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AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2015-02-20 22:58

If you’re reading this you have probably already liked us on Facebook or subscribed to us on WordPress; we’re happy you have joined what has become the fastest growing and most exciting source for all the news of Æthelmearc!

Now we need your help!

We are looking for articles and editors.

If you would like to be on our roster of regional editors to help cover local events, just drop us a line at and give us a little bit of information about yourself, and what region you can cover. Check out the event reports we have posted so far to get an idea of what we want, and then we will contact you with assignments.

We also welcome article submissions – just go to the submissions tab at the top here for submittal specs. We would like to see articles on almost anything that is of interest to the populace of our Sylvan Kingdom – and our audience at this point is world-wide. Share your arts, sciences and interests with the Known World!

Several staff members will be at 3 Ravens – feel free to chat with us about being part of the most exciting thing to hit Æthelmearc since sliced manchet.


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Q&A: East Kingdom Earl Marshal

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-02-20 11:28

Sir Jibril al-Dakhil by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers.  The Gazette thanks Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, the Kingdom Earl Marshal, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities.
It is my job to ensure that rules of safety are learned and adhered to by all.  It is also my job to ensure that we have the best safety standards in each area of marshal exercise in the East Kingdom

What do you enjoy about this activity?
My favorite part of this job is making everyone happy.  It’s so rare that you can hold a position that your every decision pleases everyone. :-D

Do you have a goal for your term?
My goal is to continue to foster the integrity of the marshals throughout the Kingdom and to remind everyone that the marshal volunteers make up the foundation for all chivalric activity in the game.  Sometimes we forget to give the marshals their due respect because they are not the most glamorous ones on the field.  After all, when everything goes well and everyone understands the rules the marshals are almost invisible.

Are you currently looking for any deputies?
I am currently looking for a Southern Region Heavy Weapons – and among the existing deputies my “drop dead”.

What was your first event?  And what made you stay?
My first SCA event was Gulf Wars.  I drove down with Sir Stephen von Dresden and stayed because he kept the car keys.  It was also tons of fun, free outdoor showers and I got to sweat off those few extra pounds.

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why?
This is not a question that I can answer easily.  There are just too many people that have made a huge impact on me both on and off the field.   The one that shapes all of my experiences is Sir Balin’s statement, “you never regret going to an event but you regret missing one.”  The kindness and generosity of people in SCA is beyond comparison and a beacon of light in a sometimes dark world.

Could you share with us a moment – or several moments – that describe what makes the SCA special for you?
A smile from then Avelina Keyes on a very bad day, when she didn’t know me from a hole in the wall.  Encouraging words from Duke Vissevald that I hadn’t realized how much I needed.  Manfred Man-Butter.  ICOD squire walks.  Yes, cryptic.

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Including Equestrian Activities at an Event: It’s Easier Than You Think!

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-02-19 21:22

Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick riding Leaps and Bounds Glenn Lynn 2005 – photo by Fergus MacRae

 The Gazette thanks Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick for writing this article at our request for our series of background articles on the East Kingdom and the SCA.

Few things evoke the feeling of living in the  past quite so easily as the sight of a caparisoned horse charging down a list, rider with lance at the ready.  While actually becoming a rider or owning a horse of your own involves a significant outlay of both time and money, having equestrian activities at your event is surprisingly easy.

Mostly what equestrians need is space, and the proper paperwork done.  We bring the rest.  We are very self-sufficient, sometimes so much so that you don’t even realize we’re there!

We bring:

  • Our own games equipment. 

    Mistress Sylvia du Vey at EK Equestrian champs, 2014 – photo by Mistress Brita

    We use a lot of specialized targets, stands and lane markers.  We don’t expect a site to provide us with anything more than few hay bales to stab and we can even manage without those.

  • Our own horse-containment systems.  While we LOVE it when an event can provide us with a horse barn to use, not all barns are suitable for horses, particularly at fairgrounds.  More than one horse has demonstrated his ability to simply walk through the walls of a pen  designed to hold goats.  For this reason, most owners bring portable stalls for their horses unless we know for certain the site has horse stalls available for our use.
  • Our own marshals/scorekeepers/list ministers.  You do not need to have horse-knowledgeable people on your event staff, you just need someone to act as liaison between the autocrat staff and whichever equestrian marshal is assigned to your event.  There is always room for someone who wants to come help us keep score, or herald the competition but we do not require the hosting group to be able to provide those things for us.

We need:

Baroness Alanna of Skye at EK Equestrian Champs 2014, photo by Mistress Brita

A competition field  We don’t need a perfect, groomed riding arena. A mostly flat, mostly level field that isn’t muddy or rocky or full of holes will do.   If it has a fence, great!  If not we can set up boundary ropes to help define where spectators should be vs the active competition area.  75 feet by 150 feet is a good minimum size, though we’ve been able to work with slightly less if it has permanent barriers (fencing or trees) on at least two sides.  This does NOT have to be a separate field from the main area of the event as long as the field is large enough to share safely.  In fact, we prefer to be part of or adjacent to the main event area if at all possible.

