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Q&A: East Kingdom Mistress of Lists

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-03-12 09:41

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers.  The Gazette thanks Lady Sabina Luttrell, East Kingdom Mistress of Lists, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities.
My job as the Kingdom Minister of Lists is multi-layered.

My very visible task is to run the Crown Tournament of the King and Queen twice a year. I am also responsible for running the King and Queen’s Champions Tournaments for Heavy Rattan Combat and Period Rapier. “Running” means that I check all fighter and rapier authorizations to make sure that everyone is safe and playing within the rules of the East Kingdom. I am also the scorekeeper and historian for each tournament. I keep track of who has won what bouts and who moves on to the next round of the tournament.

Behind the scenes is a much busier place. All rattan fighters and rapier fighters are required to authorize in different weapons forms. They are also required to sign a waiver to participate in practices and tournaments in the East Kingdom. I am the person that keeps track of all of those waivers and weapons forms. I, along with my database deputy, update a central database roughly once a month, that allows all marshals and MOLs (local minister of lists) to do their jobs efficiently.

What do you enjoy about this activity?
I LOVE being the Minister of Lists. I enjoy interacting with the people of the East Kingdom. It is so much fun to see other people enjoying themselves. I get a front row seat to all of the best tournaments and get to cheer on everyone! I also have to admit that I like to organize things. Paperwork and databases are fun to me. Call me crazy!

Do you have a goal for your term?
My goal for this term, as in last term, is to continue to update entries regarding all combatants and marshals. If you ever see anything in the database that is incorrect, I would love to fix it.

Are you currently looking for any deputies?
I am always looking for MOLs for local groups. MOLs at large are also very important and help the fighters of the East more than you would imagine.

What was your first event? And what made you stay?
My first event was around 7 years ago with my family. We attended a very wet and rainy archery event in the Barony of Stonemarche. My children were young and we didn’t stay long, but the people were very friendly so we decided to try again. We next attended A Shire 12th Night in the Barony of Smoking Rocks. This is a 10 foot rule event that is geared toward a specific time period. I think that year it was 1180? Anyway, it was a fabulous event and again, the people were fantastic. I couldn’t wait to attend more. All in all, I would have to say that it is the people of the East that keep me coming back.

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why?
Three people have really shaped my SCA experience.

The first was Duchess Avelina Keyes. She was the first person that my husband and I made contact with in the Society. She was welcoming and encouraged our enthusiasm for archery and “All the things”. She made sure that we felt welcome and at home.

The second and third great SCA influences were Baroness eLeri of Concordia of the Snows and Baroness Lily of the same. These ladies were having so much fun running tournaments! They loved every minute that they spent behind an MOL table. I couldn’t help but fall in love with them both and want to spend more time doing what they were doing and spend it with them. I am so grateful that I was able to spend the time that I did with eLeri. She showed me what it was to have a true love of service to the people of the East.

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Unofficial Court Report – Estrella War

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-03-11 21:25

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen by agency of that same right, second of that name, held upon 1 March in the forty-ninth year of the Society upon the fields of the Estrella War; on which day were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Their Majesties called before them the following good and noble gentles and inducted them into the Company of the Pennon of the East, the which Company had formerly been known as the Tyger of the Foreign Legions, it being a gift of the Crown for those honored persons who support the East Kingdom at events held in another Kingdom:

• Matthias Grunwald
• Simony Gwyn
• Mael Eoin mac Echuid
• Eva Woderose
• Ellisif Veymundarsdottir

I, Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.

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Welcome to the SCAdian Castle in the Debatable Lands

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-03-11 15:35

- by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

This castle looks like it would be entirely at home in Europe, but it’s actually situated in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, aka Pittsburgh, PA.

