find it. (She told me of the incident years later – THE QUEEN tried to help her find her missing shoe! I have no memory of it, only of her telling me about it years later. Someday, an archeologist is going to wonder about the strange object he found in a field in Ohio…)

Sir Michael
The first night of the war, one nice gentleman loaned a friend his large thick foam mattress – so she would have a comfortable bed up off the ground. He slept on the floor on the other side of the tent. When they woke the next morning, she was soaked and he was dry – the spongy mattress had soaked up all the water. Asjborn never took off his boots and leggings, and I never took off my sneakers for the entire time we were there. When he did take them off – later – there was so much mud in the creases of his leggings that it filled a bathtub with caked mud. I threw my shoes out – they were brown and smelled of manure even after they’d been through the washing machine.

Countess Brekke
We did hold the war. There was rain and lightning just before the start of the field battle – but the lightning died away – so we fought in the rain.

Sir Michael
I remember standing at the top of the hill just before the field battle – in armor – helmet, shield, et cetera. We all talked about whether it was a good idea to fight in a lightning storm. Then we realized we were out in the open anyway, so it probably didn’t matter. Luckily, the lightning faded away and we fought under cloudy stormy clouds. It was a rout for the East – we were way outnumbered.

Countess Brekke
The woods battle was a battle for the flags of the East and the Mid, and the East had just adopted a new badge, a Blue Tyger. Asbjorn asked me to make a flag for the battle. Blue Tyger with lots of fussy little lines or Purpure, an Eastern Crown Or in a Laurel Wreath Proper, Fimbriated Or. Which one sounds easier to make quickly? I’ll give you a gentle hint; I chose the latter. I was familiar with the design, could draw it easily, and embroider it in place. *I used a crown of three points, as I didn’t have much time to make it. (The Queen’s Banner – the first one, the one a Duchess described to me as “wearing a rose in my crotch”, had not yet been approved.) Asbjorn took one look at it and swore that the Mid would not get its hands on THAT banner, no matter what! (“Why didn’t you make a Tyger?” he asked. Because I couldn’t even draw it, was the answer, which I didn’t give.)

At the start of the battle, the King of the Mid exited in one direction. Asbjorn, not usually one to avoid a good battle, went directly opposite – taking with him the best fighters of the East.

Sir Michael
We’d set up the war points so that for the woods battle each King and each Prince was worth a war point, as was the banner. At the start of the battle, the goal was to go find someplace to hide in the woods. Asjborn took his band and deliberately ran deep into the woods and kept moving – thus avoiding capture. Before leaving with his small group, Asbjorn told Prince Aonghais to “stay out of trouble” and not engage the Midrealm. Unfortunately, Aonghais was not able to do that and his band was forced to fight. Aonghais was the last man standing and as he died he fell against a sapling – which threw him forward – face first into the mud. He was wearing his brand new pig-faced bassinet – which got stuck in the mud and began to fill with water. It took his entire band of fighters to get him out of the mud before he drowned.

Countess Brekke
The Mid didn’t get our banner. Nor our King. I’m not sure if we got theirs. We didn’t shoot the archery point – due to the rain. I do know we lost the war, for the fourth straight year, but I think, in general, we all had fun, even with being flooded out.

Sir Michael
I remember getting home after Pennsic IV and taking my bow and arrows out of the van. They’d never been taken out and were under some other blankets that never got taken out of the van – they had mud on them. There was mud everywhere.

Countess Brekke
I also remember Duke Andrew of Seldom Rest ordering me into his truck (he had several others there warming up already) because I was “turning blue”. That’s when I really learned just how good an insulator wool is; he made me take off my (cotton) underdress, and just put the woolen overdress on alone. Instant Warmth!

Sir Michael
It got so wet and crazy that wearing clothes actually made you colder – because the cloth held the moisture and evaporation makes you cold. So Asbjorn and I and some others took to wearing loin-cloths – letting the rain wash the mud off, letting the breeze dry our skin, and keeping our clothes for the cooler evenings.

I can’t remember whether it was a specific war point, but there actually was an Arts-and-Sciences exhibit. I remember watching Duke Cariadoc in a clean, dry, long white Arab robe and turban dance a galliard in the mud. The judges gathered round to watch his footwork. In the middle of his demonstration, he fell backwards into the mud, bounced right back up onto his feet and kept going. It was just what you did – fall over – get muddy and get up and keep going.

Countess Brekke
Sir Aelfwine and Lady Arastorm arranged for Her Grace the Duchess Diana Alene of Tree-Girt-Sea to have a medieval bath over the weekend.

