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Pennsic Preregistration Extended!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2017-06-17 16:51

Thought you waited too long? This just in….

Due to high demand, Pennsic Preregistration will stay open an extra week! Registration will now close on Saturday, June 24th 2017 at 11:59 PM EST*. Having an issue getting registered? Feel free to e-mail with any questions. Have a great day and we will see you in a few short weeks. 

*Please note: The date provided in the update conflicts with the date on the official website. The website lists the end date as Friday, June 23rd 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. Please check the official website for details and updates. A request for clarification has been sent, and we will update that info when available.

Preregistration information!

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New Deadline for Pennsic PreRegistration

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2017-06-17 14:29

Photography by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

The deadline for paid pre-registration for Pennsic has been extended until 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on Fri, Jun 23, 2017. The deadline for unpaid pre-registration is 11:59 pm July 7th.

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Q and A with the New East Kingdom Tyger Clerk

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2017-06-17 10:25

En français

Master Nataliia, Tyger Clerk of the Signet.
Photo by Duchess Caoilfhionn.

The Gazette had the pleasure of chatting with Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, the new Tyger Clerk of the Signet for the East, who took over the position in February of this year.  Nataliia has been in the SCA since around 1994 and resides in the Barony of the Bridge.  Prior to discovering the Society, she studied art and competed in USFA fencing competitions.  Her love of fencing brought her to an SCA fencing practice in the Barony Beyond the Mountain.  While fencing provided an entry to the SCA, and remains one of her biggest passions, she discovered an outlet for her artistic aspirations in the scribal community. Her first scroll was produced in 2001, and she was encouraged to continue by Duchess Katherine Stanhope, the Tyger Clerk of the Signet at the time.   Her favorite artistic medium is painting, particularly with period pigments, and in the early years Nataliia was very fond of pen and ink renderings for representations of period rapier manuals.   She finds calligraphy challenging, but is never one to back down from a challenge.  


What does the Tyger Clerk of the Signet do?

The Tyger Clerk of the Signet (known as the Tyger Clerk or The Signet) is the head of the East Kingdom College of Scribes.  The Tyger Clerk of the Signet:

  1. Coordinates the production of scrolls requested by The Crown;
  2. Promotes the development of calligraphers and illuminators in the East Kingdom and warrants said scribes to perform Signet Office work, and;
  3. Maintains accurate records of scroll assignments.

Close to 150-200 scrolls go out every six months (per reign), approximately 25 – 34 each month.  In my role as Signet I manage approximately 100 scribes who do calligraphy and illumination and wordsmiths who write the words, as well as scribes who do less traditional scrolls such as stained glass, embroidered scrolls, and carved rocks, to name a few.  The artists in the East Kingdom are exemplary and have a reputation of excellence across the Known World, and I am honored to be working with them.

How do people get awards?

That is a longer story, but the short answer is that a member of the populace recommends an individual for an award.  This recommendation is sent to the royals.  Their Majesties then decide whether to give the award.  For many awards a scroll is produced to commemorate the occasion.

Gazette articles on the award process can be found here:
How the Award Process Works, by Duchess Avelina

How to Write an Award Recommendation, by Duchess Avelina

On the Scheduling of Awards, by Duke Brennan

East Kingdom Awards Overview, by Lady Tola knitýr

How is the Signet involved with that?

When the Royalty decide to give an award, they tell their Royal Scheduler, who keeps tracks of their awards. The Royal Scheduler does their best to contact those close to the recipient to schedule the Award. Once the award has been scheduled, the Royal Scheduler contacts the Signet, me, with the list of awards and dates. I then arrange for the scroll by contacting an artist who will make the scroll and deliver it to the Royalty before it needs to be given out.

What do you do once you have the list of scrolls to be done?

Each award with the date, event, award and individual’s name, and the contact information for the person who recommended the individual is emailed from the Scheduler to the Signet.

Each Signet is different in how they manage the office, however, I add the assignments to a worksheet that contains all the events for that reign  The Signet will then choose a scribe from the list of over 100 scribes in the East Kingdom. I prepare an assignment sheet that will be sent to the artist asking them to take the assignment.  The scribe accepts the assignment and starts work on the beautiful pieces of artwork that you see in court.  The scribe makes arrangements for the scroll to get to the event, Their Majesties sign the scroll prior to court and then present the scroll to the worthy individual.  I work with a lot of amazing scribes who also have wonderful management skills to help track the life of the scroll from request to arrival in the hands of a worthy recipient.

How do I join the College of Scribes?

The College of Scribes is always looking for new scribes and wordsmiths!  We love creative people.  No experience is necessary, and all levels of artistic ability are welcome.  You can become a scribe by contacting me or Vettorio, who is the New Scribes Deputy.  We can introduce you to other scribes and point you in the direction of supplies.  No one is required to join the College of Scribes in order to be a scribe, nor is that the only way to explore this type of art.

How can I find other scribes to speak to?

There are a variety of ways to get in touch with the Scribal community.  Many local groups have Scribal get togethers.  Contacting your local Seneschal is a good first place to start.  There are also Scribal regional deputies that are listed on the East Kingdom College of Scribes Webpage under officers.  The EKCoS Webpage also has loads of information for new or returning scribes.  There is a Facebook page for the East Kingdom scribes, as well as a Google Plus group for the East Kingdom Scribes.

What are some of your suggestions that help the scribes with their scrolls?

One of the best things that anyone can do is to make a wiki page in the East Kingdom wiki.  In fact, my East Kingdom wiki page is here. Even if it is no more than a picture and your arms, that is really helpful to a scribe.   If you already have a wiki page, please consider updating it.  If you are aware of an upcoming award for a friend please feel free to contact me and I’ll help in whatever way I can.  Communication is absolutely welcome as more information makes for better art.  I can’t always honor every request, and not everything is possible, but I do my best to arrange our Kingdom’s artists to make beautiful art for someone’s special day. Another way to help is to give a wish list to a loved one on preferences for a certain type of scroll or a particular artist should there be a scroll in your future!  There is no guarantee, but again, more information makes it easier to line up a piece of artwork that will memorialize your special day.   I will be trying to have office hours at events so that you can come see me in person if you have questions.   I’m looking forward to meeting many people in my job as the East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet.

En français
Traduction: Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova est la nouvelle Greffière des Sceaux du Royaume, ayant pris la position en février de cette année. Nataliia fait partie de la SCA depuis environ 1994 et réside dans la Baronnie of the Bridge. Avant de découvrir la Société, elle a étudié les arts et compétitionné à l’escrime au sein de la USFA. Son amour de l’escrime l’a amenée à une pratique d’escrime de la Baronnie Beyond the Mountain. Bien que l’escrime lui aie fournie une porte d’entrée dans la SCA, et demeure une de ses plus grandes passions, elle s’est découvert un exutoire pour ses aspirations artistiques dans la communauté des scribes. Son premier parchemin a été produit en 2001, et elle a été encouragée a continuer par Duchesse Katherine Stanhope, la Greffière des Sceaux du Royaume à ce moment. Son médium préféré est la peinture, particulièrement avec des pigments d’époque, et dans ses années formatrices, Nataliia était appréciait beaucoup les rendus au crayon et à l’encre  de représentations de manuels d’escrime d’époque. Elle trouve la l’art de la calligraphie ardu, mais elle n’est pas connue pour reculer devant un défi.

Qu’est-ce que la Greffière des Sceaux du Royaume fait ?

La Greffière des Sceaux du Royaume (connue comme Tyger Clerk ou le Signet) est à la tête du Collège des Scribes du Royaume de l’Est. La Greffière des Sceaux du Royaume:

  1. Coordonne la production des parchemins demandés par La Couronne;
  2. Promeut le développement des calligraphes et enlumineurs dans le Royaume de l’Est et certifie ces scribes afin d’accomplir les tâches de l’Office des Sceaux, et;
  3. Maintiens un registre rigoureux des assignations de parchemins.

Près de 150 à 200 parchemins sont distribués chaque six mois (par règne), approximativement 25 à 34 chaque mois. Dans mon rôle comme Greffière, je gère approximativement une centaine de scribes qui procèdent à la calligraphie et à l’illumination, des écrivains qui composent les textes, ainsi que des scribes qui font des parchemins moins conventionnels, comme en vitrail, brodé ou taillé dans la pierre, pour n’en nommer que quelques uns. Les artistes du Royaume de l’Est sont exemplaires et ont une réputation d’excellence dans tout le Monde Connu, et je suis honorée de travailler avec eux.

Comment recevoir une reconnaissance ?

Ceci est une plus longue histoire, mais la réponse courte est qu’un membre de la population recommende un individu pour une reconnaissance. Cette recommendation est envoyés à la royauté. Leurs Majestés décident alors de donner ou non la reconnaissance. Pour plusieurs reconnaissances, un parchemin est produit afin de commémorer l’occasion.