Many gentles from the western portions of Æthelmearc are familiar with the castle of Sir Byron of Haverford and Sir Ariella of Thornbury through their generosity in offering it as a site for occasional events in the Debatable Lands. For those who have never seen the castle, we offer you a photographic tour and encourage you to attend an event or practice there. The next one will be the Regional Archery Muster on Sunday, April 12, which is the day after the Coronation of TRH Timothy and Gabrielle.

Their Excellencies, Sir Ariella of Thornbury and Sir Thomas Byron of Haverford

For many years, Byron and Ariella dreamed of a home that reflected their interest in late 14th century England. They began planning for their castle in 1998. In 2002, they took their architect with them to England, where they visited the castle they had chosen as their model, Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, to look at how it was designed and constructed.

Byron and Ariella explained, “One of the major goals in constructing this castle was maintaining historical accuracy. We used Bodiam castle as a model in part because the entire castle was built at one time. Most castles were built over centuries, with elements ranging from the Norman invasion to the Tudor period. These different styles make it difficult to maintain a consistent style of construction in reproductions.”

Originally, there was only a manor house at Bodiam. Then, due to the impending invasion of French forces in 1385, King Richard III granted Sir Edward Dalyngrigge a license to “strengthen and crenellate” the manor house at Bodiam, and “to construct and make thereof a castle in defense of the adjacent countryside and for resistance against our enemies.” However, instead of fortifying the manor, Edward decided to build a new castle near the River Rother, where any attack would most likely have occurred. Bodiam Castle was completed between 1385-1389. Sir Byron and Sir Ariella requested and received a similar license to crenellate their castle from King Malcolm and Queen Tessa of Æthelmearc.

After returning home to the Debatable Lands from their trip to England, they had architectural plans developed to match those period elements as much as possible, while also providing a comfortable home for a family with growing children as well as complying with local building codes. They also engaged Master Johan von Traubenberg to provide a historically accurate design for the post and beam columns that support and frame the Great Hall.

“The castle is divided into “period sections” and “modern sections”, so that we can suspend our disbelief when we want to, but still live comfortably.” Their Excellencies said. “The appearance of the construction and all of the furnishings within the period sections of the house have been researched and are documentable within 50 years of 1385AD in Great Britain.”

Another decision Their Excellencies had to make was how authentic they could afford to be in the construction of their castle. They explained, “There are two basic philosophies of castle reconstruction: authenticity of style, and authenticity of materials. Ideally, one would have authenticity of both style and materials, but that is prohibitively expensive. We have chosen authenticity of style as our primary goal.”

Construction began in the fall of 2004 with the clearing of the land, followed by pouring of the foundation the following spring.

The exterior of the castle was built of wood framing with Tyvek sheathing, then a cast concrete veneer was applied to give the castle the appearance of being made completely of stone.


By the fall of 2005, work could begin on the interior. The exterior of the castle was completed in the spring of 2006.

Their Excellencies were also very exacting in their requirements for the interior of the castle. They chose lighting to look like sconces, and special-ordered the interior and exterior wood doors from England. The main entrance features a portcullis (non-lowerable, alas, for safety reasons) and “murder holes” accessible from the 2nd floor laundry room. Their Excellencies’ three children have been known to drop ping pong balls through the murder holes on entering visitors, which most guests take in good sport.

While the windows at the front of the castle are small to simulate arrow loops, the windows at the back of the castle along the Great Hall are large to let in lots of light.

The Great Hall, which can seat about 65 people for a feast, also features period-style chandeliers, a large fireplace, patterned tile floor, and murals that Master Brendan Brisbone spent a year of weekends painting with assistance from Mistress Kris Gilibari. Each mural represents various aspects of the family’s life, including a portrayal of a battle with combatants bearing the Kingdom and Barony badges, feasts, hawking and hunting, and the entire family dressed for their favorite pastimes. There are four large murals, each in a different style and covering multiple time periods, as well as a set of roundels reflecting the seasons of the year surrounding the entrances to the kitchen and the upper musicians’ gallery.

The fireplace wall has a diapered floral pattern and a motto in Latin that translates as “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.”