Sir Michael
Aelfwine could create fire anywhere – he’d brought half of a 55 gallon drum to use as a grill, but instead, lined it with a blanket and sheets and filled it with warm water. I was sent to invite Her Grace to come for her “bath”. I still remember the look on her face when she turned towards me and said “My Bath?” By the time I got her to the bath (carrying a towel and soap) it was surrounded by squires (facing-outward – being arranged by Arastorm) holding up a privacy screen. Rumor has it that a few other ladies partook of this same hot water bath. I heard they lined up just to wash their hair.

By the afternoon of the second day, people were bored with the mud and the rain. Asjborn was worried people would get cranky so had me organize crowd-entertainment. All we could find was a long rope, so an impromptu tug-of-war was waged. Everybody got muddy – the losers slightly more muddy than the winners. Someone provided more humor by obtaining Asjborn’s loin cloth and hanging it like a pennant from the top of Duchess Diana’s tent.

To be honest, the rain was never really drenching – it was just relentless. And the mud got everywhere and the rain washed it off – so that only your legs were covered all the time. I can’t figure out how we managed to eat without getting everything covered with mud. I can’t figure how we had hot meals – fires were hard to keep burning and yet there was food and drink and good humor all around despite a gloomy acceptance of being covered in mud.

Countess Brekke
Pennsic IV brought out the best in many of us. Duke Andrew of Seldom Rest, the autocrat (may his soul find peace), probably didn’t sleep the entire weekend of the event. He went around preventing hypothermia as he could. And as people left, he and Cariadoc towed their cars, which were restricted to the lower level of the site by our contract, out of axle-deep mud. He and Duke Cariadoc did an awful lot of towing, sometimes needing two tractors to get the mired cars out. And people helped each other. “Come over here and share my pot of soup” was frequently shouted out. People who could start fires of any sort shared them with those who needed to cook a hot meal. Folks shared a lot of Stone Soup. People shared tents – a necessity, as many blew down, never to rise again in the high winds.

Sir Michael
I remember that parking lot – and the tractor – it had a burned out clutch. It had to be parked facing down-hill or else you would not be able to start it. Andrew drove it through the parking area dragging a long chain with a hook on the end. Cariadoc would find the next car that was ready and look underneath to see where to connect the hook. As Andrew drove by slowly, Cariadoc would hook the car and stand back – and the chain would tighten – Andrew would step on the gas and the car would be towed, tires spinning as its driver gunned his engine too – spraying and swerving as it was dragged to the pavement. Cariadoc unhooked it as Andrew turned the tractor around and they went back for the next car. The two of them did this for hours. Sometimes when I tell this story, I don’t mention the tractor – I just tell people that Andrew wrapped the chain around his body and just dragged the cars out himself (he was a very big man).

As I was arriving at the lot to get Asjborn’s van towed out, I came across a very dispirited Laeghaire (later made a knight, later King of the East) standing in a muddy puddle up to his knees and clearly wearing what was his last set of clean clothes. He was completely bespattered with mud all over the front side – his car had sprayed mud, lurched and he’d fallen face first into the mire.

When I got our car to the parking area little while later (it was a gas-station about 1/2 mile away), I found Laeghaire standing there – squeaky clean – wearing the same clothes – and steam was rising off him. He pointed to the self-service car-wash and shouted gleefully “All the hot water and soap you want for 25 cents!” He got into his car with three others, and the windows steamed up and they drove off.

Pennsic IV may not have been the wettest or the stormiest or most dramatic Pennsic, but it was the most muddy. Everyone had some story about the mud, some story about the rain, some story about a tent collapse, some story about how everyone helped everyone else. Because of the people, it was a lot of fun – and I remember it fondly.

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Q & A: East Kingdom Exchequer

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2015-05-09 19:29

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers. The Gazette wishes to thank Maestra Ignacia la Ciega, East Kingdon Exchequer, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities. The job responsibilities of the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer encompass several areas.  The most obvious is the managing of the kingdom funds and financial reporting of those funds.   Working to ensure all the groups in the kingdom are in compliance with the Society and East Kingdom policy, procedures and laws is another large responsibility.   Of course there is always the need to respond to an assortment of inquiries and requests from the various groups, individuals and from Society.  There are many responsibilities that fall within the very broad areas listed above.  I will not bore everyone with those details.    

What do you enjoy about this activity? I enjoy working with numbers and with puzzles,  so digging in a report to find the reason it is not adding up correctly  is fun and rewarding.   These is a logic to numbers that is always consistent and predictable, two things I tend to favor.   I like having a reason to meet people from different groups and having a common footing area of focus to start conversations.   I also find I do like to fill a need when there is a need, and the exchequer positions are an absolute need, for without them we would no longer exist.    