Un article de la Gazette sur le processus menant aux reconnaissances peut être consulté ici:
Comment le Processus de Reconnaissance fonctionne, par Duchesse Avelina

Comment Écrire une Recommendation pour une Reconnaissance, par Duchesse Avelina

Sur la Planification des Reconnaissances, par Duc Brennan

Survol des Reconnaissances du Royaume de l’Est, par Dame Tola Knitýr

Quelle est l’implication de la Greffière dans le processus ?

Quand la Royauté décide de d’accorder une reconnaissance, ils en avisent leur Planificateur Royal, qui garde trace de leurs reconnaissances. Le Planificateur Royal fait de son mieux afin de contacter les proches du récipiendaire afin de planifier la Reconnaissance. Une fois que la reconnaissance a été planifiée, le Planificateur Royal contacte la Greffière, moi, avec une liste des reconnaissances et les dates. J’organise alors la fabrication du parchemin en contactant un artiste qui s’occupera de créer celui-ci, et de le livrer à la Royauté avant qu’il soit remis à la cour.

Qu’est-ce qui se passe une fois que la liste des parchemins à faire est complète ?

Chaque reconnaissance avec la date, l’événement, la reconnaissance et le nom du récipiendaire, ainsi que l’information de contact de la personne ayant recommandé le récipiendaire est envoyée par courriel du Planificateur à la Greffière.

Chaque Greffier gère son office différemment, cependant, j’ajoute les tâches dans une feuille de travail qui contient tous les événements de ce règne. Le Greffier choisira ensuite un scribe d’une liste de plus d’une centaine de noms dans le Royaume de l’Est. Je prépare une feuille de travail qui sera envoyée à l’artiste, lui demandant d’accepter la tâche. Le scribe accepte le travail et commence à produire les magnifiques oeuvres d’art que vous pouvez admirer à la cour. Le scribe s’occupe d’organiser un transport pour que le parchemin parvienne à l’événement, Leurs Majestés signent le parchemin avant la cour, et ensuite présentent le parchemin au digne récipiendaire. Je travaille avec de nombreux scribes extraordinaires qui ont d’excellentes aptitudes de gestion afin d’aider à garder trace du processus de création d’un parchemin, de la demande initiale, à son arrivée dans les mains d’un récipiendaire méritant.

Comment joindre le Collège des Scribes ?

Le Collège des Scribes est toujours à la recherche de nouveaux scribes et écrivains ! Nous adorons les gens créatifs. Aucune expérience n’est nécessaire, et tous les niveaux d’habiletés artistiques sont bienvenus. Il est possible de devenir un scribe en me contactant ou Vettorio, qui est le Député des Nouveaux Scribes. Nul n’es tenu de joindre le Collège des Scribes afin d’être un scribe, et cela ne représente certainement pas la seule manière d’explorer ce type d’art.

Comment puis-je trouver d’autres scribes à qui parler ?

Il y a une variété de façons d’entrer en contact avec la communauté des Scribes. Plusieurs groupes locaux tiennent des rencontres de scribes. Contacter votre Sénéchal local est un bon point de départ. Il y a aussi des Députés Scribes Régionnaux, listés sur la page internet du Collège des Scribes du Royaume de l’Est, sous la catégorie “officiers”. La page du Collège des Scribes du Royaume de l’Est regorge d’informations autant pour les nouveaux scribes que ceux étant plus expérimentés ici.

Il existe aussi une page Facebook pour les scribes du Royaume de l’Est ici.

Ainsi qu’un groupe Google Plus pour les Scribes du Royaume de l’est ici.

Avez-vous des suggestions afin de faciliter la tâche des scribes créant des parchemins ?

Une des choses les plus aidantes que tout le monde peut faire, est de créer une page sur le wiki du Royaume de l’Est. En fait, ma page Wiki est disponible ici. Même si ce n’est rien de plus qu’une image de vos armes, c’est quelque chose de vraiment utile pour un scribe. Si vous avez déjà une page wiki, considérez la mettre à jour. Si vous savez qu’un de vos amis recevra une reconnaissance, sentez-vous libre de me contacter et je vous aiderai autant qu’il me sera possible. La communication est absolument bienvenue compte tenu que plus nous avons d’informations, meilleur est le résultat artistique final. Il ne m’est pas toujours possible d’honorer chaque demande, et certaines choses ne sont pas toujours possibles, cependant, je fais tout en mon pouvoir afin d’organiserla création de fantastiques pièces artistiques pour commémorer une journée spéciale. Une autre manière d’aider est de fournir une liste de souhaits sur les préférences de vos proches pour un certain type de parchemin ou de requérir un artiste en particulier, si un parchemin est dans votre futur ! Nous ne pouvons pas donner de garanties, mais encore une fois, le plus d’informations dont nous disposons, le plus aisé il est pour nous de produire une oeuvre qui immortalisera votre journée spéciale. J’essaierai d’avoir des heures de bureau aux événements pour que vous puissiez me rencontrer en personne si vous avez des questions. J’espère avoir la chance de rencontrer de nombreuses personnes pendant mon mandat en tant que Greffière des Sceaux du Royaume de l’Est.




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Unofficial Court Report – Southern Region War Camp

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2017-06-16 07:25

On a bright and sunny day, being the 10th of June, A.S. 52, or 2017 Gregorian, Their Majesties Ioannes and Honig traveled to Their Barony of Carillion, there to observe the Southern Region War Camp.

In the morning, before the day’s battles began, Their Majesties held a brief Court.

They called for Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain and spoke of her fierceness on the rapier lists and her command of the Southern Region Rapier army. Their Majesties called for Their Order of the Silver Rapier and gave her that honour, presenting her with a scroll with calligraphy by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne, illumination by Mistress Elizabeth Eleanor Lovell, and words by Banfili Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige and Laerifadir Magnus hvalmagi.

Next the Crown called for Lady Jane of Milford. They praised her work as a marshal and her effectiveness at both tourney and melee fencing and bade her join the Order of the Silver Rapier. She was given a scroll crafted by Lady Charis Accipiter.

Master Aaron the Arrowsmith, Southern Region Archery Commander, came before Their Majesties. He called for Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter and Edmund Harper and presented them to The Crown as the newest Master Bowmen of the East. They were given tokens in recognition of their accomplishments.

Their Majesties called for the Order of the Silver Tyger and found the Order incomplete. They called for Lady Vasia von Königsberg and spoke of her skill with sword and shield and how well she performed in Crown Tourney and asked that she take her place with the Order. She was given a scroll created by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, with words by Marguerite ingen Lachlainn.

Chiba Touta Yoshitaki was summoned next. Their Majesties spoke of his skill with great weapons and told him to take his place with the Order of the Silver Tyger. He was given a scroll crafted by Lord Ryouko’Jin of Iron Skies.

The Crown called for Baron Joseph Hartcourt of Serpentius. They spoke of his skill with sword and shield and with polearm, and his work as a knight marshal. Then They made him a Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combatant, backlogged to Bhakail Investiture on the 3rd of June, 2017. He was given a scroll to remember the event, with calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan, illumination by Mistress Kis Marika, and words by Lord Mithgiladan the Herald.

Next, Their Majesties called for Lord Hashiji Morikatsu. They spoke of his skill with glaive and other weapons, and his chivalry, and had him join the Order of the Tygers Combatant. A scroll, made by Lady Svea the Shortsighted, was presented to him.

His Majesty requested the presence of the Company of St. Adrian and asked that they bring forth Luthor von Eisenfaust. His work as a fighter on the unbelted team was praised and he, too, was inducted into the Order of the Tygers Combatant. He was given a scroll with calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan and illumination by Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey.

Their Majesties then called for Baron Rory MacLellan. They praised his skill at armoured combat and his comportment and courtesy, and called forth the Order of Chivalry. Their Majesties gave Baron Rory a Writ to be answered at a later date, to declare whether he would join that Order. The Writ was prepared by Mistress Eleanor Catlyng.

As the last piece of business in morning Court, Their Majesties called Baroness Tysha z Kieva. They praised her work running kitchens, running gate, stewarding events, working as a royal guard, and her work with Pennsic tech services. They then called for the Order of the Pelican and set Baroness Ty to Vigil, to answer that evening if she would join that Order.

Court was then adjourned until the evening. When Their Majesties’ Court reconvened, They called for Conchobar mac Óengusa. They spoke of his work as the Herald for the Barony of Carillion and his enthusiasm and Awarded him Arms. He was given a scroll created by Lady Mariette de Bretagne.

They next called for Erin inghean Chonchobhair. They spoke of her work as an archer and crafter, that she helps at events and is the Baronial Archery Champion for Carillion. They then called for the Order of the Tyger’s Cub and had her join that company. They gave her a scroll made by Mistress Leonete d’Angely, with words by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich. But Their Majesties felt that the Tyger’s Cub was not all Erin deserved, and so They named her a Lady and Awarded her Arms. A scroll will be forthcoming.

Their Majesties called for the children of the East. They then asked that the Queen’s Armored Champion, Lord Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey, bring the toy chest forward. The children ran after him, excited to each find a toy.

The Crown called for Allaster del Blair and spoke of his fencing and time on the thrown weapons range. They found his deeds worthy and Awarded him Arms, commemorated in a scroll illuminated by Lady Lorita deSiena, with words and calligraphy by Lord Faolan an Sccreccain.

