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I Am Æthelmearc

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2015-09-05 22:26

UPDATE: There is now an iamaethelmearc FB page:

As SCA memes go, we love this one! Post your own photo with wording to Facebook, and make sure to use the hashtag #iamaethelmearc in your subject line. Here are just a few from today – what a great way to “meet” people in our Kingdom! We suspect that when you type the hashtag into the search box in Facebook tomorrow, there will be a lot of new faces!

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Pennsic Early Music Festival

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2015-09-04 14:24

Master Remus Fletcher reports on music happenings at Pennsic:

Remus Busking with Serpent

Did you know that there were over 30 European Music classes taught at Pennsic? These classes included everything from music Pre-1200 to Singing in Foreign Tongues. There were also singing and instrumental workshops and performances. Artisans’ Row featured Musicians Day, a hands-on demo were people could show off their instruments and jamming, or otherwise promoting instrumental music. The main stage hosted the Performing Arts Afternoon Series: European Music Exhibition that previewed musical performances and classes that would occur later during the War.

One of my interests is Loud Band. In the SCA a Loud Band is normally comprised of double reed shawms, and rauschpiefes accompanied by sackbuts (period trombones).

Period Brass Workshop II – The strangest Brass band in History – Sackbuts, Cornettos, non-period Euphoniums and Serpent

Military bands and Town Musicians known as the Waits played Loud Band instruments. Period musical instruments are divided into two types Bas Instruments and Haut Instruments. Bas instruments are the quieter instruments that are normally used indoors like the recorders, crumhorns, virginals and lutes. Haut referred to loud instruments that are more suitable for outdoors. Wolgemut, a popular performance band at Pennsic is a Loud Band. The Pennsic Great Hall has poor acoustics and the sound of recorders gets lost in the din. Loud Band instruments are used to provide processional and fill music for Æthelmearc Court.

Loud Band Workshop II – THLady Rachel Dalicieux in Blue on Soprano Schalmei (Shawm)

Pennsic is one of a handful of events in the modern world where you can get over a dozen people to from a Loud Band. The others are Early Music Festivals and Waits conventions in Europe. Pennsic even has an A&S tent on the battlefield that is known in the music community as the Loud Band Tent.   

Mistress Deona von Aachen who has led the Pennsic Loud Band for many years has handed it off to Master Robyn Solarius. Master Robyn held two classic Loud Band sessions and two Period Brass Band sessions for cornettos, an instrument played with a trumpet type mouthpiece and fingered like a recorder and sackbuts. Mistress Rufina Cambrensis also held a Loud Band Sensitivity class. It was run as a Master Class with one person on a part with discussions on how to improve playing and performance techniques. Several “Instrument Petting Zoo” workshops were also held for people to try instruments and discuss how to correct problems with instruments they already own.

Remus teaching Serpent and Cornetto Class. The Serpent’s name is Augustus!

While music may be my interest, there are many other classes and workshops taught at Pennsic. Next year, look through the Pennsic book or Pennsic University website; you may find a class or three that interests you.

Loud Band Workshop – Mistress Elsbeth Anne Roth in red on Soprano Shawm

Any questions? Contact Master Remus at

All photographs in this article were provided by Master Remus.

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The Middle Ages return to Malta - Fri, 2015-09-04 10:58

Each year in April, Medieval Mdina returns to Malta to offer a variety of entertainments, "from battles and skirmishes to sword fights, live music, falconry displays and historic re-enactments." A number of groups participate, as detailed in a feature story from The Times of Malta. (photos)

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KRM Announcement Regarding Two Handed Rapiers / Annonce du Maréchal d’Escrime du Royaume Concernant les Épées à Deux Mains

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-09-03 17:48

En français

   Unto the Kingdom of the East do I, Master Frasier MacLeod send warmest greetings!      I am excited to announce that, now that they have been cleared at Society level, Two Handed Rapiers are now a Thing!  There will be an official rule set published in Pikestaff for October, and as soon as they are published in the Kingdom Newsletter they will be live and official!  This is NOT that publication, this is just me telling you all the great news!  Once they have been published in Pikestaff I will make sure they are also distributed in other mediums to ensure the widest possible spread.  There is also a list of initial Two Handed Rapier Marshals who will be grandfathered in as authorized users so we can start a pool of authorizations going forward.  Thank you all for your attention and even more so your patience with this.  I would like to take a moment to thank my Two Hander committee who helped shape the rule set and provided valuable advice, experience, and feedback throughout the process.  Without you all this would not have been possible. In Service, Master Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East

En français Traduction par Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Au gens du Royaume de l’Est, moi, Maître Frasier MacLeod, envoie mes plus sincères salutations !

Je suis heureux d’annoncer que, maintenant que cela est réglé au niveau de notre Société, il sera maintenant possible d’avoir du combat avec des épées à deux mains ! Les règles officielles seront publiées dans le Pikestaff d’octobre, et dès leur publication dans la lettre d’information du Royaume, elles seront considérées officielles et en vigueur ! Ceci c’est PAS cette publication, ce n’est que moi vous informant des excellentes nouvelles ! Quand les règles auront été publiées dans le Pikestaff, je m’assurerai qu’elles soient aussi distribuées dans plusieurs autres médiums de communication afin d’assurer la plus grande dissémination de l’information. Il y aura aussi une liste de Maréchaux d’Épées d’Escrime à Deux Mains initiale qui sera entrée comme utilisateurs autorisés, afin que nous puissions commencer les autorisations pour ceux qui voudront adopter ce style de combat. Merci à tous de votre attention et encore plus de votre patience avec ceci. J’aimerais prendre un moment pour remercier le comité d’évaluation qui ont aidé a créer les règles et qui ont fourni leurs conseils, expertise et rétroaction au travers du processus. Sans vous, rien de tout cela n’aurait été possible. En Service, Maître Frasier MacLeod, KRM, Est
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Updated East Kingdom Awards Overview and Other Award Resources

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-09-03 07:58

The East Kingdom Awards Overview (created by Tola knitýr) has been updated to reflect the addition of the Order of Defense and the Order of the Golden Lance, as well as several name changes.