Do you have a goal for your term? My biggest goal right now is simple.  I would like to have all the groups in the East doing complete and consistent reporting each quarter.   There are several things that can help make that happen, like having more training available and having several more deputies to work with the various groups to help me ensure we are staying in compliance.   I would also encourage more people to show appreciation to the exchequers in the local groups, they do amazing amounts of work that no one ever sees, so we all can enjoy our hobby of living history.        

Are you currently looking for any deputies?Yes, I would like several more deputies.  Aside from the regional deputies that do reviews of the reports as they come in, training deputies would be very helpful.  The Tir Mara region is one area that a deputy would be a big help, especially since I do not speak any French.  Some of the regions are very large, so for those regions a second deputy would be very welcome.  Training deputies – I would like a couple of those as well.  There is always a new exchequer that wants training or an experienced exchequer looking to understand something more than they currently do.  Training materials are always in need of updating, so that is also in the shadows waiting for someone to take it on.  I recently took on an administrative deputy, his first project is to organize the exchequer warranting process and files, and then he is also working on the book review scheduling.          

What was your first event?  And what made you stay?My very first event, was Bjorn’s Ceilidh, in Concordia of the Snows.   The local members made an effort to interact with people they did not know (or recognize as I later discovered).  They were so willing to talk about the things they did and showed a lot of enthusiasm when talking about it.  The effort people put into engaging in conversation went a long way in getting me to come back at the beginning.   That quickly changed to seeing friends and learning or teaching new things.     

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why? I have to say that Baron Emerson G. True was one of the first people that had an impact on me.  I was on the group’s discussion list and had attended only one A&S meeting and one event.   Fabric was needed for the next meeting so I said I was willing to go to the store or meet someone there in order that we have it for the meeting.  Emerson was the person that I met up with for that outing.  He encouraged the pomp and circumstance, and was the reason I became the Baronial herald shortly after joining the group.   Baroness Lucia and Baron Baltasar (then he was Soichero)  both encouraged me to try  a variety of different things and they both took me under their wings as I did that.  The first event I was a steward for, was their investiture.  Which lead to my running many more events over the years.

Could you share with us a moment – or several moments – that describe what makes the SCA special for you?There was one particular year at Pennsic when My lord and 3 of our ‘sons’ were all actually fighting.  We were on the fighting field with 2 of our ‘daughters’ sending the men off to war.   It was one of those moments when it feels like you are really there in that place and time.  I was giving each of them a piece of my clothing (not an entire sleeve) to remind them of my love and telling them to stay safe and come back to me.  Knowing that they would be with a dearly beloved Knight, the Baron and the King meant they would be in the company of proven warriors but also that they would be in the deepest of the fray.    I have had many very personally special moments over the years.  Some that make my heart truly sing, have been those times I have created a scroll for someone dear to me, and the personal touches and research done show so completely when they see it.  Knowing that the person is so touched by what you have created for them, not for the courts or for the kudos, but simply for what it means to them personally.    Most recently, in my current position, I was very touched after doing an online training session with an exchequer.   The session started with the person feeling like they could not manage the spreadsheet we use; they were very confused, and the stress was apparent in the voice.  By the end of the 1.5 hour session I could hear the confidence in the voice and knew the exchequer was feeling very capable of dealing with the position.  Of course there were profuse thank you’s but it really was they change in the voice and the confidence that made the entire thing very special for me.  

In service to the keeping of the coffers. Ignacia

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Escrimeurs : Annonce importante pour Pennsic

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-05-08 07:57

Cet article est maintenant disponible en Français. Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous.

Fencers: Important Announcement Regarding Pennsic / Escrimeurs : Annonce importante pour Pennsic

(English Translation: The following article is now available in French. Please click on the link below.)

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Information importante pour ceux qui vont à Pennsic et qui prennent des médicaments devant demeurer au froid.

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-05-08 07:47

Cet article est maintenant disponible en Français. Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous.

Important Pennsic Announcement Regarding Refrigerated Medication / Information importante pour ceux qui vont à Pennsic et qui prennent des médicaments devant demeurer au froid.

(English Translation: The following article is now available in French. Please click on the link below.)