Next, Their Majesties called for Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld. They spoke of her work as cook for the Bhakail Investiture and K&Q Champions at Arms event the previous weekend. They praised the menu and quality of the food. They also mentioned how good the meal was even though it had been significantly delayed by the events of the day. Their Majesties then gave her the token of the Award of the Burdened Tyger.

Emperor Ioannes and Empress Honig then called for Baron Jonathan Miles and spoke of his skill at the art of defense and his steady improvement at that skill and called for him to join the Order of the Silver Rapier. He was given a scroll created by Lady Magdalena Lantfarerin, with words by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte.

The Crown also called Lord Matteo Cole Amici, a fencer and marshal who loves rapier and dagger. They bade him join the Order of the Silver Rapier and gave him a scroll to remember the day, with calligraphy by Lady Tola Knityr, illumination by Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir, and words by Master Frasier MacLeod and Mistress Alys Mackyntoich.

Their Majesties called for Sir Antonio Patrasso and praised his work as a maker of silk banners, pointing out several banners around the court that he had made. They then called for Their Order of the Silver Brooch and had him join that Order. He was given a scroll to acknowledge this, with calligraphy by Lady Tola Knityr, illumination by Mistress Elizabeth Eleanor Lovell and Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir, and words by Baroness Charitye Dale.

Timothy of Serpentius was called before the Crown and they spoke of his skill at fencing and his development of his persona. Feeling him worthy, they Awarded him Arms and gave him a scroll to remember the day, created by Baron Wulfgar Silfraharr and with words by Baroness Theodora Bryennissa called Treannah.

Guillaume of House Carpathia was summoned next. Their Majesties spoke of his skill as a fighter, particularly with sword and shield and with spear, and called for Their Order of the Silver Tyger and made him a member of that Order. He was given a scroll with illumination by Mistress Melisande of the Gryphon Wood and calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan.

Her Majesty then called for Lady Yasemin bint al-Hajjar. She spoke of Yasemin’s comportment, of her service as a retainer to Queen Anna and Herself. Then Empress Honig presented her with the glove of the Queen’s Order of Courtesy.

Next, Their Majesties called for Maeve O’Morain. They spoke of her service as a water-bearer and her help in the kitchens. Recognising this worthy service, They called for Their Order of the Silver Wheel and had Maeve take her place among them and further Awarded her Arms. She was given a scroll with calligraphy by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne, illumination by Lady Mairi Crawford, and words by Lord Sean O’Morain.

Finding the Order of the Silver Wheel incomplete, The Crown called for Lord Martin Wasser Speier. They spoke of his helpfulness, how he aids in getting people to events, and how he now writes words for scrolls, and They named him a Companion of the Order. He was given a scroll created by Lady Magdalena Lantfarerin, with words by Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte.

The Order of the Silver Wheel still incomplete, Their Majesties called for Oodachi Jirou Tsu’neyasu. They spoke of his work as chronicler, web minister, and exchequer and Awarded him Arms and bade him take his place with the Order. A scroll was presented, created by Lord Ian Douglas.

Their Majesties then called for Lord Lorenzo Gorla. They spoke of his skill as a fencer, his bearing, his teaching, and his research into period forms of rapier, and They summoned forth Their Order of the Golden Rapier and had him join that Order. He was given a scroll to remember the day, crafted by Mistress Eva Woderose, with words by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich.

Those new to the Society, attending their first Royal Progress, were called forward by the Crown and given tokens that they might remember their first days among us.

Baroness Charitye Dale was summoned by the Crown. They spoke of her research into personal hygiene and her practice of other arts, including pottery, lace-making, calligraphy, and cooking, and found these studies worthy of recognition. They called for Their Order of the Maunche and named her a Companion, presenting her a scroll calligraphed by Lady Tola Knityr, illuminated by Mistress Elizabeth Eleanor Lovell and Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir, and authored by Master Malcolm Bowman.

Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber announced the winner of the handpie competition. Meave Macintosh won and was given a token from the Crown in recognition of her culinary skill.

Master Aaron the Arrowsmith, the event steward, was called forward and thanked by the Crown for a wonderful event, and he in turn thanked his staff for their efforts.

Emperor Ioannes and Empress Honig then called for the Tyger Clerk of the Signet, Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova. They praised her work as a calligrapher and illuminator and felt her exemplary skills were worthy of recognition. They called for Their Order of the Laurel and gave Nataliia a Writ, to be answered at Northern Region War Camp, as to whether she would accept a place among that Order. The Writ was created by her daughters, with illumination by Mistress Leonete d’Angely, calligraphy by Lady Tola Knityr, and words by both.

Their Majesties then requested the answer to the question asked of Baroness Tysha z Kieva. Would she accept a place in the Order of the Pelican. She agreed that she would and was then released from her service as protoge to Master Rupert the Unbalanced. Duke Brennan mac Fearghus spoke on her behalf for the Order of Chivalry. Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber spoke as a member of the Order of the Laurel. The Order of Defense was represented by Master Pascual de la Mar. Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain gave words from the Order of the Rose. Tysha was then vested with the regalia of her Order. She was given two medallions, a hood, a pin, and a hat. A document recording her peerage was presented, calligraphed by Lord Vettorio Antonello, with illumination and words by Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte. Mistress Tysha then gave her fealty to the Crown.

The Order still assembled, The Crown called for Mistress Kis Marieka called Mika. They spoke of her long service to her Barony and her Kingdom, her penchant for helping newcomers, her many scrolls produced for the Signet, and They asked if she would take a place among the Order of the Pelican. His Highness, Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov, then spoke of her character for the Order of Chivalry. Master Jonathan Blaecstan represented the Order of the Laurel. Master Thomas de Castellan read the words of Master Jean Paul Ducasse. Duchess Etheldreda Ivelchyld spoke on behalf of the Order of the Rose. And Master Uilliam Twit of Witlow represented the Order of the Pelican. Mistress Mika was then draped in the regalia of the Order. She was given a sari, two medallions, earrings and bracelets, a veil and a tiara, and socks. A scroll, with illumination by Mistress Melisande of the Gryphon Wood, and calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan, with words by Lady Maria Charriez, was presented. Mistress Mika then offered fealty to the Crown.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Majesties Ioannes and Honig was closed. These are the events of the day as I recall them. My thanks to the Barony of Carillion, all the heralds, guards, retainers, Champions, scribes, and all those who attended the event and made it a joyful day.

For Crown and College,
Pray know I remain,

Master Rowen Cloteworthy

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On Target: Moving Targets

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2017-06-15 19:27

A moving target will add fun to your outdoor shoot. Imagine a pig or a deer running across your field.

Take two 4 foot long 2 x 4’s, drill two holes in the bottom of each board, and hammer in two very long nails. Next, take a set of bolt cutters and cut the heads off the nails. This turns them in the spikes. The spikes hold the boards up right so you can set this target up by yourself.

Next, run guy wires off the boards. Take a 50 foot piece of rope, double it and twist it to make the rope stronger so it will not sag when you pull the target across it.

Next, take a hard cardboard tube and cover it in camo duct tape. This’ll make the tube disappear into the background. Next, zip tie the wings to the tube and then zip tie the tube to the top of the pig. Then, take the twisted clothesline and run it through the tube and tie it to the upright 2x4s.

Run a guy wire from the nose of the pig back behind the firing line to the marshal. Pull the pig across the range to give the illusion of flight. The guy wire is over 100 feet long, allowing the marshal to call the line and pull the target at the same time.

At Hornwood’s Scarlet Guard Inn earlier this month, I ran a range just for fun with these targets. I made a flying pig, and everybody enjoyed the pun all day long.

THLord Deryk demonstrates the moving pig target

This month’s safety tip: check out the land around your range. I found a hole in the ground that was well over a foot and a half long and almost 10 inches deep. The hole was full of dead grass and leaves; it was deceptive how deep it really was. If someone had stepped in it, they would’ve twisted an ankle. I marked it with some fluorescent orange tape to make sure no one was hurt.

Until next month, in service,

THLord Deryk Archer

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Help Create Their Highnesses’ Wardrobe!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2017-06-14 20:02

Greetings to all the talented and generous Gentles of our Glorious Kingdom from Elisabeth Johanna von der Flossenburg

Good Gentles:

Our Royalty represents our Kingdom, both at home and abroad. Pageantry is a large part of our game. So is showcasing the talents of our artisans. This is why I am coming to you today requesting your help.

Their Highnesses have honored me by appointing me Mistress of the Wardrobe. But I cannot do this by myself; nobody can. However, if the work is divided out into small parts it becomes easy and manageable.

My thoughts are as follows: I would like to have groups of artisans work together on this project. Please let me explain

In period, there were workshops, where a master and his apprentices and journeymen worked together. If a garment was embroidered, an embroiderer did that work, while the tailor or seamstress only sewed the garment. There were Modelbooks that had the designs in them for the embroiderer, etc. etc.