East Kingdom Awards

East Kingdom Awards printable (prints on 6 pages)

Other Award Resources

How to Write an Awards Recommendation by Queen Avelina II
How Web Pollings and Recommendations Work by Lady Raffaella Mascolo
How the Awards Process Works by Queen Avelina II
On the Scheduling of Awards by Brennan II, Princeps



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16th century German jetton found in Jamestown cellar - Thu, 2015-09-03 07:52

For over 20 years, archaeologists from Preservation Virginia have been working to find out how settlers lived and worked around the 1607 fort at Jamestown, Virginia. Recently, the team has concentrated on a pit or cellar built adjacent to the wall of the fort. (photos)

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You Can Teach at Æcademy and War College!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2015-09-03 07:25

Did you know that Æthelmearc Æcademy — a semi-annual event that seeks to bring the best teachers possible to even the smallest groups in the Kingdom — has been in existence for over 15 years?

Did you know that, since then, thousands of students, ranging from new participants through experienced veterans, have been inspired to try a new craft, have refined previously-learned skills, and have increased their knowledge of the Middle Ages and Renaissance?

And did you know that hundreds of instructors – well over 400! — have shared their passions with those students?

Did you know that YOU could be one of those instructors?

It’s true! You don’t have to “be somebody” to teach a class! All you need to get started is an idea and a few minutes online to register here.  (Followed, of course, by planning and preparing your class!)

First-time registrants provide basic information such as SCA name, modern name, contact information, and home group.

Every instructor must also provide the following information: class title, description, class length, class level, student supplies, materials fee, preferred class size, and special facilities required. (One helpful feature of the registration form is that class information, once registered, is stored in the system. That way, if you decide to teach a class at another AEcademy sometime later, you won’t have to re-type all that information.)

Make-and-take classes are always a big hit, but Æcademy students also appreciate well-researched history classes, too.

When developing your class title and description, a little extra time to make it catchy as well as clear is time well spent. After all, you want your class to stand out from the others offered at the same time!

Most classes tend to be an hour in length, but two hours (or more) might be appropriate, especially if the class involves hands-on learning. Teachers set the maximum number of students for their class, based on factors such as availability of supplies and the teacher’s comfort level.

Teachers also determine what fee – if any – to charge.   The fee may cover the cost of printing the handout as well as any consumable class supplies.

Will you need any special facilities for your class? For example, electricity, a projector screen, a tile floor for messy class, access to water, large tables, and outdoor area, etc.? If so, be sure to mention this when you register your class.

After you register your class, it is approved by the Æcademy Chancellor, and it instantly appears on the Æcademy website on the event’s Tentative Class Listing. This listing lets everyone see what is being offered, along with a description of each class.

Two weeks prior to the event – or sooner, if the maximum number of classes has been reached – the registration period ends. This allows the Æcademy staff sufficient time to create the schedule of classes, which is then posted on the Æcademy website.

If you are new to teaching or are looking for ways to improve your classes, check out the teaching resources available here.

There are many terrific reasons to teach at Æcademy. One of them is to infect others with enthusiasm for your topic. Teaching also allows you to find out who’s interested in your field and to network with them. Finally, since one of the best ways to really learn a topic is to teach it to others, teaching gives you motivation to hone your skills and firm up your research.

If you love to learn, then you will want to register to teach at Æthelmearc Æcademy and War College. Whether it’s a hands-on make-and-take class, a scholarly academic class, or a how-to martial class, someone will want to attend!

Mistress Alicia Langland
Chancellor of Æthelmearc Æcademy and War College

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Tir Mara Deputy Herald Positions Filled/Député Hérault pour Tir Mara

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-09-03 06:12

En français

To the East Kingdom, Greetings from Ryan, Briganta Principal Herald of the East.

As many of you have noted the Tir Mara regional deputy position has been vacant for quite some time.  I’m pleased to announce that the search for a replacement is over. Lord Diarmaid O Briain will be stepping into the Regional Deputy position as Badger Herald. Diarmaid and I have been talking for quite some time in regards to his responsibilities and the expectations of his new position and I have the utmost confidence he will continue to do his very best to promote heraldry in the Tir Mara region.

Also of note is that Dominus Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle has accepted the official job of the Tir Mara Quebecois Liason. Eginhard has been supporting me during my entire tenure as Brigantia whenever I have needed to reach out to the Quebecois members of the East Kingdom. I have no doubt he will continue to do his very best in this regard, assisting not only myself, but Lord Diarmaid as well. Eginhard will be assuming the brand new title of Herault Hibou Blanc for his duties.

Please join me in congratulating these fine lords in the assumption of their new duties and give them all the support in their endeavours.

Ryan Brigantia.

En français

À la population du Royaume de l’Est, salutation de Ryan, Brigantia Herald du Royaume de l’Est.

Comme plusieurs d’entre vous ont notés la position de député Hérault pour Tir Mara est vacante depuis un certain temps. Je suis heureux de vous annoncer que la recherche pour un officier pour ce poste est maintenant terminé. Lord Diarmaid O’Briain sera désormais le député régional de Tir Mara en la position de Badger Herald. Diarmaid et moi avons discutés longuement sur les responsabilités et attentes face à son nouveau rôle. Je suis très confient qu’il continuera à faire de son mieux pour promouvoir l’art héraldique dans la région de Tir Mara.