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Fencers: Important Announcement Regarding Pennsic / Escrimeurs : Annonce importante pour Pennsic

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-05-07 15:34

En français

Greetings Rapier Combatants of the East!    There was some misunderstanding with the Battlefield scheduling for this year’s Pennsic War, and if you have submitted a class or tournament, you should resubmit it immediately!  We greatly apologize for the difficulties, but they are, apparently unavoidable.  You have through this Saturday (May 9th) to resubmit your class or tournament for scheduling.      In Service,         Master Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East


En français par Ekaterina Solov’eva Pevtsova

Salutation aux Escrimeurs de l’Est!
Il y a eu de la confusion avec l’horaire du champ de bataille cette année pour Pennsic. Alors si vous avez offerts vos service pour donner une classe ou organiser un tournois, vous devez immédiatement envoyer à nouveau ces informations. Nous sommes grandement désolés de cette situation mais il semble que ce soit inévitable. Vous avez jusqu’à ce samedi (demain, 9 Mai) pour envoyer à nouveau les informations pour votre classe ou votre tournois.
Au Service,
Maître Frasier MacLeod, KRM, Est.

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Important Pennsic Announcement Regarding Refrigerated Medication / Information importante pour ceux qui vont à Pennsic et qui prennent des médicaments devant demeurer au froid.

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-05-07 13:20

En français

Today Pennsic staff announced:

“Effective this year, The Pennsic War can not provide refrigeration service for individuals needing storage of medications.

If you must bring sensitive medicines that need refrigeration please take that into consideration when making your Pennsic plans.”

En français par Ekaterina Solov’eva Pevtsova

Aujourd’hui, les organisateurs de Pennsic ont annoncé qu’à partir de cette année, “Pennsic War ne peut plus offrir le service d’accès à un réfrigérateur pour storer les médicaments des participants.

Si vous devez apporter des médicaments qui doivent être gardés au froid, vous devez maintenant prévoir un endroit ou les conserver.”

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Du doyen de l’Ecole de guerre

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-05-07 05:22

Cet article est maintenant disponible en Français. Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous.

From the Dean of the War College / Du doyen de l’Ecole de guerre

(English Translation: The following article is now available in French. Please click on the link below.)

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From the Dean of the War College / Du doyen de l’Ecole de guerre

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-05-06 19:30

En français

Warriors of the East take heed!

My role as Dean of the War College has several main objectives. One is to assist with training the East Kingdom Army. Over the past year, I have spoken to many people, inside and outside our great Kingdom, as to how we can better hone our skills while having more fun. It is the general consensus that the War Camps, in their current form, are tired, boring and feel more like work than fun. The standard format we are using doesn’t excite anyone and most likely results in poor attendance. My first goal as Dean is to revamp the War Camps. To this end, I am announcing that the format for SRWC has changed to a somewhat story driven series of scenarios with more interesting victory conditions and advantages/consequences of winning/losing each stage of the scenario. There will be a speed tourney to choose the captains, then the teams will be selected. The Captains will then choose their commanders. Once the teams are set, the captains will be given their sealed orders. It is their job to disseminate the instructions/objective to their commanders/team and make ready for the next stage. After the completion of each scenario, the captain will receive a new set of sealed orders based upon whether he won or lost. Rinse and repeat. I won’t divulge any of the story right now other than the Working title; “The Secret of Gregor’s Gold”. Lame title, I know, I’m working on it. Details to follow…

Two rulings of note:  First, after some discussion with some of the combat archery community, we realize we need to do more to encourage their participation. On the other hand, a significant portion of the fighters express concern about feeling like “Ducks in a barrel” and are tired of constantly being shot by opponents they can’t reach.  A great suggestion came up that is used in some other kingdoms. To keep it more challenging for the archers, we will allow ONLY SHOTS TO THE FACE COUNT FOR COMBAT ARCHERY during these scenarios. This should improve our archers skill and reduce the frustration from the rest of the fighters. Therefore, COMBAT ARCHERY WILL BE ALLOWED IN ALL SCENARIOS. Second, there will be NO SPEARS IN THE WOODS! I want to make this portion up close and personal and eliminate the spear dueling line that always forms in the woods. There will be a capture and hold objective in the woods, so eliminating the spears should make the whole scenario more interesting. Spears will be allowed in the other scenarios.

NRWC  – The new site for NRWC is a wide open field so there are no terrain features for us to play with.  SPOILER ALERT!  Since we don’t have terrain to work with, it is my intention to run the Pennsic Champions Battle scenario at NRWC.  This is essentially a resurrection “Capture the Flag” scenario in a defined, walled in space. The rules for the Pennsic scenario are published for your review, but the scale of the field will be a bit smaller. We will also allow CA in this battle. IMPORTANT: I haven’t told the MIC yet about this plan. Don’t ruin the surprise! This is a grueling battle, so if the conditions are real hot, we will have a halftime for everyone to rehydrate, and switch sides.