I hope you see what I am trying to say: I think our Illuminators could be the designers of the embroidery design, which our embroiderers then execute, the weavers make the trim and the seamstresses or tailors put the garment together. Someone else casts the buttons and so on. You see many hands make light work.

It is my hope that all over this Kingdom artisans will get together to form teams so we can all together make our Royalty look fabulous and showcase the talents this Kingdom is so blessed with.  

I will be at Æcademy this weekend. Please find me and talk to me if you are interested in participating in this project. Their Highnesses have expressed that they are willing to wear many different styles of clothing, so everybody in this Kingdom can get involved, and no one person has to do all the work.

If you are not coming to Æcademy but are interested in getting involved, please contact me via email or Facebook messenger under Elisabeth von Hahn.

And please do not worry, I am not expecting anyone to start working on this until after Pennsic unless you want to and have time before then.

Looking forward to speaking to and hearing from many of you. I remain in Service to our Glorious Kingdom and our Royalty



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Leatherworking Demo at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2017-06-13 11:04

The MAKESHOP leather working demo poster (The items on the poster were made by Lord Robert of Ferness, from the Dominion of Myrkfaellin -picture taken by Luceta at Æ A&S Faire, used with his permission)

Lady Luceta Di Cosimo reported the following: On June 4th, the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands conducted another medieval skills demo at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. This time the museum asked the members of the Barony to do a demo on medieval leatherworking. So, once again we were invited to the MAKESHOP which is a partnership between the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments (UPCLOSE). It is a space dedicated to making, reusing and designing things, using everyday materials and real tools. It has regular programs and special guests. Readers may recall that the Barony did a weaving workshop there a few months ago.

THL Sumayya al-Ghaziyyaa, head of the BMDL Leatherworking Guild, graciously agreed to share her skills and knowledge of period leatherworking with the museum visitors. She was assisted by Luceta di Cosimo and Medea da Venexia. Our goal was to convey to the visitors just how widely leather was used in period. Kids know that nowadays leather is used for shoes, clothing, and accessories, but most are not aware that its uses in period were much broader. Therefore, we had a display of period leather items (reproductions, of course). In addition to shoes, boots and belts, we had things like books, armor, and paintings on parchment. The kids were so surprised to see that you can have armor made out of leather. Some were not sure leather could ever work as armor. So we set up an ornate cuir bouilli chestplate on the back of a chair, and invited the kids and their grownups to hit it with mallets, so they could see how just tough it was. It proved to be their favorite display item. (Cuir bouilli is the process of hardening leather through the application of heat and/or wax.)

Leather items display, including a Turkish shoe and pouch, men’s boots and pouch, small messenger bag, and miniatures on parchment.

THL Sumayya helps a MAKESHOP visitor choose designs for the key fob

In addition to the display, THL Sumayya put together a make and take activity. In period, tooled leather was primarily carved, but to make sure even the littlest visitors could safely participate, we had children and their adults make stamped leather key fobs, even though stamped leather was less common in period. We had a number of stamps available, and the Museum loaned their own sets of leather punches. The kids came up with many really neat designs, and many key fobs were made as father’s day gifts. We had dozens and dozens of people come through the MAKESHOP that day, and even after the demo was officially over, we still had people working on their key fobs. Overall we probably had about 150 people visit the MAKESHOP that day.

Luceta, Medea, and Sumayya in the MAKESHOP

It was a pleasure to be back at the WORKSHOP. The Children’s Museum is a wonderful resource for local families. It promotes a “play with real stuff” philosophy, which is dedicated to inspire curiosity and creativity in kids and allows them to learn through play. We are very proud to be a part of this experience. The Society is full of talented and skilled people, who do amazing and rare and beautiful things, and we are glad to share these skills and knowledge with our Museum neighbors.

A sample key fob made by Luceta at the demo


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Signet Quiz Begins

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2017-06-12 16:44

The new Signets and their deputies are appointed. Photo by Doña Alessandra (Yasmina).

The 2017-2018 Signet’s Quiz has begun!

Anyone may participate. You do not have to be a scribe but you DO have to send your answers to the Signet email.

If you are one of our winners and not a scribe, you may opt to gift your prize to a scribe that you know! All participants who take all 50 quizzes over the next year will receive a unique item, made by the hand of our very own Mistress Honoria and I guarantee that you do not own this item.

Each Sunday, please visit the Signet’s page where our Web-Goddess Juliana will post the questions *and the address where you may send your answers*. We encourage you to Google for your answers, this is an open-tech quiz. This week’s questions have been brought to you by Mistress Hrefna fruiþkona Þorgrímsdóttir. Don’t wait! Go now! Have fun! Antoinette & Shirin, Sylvan Signets
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Writing about the Crusades and talking about a "meddlesome priest" - Thu, 2017-06-08 21:10
The Middle Ages are in the news again, so here is a roundup of recent news articles. We start with three good reads from historians talking about the crusades

[View the story "Writing about the Crusades and talking about a "meddlesome priest"" on Storify]

14th century Book of Hours depicting the murder of Becket
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K&Q A&S 2018 Competition Format / Règlements du Championnat d’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2017-06-07 14:01

En français

Submitted on behalf of the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White:

Good news! We are excited to announce the format for the King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions 2018!

One of our goals for the A&S Office is to get information published as early as possible. We want to keep people well informed so that they can be better prepared and have better experiences.

To those ends, here is the initial format (see below) for the King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions to be held in 2018.

We are also ready to share the “General Score Sheet” along with a supporting tool, “Creating Documentation for the General East Kingdom A&S Rubric” (links below). After reading the competition format these two items will be a great place to start before working on your entries. Please note that the rubric has been changed (modified and expanded) from the one used last year. It’s also an excellent tool for general A&S guidance, so even if you don’t want to enter, it’s worth a read!

This has all been posted to the Kingdom A&S webpage which will continue to be updated as we get closer to the event.

Things to come:

* Event details to be published after a group is selected to run the event.
* A “Research Score Sheet” for research related entries.
* A “Performance Score Sheet” for performance related entries.

Thanks and appreciation to:

The Kingdom A&S Special Deputies who led (and continue to lead) this effort, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill and Master Magnus Hvalmagi, along with their team who helped with feedback and editing.

Support and feedback from Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Queen’s Champion of Arts and Sciences, and Lady Raziya bint Rusa, King’s Champion of Arts and Sciences.

Support and feedback from Their Highness, Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov and Princess Matilde de Cadenet.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!

Your Servant to Command,


***King’s and Queen’s A & S Champions 2018 Format***

Entrants may enter a single substantial item (pre-17th-century), or a body of work consisting of related items that are connected to each other in a significant and meaningful way. A body of work will be judged as a single “item”; individual entries will not be scored. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. In either case, entries should seek tell a coherent and cohesive story about an historical people, time, place, etc. No item should have won a previous King’s or Queen’s Championship, and each item to be judged should have been completed within three years of the competition. Please note that research papers/projects and performance entries are welcomed as items.

Judging will be done as a single team, drawing from various areas of expertise. Judging will be conducted face-to-face using a judging rubric. Absentee entries will not be accepted. We plan to make every effort this year to have judges provide face-to-face feedback to each entrant after their project has been assessed.

Once rubric scores have been submitted and tabulated, the top entries will then be announced, and a second round of face-to-face judging will occur with the King and Queen present. Those in the final round of judging will have the opportunity present their project to the Crown. Once the Crown interviews top entrants and reviews their entries, the Royals, advised by the current champions, will then determine their new champions from among the top entries.

At a minimum, all entrants are asked to produce a 1/2-1 page written summary which provides an overview of their entire entry. Additional written documentation is highly encouraged of all entries, however, it must be no longer than 6 pages (not including references or appendices). Entrants are also welcome to document their work in other ways (verbally, poster, video, etc).

Additional guidelines, rubrics, and advice for entrants will be provided before the competition, and registration for the competition will begin after a site has been chosen.

Those considering entering are advised that this is a high level competition where the focus is on picking the kingdom arts and sciences champions. The duties of the champions include representing the Crown at events and likely displaying at the Pennsic A&S War Point. If anyone is not able to make those commitments, or does not wish to serve as champion, we encourage them to instead visit one of the many Kingdom A&S Consultation Tables being held at events throughout the year. These tables are available to provide feedback to artisans about their projects in more depth and detail than is typically allowed for at competitions, and to support artisans at all levels in improving their craft.


Guide for Creating Documentation:

En français
Traduction: Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Publié au nom du Ministre des Arts et Sciences du Royaume, Maître Philip White:

Bonnes nouvelles ! Il nous fait plaisir d’annoncer les règlements du Championnat d’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine, qui se tiendra en 2018 !

Un de nos buts pour l’Office des Arts et Sciences est de publier nos informations le plus tôt possible. Nous souhaitons garder les gens bien informés, afin qu’ils soient mieux préparés et aient de meilleures expériences en général.

Pour ce faire, voici le format initial (voir ci-dessous) du Championnat D’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine, qui se tiendra en 2018.