  • Water.  We bring our own buckets and a small amount of water with us, but we cannot transport enough water to last an entire weekend.  A horse can drink as much as 20 gallons per day when it’s hot, and 10 gallons per day is the minimum amount of water that should be provided to each horse.  A hose near the horse area is fine.  Lakes or streams don’t count.
  • Somewhere to dispose of manure.  We bring our own tools, and we clean up after the horses ourselves, we just need somewhere to dump the output.  This can be a dumpster rented for the purpose or a dump pile on site.  Most garbage collection companies rent manure dumpsters to farms – just be sure to specify that you are looking for a quote on a manure dumpster, not a trash dumpster.  They’re often considerably cheaper than trash dumpsters because the company can sell the manure as compost.
  • Trailer parking.  Horse truck and trailer rigs are not as big as semi-trucks but they’re easily the largest vehicles on site at most any event and they need a good bit of room to turn and maneuver.  This does not need to be near the regular parking, but near the horse area is a bonus.
  • A clear emergency lane from the equestrian area to the road off-site.  If a person is injured, the paramedics can bring in a stretcher if they can’t get the ambulance right there.  If a  horse is seriously injured, we must be able to get a trailer right to where the horse is.  Luckily a horse injury that severe has only happened once in all the years we’ve had equestrian events in the East but it made a mighty big impression on those people who found their tents being torn down in a big hurry so the emergency trailer could get through.
  • Room to overnight horses.  This one applies primarily to camping events but you’ll get more horses attending a single-day event if there is somewhere for them to stay overnight nearby.  Unlike us, horses can’t ride in the trailer for 6 hours, compete all day and then trailer home another 6 hours.  If there is a suitable horse barn, we don’t have to camp right next to the horses, though we like to.  If we’re using portable pens we absolutely must camp with the horses so we can supervise them, both so that we can keep them contained and so we can keep them and you safe.  Plan on 20’x20’ per horse for portable pens, plus space for walking lanes between them.  For single day events it sometimes works to set up overnight pens on the same field as will be used for competition.
  • Proper paperwork.  Any SCA function that has horses at it as part of the event must activate the equestrian insurance rider whether the site requires proof of insurance or not.  The insurance rider is $50 and instructions for ordering it can be found at   Additionally, every single person that enters the event must sign an equestrian waiver at the gate.  Promising not to go near the horse area is not  sufficient.  In the case of an accidental escapee, the entire event may end up being “the horse area” for a short period of time.  We hope that doesn’t happen but the waiver covers the SCA in case it does.  There’s a very funny story about the time several of the horses escaped the pasture at Panteria and visited the royal feast.  That was probably the last time we ever trusted the permanent fencing at a site without inspecting every linear foot of it first!

    Baron Duncan Kerr, Panteria 2012 – photo by Mistress Brita

 If you’ve read this far and are thinking “hey, my event can have all that!” then we’d love to hear from you!  The first step is to contact the Kingdom Equestrian Officer (KEO), Baroness Doucette de Verdun ( as soon as possible to discuss the proposed event or site, to get on our calendar and request an Equestrian Marshal in Charge (EqMIC) for your event.– Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick

Photos kindly provided by Baron Fergus MacRae and Mistress Brita

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Court Reports: Steltonwald Twelfth Night and Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2015-02-19 15:03

Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai, Silver Buccle Principal Herald, has asked the Æthelmearc Gazette to share these court reports with the populace.

Steltonwald 12th Night, January 31, A.S. XLIX, in the Canton of Steltonwald

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Titus and Anna Leigh, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at Steltonwald 12th Night in the Canton of Steltonwald, 31 January AS 49. As recorded by Their Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai.

Lady Teresa Alvarez was inducted into the Order of the Keystone for autocratting multiple events and for opening her home to host the Canton’s summer fencing practice. Scroll by Countess Aidin ni Leir.

Lady Teresa Alvarez. Photo by Mistress Hilderun Hugelmann.

Lady Ingunn Halldorsdottir was created a Companion of the Sycamore for her talents in embroidery, sewing, creating feast kits and veil pins, and for her continued generosity in donating these items to be used as Royal largesse. Scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Lady Ingunn Halldorsdottir. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Lord Vigo di Napoli and THLady Madeleine de l’Este. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Lady Madeleine de l’Este was elevated to the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc and Granted Arms for her historical research and recreation of Elizabethan and Italian garb for herself and her family. Scroll by THL Sophie Davenport.

Lord Vigo di Napoli said “Hello for you!” to the scroll commemorating his elevation to the Order of the Keystone, which was delivered to him by Their Majesties.