Il est aussi important de vous informer que Dominus Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle à accepté de prendre en charge le nouvel office de “Tir Mara Québécois Liason”. Eginhard m’a apporté son soutien depuis mon enter en poste comme Brigantia à tout instant où j’avais besoin de rejoindre les francophones du Royaume de l’Est. Je n’ai aucun doute qu’il continuera à m’assister dans cet aspect, assistant non seulement moi mais aussi Lord Diarmaid. Eginhard aura le titre de ” Hérault du Hibou Blanc” pour son office.

Joignez-vous à moi pour féliciter et souhaiter bonne chance à ces bon Seigneurs pour leur nouvel office.

Ryan Brigantia

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East Kingdom Rapier Championship Announced / Champions d’escrime du Roi du Royaume de l’Est annoncé

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-09-02 08:16

En français

The following is a forwarded message from His Highness Brennan:

Greetings unto the rapier community of the East,

Last night, we were pleased to accept a bid for Rapier Champions on October 10th in the Barony of Smoking Rocks (New Bedford, MA). A formal event posting will be shortly forthcoming, but we wanted to inform those interested in attending as soon as possible.

We look forward to a day of skill, chivalrous combat, and the pageantry of rapier in the East.

In Service to the East,
Brennan, Princeps

En français Traduction par Boyarinia Ekaterina Solov’eva Pevtsova.

Salutation aux escrimeurs de l’Est.

Hier soir, nous avons eu le plaisir d’accepter l’offre pour le championnat d’escrime, qui se tiendra le 10 octobre dans la Baronie de Smoking Rocks (New Bedford, MA). Une annonce formelle arrivera sous peu mais nous voulions en informer le plus rapidement possible ceux qui désirent s’y presenter.

Nous avons hâte de vos l’habileté, l’honneur et la virtuosité des escrimeurs du Royaume de l’Est.

Au service de l’Est
Prince Brennan

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Court Report: Corn Maze Festival, October 25, A.S. 49

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-09-02 07:47

To those who receive word of Court Reports, greetings from Kameshima. As I recently posted to the Æthelmearc Announcements list, it recently came to my attention that the happenings of a Court during the previous reign were never correctly documented in a Court Report. I offer my extreme apology and herein present the content of said Court.

Historians have uncovered documentation of further business conducted during the reign of Titus and Anna Leigh. Documented: the business of Their Highnesses Timothy and Gabrielle’s Regency Court at the Festival of the Corn Maze, 25 October A.S. 49.

Lady Rowan L’Crotha was Granted Arms and inducted into the Order of the Millrind for her years of selfless service to the Shire of Abhain Ciach Ghlais and the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

There being no further business, Their Highnesses’ Regency Court was closed.

In Honor and Service,

Kameshima Zentarō Umakai 高貴国境の王国の治部卿 Silver Buccle Principal Herald, Kingdom of Æthelmearc
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Arts & Sciences Research Paper #3. A Small Comparison of the Rapier Styles of Ridolfo Capo Ferro and Salvator Fabris

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-09-01 17:00

Our third A&S Research Paper comes to us from Master Donovan Shinnock, of the Shire of Quintavia, and is drawn from his study of the historical masters of rapier fighting. (Prospective future contributors, please check out our original Call for Papers.)

A Small Comparison of the Rapier Styles of Ridolfo Capo Ferro and Salvator Fabris

Salvator Fabris and Ridolfo Capo Ferro are two of the most recognizable names in Italian rapier. Fabris’ manual, “Lo Schermo, overo Scienza d’Arme” (“On Fencing, or Knowledge of Arms”) was printed in 1606, sponsored by the King of Denmark. Capo Ferro’s manual, “Gran Simulacro dell’Arte e dell’Uso della Scherma” (“Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing”) was published in 1610, in Siena, Tuscany. While Fabris and Capo Ferro both drew on the same basic underpinnings of Italian rapier theory and applied them to the same ends, the application of these principles looks very different. However, despite these visual and mechanical differences, the end results are similar. But even with the similarity of the end results, some interesting differences between the two masters can be found.


We can begin with examining examples of a basic guard stance from each master. Below is a guard from Capo Ferro.

Figure 1 (click on photo for a larger version)

This is what most people think of as a “standard” guard when using a rapier. It is upright with a firm stance, centered weight, and is well balanced. Looking deeper, we can note the backward lean of the torso and the weight shifting slightly backward in the legs. This allows the fighter to refuse a portion of the body ­ in this case, the chest and head ­ as reasonable opening targets for the opponent’s sword.

Below is an example of a guard from Fabris.

Figure 2 (click on photo for a larger version)

While at first glance this guard could not be more different than the one used by Capo Ferro, the core principles are the same. Bending at the hips rather than the back allows for smooth movement. The fighter’s weight is over the feet. Portions of the body are refused as initial targets, though Fabris prefers the lower torso rather than the upper torso.

Refusing areas of the body as initial targets is key to a successful guard; it can dramatically reduce the area that a fighter needs to cover with the weapon, making defense early in the bout much easier to do effectively. This is an important part of both masters’ theories on rapier, which is to say that you should always assure yourself of safety before you worry about attacking your opponent. Consider the overlapping images below:

Figure 3 (click on photo for a larger version)

Figure 4 (click on photo for a larger version)

In these images you can see how each fighter protects a portion of the body by placing it too far back for an initial attack to reasonably reach. While Capo Ferro and Fabris may have different thoughts on how best to accomplish this, and what other benefits may be gained by their stances, the core concept is the same.