Un de nos buts pour l’Office des Arts et Sciences est de publier nos informations le plus tôt possible. Nous souhaitons garder les gens bien informés, afin qu’ils soient mieux préparés et aient de meilleures expériences en général. Pour ce faire, voici le format initial (voir ci-dessous) du Championnat D’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine, qui se tiendra en 2018.

Nous sommes aussi prêts à partager la feuille de “Score Général”, avec un outil de support; “Création de la documentation pour les Arts et Sciences du Royaume de l’Est” (liens ci-dessous). Après avoir lu les règles de la compétition, ces deux documents représentent la première étape de votre cheminement, avant de commencer à travailler sur les projets que vous souhaitez entrer dans la compétition. Veuillez noter que les rubriques ont été changées (modifiées et étoffées) depuis la dernière version du document utilisé l’année dernière. Il s’agit aussi d’un excellent outil guide en général pour les Arts et Sciences, donc même si vous ne pensez pas compétitionner, n’hésitez pas à le consulter !

Ces informations sont présentement disponibles sur la page web d’Arts et Sciences du Royaume, qui continuera à être mise à jour à mesure que nous approcherons de l’événement.

Encore à venir:

*Détails de l’événement à être publiés après la sélection du groupe l’organisant.
*Une feuille de score pour la recherche, pour évaluer les projets de recherche.
*Une feuille de score pour les prestations, pour évaluer les interprétations.

Remerciements spéciaux à:

Les députés spéciaux des Arts et Sciences au niveau du Royaume, qui ont mené (et continuent à mener) cet effort, Maîtresse Elysabeth Underhill et Maître Magnus Hvalmagi, ainsi que leur équipe, qui ont aidé avec la rétroaction et l’édition.

Le support et la rétroaction de Dame Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Championne d’Arts et Sciences de la Reine, ainsi que Dame Raziya bint Rusa, Championne d’Arts et Sciences du Roi.

Le support et la rétroaction de Leurs Altesses, Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov et Princesse Matilde de Cadenet.

Souvenez-vous… Ayez du plaisir ! Apprenez ! Enseignez !

Votre humble Serviteur,


*** Règlements du Championnat d’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine 2018 ***

Les participants peuvent entrer un seul item substantiel (pré 17ième siècle), ou un ensemble d’items étant connectés les uns aux autres de manière significative et importante. Un ensemble d’items sera jugé comme un seul “item”; les entrées se seront pas jugés individuellement. Les items peuvent être d’une seule discipline, ou de plusieurs disciplines. Dans les deux cas, les items devraient raconter une histoire cohérente et logique à propos d’un personnage historique, une époque, un lieu, etc. Aucun item ne devra avoir déjà remporté un précédent Championnat du Roi ou de la Reine, et chaque item jugé ne devra avoir été complété plus de trois années précédent la date de la compétition. Veuillez noter que les projets de recherche et les prestations sont bienvenus comme items.

Les évaluations seront faites par tous les juges, formant une seule équipe, pour profiter de multiples champs d’expertise. Les évaluations seront conduites face à face, en utilisant une grille d’évaluation. Les entrées in absentia ne seront pas acceptées. Nous planifions faire tout les efforts possibles cette année afin que les juges puissent fournir de la rétroaction en face à face à chaque participant, après que leur projet aie été évalué.

Une fois que les scores auront été soumis et calculés, les meilleures entrées seront annoncées, et une seconde ronde d’évaluation en face à face sera faite, en compagnie du Roi et de la Reine. Ceux dont le projet se rendra en ronde finale auront l’opportunité de présenter leur projet à la Couronne. Une fois que la Couronne se sera entretenue avec les gens ayant marqué les scores les plus élevés, et révisé leurs entrées, les Royaux, avisés par leurs champions actuels, détermineront par la suite leurs nouveaux champions parmi les meilleures entrées.

Au minimum, il est demandé à tous les participants de produire un sommaire de leur projet complet, d’une longueur entre une demi-page et une page. De la documentation additionnelle écrite est fortement encouragée pour tous les types de projets; cependant, celle-ci ne doit pas dépasser 6 pages (n’incluant pas les références et les annexes). Les participants peuvent aussi documenter leur travail par d’autres moyens (verbalement, par une affiche, avec un vidéo, etc.)

Des lignes guides additionnelles, rubriques et conseils pour les participants seront fournis avant la compétition, et les inscriptions pour la compétition commenceront après qu’un site aie été choisi pour tenir l’événement.

Les personnes considérant se présenter sont avisées que cette compétition de haut niveau mettra le focus sur la sélection de nouveaux champions d’Arts et Sciences du Royaume. Les obligations des champions incluent de représenter la Couronne aux événements et probablement d’exposer au Point de Guerre d’Arts et Sciences de Pennsic. Si quelqu’un ne serait en mesure de s’astreindre à ces obligations, ou ne désire pas servir comme champion, nous les encourageons alors à visiter une des multiples Tables de Consultation d’Arts et Sciences du Royaume, qui se tiennent tout au long de l’année à divers événements. Ces tables de consultation sont disponibles pour fournir de la rétroaction aux artisans sur leurs projets plus en profondeur et en détail que ce qui est typiquement alloué en compétition, et pour supporter les artisans de tous les niveaux pour améliorer leur art.

Feuille de score général:

Guide de création de Documentation:


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TRM Challenge the Fencers of Æthelmearc

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2017-06-05 16:46

Their Royal Majesties of Æthemearc, Timothy and Gabrielle.

Unto the rapier enthusiasts of Æthelmerc does King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle send greetings,

Some years back, We wrote the BoD of the SCA to discuss the issue of the Rapier Peerage. Our input, along with that of many others convinced the governing body of our organization that a peerage unique to the art of the sword would be beneficial to the society, and thus, the Masters of Defense were created.

We had the privilege of sitting the thrones when the MoD came on line. We discussed prospective members with many of you throughout the kingdom, before selecting the initial 5 recipients. Of the 10 who received enough comments from the populace to merit serious consideration, all but one have been invited to join the order. We’d like nothing more than to add the last one.

We are greatly pleased with those who wear the collar, and the contributions they have made to the community. We see these members travel throughout the kingdom as they share their knowledge. But their numbers are limited. There are only so many of them, and they cannot be everywhere at every moment.

Maestra Illadore. Photo by Lady Silence.

At Pennsic every year, Timothy takes the field and asks as many knights as possible to take the field at his side for an entire day. Friday, August 4th from 9am till 5pm. This year, We have asked Maestra Illadore, who has graciously agreed, to set up a similar deed of arms for the Masters of Defense.

Therefore, Her Majesty and I put forth this challenge to you. Come and show us your heart, drive and skill. Work with the Masters and Mistresses. Spar with them. Train with them. Learn from them. Show them you have the skill to be at their side. Since We cannot be of any assistance in training any of you, We will do our part by promoting this and trying to get as many MoDs as possible on the field with her.

No excuses. They are here, in one place for your benefit.
“They don’t come to my area”. They are here.
“They never fight me with my chosen form”. Yes, they will.
“I am out of practice”. This date is 2 months away. You have time.

Deeds not words.

We hope to see all of you there.

Timothy and Gabrielle

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Teachers Still Sought for Cooks Collegium

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2017-06-03 19:31
Please take the time to sign up to teach classes for Cooks Collegium in three weeks in the Hael (Lockport NY)! 
  • We are interested in cookbook discussions, medieval gardening, feast prep classes, and specific food classes. 
  • Children are welcome to teach and attend.
  •  Want to cook outdoors? We can do that!
 Teachers please fill out the following form. Spread the word! All are welcome at all levels! We hope to see you there!  Countess Margerite Eisenwald, class steward Official event announcement is here. Facebook event group is here.
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10 Hours of Service Challenge

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2017-06-02 12:16

Dame Hrefna has issued a service challenge!

Greetings, fair Æthelmearc from Dame Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir, 123rd Pelican of Æthelmearc,

I have been enjoying watching people post about the 100 days of martial and A&S challenges they have undertaken as well as being inspired by King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle’s Spark Challenge so I have decided to issue a challenge of my own in the area of service. I am not asking for 100 days of service as I don’t think every day readily offers a chance to provide service to the Society, but I am asking people to commit to 10 hours of service in 100 days, to be completed at an event or in your local group.

Here are some examples of ways you can meet this challenge:

  • Take a shift of retaining for Royalty
  • Volunteer at troll for a couple of hours
  • Offer to help out in the kitchen
  • Sweep the hall after the event is over
  • Set up chairs or put them away
  • Teach a class
  • Answer questions for a newcomer
  • Help someone set up their tent
  • Sew garb for someone or help them learn to sew it themselves
  • Lend a hand with loading/unloading

The list of possibilities goes on and on. If you don’t readily see an opportunity at an event, seek out a member of the event staff and ask what you can do to help. If you want to help out in your local group, contact an officer and ask what you can do. And remember that Pennsic falls within these 100 days. It will offer a wealth of opportunities to serve and discover new interests while making new friends.If nothing else, contact me and I will offer suggestions on where you might find opportunities to serve. It doesn’t matter where, when, or how you choose to serve, only that you choose to serve. You may find your niche or a new area of interest in the Society and make some friends along the way, too. Be sure to have fun, too.