Master Robert Marston was named of Baron of the Court of Æthelmearc for his service to the Royalty, most especially his sacrifice of his own clothing in the name of the creation of Their Royal garb. Scroll by Countess Aidin ni Leir.

Baron Robert Marston’s Court Barony Scroll crafted by Countess Aidan ni Leir. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

There being no further business, Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

In Honor and Service,

Kameshima Zentarō Umakai
Silver Buccle Principal Herald, Kingdom of Æthelmearc

Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, February 7, A.S. XLIX, in the Barony of Delftwood

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Titus and Anna Leigh, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at the Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins in the Barony of Delftwood 7 February AS 49, accompanied by Their Highnesses Timothy and Gabrielle, Prince and Princess of Æthelmearc, and Their Excellencies Fergus and Helene, Baron and Baroness of Delftwood. As recorded by Their Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-kyō Zentarō Umakai, with the assistance of Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn, Gullskel Herald, Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Golden Alce Herald, and Marcellus Titus Cincinnatus.

In the morning:

Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn was invited before Their Majesties, and reiterated the boon that he had begged of Them at Their Crown Tournament, namely, that they send his student, Baronsfru Othindisa Bykona, to vigil to seek the counsel of the Peers and populace of the Realm, and of the Order of the Laurel in particular, that she might contemplate elevation to that Order. Their Majesties summoned Baronsfru Othindisa and bade the Order of the Laurel escort her to that place which had been set aside for her.

Photo by Baron Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

In the evening:

Their Majesties Granted leave to Their Excellencies to hold Their Baronial Court.

His Majesty invited the populace to join Their Majesties in a moment of silence for those recently lost by the Barony.

Marca Claudia Cincinnata was inducted into the Order of the Silver Buccle for coming into her own as a member of the Barony, including helping in the kitchen, serving feasts, and being a messenger at events. Scroll by Baroness Anastasie de l’Amour.

Zinoviia Ivanova was Awarded Arms for her skill on the heavy weapons and thrown weapons fields, and her service at demos and as photographer. Scroll by Baroness Clarice Roan.

Lady Zinoviia Ivanova. Photo by Mistress Hilderun Hugelmann.

Lady Amalie Reinhardt was elevated to the Order of the Keystone for her service as webminister, MOL, deputy Chronicler, autocrat, and marshal-in-training for thrown weapons. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Lady Amalie Reinhardt. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Lady Arsinoë hë kai Antigone Nothou tou kai Philoromaeou Kallinikou was created a Companion of the Keystone for service to the kitchens of Æthelmearc, both as cook and as a member of the cleaning staff. Scroll by Mistress Felicity Flußmüllnerin.

Lady Arsinoë hë kai Antigone Nothou tou kai Philoromaeou Kallinikou. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Lady Margarita Carpintero and Lady Catalina Carpintero de Diaz. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Lady Catalina Carpintero de Diaz was inducted into the Order of the Keystone for serving her Barony as Chatelaine and Largesse Coordinator. Scroll by Duchess Branwyn ferch Gwythyr.

Lady Margarita Carpintero was bade join her mother, Lady Catalina, as a member of the Order of the Keystone, for she has served as autocrat, Chronicler and deputy herald. Scroll by Baroness Helene al-Zarqa.

Lord Raðúlfr Eriksson was elevated to the Order of the Keystone for his selfless volunteering as autocrat, marshal, and helping to set up and clean up events. Scroll by Lord Fridrich Flußmüllner.

Lord Raðúlfr Eriksson. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Lord Marcus Claudius Cincinnatus was elevated to the Order of the Millrind and Granted Arms for his willingness to serve his Barony and Kingdom at every opportunity, including serving as Windmill Pursuivant for the Barony of Delftwood and event autocrat. Promissory scroll by Catherine Wolfe.

THLord Marcus Cincinnatus. Photo by Mistress Hilderun.

Baronsfru Othindisa Bykona was summoned before Their Majesties as she had been instructed by them, and answered that she had received counsel from the Peers of the Realm and was now prepared to take her place in the Order of the Laurel. Countess Alexandra of Clan Donald spoke of the friendship she had cultivated with Othindisa while she served as Alexandra’s head retainer, and described her as generous and gracious.

Mistress Othindisa. Photo by Lady Rowena Moore.

Earl Syr Yngvar the Dismal proclaimed simply that this was the best thing Their Majesties had done or would do all day, and that he endorsed it. Countess Caryl of the Order of the Pelican mused that while there were some people that you know will be a Peer as soon as you see them, “and then there are people like me and Othindisa,” and that she was proud to have watched Othindisa’s growth and service. Mistress Honnoria of Thescorre of the Order of the Laurel called Othindisa her sister, and recalled fondly the times that the two of them had fought and made up, and taught and learned. Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn of the Order of the Laurel spoke of the vast amount of knowledge that Othindisa had learned and passed on to the populace. Viscount Sir Haakon Oaktall praised Othindisa for taking an art form that is relatively unstudied in our Society and inspiring others to bring it out of the shadows.