Though the upper floor of the castle is reserved for the family’s private living quarters, it is used as changing rooms or classrooms at events. The musicians’ gallery opposite the fireplace is frequently employed for performances by the Debatable Choir and Consort. Another gallery along the adjacent wall makes a good vantage point for watching people in the Great Hall below.

Around the time the castle was being completed, Byron and Ariella also gained new responsibilities when they were elected Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands. They served in that position from May of A.S. XLII to August of A.S. XLVI. While ruling the Barony, they hosted numerous smaller events at their castle, which they have continued to do since stepping down as Baron and Baroness in 2011.

Scadians have enjoyed fighting on the drawbridge over the dry moat (the drawbridge is fixed in place) as well as in the woods behind the castle, or fencing in the Great Hall or on the driveway.

A thrown weapons range is traditionally set up along the driveway in front of the castle.

Gentles especially enjoy using the castle for archery, both from the western side of the castle at ground level at traditional Royal Round and Gwyntarian Winter Challenge targets…
…and from the parapets, engaging in either combat archery at fighters below or target archery at novelty targets in the wooded hillside in front of the castle, which are often provided by the ever-inventive THLord Deryk the Archer.

While archers typically shoot from the lower level of the roof, stairs lead to the top of the northeastern tower, from which archers can test their skill at distance shooting. It’s very, very high up; well over three stories above the ground. During these shoots, marshals gather spent arrows and place them into a basket that is lowered from the main parapet so archers don’t have to go up and down the stairs each round.

You can learn more about the castle by visiting Their Excellencies’ website at


The castle is Their Excellencies’ private home, so please do not show up unannounced. However, Their Excellencies welcome guests at regularly planned events and practices. If you would like to visit the castle, we encourage you to attend the Regional Archery Muster on Sunday, April 12th, A.S. XLIX, which is being organized by Master Urho Waltterinen.

Master Urho shooting from the parapet of the castle

When: Sunday, April 12, 10am – 5pm
Where: 755 Stonegate Drive, Wexford, PA 15090 (Byron & Ariella’s Castle) (parking on the street)

By the kind generosity of their Excellencies, Sir Byron and Sir Ariella, we will once again have a regional archery practice open to all at the Castle on Sunday, April 12th. This is the day following Æthelmearc Coronation. We will begin at 10:00 in the morning and continue until 5:00 that afternoon.

We will be joined by Thrown Weapons, Youth Combat, and Arts & Sciences.

One of the goals of this practice is to allow people to shoot their last rounds for the Gwyntarian Winter Challenge which closes a few days later. We would like to conduct this as our morning project and leave the afternoon for everything else, although the range will be open all day.

We will have novelty targets and anything that we can think of that is safe to shoot at. Space permitting and marshal availability, there may be some individual training. Of course, we will have archery from the Castle parapets. His Lordship Deryk Archer has been challenged again.

The Barony-Marche loaner gear will be available.

Food will be pot luck. You are encouraged to bring hot and cold meals, side dishes, desserts, and snacks as you wish. Try out something new – we’re all hardy souls. Plates, cups, utensils and soft drinks will be provided.

Their Excellencies ask that everyone wear garb for the day.

This is not an event; it is an “enhanced practice.”

Please contact Master Urho Waltterinen with any questions and requests.

- All photos courtesy of Sir Byron and Sir Ariella.

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A Memorial Roll for Their Majesties

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-03-10 18:23

by Gun∂ormr Dengir and Eleanor Catlyng

As the end of the reign of our Majesties Edward and Thyra approaches, we have started work on a scroll to commemorate their reign. The pattern is that of a Mortuary Roll. These were sent upon the death of an Abbot, Prioress or other high-ranking member of a religious community to other, related houses. The roll began with an obituary for the deceased and then, upon arrival, each house added a short, usually formulaic, prayer. These begin with the place name, introduced with the word “Titulus”, and then proceed to offer a prayer for the deceased. In some cases, they then tack on the names of deceased members of their houses, with the admonition “When praying for them, please also remember ours”. The final scroll, in some cases more than 10 meters long, then returned to the original house with a complete record of its travels.