In Service,
Dame Hrefna Ulfvarinnsdottir

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Is It This? Or Is It That? What Is It?!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2017-06-01 17:39

The obscure ingredient Gillyflower as used in medieval culinary & cosmetic recipes. By Elska á Fjárfelli of the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn.

As part of my interest in medieval soap-making, I come across some rather strange and unusual ingredients. Some only look strange at first glance as the medieval word has undergone modernization. Some describe ingredients no longer used in this way, either because they are hard to mass-produce, or because they are now known to be detrimental to our health. Every unknown ingredient I come across digging through countless medicinal and cosmetic soap recipes is carefully checked out, and these sometimes obvious, often times obscure ingredients are compiled in my Glossary for future reference.

For example, when using Google Translate to translate muschio, its first hit will be moss. While plausible, when looking at the word in context of the recipe, it is unlikely moss was added as a scrub. What was meant here was the scent musk, a much more appropriate addition as the recipe came from a book about perfumery.

Same with fate poluere – when put into Google Translate it comes up as fairies’ dust… Would we really think renaissance Italians caught fairies, dried them, ground them up, and made such good soap Mona Lisa literally seems to glow? I’d like to, though it does seem more likely it is only an older way of spelling fare polvere which means to make into dust, making a whole lot more sense considering the rest of the recipe…

Then what about the botanical garofano? When looked up in the 1611 medieval Italian to medieval English dictionary the Florio, the translation given for garofano (garofani) is both cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) and gillyflower, also called carnation (Dianthus caryphyllus), and leaves the matter up for interpretation. Gillyflower as an ingredient makes an appearance in several non-English language soap recipes, including the Italian Notandissimi and the Dutch Dat Batement van Recepten. My curiosity was piqued, but a conclusive period source for either interpretation was nowhere to be found. The 1771 Encyclopedia Brittanica gives the alternate name clove pink for carnation, indicating some sort of connection between clove and carnation. But while it mentions the term gillyflower can be any of several flowering plant species, the spice clove is not listed among them. If they truly are two different plant species, then how can gillyflower mean both in medieval texts?

Scadian Italian cosmetics enthusiast Giata (Gigi Coulson) translated this intriguing recipe from Caterina Sforza to treat horrible breath, to include cloves:

A guerire una persona a chi puzzasse la bocca o vero el fiato.
Piglia 1 onca garofani, 5 onca cinamomo fino, 5 onca tirats, con un terzo de finissimo vino fa pistare et fa bollire et danne mezzo bichieri per volta.

To heal a person who has horrible breath.
Take 1 ounce cloves, 5 ounces ground cinnamon, 5 ounces tirats (sic), and mix with a third of finest wine, then do grind and boil it and take a dose of half a glass at a time.

Clove gilliflower image from A Sip through Time

A handful of cooking recipes in the 16-17th century Martha Washington’s Cookbook also include gillyflower as an ingredient. Here, the translator states gillyflower is what is now known as the clove-scented pink, or carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus). According to her, gilly comes from French girofle, for clove, and is pronounced jilly. As evidenced by the older forms jellyflower and July Flowers it most likely always was; both are fine examples of the substitution of a word of known meaning for an unknown one of similar sound. Clove (Caryophyllus aromaticus) comes from the French clou de girofle, because of its resemblance to a nail, while the French girofle likely came by way of the Greek caryophyllon. Cloves are the dried flower buds of the clove tree.

The collection of old brewing recipes A Sip through Time by Cindy Renfrow also gives clove gilliflower of the family Caryophilli as an alternate name of gilliflower. Maybe through confusing nomenclature it had become a case of mistaken identity? The Dutch books of secret soap recipes refer to gillyflower as groffelsnavel, which the Medieval Dutch internet translator Historic Dictionaries on the Internet also translates to gilliflower. At first glance, groffelsnavel (Dutch), groffiaat (Belgian), garofano (Italian), girofle (French), girofre (Spanish) and a number of other alternates all lead back to gillyflower as a carnation.

Then the medieval Dutch translator had one last thing to say: “The word was also (including in the Roman Languages) used for the clove (Caryophyllus aromaticus) -1892″. In our modern time the Latin name for cloves is Syzygium aromaticum, but in history the Latin name for cloves was Caryophyllus aromaticus – very similar to the Latin for gillyflower which is Dianthus caryphyllus, and indicates both are part of the family Caryophilli. In history, cloves and carnations were classified as belonging to the same family. They had similar physical characteristics (with both, the bottom of the flower is sort of nail-shaped), were thus likely assumed to have similar properties, and were used interchangeably. Apparently, it is up to context and personal interpretation to decide whether the gillyflower called for is the spice cloves or the herb carnation.

Gilliflower is found mentioned in several recipes, both in personal cosmetics (scented soap) and in brewing. Following are a selection of recipes to illustrate the importance of context:

For Clarre. Take cloues and gilofre quibible, and mac? canll’ gygner and spiguale off an in poudre and temper hem with good wyne and the iij. parte as much of fyn honi that is clarified and streine hem thorough a cloth and doo it into a clene vessel, and it may be made wyth ale &c?.

For Clare.
Take cloves and gillyflower quibible [could be qui belle, or very beautiful], and mac? canll’ [much candied?] ginger and spiguale off [spigot, or drain off?] and in powder, and mix them with good wine and the iij. part as much of fine honey that is clarified and strain them through a cloth and do it in a clean vessel, and it may be made with ale, etc.

Carnations, and the double-cloaue Gillofers from the 1578 Nievve Herbal or Historie of Plantes by Gerard Dewes.

In this recipe from The Customs of London: Otherwise Called Arnold’s Chronicle (1503), gillyflowers and cloves are listed separately, by name, and since gillyflower is likely described as beautiful, my guess is that carnation is meant here.

To Pickle cloue gilliflowrs cowslips burrage & marrigoulds
Clip your flowers clean from the whites & cover them over in white wine vinegar, sweetned with sugar, & shake the glasses you put them in often, & when you discover your pickle to shrink, add more to it.

Since this 16th to 17th century recipe by Martha Washington describes gillyflowers as flowers, it likely indicates that carnations were meant, as opposed to the dried out flower bud of the spice clove.

From Dat batement van recepten, a 16th century book of secrets, comes the following recipe for gilliflower soap:

133. Om seepe girofflat te maken.
Neemt een pont seepen, set die te weeken in rooswater drie dagen in de sonne; ende als ghi v seepe maken wilt, neemt een vnce ende een half groffelsnagelen wel gestooten, ende die helft van die selue nagelen sult ghi in v seepe doen, ende dat seer wel mengelende. Met dander helft doet dat hierna volcht. Neemt een cleyn potken met rooswater, ende doeghet ouer ‘t vier sieden, ende alst beginnen sal te sieden, doeter die reste van dat groffelsnagelpoeder inne, ende neemt den pot van dat vier, ende decten seer wel tot dat die bobbelen ghecesseert zijn, ende dattet water law geworden si, dan roeret met een houtken, ende also roerende, mengelet met v seepe. Ende is ‘t dat ghijer een luttel beniuyn toe doen wilt, ghi moeget doen, ooc sult ghi v seepe in een busse doen, ende si sal goede ruecke aennemen.

Cloue tree image from the 1633 The Herball, or, General Historie of Plantes by John Gerard.

133. To make gilliflower soap.
Take a pound of soap, put it to soak in rosewater three days in the sun, and if you want to make soap, take an ounce and a half gillyflowers well crushed, and half of these same nagelen should you put into the soap, and mix very well. With the other half you do as follows. Take a clean pot with rosewater, and cook it over the fire, and when it starts to boil, add the rest of the gillyflower powder, and take the pot off the fire, and cover it well until the bubbles seized, and that the water is luke warm, then stir with wood, and also stir, mixing with the soap. And if you would like add a little benzoin, which you should do, also you should put the soap in a container, and it shall take on a good scent.

In this case the giroflatt (alternate of girofle) is also identified with nagelen, an adverb used in modern Dutch for kruidnagelen (“herb-nails”). Kruidnagelen specifically means cloves, therefore, in this case I would be confident to say here giroflatt means the spice cloves.

From The Housekeeper’s Pocket Book by Sarah Harrison, 1739 (as reprinted in A Sip Through Time by Cindy Renfrow, p.154):

To make clove gillyflower wine.
Take six gallons and a half of spring water, and twelve pounds of sugar, and when it boils skim it, putting in the white of eight eggs, and a pint of cold water, to make the scum rise: let it boil for an hour and a half, skimming it well; then pour it into an earthen vessel, with three spoonfulls of barm; then put in a bushel of clove-gillyflower clip’d and beat, stir them well together, and the next day pit six ounces of syrup of citron into it, the third day put in three lemons sliced, peel and all, the fourth day tun it up, stop it close for ten days, then bottle it, and put a piece of sugar in each bottle.

In this instance it is clear from context that a weedy herb is used; it is not describing the dry spice cloves, but the fresh state of carnations.