Thus moved, Their Majesties created Othindisa a Companion of the Order of the Laurel, Awarded her Arms by Letters Patent, and invested her with regalia befitting her station: a medallion, a jacket, a cloak, a hood, and a wreath. Mistress Othindisa then gave her Oath of Service to the Crown, and a scroll illuminated and calligraphed by Lady Isabel Chamberlain of the Kingdom of the East upon wording by Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn was read to the populace.

Mistress Othindisa giving her oath as a Laurel. Photo by Baron Steffan.

There being no further business, Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

In Honor and Service,

Kameshima Zentarō Umakai
Silver Buccle Principal Herald, Kingdom of Æthelmearc

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SCA 50th Year Celebration Coordinator for the East

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-02-19 13:04

Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia, Kingdom Seneschal, has announced that the SCA 50th Year Celebration Coordinator for the East Kingdom is Countess Marguerite ingen Lachlainn.

Countess Marguerite is already “on the job” and shares the following missive:

I am in the process of assembling a team of people who would like to help put the [East Kingdom] booth together. I am specifically looking for someone who has video-graphy skills to join us.

Once we have a design for the booth, we will be reaching out via G+ and Facebook to ask for loans of historical items and scanned photographs of events throughout East Kingdom History.

We know we will need:

  • A banner or sign displaying the name of the Kingdom
  • A large Kingdom device displaying the arms of the Kingdom
  • King and Queen Lineage on a large easily readable display
  • Pictures or items that are a part of the Kingdom’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
  • A 10 minute video on the history and traditions of the Kingdom

But we are likely to also include a significant display of East Kingdom Calligraphy and Illumination and other things that make our Kingdom Unique.

Eventually we will also be looking for Easterners attending the event to come help staff the booth on site.

Here is the current Event notice for the SCA 50th event:

Here is the SCA50th Website (Not much there yet).

Please contact me with any questions or to get involved.

Marguerite inghean Lachlainn

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Champions Proposal for Mudthaw Curia

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2015-02-19 12:37

Photo courtesy of Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

The following is a letter from Their Majesties which is posted by The Gazette at their request.

Greetings All,

For those of you who may not know, one of the proposals for our Birka Curia was to add the East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Championship and resulting Champions to our Royal court. As Her Majesty and I discussed this matter with our heirs and the assemblage at curia, it has become clear that the thrown weapons community has grown and now represents a significant portion of our populace.

We currently recognize: rattan, archery, fencing, equestrian, bardic and A&S champions and are now considering adding thrown weapons.

As We consider the implementation of another Champions event, We have significant concerns. Having yet another mandated royal progress event in an already crowded calendar may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. However, this is not the fault of the thrown weapons community and should not be borne upon their shoulders alone. Fixing this may require selecting our champions by a different method than we currently use. We need to hear from the populace before our curia at Mudthaw.

The logistical challenge:

In any calendar year there are 52 weekends. The Crown must attend: 2 Coronations, 2 Crown Tournaments, 12th Night, 6 (potentially 7) Champion events and some number of Baronial Investitures (We are doing 6). This leaves ~ 32 weekends in a year. This does not include Pennsic (weekends before, during, and after), the ~5 war practices leading up to it or any of the foreign wars: most notably Estrella and Gulf Wars (We attended 2 others). And if the Crown takes 1 weekend a month off, we are now we are down to ~4 to 8 weekends per reign to attend OTHER Eastern events. Taking up the Crown is a major commitment of time, but the logistics can become insurmountable.

It has been our tradition that the champion tournaments are the focus of its event (generally running noon-5). And We feel that our mandate to hold a growing number of formulaic events is detracting from our ability to throw truly creative and engaging events. We feel it is important for the Crown to attend events like a masked ball, or an immersion event, or a Rose tournament or events in distant corners of the kingdom.

SO… WHAT TO DO? Here are some options, and We are looking for your feedback on them.

  1. Maintain the status quo by not acting on this proposal
  2. Ask the thrown weapons community “find a way to combine your tournament with something else”
  3. Ask all the champion communities “find a way to combine your tournament with something else”
  4. Hold champions tournaments on Sundays
  5. Consider alternative methods to select champions
    a. Run multiple champions tournaments on the same day – some kingdoms run all of their tournaments on Sunday after Crown
    b. Let the Crown select their champions without a tournament – also done in other kingdoms
    c. Something else

As we consider the contribution of all martial forms to our society, the questions are: do the throwers deserve a position alongside our other champions? If so, how do we chose to integrate so many champion tournaments into a very full event calendar?