At this point in our process, we can begin to see the differences that each master’s posture brings to the fight. Despite the core concepts being identical, the different body postures have their own advantages and disadvantages which will become obvious. Compare each master’s lunge:

Figure 5 (click on photo for a larger version)

Figure 6 (click on photo for a larger version)

Each fighter has fully extended their his arm, leaned his body forward, and taken a step towards his opponent with his right foot. Each fighter has moved his left arm to better facilitate completely profiling the shoulders to reduce available target area for the opponent to strike. Capo Ferro flings the left arm back, whereas Fabris rotates the elbow upwards. While each will accomplish the same primary goal ­ that of bringing the body into profile ­ Fabris’ method leaves the left hand by the face for emergencies, as well as making for a somewhat easier and faster recovery (as the elbow simply needs to be dropped), whereas Capo Ferro’s left arm must be brought from behind the body all the way to the front. That said, flinging the arm behind the body is a much more instinctive motion, and easier to use effectively.

Other key differences appear in the lunges. Below is an image which has Capo Ferro’s guard and lunge overlaid on each other for clarity:

Figure 7 (click on photo for a larger version)

You can see how when a lunge is performed from Capo Ferro’s guard, there is a loss of height, as indicated by the red lines. In sinking his legs into the lunge as well as moving the torso from leaning somewhat back to leaning deeply into the lunge, the fighter is a fair bit lower to the ground at the end of the lunge. This will cause a loss of power in the attack, as the motion is not driven purely in the direction of the opponent. Additionally, note the forearm and the bends in the joints. The wrist especially is not a particularly strong joint and bending it reduces the strength of the attack.

Compare this to Fabris’ guard and lunge.

Figure 8 (click on photo for a larger version)

There is no loss of height when the lunge is performed from Fabris’ guard. This is primarily due to the forward­leaning portion of the posture; in effect, Fabris is almost “pre­lunging,” which allows more of the force generated from the lunge to be directed into the opponent. This is also seen in the position of the right arm; there is no elbow or wrist bend in evidence, making a stronger foundation for the sword.

Both Capo Ferro and Fabris use the same core concepts of all Italian rapier ­ the four Agrippan guards, defense before attack, measure, tempo, thrusting over cutting, et cetera. Each respective implementation of these concepts allows all of them to be used to the fullest, but the differences in how each master chooses to utilize them bring about important results. Capo Ferro is much more traditional in stance and concept. His learning curve can be much easier because of this, and the stance could even be applied more readily to other weapons or combat styles. While Fabris has a much steeper learning curve due to the postures he prefers, he has also heavily optimised how he fights to specifically use a rapier against opponents also using rapiers. He has, in effect, specialized his application of Italian rapier in a way that Capo Ferro has not. This does not in any way mean that he is necessarily better than Capo Ferro, but that for this specific application of combat, in many ways he is more efficient, with the more difficult postures allowing for smaller and tighter movements.


I must thank Lilias de Cheryngton for her assistance in preparing the illustrations for this paper.


Figures 2 and 6, and the images used to create Figure 8 were taken and modified from: Leoni, Tom. Art of Dueling. Highland Village, TX: Chivalry Bookshelf. 2005. Images used by kind permission of Freelance Academy Press; this particular book is out of print but FAP plans to reissue it in 2016.

Figures 1 and 5, and the images used to create Figure 7 were taken and modified from: Leoni, Tom. Ridolfo Capoferro’s The Art and Practice of Fencing. Wheaton, IL: Freelance Academy Press. 2011. Images used by kind permission of Freelance Academy Press; the book may be purchased here.

Figures 3 and 4 were created by using images from each book cited above.

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Debatable Lands’ Baronial Candidates Announced

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-09-01 15:05

Master Alaric MacConnal, Seneschal of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, has announced the final list of candidates for Baron and Baroness. Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters in September, and the votes will be tallied at the Harvest Barony Meeting on November 8th. 

Good Populace of the Barony-Marche … I am pleased to announce that the candidates for the Baronial Election AS 50 are as follows:

Lord Robert pour Maintenant and Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope
Maistir Brandubh O’ Donnghaile and Mistress Hilderun Hügelmann
Master Bovi Farmaðr and Mistress Ysabell Graver

Come and meet the candidates at the upcoming Barony Meeting on September 20th at 1:30pm!

In Service,

Chair of the Selection Committee
Debatable Lands Baronial Election AS 50

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Irish reliquary becomes Viking jewelry box - Tue, 2015-09-01 11:46

"Ranvaick a kistu thasa" or in English, "Ranvaik (a female name) owns this casket" reads a runic inscription on the base of a jeweled, Irish reliquary on display in the Danish National Museum. While the casket dates to the 8th century, the inscription was added two centuries later, demonstrating one small effect of Viking raids. (photo)

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Tournament Format for Fall Crown / Le format du Tournoi de la Couronne pour cet automne

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-08-31 19:24

En français

Greetings all,
The tournament format for Fall Crown tournament will be as follows:

Combatants should bring their weapons of choice until the semi-finals

4 pools organized by descending precedence. 4 combatants will advance from each pool.

The 16 will be a double elimination tournament. Entrants will be seeded based on their performance in the pools. Ties in seeding will be settled by precedence.

The semi-finals will be 2 combatants from the winner’s list, each facing a combatant from the loser’s list. Combatants from the winner’s list will need to win once to advance. Combatants from the loser’s list will need to win twice to advance. Weapons form will be matched and alternating (if necessary). First choice of weapons will be given to the combatant from the winner’s list.

Finals will be best of 5, with matched weapons forms. All previous losses will be forgiven in the finals. Weapons forms will be alternating choice, with 1st choice going to the combatant of lower precedence. Weapons forms may not repeat until the 5th fight (if necessary). The fifth bout will be combatant’s choice, and need not match.

There are no additional restrictions on weapons or shields.

In Service to the East,
Brennan, Princeps

En français   Traduction par Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Salutations à tous,
le format du Tournoi de la Couronne pour cet automne sera comme suit:

Les combattants devraient emmener leur arme préférée pour utiliser jusqu’aux 4 groupes semi-finaux organisés par préséance inversée.