Our short term objective is to place the units and their commanders in situations, allow them to devise their plans, give the orders, make command decisions and live with the consequences. Once the entire scenario is complete, we will sit down and have a quick autopsy while we rest and rehydrate, then break out into unbelted champions meetings and single combats. It is my hope that I can convince some of our chivalry to run some classes following the scenarios as well. Our long term objective is to bring fun back to the War camps and build attendance while improving our command/war skills.

I look forward to working with our commanders and troop as we work towards the common goals of fun and excellence. I welcome all feedback and suggestions that will assist in achieving these goals.

In service,

Duke Gregor von Heisler
Dean of the East Kingdom War College


En français par Sir Pellandres dit Le Frère

Oyez oyez combattants du royaume de l’Est!

Mon devoir en tant que recteur du Collège de Guerre a plusieurs objectifs. Un d’entre-eux est de prêter main forte à l’entraînement de l’armée du royaume de l’Est. Au cours de l’année, j’ai eu l’occasion de parler à de nombreuses personnes, autant à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur de notre grand royaume, au sujet de comment améliorer nos troupes, leur compétence, mais aussi le plaisir qu’elles ont. L’avis général que le format présent utilisé lors des camps de guerre est fatigué et dépassé, qu’y assister ressemble plus à un travail qu’une partie de plaisir. Comme personne n’est stimulé par cette manière de procéder, la participation a décliné les années passées. Mon premier but en tant que recteur sera de reformuler ces camps de guerre. À cette intention, je fais l’annonce que la tenue du SRWC (Camp de guerre de la région du sud) sera modifiée en une série de scénario reliés par une histoire qui guidera les conditions de victoire et aussi pour lesquels il y aura une influence, positive comme négative, à gagner ou perdre une bataille. Il y aura d’abord un tournoi rapide pour déterminer les capitaines, puis les côtés seront divisés. Ceux-ci pourront ensuite choisir leurs commandants. Une fois les camps établis, les capitaines recevront leurs ordres sous sceaux. Il sera alors de leur reponsabilité d’en partager l’information et les objectifs à leurs commandants et leur troupes. À la fin de chaque bataille, ils recevront aussi une nouvelle enveloppe basée sur le résultat. Ainsi de suite jusqu’à la résolution de la campagne. Je ne vais rien divulguer de l’hisoire, mais sachez que le titre de travail sera “ Le secret du trésor de Gregor ”. (Je sais, pas trop fort, mais bon, j’y travaille…) Les détails suivront…

Deux notes sur les règles : Premièrement, suite à certaines discussions avec la communauté d’archer de combat, nous réalisons qu’il faudra faire plus d’efforts pour les intégrer et encourager leur participation. Par contre, bien des combattants exprime leur mécontentement à se faire tirer sans pouvoir riposter. Un proposition intéressante qui est surgit, et qui est utilisée dans d’autres royaumes, est que pour ces scénarios seuls les tirs au visage ne compterons. Cela devrait avoir pour effet d’élever la précisions de nos archers et réduire la frustration des combattants. Pour ce, l’archerie de combat SERA POSSIBLE DANS TOUS LES SCENARIOS. Deuxièmement, il n’y aura pas de lances (spears) dans les bois! Je désire que cette portion des scénarios soit orienté au corps-à-corps et ainsi éviter la traditionelle ligne de duel qui se forme dans le boisé. Il y aura des objectifs de capture ainsi que de tenue d’endroit alors l’absence de lances devrait être intéressante. Je précise que les lances seront disponibles dans les autres batailles.

NRWC – Le nouveau site où sera tenu NRWC (Camp de guerre de la région du nord) est composé d’un grand champ ouvert. Il n’y a donc pas autant d’occasion de développer des scénarios. Comme nous ne pourrons pas bénéficier des caractéristiques du terrain, il est de mon intention d’y reproduire la bataille des champions de Pennsic. En gros, il s’agit d’un “capture le drapeau” au sein d’une zone fermée. Allez voir les règles décrites sur le site de Pennsic. Nous n’allons qu’en réduire l’étendue. L’archerie sera encore là permise sur le champ. À NOTER : Je n’en ai pas encore parlé au Maréchal en charge. Ne ruinez pas sa surprise… C’est une bataille qui est très exigente alors, si les conditions sont très chaudes, nous aurons une pause dans le milieu afin de se ressourcer, se réhydrater et changer de côté.
Notre objectif à court terme est de placer les unités et leur commandant dans des situations, leur permettre de déterminer un plan, donner des ordre, les ajuster et vivre avec les conséquences. Après le scénario, tous s’installeront ensemble afin de décortiquer l’événement pendant que nous nous reposons et se réhydratons. Il y aura ensute des combats singluliers et une rencontre des champions de “l’Unbelt”. J’ose croire que je pourrai persuader certains de la chevalerie à y tenir des classes. Quand à notre objectif à long terme, il est de ramener le plaisir aux camps de guerre et y faire remonter la participation tout en améliorant nos habiletés à la guerre comme au commandement.