My conclusion:  from the handful of brewing and cooking recipes I found using gillyflowers, most seem to indicate using carnation, either as a fresh or dried herb. Most of the perfumed cosmetic recipes seem to use cloves, as a powdered or crushed ingredient. It makes sense that if powdered or crushed gillyflower is called for it is likely to mean cloves, and if fresh or dried gillyflower is called for it is likely to mean carnation. And take a closer look at the provided images of both carnation and clove – the bottoms of the flowers on both plants do look strikingly similar…


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This encyclopedia has a nice chapter on the carnation.

Encyclopedia Brittanica;

The Florio 1611 Dictionary Search:

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Translations by Susan Verberg, unless otherwise noted.

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Unofficial Court Report – Panteria XXII

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2017-06-01 13:59

Their Majesties, Ioannes and Ro Honig, did travel north to visit the Shire of Panther Vale. There, they did attend the event called Panteria, and much merriment was had.

On Saturday, May 27th, Their Majesties held a tournament to determine their new Equestrian Champions. After getting the tournament started, they visited the combat field, where the opened a court and called before them Alaric Godricson. Speaking of his combat prowess, they invited before them the Companions of the Order of the Tygers Combatant. He was inducted into the order, and received a scroll with calligraphy and illumination by Edward McGuyver dos Scorpos and words by Cedric of Thanet.

Their Majesties returned for the finals of the Equestrian Champions tournament. They witnessed some most excellent skills of horsemanship, and the day was won by Alanna of Skye. She would be named King’s Equestrian Champion, and received a new baldric, as well as a banner by Eldritch Gaiman, with a tag featuring calligraphy by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova and illumination by Mari Clock Van Horne.

Her Majesty Honig would choose for her champion Eleanor fitPatrick. She received a new baldric, as well as a banner by Eldritch Gaiman, with a tag featuring calligraphy by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova and illumination by Mari Clock Van Horne.

Before the close of the field court, Their Majesties invited before them Dove Galea. Noting her prowess as a youth rider, they called forth the companions of the Order of Gawain. She was inducted into the order, and received a garter from the arm of King Ioannes.

Their Majesties would convene a full court in the evening. During that court, the following gentles received the following recognitions:

Else von Ober FranckenAward of Arms – Calligraphy: Harold von Auerbauch / Illimination: Carmelina da Vicari

Barbara of Bergental  – Award of Arms – Scoll by: Tola knitýr

Eleanor of Regensfolke – Tyger’s Cub – Calligraphy: Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova / Illimination: Robin dit Dessaint

Paige of House Fulton – Tyger’s Cub – C&I: Leonete d’Angely, Words by: Christiana Crane

Gracin of House Fulton – Tyger’s Cub – Scroll by: Aradyn Ghyoot, Words by: Nichol mac Donchaidh

Phineas of House Fulton – Tyger’s Cub – Ill: Mairi Crawford / Cal: Mari Clock van Hoorne,  Words by: Edmund Beneyt

Embla Knútrdottir  – Silver Brooch – C&I: Christiana Crane, Words by: Nichol mac Donchaidh

Astriðr Sægeirsdottir – Silver Brooch – Scroll by: Aesileif Hoarr Kona

Thomas of Mountain FreeholdAward of Arms – Scroll by: Brangwyne of Wentworth

Rosie of Mountain Freehold – Award of Arms – Ill: Vettorio Antonell, Cal & Words by: Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova

Fortune Sancte Keyne – Court Barony w/ Grant of Arms – Scroll by: Rhonwen Glyn Conwy

Solveig Bjornsdottir – Troubadour – Scroll by: Harold von Auerbauch

Saruca bint Lazari – Silver Wheel – Scroll by: Tactus Malus Scriptorium (V)

Bianca di Firenze – Silver Wheel – Scroll by: Katherine Stanhope

Bianca di Firenze – Court Barony w/ Grant of Arms – Ill: Lisabetta Medaglia / Call & Words: Eleanor Cathyn

Fia Kareman – Burdened Tyger – Scroll by: Embla Knútrdottir, Words by: Nichol mac Donchaidh

Kobayashi Yutaka – Master Bowman  – No Scroll available

Kobayashi Yutaka – Sagittarius   – C&I: Eva Woderose, Words by: Alys Mackyntoich

Aildreda de Tamworthe – Pelican  – Ill: Þóra Eiríksdóttir, Words by: Alys Mackyntoich

Sunday, May 28th, Their Majesties did hold a tournament to determine their Archery Champions. It was a fun shoot for all, and by late afternoon the final sixteen were decided. From those sixteen they would shoot head-to-head until the finals were reached. There, Kusunoki Yoshimoto outshot all, and was named Queen’s Archery Champion. He received a new baldric, and a scroll by Magdalena von Kirschberg.

Their Majesties would call court that evening, where His Majesty chose his Archery Champion. For this honor he named Siobhan Inghean Cormaic King’s Archery Champion. She was presented with a new baldric, and a scroll by Magdalena von Kirschberg.

Additionally, Their Majesties recognized the following gentles:

Alaric the Younger – Award of Arms – Ill: Perronnelle de Croy / Cal: Henna Sinclair

Gregor von Medehem – Silver Brooch – Cal: Aesa feilinn Jossursdottir / Ill: Mergriet van Wijenhosrt, Words by: Alys Mackyntoich

Faith of Panther Vale – Award of Arms  No Scroll available

David of Panther Vale – Award of Arms  No Scroll available

Eoin an Doire – Apollo’s Arrow –  Scroll by: Sunniva Ormstung

Aleta Argent  – Award of Arms – C&I: Mari Clock van Hoorne, Words by: Edmund Beneyt

Thus did Their Majesties, Ioannes Emperor and Honig Empress, close their court, having enjoyed an excellent event hosted by the gracious Shire of Panther Vale.


Malcolm Bowman, Brigantia Principal Herald

PS – Thank you to the Heraldic staff for the weekend: Þóra Eiríksdóttir, Goerijs Goriszoon, Mari Clock van Hoorne, Leon Cristo del Camino, Marian Kirkpatrick, Bridget of Mooneshadowe, Rose Erembourc.

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King and Queen’s Archery and Equestrian Champions

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2017-05-30 12:27

At Panteria this past weekend in the Shire of Pantervale, Emperor Ionnes and Empress Honig presided over the competitions to select Their Archery and Equestrian Champions.

On Saturday, Baroness Alanna of Skye, riding Brandy, won the equestrian competition and was named King’s Champion of Horse. Empress Honig selected Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick as her Champion of Horse.

During the Archery Championship Shoot on Sunday, the Winner & Queen’s Champion was Kusunoki Yoshimoto, and the King selected Siobhan inghean Cormaic as His Champion.



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Known World Party Volunteers Needed!!!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2017-05-28 13:57


I have posted a prior notice about this event but as a lot was going on at the time and we are now much more in our Pennsic preparation mindsets I thought it was time to get this ball rolling.

This year for the first time Æthelmearc will be host to the Known World Party at Pennsic. We will be combining the event with our kingdom party. Our Æ kingdom Cooks and Brewers guilds have been called on by our Royal Majesties to put this event together and show the best of what we have to offer. I will be putting together organizations for this event on the Cooks Guild side. We will be looking for volunteers to be set up crew, bring/cook/or prep foods, clean up crew, and other miscellaneous needed tasks to make this come together at it’s best. The party will take place on Sunday August 6th at 8 pm, on the battlefield at the Æthelmearc Day-shade, with set up beginning earlier at 6 pm. Also understand that this can be as simple as a make and bring one thing contribution if that is all you are able to do. Help on all levels is appreciated, you do not have to be an existing guild member to help, simply a willing wonderful member of this kingdom.

If you are willing and able to assist with this event please contact me either via Facebook as Jessica Walker or via email at Thank you to all in advance. Help me and Their Majesties show how Æthelmearc shines like the beautiful Escarbuncle shaped gem it truly is.

Yours In Service,
Lady Arianna dal Vallone
MKA Jessica Sharpless/Jessica Walker.

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Position Available: Society Webminister

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2017-05-28 09:05

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is seeking candidates for the position of Society Webminister.
This position reports to the SCA Board of Directors.
The Society Webminister is a supervisory position, and is not involved in maintenance of the Corporate website (
The Society Webminister is responsible for the following duties:

1. Ongoing development and revision of the Society Webminister’s policies and procedures, as detailed in the Society Webminister Handbook.
Said work will not only include making sure that solutions are provided for current issues, but will also include observing trends, being aware of potential issues and streamlining the Webministry as a whole to provide better service to the SCA and potential members thereof.

2. Warranting of kingdom-level Webministers, where necessary.

3. Supervision of all kingdom-level websites, including proper use of domain names, monitoring content, regular reporting from Kingdom Webministers, and enforcement of the Society Webministry policies and procedures.

4. Working with Kingdom Webministers to ensure they develop and
enforce clear guidelines for local SCA group websites based on the standards found in the Society Webminister’s Handbook.

5. Acting as a subject matter expert and resource regarding issues related to electronic publications and websites at the kingdom and local levels, including, but not limited to: copyright issues, privacy issues, and technology-related issues.