Quatre combattants avanceront à la prochaine étape parmi chaque groupe.

Les 16 seront un tournoi de double élimination. Les compétiteurs seront classés selon leur performance dans les 4 groupes initiaux. Les égalités de classement seront départagées selon la préséance.

Les demi-finales seront deux combattants provenant de la liste des gagnants, chacun affrontant un combattant de la liste des perdants. Les combattants de la liste des gagnants devront obtenir une victoire pour avancer à la prochaine étape. Les combattants de la liste des perdants devront obtenir deux victoires pour avancer à la prochaine étape. Les armes seront identiques pour les deux combattants et alternées (si nécessaire). Le premier choix des armes sera donné au combattant provenant de la liste des gagnants.

La finale sera un meilleur de cinq, avec des armes identiques pour les combattants. Toutes les défaites précédentes seront oubliées au moment de la finale. Le choix des armes sera fait en alternance, avec le premier choix allant au combattant de moindre préséance. Les armes ne pourront être répétées avant le cinquième combat (si nécessaire). Le cinquième combat sera fait avec armes au choix des combattants, et n’ont pas besoin d’être identiques.

Il n’y a aucune restriction additionnelle concernant les armes ou les boucliers.

Au Service de l’Est,
Brennan, Princeps

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Event Report: Iron Comet, Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, August 29, A.S. L

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-08-31 17:42

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope reports on the happenings at the Iron Comet event.

On August 29, A.S. 50, the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands held its Iron Comet event. The theme of the event was “The Hunt,” including all things martial with a side of Arts and Sciences. There were tournaments for Equestrian, Rattan, Rapier, Youth Combat, Archery, and Thrown Weapons. To become the Iron Comet Champion, adult participants had to enter the Rattan, Rapier, Archery, and Thrown Weapons tournaments, along with an Arts and Sciences competition. Youth competitors only had to enter three of Archery, Thrown Weapons, Youth Combat, and Rapier, as well as the A&S competition.

All of the rapier and heavy weapons competitions were decided by bear pit tournaments, which rewarded endurance as well as skill.

In the rattan bear-pit tournament organized by Lord Robert Pour Maintenant, each fighter received two points for a win and one point for a loss. Nine heavy fighters competed, with THLord Jussie Laplein proving victorious with 45 points. Lord Robert noted that the levels of both ferocity and courtesy in the list were impressive.

THLord Jussie Laplein vs. Lord Gunther Schwartzrose. Photo by Master Alaric MacConnal.

In the rapier tournament, Sir Kadan Chákhilgan Ger on Echen was the winner in a field of 13 fencers. The tournament, marshaled by Doña Gabrielle de Winter, gave fencers 3 points for a “clean” kill (without taking any of their opponent’s limbs), but if the winning fencer took one of their opponent’s limbs, they received 2 points, and if they took two limbs before besting their opponent, then they received only 1 point for the victory. It was noted that this resulted in an interesting change of fighting style since it was counter-productive to go for an opponent’s hands or legs. After the tournament, Doña Gabrielle took Lady Ragna Hakonardottir as her cadet, to the vivats of the assembled fencers.

The thrown weapons tournament, organized by Lady Melodia Beaupel, used standard targets with an unusual scoring system. There were four sets of targets: at the first target, throwers had one axe and one knife, and scored 3-2-1-0 from center of the target outward. At the second target, they had the same options as the first target, but the scoring was reversed, so the outer ring was worth 3 points while the inner ring was worth nothing. Both of those targets were thrown from a distance of 10 feet, while the third target was at 20 feet, with throwers using any two weapons and the scoring the same as the first target. The final target was javelins thrown at a distance of 15 feet, receiving 1 point for hitting the cardboard and 2 points for hitting anywhere on the bullseye target. Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill won the Thrown Weapons tournament.

Thrown weapons, with Lady Melodia training a new thrower in javelin. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Maistir Brandubh o Donnghaile’s archery tournament featured pictures of small woodland creatures that archers had to shoot. Archers could use up to 30 arrows (5 flights of 6) to shoot two turkeys, two squirrels, two rabbits, two swallows, and a duck. Archers received one point for each “critter” they shot, and another point for every arrow of the 30 left unshot after they hit all nine critters. Lady Ghaliya bint Jusef won the competition with a score of 25 points.

Children and adults competed on the Archery range. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

The youth combat bear pit tournament, organized by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, included six participants, most of them Division 1 fighters. Jay, a brand new youth fighter who was attending his first SCA event and authorized that day, proved victorious. For his prize, Jay received a small wood box with a carved wooden castle. Sarah, who placed second, received a suede pouch, while Karl received a token from the marshal for his enthusiasm and chivalry.

Youth combat, Jay vs. Otto. Photo by Master Alaric MacConnal.

The equestrian competition was held in a ring down the road from the other martial activities. Organized by Lady Aaliz de Gant, it was based on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” THLord Morien MacBain said, “Competitors jumped a shrubbery, cut heads off the Knights Who Say “Ni” and the uppity taunting Frenchmen, and threw javelins and ultimately the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch at the Killer Rabbit.” In addition, Lady Aaliz conducted training sessions with 5 authorizations, so there are 5 new riders of AEthelmearc! The morning run was won by THLord Morien riding Lady Rowena’s Halflinger war pony Mira, and the afternoon run was won by Mistress Tora Shoshido Gozen on her Arabian, Rex, but when the scores were totaled, the overall winner was THL Morien MacBain by one point. THL Rhiannon Elandris traveled all the way from the Rhydderich Hael to assist the equestrians by groundcrewing for the day, along with Lady Husung who recently moved to the Debatable Lands from Thescorre.