One titulus, that of Notre Dame in Watten, from the roll for Abbot Foulques of Corbie with the title line of the following one, for St. Omer. Despite Folques having died in 1095, the roll probably dates to about 1106. (BNF Latin 11636, f.208v)

Using this pattern, we are constructing a memorial roll for the soon-to-be-former King and Queen. A modified text has been written to use as a skeleton for the Tituli.   In addition to asking for prayers for the soul of the dead, we’re remembering the wisdom, deeds or fame of those who have left us for other lands or those whose deeds inspire words and songs that travel the world.

The goal is to represent as many of the Baronies, Shires and Cantons of this and even other kingdoms to with contributed Tituli, adding any members from their local community whom they wish to celebrate. Where possible we are working with resident scribes, but the fates are harsh mistresses and the end of the reign draws nigh. Therefore we’re hoping to have other local groups contribute names to be remembered, with the Titulus added by whichever scribes may dedicate themselves to this work.

As such, those who wish to contribute one for remembrance, should submit information here.

We shall arrange a scribe to record your memorial, provided that we receive your contribution by the 22nd of March.

Those who may wish to lend their hand to the project as a scribe are also welcome to submit their interest here.  One does not need to be a well practiced scribe, as those who laid letters historically also ranged in skill, but a willingness to learn the appropriate hand for this project is necessary.

For more information about this project and the research behind it, please visit: or contact Gun∂ormr Dengir or Eleanor Catlyng.



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From the EK Seneschal about Tir Mara/De la part du Seneschal du Royaume de l’Est, à propos de Tir Mara

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-03-10 16:27

En français

The following is posted at the request of the East Kingdom Seneschal.

After much thought and conversation I am pleased to announce the selection of Baroness Allessandra Francesca di Milano as the regional Seneschal for Tir Mara. She and I will be working together to continue Tir Mara’s vital place in the East Kingdom.

Please feel free to contact her at

Yours, In Service to the East,

Mercedes Vera de Calafia
East Kingdom Seneschal

En français

Ce qui suit est annoncé à la demande du Seneschal du Royaume de l’Est.

Après beaucoup de réflection et de discussions, je suis heureuse d’annoncer la sélection de Baronne Allessandra Francesca di Milano en tant que Seneschal régional pour Tir Mara. Nous allons travailler ensemble afin de maintenir et continuer la place vitale que Tir Mara a dans le Royaume de l’Est.

N’hésitez pas à la contacter à

Bien à vous, au Service de l’Est,

Mercedes Vera de Calafia
Seneschal du Royaume de l’Est

The Gazette thanks Lady Frenya Thorsteinndottir for translation services.

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Spin Like a Viking!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-03-10 09:32

In our ongoing series featuring Æthelmearc bloggers, we bring you The Missing Spindle, the spinning blog of Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa, OL, OP (mundanely known as Lois Swales).

You will find the blog here.

You will find information on drop spindles, distaffs and whorls (including an interesting and humorous section on using potatoes as whorls).

There are also links to her YouTube videos, a sample which can be seen here:

If you are interested in period hand spinning, check out this blog!

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Are You Going to Gulf Wars?

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-03-10 08:41

photo by Master Guiseppe di san Donato

Greetings, this missive is for those attending Gulf Wars with Æthelmearc.

Their Majesties thank you for crusading to the southern climes with Them! A
couple of details you may want to know.

1. If you happen to Facebook, please do join the group “AEthelmearc Goes to
Gulf Wars”. It’s not necessary, but it is a handy thing.

2. As is traditional, there will be a Kingdom Court in the Æthelmearc
encampment during Gulf Wars. It will be Thursday at about 7pm.