J’ai bien hâte de travailler avec nos commandants et nos troupes vers ces nouveaux objectifs de plaisir et d’excellence. Je m’attends à recevoir tous les commentaires et suggestions possibles afin de les atteindre.

Toujours prêt à servir,
Duke Gregor von Heisler

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Maybe You Should Try Something New This Saturday

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-05-06 15:37

This Saturday, May 9th, the Barony of Iron Bog will be hosting it’s 2nd Maybe event. So Maybe come try something new. There will be loaner gear available for martial activities and teachers will be there for many A&S activities. Including bead making, illumination, bardic, cooking, fiber arts, metalworking, woodworking, and more. This event will also feature 2 tournaments to find Iron Bog’s new Rattan and Rapier champions for the next year. Please think about visiting the Barony for this wonderful day of fun.

Event Announcement:

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Take Up an Artisans Village Challenge

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-05-06 14:48

This reminder was submitted by Lady Lissa Underhill…

Artisans Village is a month away. Thinking of taking up one of our Artisans Challenges?!

We have 18 wonderful challenges representing a diverse array of arts, including cooking, scribal, costuming, glass bead/jewelry making, and the performing arts. We also have several research and persona based challenges, some of which would be applicable for a wide variety of arts or sciences.

Please view the list of challenges below, and go to the event website for more information about each challenge:

We hope to see you and your work at the event!


Galen, What Should I Make for Dinner?
–Tristan de Worrell

Faith-Filled Food
–Judith bas Rabbi Mendel

Create a 16th Century Italian Item of Clothing or Accessory
–Kataryn Mercer

The Gift of Tongues
–Galefridus Peregrinus and Judith bas Rabbi Mendel

An Untraveled Path Challenge
–Renye Wurm

Siens Experimente
–Alesone Gray of Cranlegh

Mistery of Grocers of our City of London
–Alesone Gray of Cranlegh

All In A Days Work
–Ibrahim al-Rashid

Write a Biography
–Markesa Manuel de Carvalhal

Procrastinators Challenge
–Sarah le Payller

Wire-wrapped bead challenge, in two parts.
–Sarah le Payller

Funny, It Does Look Jewish
–Reb Eleazar ha-Levi

Make Earrings
— Carowyn Silveroak

Kingdom Inspired Largesse
–Rainillt de Bello Marisco

Recreate a Period Glass Bead
–Elysabeth (Lissa) Underhill

Thinking Inside the Box: Formal Poetic Forms
–Aildreda de Tamwurthe on behalf of the East Kingdom College of Performers

“Tik, tak! hic, hac!”: Art about Artisans
–Sabine de Kerbriant

Getting your nibs wet
–Lada Monguligin

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Street Bransels in Drachenwald

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-05-06 09:15

Musicians play light music in the Lower Hall for the Meet and Greet Wednesday night

The Gazette thanks Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot for this account and the accompanying photos.

Known World Dance Symposium -­ billed as a “dry name for an awesome event” – this was more exciting a time than even our hosts could have imagined! Deeply entrenched in the front lines, bransling in the streets was just one of the many things this Eastern reporter witnessed at the symposium. For, when a fire alarm goes off during classes, what else are we do to but take to the streets? An event, a demo… at that point, none could tell. A drink here, a drink there, the tavern was well stocked with local brews, tasty sodas and much needed waters, and those stores were well depleted daily by hordes of thirsty dancers. From the first moments of the meet and greet to the last moments of clean up, the Altes Rathaus was filled with music and dance day and night.

The opening night in the lower hall, where musicians gave us hints at the melodies we would soon tread the stones too, saw attendees in garb and in mundanes alike, swaying to the music that echoed wonderfully off the heraldic pennants and stone walls. We met and greeted each other, finding common languages and learning a little of foreign tongues. The talking and jam sessions lasted late into the night, and the last hangers on were shooed out of the hall at nearly the stroke of midnight. Out into the empty, quiet streets we went, and on toward waiting beds.