  • THL Morien’s second competition ride of the day. Video by THL Rhiannon Elandris.

The Arts and Sciences competition organized by Ishiyama-roku-i Gentarou Yori-ie featured entries ranging from cooking to painting to spinning and cord-making to performing arts. Event-goers received two tokens to bestow on entries: one for the entry they liked best, and one for the entry they felt best embodied the event theme of “the Hunt.” Mistress Aleea Baga won the competition with a medallion for the Order of the White Horn.

Mistress Aleea’s winning White Horn medallion. Photo by Mistress Hilderun Hugelmann.

Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill, winner of the Iron Comet by one point. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Two gentles competed for the overall adult Iron Comet championship, while three children entered the youth division. The adult competition was closely contested with Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill winning by one point over Wulfgar Ronaldson, while Otto Brandulfarsson won the youth division competing against Ian Dalicieux and Carl Brandulfarsson. Their Excellencies noted that Lord Robert won the Youth Iron Comet Championship the last time the event was held, about 2½ years ago.

Throughout the afternoon, a light repast of chicken, rabbit, roast beef, fruit, bread, mixed beans, and salad was provided by THLady Elss of Augsburg with assistance from Mistess Katla úlfheþinn and Mistress Mahin Banu Tabrizi. The sideboard ended with cupcakes in various flavors.

That evening at baronial court, in addition to recognizing the various tourney winners, Their Excellencies Liam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, bestowed a Blue-Silver Comet for arts on Lady Ceindrech verch Elidir for her skill in fiber arts and choral singing, and conveyed completed backlog Blue-Silver Comet scrolls to Master Kameshima Zentarou Umakai and Lady Rivka bat Daniyel.

Lady Ceindrech verch Elidir with her Blue-Silver Comet scroll. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Their Excellencies also bestowed the baronial youth award, the Purple Comet, on Otto Brandulfarsson and Carl Brandulfarsson, and a Red Comet for martial skill on Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill.

Otto and Carl Brandulfarsson receive Purple Comets. Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

There was also a 50/50 raffle to benefit the Barony, which was won by THLord Deryk Archer.

In all, it was a pleasant event at a lovely site, with beautiful weather. Congratulations to the autocrat, Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmyth, and her staff.

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Kingdom A&S Championship is October 31

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-08-31 06:58

To the people of Æthelmearc, Greeting from Fridrikr and Orianna, Kingdom Ministers of Arts and Sciences.

As the Fall comes upon us and we prepare for the onset of Winter, Æthelmearc will be choosing her new Arts & Sciences Champion in October. The Kingdom A&S Champions event will be held in the Shire of Angelskeep on October 31st. The event announcement appears in this month’s ÆSTEL and can be found on-line here.

We hope that this grand competition will draw many entrants. It will feature face-to-face judging, in which each entrant will be visited by a small team of judges who will engage the entrant in conversation. Because of this, all entrants MUST be present at the event. No proxy entries will be allowed. We also strongly suggest that entrants complete the short and easy registration form prior to the event.

We will need judges for the competition and we are urgently requesting that any companions of the Fleur and the Laurel who do not choose to enter the competition join us as judges. You will get to meet several excellent artisans and discuss their entries with them at some length. It is a great way to teach AND learn.

The rules for the entrants are as follows:

1. All entrants must be present. No proxy entries.

2. Entrants may enter up to three pieces, all in the same category.

3. Entries may be completed items or items in progress.

4. Because the site is dry, no alcoholic beverages may be entered. However, brewers may enter a work in progress, so long as it does not include alcohol (no fermentation).

5. “Performance” entries may be recorded in advance. Decisions of whether or not to allow this will be made on a case-by-case basis.

6. Entrants are strongly encouraged to pre-register their entries. Registration forms will be available on Facebook, Google+, the Kingdom A&S website, and the Kingdom e-mail list.

7.The populace will be offered the opportunity to vote on their favorite entry.

8. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

a. Research and Project Planning
b. Historical Accuracy
c. Quality of Workmanship
d. Methods
e. Materials

We sincerely invite the people of Æthelmearc and her neighbors to attend this excellent event!

In service to Æthelmearc and the Arts & Sciences,
Fridrikr & Orianna, Kingdom MoAS

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Kingdom Archery Championship at Shoote in the Wyldwood

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-08-30 21:22


Their Royal Highnesses Prince Magnus Tindal and Princess Etain ingen Dalaig invite the archers of Æthelmearc to aim their arrows in a tournament to decide the next Kingdom Archery Champion. This Tournament Shoot will take place at 3pm on Saturday, September 5th at Shoote in the Wyldwood in the Barony of Delftwood. Come and show your pride for your Kingdom and earn your place among the Champions!

If you have any questions about this or any of the things happening at Wyldwood please feel free to contact Aleidis Lanen, the event steward! There are SO many archery ranges you could shoot all day and not do the same range twice! Thrown weapons will also be in full swing! For the full schedule of events please visit the event page at

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Court Report: East Kingdom Equestrian and Thrown Weapons Champions

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2015-08-30 14:04

Their Majesties held both a morning and afternoon court at Equestrian and Thrown Weapons Champions. The Gazette thanks Master Ernst for the following report:

Morning Court

Arnulf Tête de Laine d’ Saint Aubin was inducted into the Order of the Gawain.

Leon d’ Saint Aubin was inducted into the Order of the Gawain. Scroll by Constance de St. Denis

Rodulf d’ Saint Aubin was inducted into the Order of the Gawain. Scroll by Sorcha Dhocair inghean Uí Ruairc.

Ysabella DeCoventry received her Award of Arms. Scroll by Aaradyn Ghyoot.

Tiernan Shepard was awarded a Burdened Tyger. Scroll by Aesa Lokabrenna Sturladottir.