If you have counsel for us on this matter, please contact us directly (

Thank you,
Edward & Thyra
Rex & Regina Orientalis

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Ealdormere Crown XXXIV Fight Videos on YouTube - Thu, 2015-02-19 10:28

Baron RIchard Larmer reports that he has posted video from the october 2014 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. The videos are available to view on YouTube.

read more

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Featured Blog: Death in Our Times

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-18 17:35

The Gazette is starting a new feature that will showcase blogs run by the Æthelmearc populace. If you know someone who has a blog that should be featured, email us at

This weeks featured blog is from THL Beatrice de Winter, whose popular “Everybody Dies” and “Hangmen, Headsmen, and Other Fun Ways to Die” classes will be taught at Three Ravens this weekend.

Although not technically a blog, you can find articles of interest and links to resources on the subject of death in medieval times here.

The Gazette interviewed THL Beatrice on her interesting choice of research topics.

What’s your SCA background?
I am a member of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. I discovered the SCA in the spring of 2003 through discussions with a friend. After a brief attempt at fencing, which I gave up due to health concerns, I began to explore other interests including the bardic arts, thrown weapons, and pure research. In the past 12 years, I have held many official roles including Baronial Chronicler, Baronial Bardic Champion, and autocrat. At present, I am the Pennsic Independent Web Editor as well as Æthelmearc’s Event Coordinator. Through my pursuit of the bardic arts, I became apprenticed to Master Cerian Cantwer of the Midrealm in June 2009.  Although I still enjoy singing and the bardic arts, I realized that my true love in the SCA is research and in particular, research on death, the dead, attitudes about the dead and death, capital punishment, as well as medieval crowners (coroners). Master Cerian, recognizing my strong passion for this rather unusual subject, has continued to support me, for which I am eternally grateful.

Why Death?
From an SCA perspective: Death was an extremely important topic in period, despite the fact that it’s a subject most people do not spend much time contemplating today. Regardless of your persona, the topic of death would likely have had a profound impact on you in period. For those living in Europe during the Middle Ages, death was as much a part of everyday life then as technology is now, not only because the mortality rate was so high, but also because they believed their very souls depended on it. As Christianity evolved in Europe, not only was it important to make provisions for one’s own afterlife, but it was also necessary to assist one’s fellow friends and family members in doing the same. As a result, people’s attitudes about life were significantly shaped by their beliefs about death. These attitudes and beliefs are what I discuss further in my class “Everybody Dies.” Perhaps, however, it is best summed up by French philosopher Paul Ricoeur: “Death cannot be eliminated from the historian’s field of attention if history is not to lose its historical quality.”

From my personal perspective: I’ve had an interest in death and the dead most of my life. As a child, my school bus stop was next to a cemetery, which I found fascinating.  As I grew up, I was continually fascinated by other seemingly macabre interests. By the time I was in my twenties, I had earned a Master of Forensic Sciences degree in general forensics from National University.

What is the most common misperception about death in the Middle Ages?
Probably the most common misconception that we have about death in the middle ages is that it wasn’t terribly important, beyond the obvious fact that certainly people died in period, often at a young age. While many people understand the fact that mortality rates were particularly high, very few people recognize how or why death literally played a part in the everyday lives of the people and just how critical a topic it was for them. Furthermore, even those who may have recognized death’s ubiquity are often still under the common misconception that the reason for its prevalence involves some form of morbid fascination with the macabre. However, it really was less of a morbid fascination but rather a desperate attempt to prepare for the afterlife.

What is the most unusual fact you have uncovered in your research?
I’ve uncovered a number of unusual facts, but perhaps the most interesting one so far involves the “catacomb saints”. The catacomb saints are skeletons which were originally discovered in 1578 that were supposedly of early Christian martyrs. To honor them, they were adorned with numerous precious gemstones and often dressed in fine clothes. However, it turns out that not only were these bones not necessarily those of actual Christian martyrs, they might not have even been Christians and instead might have been Jews or pagans.

I’m actually doing additional research on the catacomb saints at the moment and hoping to be able to provide a class about them in the future.

Has research become easier with internet resources?
Research in this field has become easier in some ways with available internet resources in that it’s much easier to obtain articles written by people all over the world as well as electronic documentation of physical evidence. In addition, I often receive interesting articles sent by friends and family electronically. Unfortunately, of course, it doesn’t help much in terms of getting to see some of the physical evidence in person (e.g. bones, wills, grave sites).

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College of 3 Ravens 2015 – Finalized Class List

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-18 13:06

If cabin fever has gotten you down lately, consider heading up to the College of 3 Ravens this weekend. While there, be sure to take a class or two or five! There is a wide variety of classes, something is sure to tickle your fancy!

The Æthelmearc Gazette is pleased to pass along this missive from the Chancellor of Classes for the College of 3 Ravens regarding the finalized list of classes for the day!

Unto the good gentles of the Sylvan Kingdom of Æthlemearc does Lady Kadlin Sigvaldakona, Chancellor of Classes for the College of 3 Ravens, send greetings!