3. Dona Illadore has offered to run a meal plan, and it looks mighty
tasty!! However, you must contact Sir Koredono at koredono at gmail dot com by
the end of today (3/10) at 9pm if you want in. Or comment on the relevant
post on the Facebook group.

The details:
• The meal plan will consist of breakfast and dinner each day; everyone is
on their own for lunch;
• Breakfast will consist of oatmeal, eggs (probably scrambled and
hardboiled), fruit (probably bananas and oranges), commercially-produced
muffins and pop-tarts, along with coffee (I think);
• Dinners will consist of whatever Illadore comes up with (she has a menu
already), but there will be vegetarian / non-mammal options for each night;
if you have more specific dietary requirements, you’ll have to speak with
Illadore either online or on site;
• The cost for being on the entire meal plan will be $35 for 5 days,
Monday-Friday (plus breakfast Saturday); if you want to be on for *just*
breakfast or *just* dinner we can do that, but you must be on for the
entire week, or not at all. Also, each person must help with prep /
clean-up once or twice (depending on numbers), to spread the labor and not
overburden Illadore. Note that this is a personal endeavor and uses
personal funds, not SCA funds.

4. Their Majesties are trying to compile of list of folks from Aethelmearc
that are going, but are having a difficult time. If you’re going (and
haven’t been commenting such on the Facebook group), please drop me a line at krista.cogan at gmail dot com.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

In Levitate et Caritate,
Mistress Hilderun, co-Head of Court to King Titus and Queen Anna Leigh

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White Hart Refunds and Future Plans

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-09 23:06

The following information was posted to the Tournament of the White Hart Facebook page by the Autocrat and Reservations Clerk.

Greetings from the White Hart Autocrat and the Shire of Port Oasis,

We deeply regret having to cancel this year’s Tournament of the White Hart and the disappointment it has caused. Originally, in our hurried planning of what to do, we thought to just hold the tournament at our next event. Several other options have been considered since that time and we feel we have reached a plan that will work best for everyone.

After much consideration, it has been decided to not have a 2015 Tournament of the White Hart at our June event as had been previously published. Instead, the current Lord and Lady will continue in their role along with the rest of the White Hart Champions until the next Tournament to be held on March 4 – 6, 2016. At that time the current Champions can hold there respective tournaments and choose their successors.

We feel that this option will give the Lord and Lady, and other Champions an event with the focus that they deserve.

Updated event announcements will be forthcoming.

Thank you
Master Robert the Grey
WH autocrat

Greetings, a message from our reservations clerk.

Attention to all who pre-registered for White Hart…

Please contact Lady Máirin Ó Nialláin (Debbie Serrianni Preston), the reservations clerk, to make arrangements to have your payments returned.

You may contact her via personal message on Facebook or email at so she can discuss refunding options with each of you individually.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and our apologies for the inconvenience of cancelling this wonderful event.

Lady Máirin Ó Nialláin

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Saturday’s Novice Schola Helps Newcomers Get Started

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-09 16:12

This Saturday, March 14th, the Barony of Bergental will host their annual Novice Schola, including a wide spectrum of classes on diverse topics of interest to those who are new to the SCA.

The event will be held in Springfield, MA, and full event details can be found online at the East Kingdom Website.

Click here to view the 2015 Novice Schola class list with descriptions (.pdf document) or take a look at the overall class schedule (.pdf document).

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Event Report: The Donnan Party, Shire of Ballachlagan, March 7, A.S. XLIX

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-03-08 17:49

Master Donnan receiving his birthday smacks.

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope reports on the Donnan Party event.

The Donnan Party began around 20 years ago as a way to celebrate the birthday of Master Donnan the Solitary by providing an opportunity for other fencers to give him his traditional fencer’s “birthday smacks.” This year that meant 52 bouts that Master Donnan had to win, which he did while facing a long line of people eager to sing happy birthday to him, hug him, or stab him (or sometimes all three in succession).