Wynefryd Bredhers was awarded a Burdened Tyger. Calligraphy by Mari Clock van Hoorne.

Jared of Sarisberry was inducted into the Queen’s Order of Courtesy. Scroll by: Jan Janowicz Bogdanski

Brenden Crane was inducted into the Queen’s Order of Courtesy.

The following Gentles received the award of the Golden Lyre:
Rufus Bowie, Sile ingean MacCarthaigh, Nest verch Tangwistel, Dearbhorgaill ingen Rosa, Alys Attewater, Marguarite von Elfaneu, Amy ferch Richard.

Nejla Hatice Saime Dogan was granted a Court Barony.

Anna Dokeianina Syrakousina was granted a Court Barony. Scroll by: Nest verch Tangwistel

Wentliana Benegrek was granted a Court Barony. Scroll by: Leonete d’Angely

Nest verch Tangwistel was directed to Augment her arms. Scroll by Jon Blaecstan

Evening Court

Colin MacKenzie stepped down as EK Thrown Weapons Marshal, and Leon the Navigator stepped into the position.

Magnus DeLondres was declared the Queen’s Thrown Weapon Champion. Scroll by Charis Accipiter.

Kazimerz was declared the King’s Thrown Weapon Champion. Scroll by Jonathan Blaecstan.

Randal of the Dark was declared King’s Equestrian Champion. Scroll by Kayleigh Mac Whyte.

Duncan Kerr was declared Queen’s Equestrian Champion. Scroll by Kayleigh Mac Whyte.

Eleanor Fitzpatrick and Katherine Stanhope were made the Premiers of the Order of the Golden Lance of the East. Eleanor’s Scroll by Vettorio Antonello, Katherine’s scroll forthcoming

Isabella Natale was Awarded Arms. Illumination by Lorita de Siena, calligraphy by Nest verch Tangwistel

Terren of Tir was inducted into the Order of the Laurel. Scroll by: Heather rose De Gordoun

Maria Pagini was inducted into the Order of the Pelican Illumination by Harold von Auerbach calligraphy by Aud Lifsdottir

Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier was inducted into the Order of the Pelican. Scroll by Eleanore MacCarthaigh.

Siubhan Wallace was inducted into the Order of the Pelican Illumination by Lisabetta Medaglia Calligraphy by: Eleanor Catlyng.

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A Plethora of Events Next Weekend!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2015-08-29 18:32

Never let it be said that there is nothing to do in Æthelmearc! This next weekend brings you three great events all around the Kingdom.

Fireside Feast
Hosted by Shire of Sunderoak
September 4, 2015 6 PM – September 6, 2015 2 PM
The brisk fall air is mingled with wood smoke and the smell of food wafts all around. It’s not just fanciful imagery! It is the theme of the Shire of Sunderoak’s annual event.
Ever wanted to try to cook over an open fire? See it done? OK, just eat some really good food? Here is your chance!

The Shire of Sunderoak invites you to join us as we spend the weekend of September 4 – September 6 creating a Fireside Feast at Breakneck Campground (1757 Cheeseman Road, Portersville, PA. 16051).

Saturday will be filled with the opportunity to take open air cooking classes. Any wishing to join us for the evening meal may bring supplies and prepare their own dish over an open fire or bring a prepared dish from home. Modern fare as well as period food is welcome. Fire pits and wood will be provided for those cooking on site, please contact Raven to reserve a spot. Saturday’s evening meal will be served buffet style. There is no feast hall on site, so bring your own table & chairs or eat picnic style. All offerings will be provided by attendees. In years past we have been amazed at the bounty that is put before our guests here at Fireside. In the spirit of the event we will be holding a canned food drive benefiting Butler Area Food Cupboards!

Site opens Friday at 6 pm and closes Sunday at 2pm. It is a damp site – no glass containers please. Site is pet friendly ALL animals must be on a leash at ALL times – failure to do so will result in a warning followed by removal from site. Owners are expected to police their animals waste.
Cost of the Event: $10 for adults $7 for children with children ages 5 and under being free. $5 per night for campers. There will also be a $5 fee for all non members.
Autocrat: Raven Whitehart mka Valarie Kelly 160 Bullcreek Road, Butler, PA 16002 724-360-3100. Please make checks payable to SCA PA INC – Shire of Sunderoak

A Shoote in the Wyldwood
Hosted by Barony of Delftwood
September 4, 2015 5 PM – September 7, 2015 12 PM

Come join the Barony of Delftwood for our annual Shoote in the Wyldwood! Camp with us for the weekend (we have lots of room!) or come enjoy a day. There will be archery, thrown weapons and atl atl happening through out the weekend. Come and enjoy some of our many open ranges! Its a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the end of summer!

Returning features: – Archery, thrown weapons, and atl atl – Merchants – A heavy list for pick up practice – The Embroidery Challenge – Camping and fun! – Yes we have a HOT shower on site!
Lunch will be available on Saturday from 11:30am to 1:30pm on the porch of the club house. Prices range from $2-$6 and will include burgers, hotdogs, chicken on a stick, salt potatoes, mac salad, and packaged chips. Soda, coffee, and beer will be available through out the weekend at the clubhouse bar. If you are camping feel free to bring your fire pit with you! We will have some firewood on site to share. If you have any questions at all please contact Lanen at
NEW THIS YEAR! Cast Iron Chef! Come one! Come all! Delftwood invites you to share our fires in the spirit of friendship in the first Cast Iron Chef Tournament! Whether you are new to medieval cooking, or it is old hat to you, you are welcome at our table!
On Sunday, September 6, join us around the cooking fire and cook up a dish that tantalizes the taste buds. The only catch is that you can only use the food that is provided to you by the Delftwood Cooks’ Guild pantry! Our pantry will be stocked with foods and spices commonly found in medieval recipes. Participants are encouraged to use their knowledge of medieval food styles, cooking techniques, and flavor combinations to create a dish that could have been found on the medieval table. Fabulous prizes will be awarded for creativity, historical accuracy, and taste.
While no outside food items are to be used in this tournament, we do encourage participants to bring their own cookware (cast iron and ceramic – we will be cooking outdoors over the fire), any special handling accessories, and kitchen knives. The Barony of Delftwood will have a selection of prep equipment (mixing bowls, measuring cups/spoons, tongs, etc.), and serving equipment (dishes, spoons, trays) ready and at your disposal.
The tournament will begin at 10:00 AM, with all cooking and plating to be finished by 2:00 PM for judging. Please direct any questions regarding the Cast Iron Chef cooking tournament to Vrouw Lijsbet de Keukere.
We look forward to meeting you on the culinary battlefield! Gaan en te koken!