I am pleased to say that the class listings and schedule are finalized and can be found online at:

In order to reduce waste, we are going to post a large-print version of class descriptions on-site, and only print 50 copies for distribution at the event. Gentles may wish to print out their own copies of class descriptions before the event.

Also remember that things may change between now and Saturday, so please make sure to check against the posted schedule after you arrive on-site.

Many, many thanks to the gentles who have volunteered to share their time, skills, and knowledge with us. Without you, there would be no C3R.

In humble service,
Kadlin Sigvaldakona


The College of 3 Ravens, which is hosted by the Barony of Thescorre, will be held on February 21, 2015 at the Western Presbyterian Church, located at 101 E. Main St, Palmyra, NY 14622.  Event information can be found at
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The Littlest Warrior Invades Æthelmearc

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-02-17 15:17

Tegen invaded Æthelmearc on Monday, February 16th 2014.

Start spreading the news!

On Monday, February 16th 2014, at 8:01 PM The Barony of Endless Hills in Æthelmearc welcomed the newest warrior, Tegan Evan Gelatt into the world. Weighing in at 8lbs 14 oz., and 21 inches long, Tegen entered the world kicking and yelling along to the stylings of the bard Frank Sinatra.

The wee warrior with his mother.

The new mother, Lady Serena Finn, is doing well after a short and efficient delivery. She was attended by her sister, Auntie Lady Elizabeth nic Ghille Brighde and mother (now Nanna) Dame Aoife Finn and was shortly joined by Tegen’s Grandpa, Master Brion Donul Gilbert and Auntie, Lady Corinne Gilbertsdottir, and family friend Will Brennan. Mother Serena and her fierce wee man are doing remarkably well, and will return home later this week.

Tegen with Grandpa Gilbert.

Nanny Aoife with her grandson.

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Crown Tournament Letters of Intent

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2015-02-17 11:47

From the Kingdom Seneschal:

Greetings unto all those intending to enter Spring Crown Tournament, Please be aware that both the combatant and the consort must submit a letter of intent, either through the following link (preferred) or by email to TRH Prince Omega and Princess Etheldreda with a copy to the Kingdom Seneschal. If by email, a joint email is preferred.   The Letter of Intent must be received by Coronation, April 11, 2015 If using email, the letters of intent must include all of the following information for both combatant and consort: Society name, legal name, address, telephone number, years of residency and be accompanied by proof of membership with membership number & expiration date that is valid at least thirty days after Crown. If both entrants are combatants, then that should be clearly indicated. Proof of valid membership consists of a copy of a valid membership card, a postcard (with a date-stamp) or letter from the Corporate office, or a confirmation form printed from the website after an online membership purchase.   – Confirmation of faxed membership applications with credit card receipts as well as membership applications CANNOT be accepted as proof of membership. - TRHs also request that combatants bring heraldic shields for the list trees.   In Service to the East, I remain Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia
Seneschal, East Kingdom
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Winchester Bible on display at the Met - Tue, 2015-02-17 00:11

The Winchester Bible is "magnificent, lavishly ornamented - a pivotal landmark of medieval art from around 1200," and pages from it will be on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York until March 8, 2015. (photos)

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Obama and the Crusaders: Medieval News Roundup - Mon, 2015-02-16 21:59
What the President of the United States said, the reaction to it, and other news from the Medievalverse.

[View the story "Obama and the Crusaders: Medieval News Roundup" on Storify]

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Pollings are Out – Responses due March 14

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-16 18:26

Their Highnesses, Omega & Etheldreda, have just distributed Their first Award Order Pollings today, and responses are due back to Them by March 14.

If you are a member of a polled Order and are not subscribed to the polling distribution or the discussion list, you may sign up here: Polling Lists

And if you are subscribed to the polling distribution but did not receive the most recent polls, please contact the Clerk of the Polling Lists, (currently Duchess Katherine Stanhope).

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Northern Region War Camp has New Site and Reservations Process

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-16 16:39

Greetings unto the populace of the East Kingdom. The Shire of Glenn Linn would like to extend an invitation to attend Northern Region War Camp, July 2-5, 2015. We will be in a new, much larger location at the Washington County Fair in Greenwich, NY. This year we will have heavy list, youth fighting, rapier for adults and youth, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, Royal court, A&S classes, merchants, and merchant demonstrations. With a theme of “assassination” this year’s war camp promises to be a fun event for all.

As this is a new site, we are trying a new process to make check in and camp set up occur as smoothly as possible. We are now taking reservations for individuals and groups. We have campsites near the fighting, near rapier, and near equestrian, as well as general camping near water and electric. We even have two household sites still available. Although reservations are not necessary to attend NRWC, they may help you camp near your preferred activity. Campsites are offered on a first come, first served basis.