6. Quarterly reporting to the Board of Directors for the SCA, Inc.

Required for this position are: dependable email access; dependable phone access; moderate to expert proficiency in web-related technologies(e.g. HTML, Java, PSP, ASP, web hosting issues, etc.); moderate Microsoft Word proficiency; and the ability to clearly communicate via email, phone, and in written reports.

Prior experience as a Webminister in the SCA is required; prior experience as a kingdom webminister is highly desired.

Those interested in the Position of Society Webminister should submit their SCA and modern era resumes to both and  The deadline for applications is July 1, 2017.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

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Christian de Launey Is Made a Master of Defense in Trimaris

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2017-05-28 01:13

Master Christian de Launey. Photo by Dame Katja Orlova.

Christian Amaury de Launey, former Æthelmearc Queen’s Rapier Champion and Rapier Champion of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, was elevated to the Order of Defense at Trimaris’ Crown Tourney on Saturday, May 27, A.S. 52.

Seven Æthelmearcians traveled by car and plane to attend his vigil, play his prize tourney, or speak as a Worthy at his elevation ceremony.

Master Will Parris spoke as one of two MoDs, Countess Elena d’Artois spoke as a Royal Peer, and Mistress Irene von Schmetterling spoke as a member of the Pelican. The words of Duke Syr Malcolm Duncan MacEoghainn were also read as a member of the Chivalry.

Mistress Irene knitted the garters and wove the livery collar, while Master Anais Fenne cast the order medallion. Countess Elena sewed the capelet.

Master Christian is now the 8th MoD of Trimaris.

Master Christian’s MOD collar woven by Mistress Irene von Schmetterling, with a medallion cast by Master Anias Fenne. Photo by Dame Katja Orlova.

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Court Report: Crown Tournament

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2017-05-26 19:10

From the Scrolls of the Reign of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, as recorded by Dame Kateryna ty Isaf, Jewel of AEthelmearc Herald with the assistance of Lord Arias Beltran del Valle, Misty Highlands Herald and Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai, Silver Buccle Herald, at Their Crown Tournament in the Shire of Sylvan Glen on May 13, Anno Societatis LII.

The Court of Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle was opened.

During the procession:

As Lord Ardden Scot of Clan Scot and his consort, Lady Dierdre Scot of Clan Scot, were presented to Their Majesties for inclusion in the tournament, His Majesty questioned whether Lord Arddenn’s title and station were correct. His herald assured Him that both were as recorded, but if His Majesty believed there to be an error, it was His prerogative to change things to fit His wishes. So counseled, Their Majesties convened the Order of the Gage, granted Arms to The Honorable Lord Arddenn, and admitted him into that company. Scroll illuminated by THL Fiora d’Artusio and calligraphed by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix upon wording by Duke Sir Malcolm Duncan MacEioghann.

At the conclusion of the Tournament:

Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle, accompanied by Their Heirs, Gareth and Juliana, called forth Gui Dai Li. Noting the grace by which she worked quiet service in water bearing and cleaning before and after events, Their Majesties Awarded her Arms and made her a Lady of the AEthelmearc court. The scroll was limned by Ana Ianka Lisitsina with calligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Gui Dai Li’s AoA scroll by Ana Ianka Lisitsina and Antoinette de la Croix.

Later in the Afternoon:

Their Majesties called forth Bekah of Sylvan Glen. For her work in the kitchens and halls of the Kingdom and the joy she takes and bestows from that work, Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Silver Sycamore. The scroll was painted by THLady Maeve ni Siurtain with wording composed by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh and calligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Their Majesties called forth the rest of the children present and instructed Master Liam Mac An TSaoir to take the toy chest and run from the court.  The children were instructed to take one toy each, beginning with the youngest child present.  A countdown having been given, the eager horde chased Master Liam from the court.

Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties invited before them Mistress Morwenna Trevethan. On behalf of Their Majesties of Atlantia, Cuan and Signy, she presented Their Majesties with a gift and affirmed Their Majesties’ wishes to be comrades in arms for the coming War.

Their Majesties, noting the sad news of the passing of more than one member of the Society in the past few weeks, asked that the court observe a moment of silence for absent friends and the families of those gentles impacted by their loss.

Duke Marcus is recognized for his chivalry. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties invited before Them the Ladies of the Rose, Garnet, and Edelweiss. Countess Caryl, speaking on behalf of the Ladies of the Rose, Garnet, and Edelweiss, stated they had much to deliberate this day. To that end they had resolved to provide tokens to two individuals who impressed them greatly in their conduct in the lists. They requested the presence of Sir Bye, otherwise known well as Sir Luis de Castilla.  Remarking on the joy his fights had been to witness and the fact that they wished he would relocate into the Sylvan Kingdom, they awarded him a Rose’s token, gifted by the hand of Countess Alexandra. Next they requested the presence of Duke Marcus Eisenwald.  Stating that his behavior upon the field was the embodiment of all that it means to be a knight, they also awarded him a Rose’s token, gifted by the hand of Countess Caryl.

The Order of the Rose, Garnet and Edelweiss advised Their Majesties of the final duty they needed to perform this day. They called forth THLord Oliver Sutton. They advised that watching him they were confident in their choice and asked him to bear the Shield of Chivalry for them. His Lordship agreed and was asked to take up their shield and be their champion.

Lord Oliver receives the Shield of Chivalry. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties called forth Benjamin of Heronter. Their Majesties knowing that They are well served by this man both on the fencing field and in his labors whenever needed, They made him a Lord of the court and Awarded him Arms. The scroll to mark this is a work of embroidery in progress designed by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Lord Benjamin receives an AoA. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Mara of Hartstone. Content that her skills with knives grace both Their kitchens and Their throwing fields and mindful of the service she provides at both places as well as her work as a Royal Retainer, They inducted her into the Order of the Keystone.

Lady Mara receives a Keystone. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties called forth Lord Tiberius of Sylvan Glen. For his skill making youth weapons and event tokens Their Majesties inducted him into the Order of the Sycamore with a scroll painted by Lady Vivienne of Yardley. The wording was composed by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh and calligraphed by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Their Majesties called before Them THLord Grimolfr Ormalfrson. They advised that there are times when They are surprised to find a person is not speaking in Their orders only to find the person was somehow not a member of such order. Such is the case today and they would see this corrected. They called forth the Order of the White Horn. For his work in creating the rules for and teaching the Kingdom the use of the atlatl, They inducted him into the Order of the White Horn. The scroll was painted by Mistress Maria Christina de Cordoba with wording and calligraphy by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Isabel Fleuretan. They spoke of how They had seen her work for both Their previous times upon the thrones as a scribe toiling to complete or correct a scroll on the day it was being given, so as to ensure the recipient received the commemoration immediately. They advised her that it was the privilege of the Crown to recognize such nobility and let it be known that They granted her the station of Court Baroness so that all may see the value they placed in her loving work. The scroll forthcoming is a work in progress by Baroness Alex.

Lady Isabel is made a Court Baroness. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties invited before Them Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai, Silver Buccle Herald. Before he was able to step down from his office as Principle Herald of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, Their Majesties advised that They wished to correct the Title he was using. Speaking of how he had served the Kingdom for 4 years traveling to about 20 events per reign to ensure Their Majesties courts were heralded and giving up his free time and working tirelessly to ensure the continuity of the court, Their Majesties made him a Baron of the Court of AEthelmearc. The scroll forthcoming is a work in progress by Magistra Sólveig Þróndardóttir.

Master Kameshima is made a Court Baron. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Baron Kameshima asked that with Their Majesties permission he may continue and requested the attendance of the Brotherhood of Old Buccles comma Silver (BoOB,s).  As has become custom, the BoOB,s presented him with his life back (cautioning him not to indulge overmuch as the said box of Life had expired in 2002) and then presented his wife, Baroness Isabel Fleuretan with her life back as well. Baron Kameshima correcting the BoOB,s presentation politely removed the life from his and his wife’s hands and presented them instead to their daughter advising that truly she is the one who gets her life back to the great amusement of the court. Their Majesties confirming that he had a worthy successor called forth THLady Sophie Davenport. The BoOB,s then divested him of the Tabard signifying his office. As his last act as Silver Buccle Herald, Baron Kameshima placed the Tabard of Silver Buccle Herald upon THLady Sophie’s shoulders.

THLady Sophie swears fealty as Silver Buccle Herald. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

THLady Sophie Davenport, swearing to uphold the office of Silver Buccle Herald, took up her station and as her first act in the office conferred upon Baron Kameshima the title of Herald Extraordinary.

Baron Kameshima is named a Herald Extraordinary. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

Their Majesties asked that all scribes who contributed to the scrolls given during the courts today stand and be recognized.

Her Majesty invited Maighstir Liam Mac An TSaoire before Her. For his work in organizing the voice heralds this day and on behalf of all those who lent their voices to the field, Her Majesty named him Her inspiration of the day and bestowed upon him the Golden Escarbuncle.

Maighstir Liam receives a Golden Escarbuncle. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

There being no further business this day, Their Majesties court was thus concluded.

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