Largess Dirty Dozen Derby We will be holding the Lord Jarrah Memorial Largess Derby at Shoote in the Wyldwood. It is a friendly competition where each entrant makes 12 items for largess and displays them at the event. There will be prizes for populous vote (Lord Jarrah won last year) and a judges choice winner. Everyone goes home with a prize just for entering! All items will be donated to the Barony largess. If you have any questions please contact: Lady Wylde Wysse (nwent514-AT-gmail-DOTcom).
Baronial Garage Sale Do you have garb, armor, feast gear, or other accessories you don’t use anymore? Are they something someone else might like to have? Then donate them to the Baronial garage sale! We will have a “garage sale” tent in the merchant area. We plan to have everything sell for a very low price. All proceeds will go toward off setting the cost of new loner armor for heavy weapons and fencing! Donations will start being collected after we all return from Pennsic. For more information or if you have any questions please get in touch with Catalina Carpintero de Diaz (Fred Flouton).

The event location is: Wildwood Sports Center 5740 Fikes Road Elbridge NY 13112
Date and Time: September 4th – 7th Site opens Friday at 5pm and closes on Monday at noon
Weekend Fee: $15 (includes camping) Day Fee: $10 Youth (6-14) – $7 5 and under: Free Family cap: $35 Non-Member surcharge: $5
Reservations to be sent to: SCA NY – Barony of Delftwood PO Box 6694, Syracuse, NY 13217 Please indicate number of adults, youth Checks to be made payable to “SCA NY – Barony of Delftwood”
Autocrat Info: Aleidis Lanen (lanenofhamilton-AT-gmail-DOT-com) Adelle Starr 117 Miles Ave. Syracuse, NY 13210 315-450-9470

Birthday Battle & Ball
Hosted by Shire of Nithgaard
September 5, 2015 9 AM – September 5, 2015 10 PM

The Shire of Nithgaard is turning 38, and we will be celebrating with heavy fighting, fencing, music & dance, Arts & Sciences, games, and various other diversions. The entertainments will be accompanied by an excellent feast planned by our Shire’s chief cook! Please come to our Birthday Battle & Ball!
The Shire of Nithgaard will host this celebration September 5th, 2015, 9am-10pm, at the   Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County   780 Waupelani Drive Extension, State College, PA 16801. The site is discreetly wet.

Early registration pricing: $8.00 base (includes dayboard) + $10.00 for the feast At-the-door pricing: $8.00 base + $12.00 for the feast Surcharge for non-SCA members: $5 (does not apply to discounted minors) Minors 5-17 are half price; children under 5 are free. Please make checks payable to “SCA PA, Inc. – Shire of Nithgaard” and mail to the shire exchequer:   Mistress Phiala O’Ceallaigh  (mka: Sarah Goslee)m 1336 Old Boalsburg Rd., State College, PA 16801 (phone: 814-769-9300).

If you have any accessibility concerns or requests about the event or site, please contact the event steward Oribe Tsukime at or 814-574-2220. For information related to food allergies and dietary restrictions, please contact our Head Cook THL Henry of Maldon as soon as possible.

Go to 40.77246N, 77.854W. Turn in to the lane (this is the second lane off the loop, the one without a divider) and go ahead to the parking lot.
From the west or southwest on I-99: Take exit 69 (Business 322 East, Atherton Street). Turn right at the light onto Valley Vista Drive. Go ahead over three miles, through the name change to Science Park Road, until it bends left twice and then ends at a plant entrance. Turn right onto College Avenue. Go a bit over a mile, and turn left onto Whitehall Road (by the big Uni-Mart store/gas station). Go about 1.5 miles, and turn right at the light onto Waupelani Drive. When you reach the loop, turn into the lane to the UUFCC parking lot.
From the north or northeast on I-99: Take exit 73 (322 East). Then take the first exit (26, State College). Turn right onto College Avenue, go a bit over a mile, and take the exit to University Drive (Penn State). Turn left onto University Drive. Go ahead 3 miles, through where it is joined by Whitehall Road. Turn left at the light onto Waupelani Drive. When you reach the loop, turn into the lane to the UUFCC parking lot.
From the southeast on 322: Take the exit for Boalsburg (322 Business, Atherton Street). Go ahead about 2 1/2 miles, and turn left onto University Drive. Go about 1.4 miles, through where it is joined by Whitehall Road, and turn left at the light onto Waupelani Drive. When you reach the loop, turn into the lane to the UUFCC parking lot.

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Hospital resources used to examine 6th century artifacts - Sat, 2015-08-29 13:04

In 2012, archaeologists discovered the remains of 27 Anglo-Saxon warriors and their grave goods at Barrow Clump in Salisbury, England. Recently experts used an army field hospital x-ray machine to examine a 6th century sword found at the site. (photos)

read more

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