The event, hosted by the Shire of Ballachlagan, featured numerous fencing activities, including classes on such topics as footwork by Sir Kadan Chákhilgan Ger on Echen, sword and buckler by Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen, becoming a rapier marshal by Doña Gabrielle de Winter, the body mechanics of cut and thrust by Don Anias Fenne, using a cloak as a parry device by Countess Elena d’Artois, and “Jedi Mind Tricks” by Duke Malcolm MacEoghainn.

Don Donnan the Solitary vs. Don Lodovic of Grays Inn

Master Donnan also taught a class on the user of the German longsword. At the end of the afternoon, the White Scarves held a workshop for combatants to receive advice and practice against these premier fencers. In addition, there was a cut and thrust tournament and pickup singles fencing throughout the day. Approximately 38 fencers were in attendance. Lady Aemelia Soteria and Grace of Steltonwald served is MOLs for the rapier list.

Master Donnan’s German longsword class.

Lord Magnus bastiano di Vigo vs. Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill.

THLord Jussie Laplein vs. Lord Ulrich von Schwartzburg

While the fencers monopolized the main gym, the rattan fighters used the auditorium gym for both singles combat and melee practice.

THLord Arnthor inn Sterki won the round robin tournament, and 33 fighters participated in a variety of melee practices

Æthelmearc’s Warlord, Sir Stefan Ulfkelsson, ran the fighters through melee scenarios with marshaling assistance from Sir Thorgrim Skullsplitter, Lord Oliver Sutton, Sir Vladimir Mechnik, and Sir Alonzio of the Peacemakers, while Lady Sabrina Godolphin served as Mistress of the Lists.

In the video below, fighters were grouped into five-man teams. Each team took a turn in the “bullring” at the center of the room, which they had to defend against each other team in quick succession. This video shows just one round; over the course of the drill, each team took a turn in the center, defending against the other four teams.

Other drills included simple formation marching and commands, as well as lots of open field battles, some with one side being told to do something specific to help the other side learn a skill or tactic. The last scenario of the day was a resurrection bridge battle.

Sir Vladimir Mechnik and Sir Stefan Ulfkelsson.

Sir Stefan commented: “As an army we continue to grow in skill. Every time we gather I am inspired by the effort which others are putting forth towards building a better army and making themselves better fighters. I have tried hard at each muster to give time for fighters who have traveled (sometimes over seven hours) to meet one another in singles as well as melee. It is a bit of a balancing act but I think it has been pretty good at each one; at least, the comments have been positive. Our Heirs have set a mighty task for our Kingdom at Pennsic, one which I am happy to be a part of and inspired to see others take such joy in. So please, if there ever was a year to dust off your armor, fencing gear, bow, etc., this is the year to do it!”

Those of less martial persuasion (or who wished to take an occasional break from all of the slaying that went on throughout the day) could enjoy the A&S classes offered.

THLady Beatrice de Winter’s class on the subject of death.

Gentles practicing fingerloop braiding with wire.

Lady Sumayya al Ghaziya teaching her class on fingerloop braiding with wire.

Dominique Von Weissenthurn’s class on making Elizabethan buttons.

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope’s class on illumination.

Mistress Aleea Bagah’s class on applying trim to garb.

Lady Phelippe “Pippi” Ulfsdottir also taught an embroidery class. Late in the afternoon Don Anias Fenne revealed that it was Pippi’s birthday, at which the assembled gentles sang “Happy Birthday” and cupcakes were distributed.

- All photos and video by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

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Region 5 Deputy Chatelaine Needed

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-03-08 13:20

A message from the Kingdom Chatelaine.


The Region 5 Deputy Chatelaine, Vrouw Lijsbet de Kuekere, will be stepping
down at the end of April. I thank her for her years of service, and wish her
well in her future endeavors.

Those interested in becoming the next Region 5 Deputy Chatelaine should
submit a letter of interest to me via email by March 31.