For more information or to reserve your preferred campsite, please contact Lisabetta vedova di Alessandro, Autocrat for NRWC, at

Official Event Announcement for NRWC

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Event Report: Silva Vulcani Rapier Muster, February 15, A.S. XLIX

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-16 13:47

Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

The Rapier Muster held in the Shire of Silva Vulcani on February 15, A.S. XLIX, drew a crowd of almost 50 fencers to engage in single combat and melees, but many of the attendees were also eagerly awaiting the announcement of the first person in Æthelmearc to be elevated to the new Order of Defense for prowess in rapier.

They were not disappointed, as King Titus and Queen Anna Leigh, with Their Heirs, Timothy and Gabrielle, looking on, called forth Duchess Dorinda Courtenay and requested that she present herself at the Celebration of the Art of Rapier event in Heronter on Friday, May 1, A.S. 50, there to be inducted as Æthelmearc’s Principal of the new Order for fencing prowess.

Duchess Dorinda said she was incredibly honored to be chosen as Æthelmearc’s Principal Master of Defense. “I hope to help start [the Order] off right, and would welcome advice from anyone with ideas on how to set traditions for the new peerage.”

When asked if she had considered what she would like to see in her vigil and elevation ceremony, Her Grace said, “We need to create a new ceremony that fits Æthelmearc traditions, but I would also like to see a ceremony that follows period fencing traditions, possibly like those of the London School of Defense.” One tradition from period practice that she is considering is a test called “Playing the Prize.” In 16th c. English fighting guilds, students who wished to advance were expected to Play the Prize by fighting a series of test bouts against other senior opponents, often facing 60 bouts or more in an afternoon, in what we might call “holding the field.” If she chooses to Play the Prize, Duchess Dorinda said it would be in addition to a traditional vigil.

Duchess Dorinda with a boysenberry pie made in honor of her Writ by Master Urho Waltterinen. Photo by Lady Fiora d’Artusio.

Other items still to be considered include the type of oath a Master of Defense might swear. Regalia and heraldry will be determined by the Board of Directors and the College of Heralds, but Her Grace noted that “Each Kingdom has a unique opportunity to create new traditions.” She also suggested that the Order of Defense was, in part, a creation of the Order of the White Scarf, saying, “We need to honor the traditions and history gifted to us by the White Scarf. At first, there will be very few Masters of Defense. People looking for guidance and teaching from people they respect will still go to the White Scarves for a long time to come.” She hopes the Masters of Defense will work with the White Scarves to maintain good relations between the two orders.

Duchess Dorinda commented that while she, like other members of the fencing community, has been thinking for a while about how the new order should function, she has no firm opinions yet and welcomes advice from the populace. She is excited and honored, and looks forward to hearing from people. Gentles can contact Her Grace at

After court, Æthelmearc’s Rapier Warlord, Don Orlando di Bene del Vinta, ran the fencers through a variety of melee training sessions. He said the day’s goals were to teach people to hear and follow commands, learn to move together, and more generally work on the basic elements of melee fencing.

Initially he divided the fencers into two teams and had them practice close and open formations, advancing together, and engaging their opponents in a line. Don Orlando noted that as they day progressed, participants became more proficient as melee fencers. He pointed out that melee involves a different skillset from tourney fencing.

Later, fencers experimented with techniques for attacking and defending against groups in superior numbers. Initially, Don Orlando had the White Scarves form a small group defending against the rest of the fencers. In later rounds, different groups of fencers had the opportunity to defend against superior numbers. In each case, Don Orlando timed the fights, and as the combatants gained more experience and confidence, the smaller group was defeated in shorter and shorter amounts of time. In the first round, the White Scarves lasted for 27 seconds against roughly two-to-one odds. By their third round, they only lasted 14 seconds.

The final group of melees involved capture the flag battles with unlimited resurrections. The fencers’ goal was control of three “flags,” one at each side’s home base and one midway between the two. Teams received a point for having control of each flag during multiple pre-set time checks by Don Orlando. The purpose of these melees was not only to give combatants experience with the format, but also to help them learn to pace themselves. “In resurrection battles, each fencer needs to manage their personal energy reserves since the battle can last a long time. It’s important to choose carefully when to press and when to be more defensive since they don’t want to burn themselves out,” Don Orlando explained.

Don Orlando indicated that one of the next steps will involve teaching the rapier community more advanced techniques, like how to recognize and exploit opportunities as they arise during a melee. He hopes many fencers can make it to the Melee Madness event in the Barony of Endless Hills at the end of May, or to the Highland River Melees event in the Barony of Highland Foorde, just over the border in Atlantia. Don Orlando said he will be working with the Atlantian rapier marshals to coordinate training of fencers since our kingdoms will be allies at next summer’s Pennsic War.

Don Orlando, Æthelmearc Rapier Warlord. Photo by Arianna.