Countess Judith teaches an Italian dance in the Upper Hall

Thursday opened with much fanfare, or at least much coffee, and classes started quickly and with great attendance. The ladies at gate were efficient and ever so kind, assisting all and tirelessly answering questions from the passers by whose interest in the old building and the oddly dressed gentles entering it drew them close all day. The lower hall rung bright with the sounds of English Country Dance, and the upper Hall was filled with the swishing feet of Italian dances. The kitchen, ever bustling, presented the dancers with meals all day, filling all with delectable meals of period origin. This humble reporter was gifted with the head cook’s own copy of the recipe book, a wonderful gift from a wonderful chef! Each night closed with a Ball, and Thursdays saw the Gentlemen on one side and the Ladies on the other, with a Caroso Ball our entertainment. It gave excellent opportunity for discussion, and exquisite opportunity for new dance partners!

Dancers and musicians take to the streets for dancing as a fire alarm interrupts classes Friday morning

Dancing continues in the shadow of the fire truck

Friday dawned, and sleepy dancers (as the nightly dancing didn’t end till almost 1am!) again filled the halls with echoes of called steps and beautiful music. The cooks again delighted the populace with tasty meals… and were tragically interrupted by the howling of mechanical alarms as we were forced out of the building and into the streets. So palpable was our pain and disappointment of having been robbed of dance time in the beautiful halls, that bransles broke out in the street as dancers refused to let something so modern as a fire alarm stop them. The musicians played on, ringed protectively in hordes of dancers as onlookers drew out cameras to document the goings on that covered the fair streets of the medieval city. The dancing continued, even as the blaring sirens and flashing

Musicians adapt to their new surroundings and play in the center of a ring of dancers

lights of the fire department arrived, and making way for the monstrous vehicles, the dancers closed ranks again and continued, wasting no time of their dancing event simply standing and waiting to be allowed back in. Our own Duchess Thyra joined their dancing, smiling bright to keep spirits up. So long was our delay that the staff, having figured some way back in momentarily, returned to the streets with meat pasties and mushroom pies, and pitchers of water to

Happy SCAdians all wave as the fire department calls all clear and depart.

keep the dancers going. All was met with much applauding, and more dancing. At long last, the bransles waned and the building was declared safe, and the event continued as well all moved inside again, and back onto the carefully planned schedule. No ill effects were felt from the kitchen, and all the foods were well prepared and presented. The Ball that night went late again, as is their way, and the dancers were up to the end… Duchess Thyra being among the last to leave the grand Upper Hall in the wee hours of the night.

Duchess Thyra, Baroness Æsa Feilinn and Lady Cecilia enjoy meat pies during the Street Bransles




Saturday came, and with it a surge of new dancers! The halls, full before, were now packed with the happy faces of dancers young and old. The staff, in their grace, took this in stride and everything continued to run beautifully. The kitchen, having already filled all to the brim with excellent fare, produced even more wonderful dishes for the waiting masses. The classes were well attended again as everyone prepared for the Grand Ball that night. Court for their most generous Highnesses of the Kingdom of Drachenwald and their gracious Excellencies of the Barony of Knights Crossing was also held as graceful dancers performed for them in honor of the event. Then, in a hall decorated for the occasion with long tables in white linen and colors announcing brightly the host Kingdom (a more amazing feast hall this reporter has never seen ­ the ambiance was perfect and I was, for a moment, transported to another time completely) a grand feast was held for all assembled. The dishes presented were full of flavor and dressed beautifully, and the kitchen amazed us all. Then tragedy and disaster struck again! Our feast was again disrupted by the infernal screams of mechanical alarms, and flashing lights as

Duchess Thyra treading the stones at the Grand Ball Saturday night

though from hell itself rained down on our fair scene! Good gentles all, adorned in their finest for the feasting and coming Ball, fled the hall in a riot of color, spilling out again into the streets of Miltenberg with goblet and napkin in hand. Finding ourselves again in the street, we did what all dancers do when evicted suddenly from such gorgeous surroundings ­ we bransled. Much laughter did come from the populace as we danced in the streets for our smiling Royalty and Baronage, and again we made room as the rushing vehicles came to see to our safety. It was declared fine, and we returned to the feast, only the dessert suffering slightly for the delay ­ we had a lovely compote and cookies instead of milk pies. The Grand Ball was as full and amazing as it sounds, and as an added treat we were entertained through dance by Countess Judith of Northumbria and her merry troupe, recreating for us scenes from mythos.

Countess Judith presented a series of myths in dance and song during the Grand Ball

Sunday dawned and the last of us gathered again in mundanes, to tear down the event and clean those great halls. Carrying stacks of chairs and moving piles of food we hand many hands to help carry the SCA out of the Altes Rathaus and leave those halls as they were before. Slowly the staff departed for their own lands, and this reporter, after many hugs, wandered off as well, back into the warm light of the afternoon and the sounds of a modern medieval city.