What does a Regional Chatelaine do?
A regional deputy to the Kingdom Chatelain is one who helps collect and
compile local officer reports, sets regional goals for the office, helps to
train and educate local officers in office duties and responsibilities, and
keeps the lines of communication open between Kingdom and local levels.

Requirements of the Office:
Current SCA Membership. Active and responsive on internet, email, and social media on a regular basis. Residence in Region 5 is preferred, but not required.

If you have an interest or questions regarding the Region 5 Deputy
Chatelaine position, please feel free to contact me.

In Service,
THL Desiderata Drake
Aethelmearc Kingdom Chatelaine

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Henry VIII graces stages in New York and New Jersey - Sun, 2015-03-08 10:51

Henry VIII and his wives will be on the minds of New Yorkers as two very different productions have been scheduled: King Henry VIII at the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey (Fall 2014) and Wolf Hall: Parts 1 & 2 by the Royal Shakespeare Company (Spring 2015). The latter is an adaption of the books by Hilary Mantel. Michael Sommers of the New York Times has a review. (photos)

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The dark vengeance of Vlad the Impaler - Sun, 2015-03-08 00:16

For centuries, people have been fascinated with stories of vampires, and at the top of the story list is the dark tale of Count Dracula, a medieval prince also known as Vlad the Impaler. Elizabeth Palermo of Live Science has a feature story.

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Perform at Ice Dragon!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2015-03-07 22:42

Bards, troubadours, musicians, minstrels, jesters, jugglers, magicians, puppeteers, skalds and other performers from throughout Æthelmearc!
The Ice Dragon is giving you what you crave most, an audience! A happy, well-fed audience no less!
Bring your songs, your magic tricks, your musical instruments, your juggling equipment and entertain as much and as often as you like. …
There will be multiple time-slots throughout the day available.
If you’d like to reserve a time-slot ahead of time, drop me an email at dagonell AT hotmail DOT com and let me know when you’d like to perform and what you’ll be performing.

— from the Entertainment Coordinator, THF Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake

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King’s & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champions Selected

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2015-03-07 22:11

Their Majesties have selected Their new Arts & Sciences Champions today:

Queen’s Champion – Lady Agatha Wanderer

King’s Champion – Lady Naomi bat Avraham

Lady Agatha’s entry – photo by Martyn de Halliwell

Lady Naomi’s entry – Photo by Martyn de Halliwell

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Volunteers aid in dig at York's All Saints' Church - Sat, 2015-03-07 12:02

The first phase of an archaeological dig at All Saints' Church in York, England has wrapped with the discovery of artifacts from Roman times to the 19th century including "two medieval dice, Roman pottery and a spindle whorl thought to be from the Viking era." Phase two will begin next spring. (photos)

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Metal detector hobbyist finds treasure in English fields - Fri, 2015-03-06 19:41

Treasure hunter Stephen Auker is a bit of a metal detector rock star. In recent years, he has discovered more than 100 Roman coins in a field near Silsden in northern England, offering them to a museum in Keighley. More recently, Auker found a merchant's signet ring dating to the 1550's. (photo)

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White Hart is Canceled

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2015-03-06 18:17

An announcement from the autocrat of The Tournament of the White Hart.

I am sorry to announce that White Hart is canceled. The river has flooded and all access to the site is blocked. They do not expect the water to crest until late tonight. The site is not flooded, but we can not get in. Our current plan is to hold the The Tournament of the White Hart at our June 21st event. More info will be posted as plans are made.

Thank You
Master Robert the Grey

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St. Francis manuscripts displayed in the US - Fri, 2015-03-06 11:29

In November 2014, 19 manuscripts written by St. Francis of Assisi travelled outside Italy for the first time for exhibition at the United Nations and Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York. The manuscripts include several poems written by St. Francis, including the saint's Canticle of the Sun and his Canticle of Canticles.

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Categories: SCA news sites