In addition, the Rapier Warlord said he hopes this Pennsic might include some War Point battles more customized to rapier, as opposed to simply being clones of the heavy battles. One example he gave would be the inclusion of rubber band guns in a rapier battle. He indicated that he and Prince Timothy have already shared these thoughts with the East and Middle Kingdoms.

When asked about the choice of Duchess Dorinda as the Principal of the Order of Defense, Don Orlando enthusiastically replied, “Dorinda is the epitome of what Æthelmearc wants its Order of Defense to look like. She’s not just about prowess, she’s also a well-rounded exemplar of the virtues we espouse. She can marshal a tourney, serve as warlord, or push a broom when the event is over. She’s skilled in the arts, a model of service and comportment  – she’s the whole package. Her Grace will be a great ambassador for Æthelmearc’s Order of Defense.”

~ All videos by Arianna of Wynthrope with assistance from Lady Ceindrech verch Elidir.

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“O” is for Omnibus

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-16 12:52

Omnibus Peerage Support Badge

Have you seen this badge at events recently?  —>

If not, you soon will. It is being worn by anyone who wishes to show they support the creation of an omnibus — or umbrella — Peerage to recognize non-rattan martial prowess. It is also being used as (or added to) avatars and profile pictures in various social media.

The badge was created by the Martial Peerage FaceBook group as a way to promote awareness of the movement.

Editor’s note: The badge graphic — and variants for different martial interests — was designed by Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin of AEthelmearc.

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Scribes: Need Lidded Cups?

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-16 10:17

From THF Dagonell the Juggler.

The local nursing home uses 4 oz plastic containers with lids to serve brown sugar with the morning oatmeal.

I have acquired over 100+ of these cups.  If any scribes would like some of these cups for free, see me at Ice Dragon. I am the Tavern Master and will be in the Tavern most of the day.

(editor’s note: the Gazette is always happy to facilitate the sharing of supplies and items for arts, sciences and anything else we use in our SCAdian life. Just email us at

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Stefan's Florilegium updates for February 2015 - Sun, 2015-02-15 17:06

THLord Stefan li Rous has publised updates for Stefan's Florilegium for February 2015.

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Writ Given for First Æthelmearc Master of Defense

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-02-15 14:37

- Submitted by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

As promised by Their Majesties, Titus and Anna Leigh, at the Rapier Muster in the Shire of Silva Vulcani today, a Writ of Summons was issued for the first Master of Defense to be made in Æthelmearc.

Duchess Dorinda Courtenay. Photo by Duchess Anna Blackleaf.

Duchess Dorinda Courtenay was called before Their Majesties and instructed to present herself on Friday, May 1st at the Celebration of the Art of Rapier in her home shire of Heronter, there to be elevated by Their Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle, as the Principal of Æthelmearc’s Order of Defense and first gentle in our realm to receive a peerage for prowess in rapier.

Her Grace was Æthelmearc’s second Duchess, having first been crowned Queen in March of A.S. XXXIII (1999) and again in September of A.S. XXXV (2000). She is also a Mistress of the Pelican and Laurel, a Companion of the White Scarf, and the 5th Jewel of Æthelmearc. She has served as Kingdom Rapier Marshal, organized fencing at numerous events including Æthelmearc War Practice, and commanded Æthelmearc’s fencers in

Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

battle at Pennsic as Rapier Warlord. Once the cadet of Don Iago Benitez, as a White Scarf Duchess Dorinda in turn took Mark le Gabler as her cadet until he was inducted into the White Scarf last September. She has also been tireless in her service to the Society, autocratting or assisting with the running of Heronter’s largest annual event, Harvest Raid, for at least a decade; serving her Shire as exchequer; using her scribal skills to create numerous scrolls of great beauty and teaching others to do likewise; and marshaling youth combat as well as adult and youth fencing.

The wording of the writ:

Let all of Aethelmearc rejoice!

Their Majesties Titus Scipio Germanicus, King by Right of Arms, and Anna Leigh, Queen by inspiration have been granted the ability to recognize excellence in the field of Rapier.

If Excellence is the bar, there is none more worthy than Duchess Dorinda.

She has served as Inspiration. She has served as Warlord. She has served as Mentor. She has served as Advisor. We are not just recognizing her for these services, and countless other that she renders, it is how she serves.

She embodies the values that we most want our order to encompass for the Known World to gaze upon.

She is welcoming and gracious, nurturing and supportive, chivalrous and courteous. She is well respected and beloved by all. We would have her nurture the new peerage with the same loving care she has guided our Rapier community with from its very infancy.

We ask that she presents herself at A Celebration of Rapier on May 1st, Anno Societatus 50 in the Shire of Herontir where she will be the guest of honor at a joyous celebration of our new peerage.

Done by our hand, this 15th day of February, Anno Societatus 49

Titus, Rex, Anna Leigh, Regina

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