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Novice Rapier Tourney Added to EK Novice Day

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-05-05 17:45

Last year we ran an amazing event for novice heavy fighters.  It was held a little later in July, but offered new fighters a last weekend to authorize. It was Very Good Day ™. It was something I was very proud to be a part of. This year we are opening it up to more activities including, rapier and A&S.  An entire day of activities and competition for those people with 2< years of experience in their disciplines. I am running Rapier.

So what does this mean for you?

We will be running a tournament for novice rapier fighters. It will in the format of the type tourney we run for KQ Rapier Championship. You need to have less than 2 years experience in rapier. This means any heavy cross overs that are just getting into rapier, this day is for you too.  If you are interested in understanding what rapier is all about, experienced fighters will be on hand to answer your questions about rules, gear and game play.

We will be doing all the authorizations. Novices get first run of the marshals, but there will be folks on hand to run secondaries or reauths as well. It will be the last day to get authorized before Pennsic. If you are interested in helping marshal, shoot me an email.  MITs this is a great event to get more experience in authorizations and running/marshaling tournaments. alesone.gray @ gmail.

We are growing our future. Come be a part of it.

Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranleigh

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Polling Recommendations for Golden Lance Sought

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-05-05 17:15

Their serene Majesties, Edward and Thyra passed the Order of the Golden Lance at their last curia at Mudthaw. The Golden Lance will be an order of high merit for those who have excelled in the Equestrian Arts. As a former rider myself, we are excited to bring this new level of recognition to our Eastern riders.

We will accept recommendations for the Premiers of this new order until June 1st. It is our intent to poll all authorized riders for the selection of the first members of this new order. As there is no formal polling system set up, we will use a more informal method. If you are an authorized rider and wish to participate in this polling, please ensure the Kingdom Equestrian Marshall, Baroness Doucette de Verdun has an up to date email address.

In Service to the East,
King Omega and Queen Etheldreda

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Rapier Marshal Information Requested

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-05-05 16:44

Greetings, East Kingdom Rapier Marshals.

We are in the process of compiling information for the fencing community and ask that every active marshal please email the following information to your regional marshal:

-Name (SCA and Mundane)
-Membership number and expiration date
-Who warranted you and when.

Local Marshals, please obtain this information from your area Marshals at Large.

Emails for each region are listed below:.

West Tir Mara Deputy Doña Borujin Acilaldai  Email:

East Tir Mara Deputy Lord Guthfrith Yrlingson Email:

Northern Region Deputy Dona Camille des Jardins Email:

Central Region Deputy Don Lotieri Malocchio Email:

Southern Region Deputy Baroness Engracia de Madrigal Email

In Service,

Master Frasier MacLeod
KRM, East

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New Heirs to the East! Les nouveaux Héritiers du Royaume de l’Est!

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2015-05-02 16:26

Prince Brennan crowns the new Princess.

En français

The new heirs to the East Kingdom are Count Brennan mac Fearghus and Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain

Long live Prince Brennan mac Fearghus and Princess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain!

En français
Les nouveaux Héritiers du Royaume de l’Est sont maintenant connus Count Brennan mac Fearghus and Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain.

Longue vie au Prince Brennan mac Fearghus et à la Princesse Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain!

Traduction: Behi Kirsa Oyutai

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Crown Tourney – Finals / Les Finalistes du Tournoi de la Couronne

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2015-05-02 16:12

The final combatants and consorts speak with the Crown before the final bought.
Photo courtesy Lady Sorcha nic Aoidh

En français

The finals of the Spring Tournament for the Crown of the East will be comprised of only one bout and be fought between

Count Brennan mac Fearghus, fighting for Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain


Lord Ionness Aurelius Serpentius, fighting for Mistress Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt

En français

Les finales du Tournoi de la Couronne Printanier du Royaume de l’Est seront composés d’un seul combat et opposerons

Count Brennan mac Fearghus, combattant pour Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain
Lord Ionness Aurelius Serpentius combattant pour Mistress Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt

Traduction: Behi Kirsa Oyutai

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Crown Tourney – Second Advance to Finals / Deuxième avancée à la finale du Tournoi de la Couronne

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2015-05-02 16:06

Count Brennan mac Fearghus fights Sir Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov.

En français

Count Brennan mac Fearghus, fighting for Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, advances to the final round of Crown Tourney.

En français

Count Brennan mac Fearghus, combattant pour Countess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, accède à la ronde finale du Tournoi de la Couronne.

Traduction: Behi Kirsa Oyutai

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