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Pennsic Blood Drive Becomes Fully Authentic - Wed, 2015-04-01 10:24

The traditional Pennsic Blood Drive, held the middle weekend between Peace Week and War Week, is getting an extreme makeover this year, as blood collection will now follow fully period medical practices.

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Tir Mara Heraldic Submissions/Les Soumissions Héraldique Venant De La Principauté de Tir Mara

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-04-01 09:37

En français

Greetings from Ryan, Brigantia Principal Herald of Kingdom the East!

When I took office over two years ago I quickly noticed a problem. When heraldic submissions came in from Tir Mara they had to be in US Funds. The Money order transfer fee would add $5CDN to the cost of the submission. Such an expense is patently unfair. I have been working with the Kingdom Submission Herald, Mistress Alys, and the Kingdom Exchequer, Mistress Ignacia, and we have been talking with several persons in Tir Mara during our travels in order to find a way to remove this burden from our Tir Maran members.

I’m happy to say that we’re finally about to put a solution into place. Starting in May Tir Marans will be able to submit their paperwork and send their fees to Baroness Jeanne de Robin from L’Ile du Dragon Dormant, our new Blue Alaunt Herald. She has agreed to bear the burden of collecting the funds for Tir Maran submissions and deposit the monies into a bank in Canada. Therefore the costly transfer fees will fall onto the College’s account once or twice a year instead of the individual submitter’s pocketbook for each individual submission.

In order to simplify the process, and to encourage Tir Maran submissions, for the time being the Fees for our Tir Maran heraldic submissions will be the same as the US fees, $8CDN.

As of May first heraldic Submissions from the Crown Principality of Tir Mara can be sent to:
Jeanne de Robin
Joanna Hobbins
Montreal, QC
H3W 3H8

Please make checks payable to “SCA Inc. – East Kingdom”

As Always, in service to the Society, Kingdom, Crown, and College,
Ryan Brigantia

En français
Salutation de la part de Maitre Ryan, Brigantia Herald du Royaume de l’Est

Au moment où j’ai pris l’office de Hérault du Royaume il y a plus de deux ans j’ai rapidement pris conscience d’un problème. Les soumissions héraldique venant de la Principauté de Tir Mara devait être en dollar US. Le coût du transfert monétaire augmentait la facture de plus de cinq dollar par soumission. Ce coût supplémentaire est inéquitable. J’ai travaillé avec la responsable des soumissions du Royaume, Maitresse Alys ainsi que l’Échiquier du Royaume, Maitresse Ignacia. De plus nous avons aussi discutés avec plusieurs résidents de Tir Mara durant nos voyages pour trouver un moyen de retirer ce poids des épaules de la population de la Principauté.

Je suis heureux de vous annoncer que nous avons trouvé et mis en place une politique. Commençant au début Mai, les soumissionnaires pourront envoyer leurs documentations et paiement à Son Excellence Jeanne de Robin de l’Ile du Dragon Dormant, notre nouvelle « Blue Alaunt Herald ». Elle a accepté la responsabilité de recevoir les soumissions ainsi que l’argent pour ensuite déposer ce dernier dans une banque canadienne. Conséquemment le coût du transfert de devise sera assumé par le Collège des Hérault du Royaume de l’Est en lieu et place des coûts assumés auparavant par chaque soumissionnaire.

Dans le but de simplifier les procédures ainsi que motiver les résident de Tir Mara à faire des soumissions, jusqu’à édit contraire le coût par soumission sera au même montant que pour les habitant en territoire du sud de la frontière sans tenir compte du taux de change. Soit 8$ CND par soumission.

Commencant en Mai les soumissions de la population de Tir Mara devront être envoyé a :

Jeanne de Robin
Joanna Hobbins
PO Box 63515 CC Van-Horne
Montreal, QC
H3W 3H8

se il vous plaît faire les chèques payables à « SCA Inc. – East Kingdom »

Comme toujours au service de la Société, du Royaume, de la couronne et du Collège.
Ryan Brigantia

Traduction : Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle

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12 Things You Didn’t Know About King Titus

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-04-01 09:00

So, you think you know King Titus? Well, think again. Here are some things that only his closest retainers and lackeys know about His Majesty, the King of Æthelmearc.

1. He won season 2 of Dancing with the Stars.

2. He wore a reindeer codpiece with a light-up nose to Steltonwald 12th Night.

3. He made his Broadway debut as King Arthur in Camelot.

4. He was voted “Sexiest King” at this year’s Estrella War.

5. He is a huge fan of Batman.

6. He has been turned into a meme more times than any SCA royal in history.

7. He is actually kind of shy.

8. He secretly hates going to court.

9. He’s the grandson of Yul Brynner.

10. He is a notorious photobomber.

11. He is adored by his dog.

12. And he adores his Queen.

Here’s the kicker – only 8 of these are actually true. Can you guess which ones? The answer will be revealed at the end of the day, so check back later!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

It’s all Arianna’s fault.

With thanks to everyone whose photos we stole appropriated borrowed used for this article.

And (drumroll…..) here are the correct answers:

  1. False, but only because he didn’t enter.
  2. True, though it was unveiled in all its… er… splendor only at the start of court.
  3. False, though His Majesty would no doubt make a notable Arthur.
  4. False, but if there had been such a vote, we are absolutely certain he would have won.
  5. True. In fact, he may well BE Batman.
  6. True. One of the royal retainers, Lady Rivka bat Daniyel, even provided an image with a transparent background solely for the purpose of meme creation. Many of the ones we posted here were created by Lady Minamoto Kumamoto Sakurako.
  7. Believe it or not, this is true. In a crowd of people he doesn’t know, when not on the throne, His Majesty can be a little shy.
  8. True only when he is not King. That’s why he’s always on a mission to make court fun.
  9. False, at least as far as we know.
  10. True. As you can plainly see.
  11. True. Except that technically, Molly was Her Majesty’s dog first, but she fell in love with Titus when he moved in and Her Majesty has played second fiddle to Titus (in the chihuahua’s mind) ever since.
  12. True. Obviously.

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Viking Artifact Surfaces In Delaware River

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-04-01 07:00

Half of a Bishops Crozier-turned-Viking-plunder, twin of the one found in the Delaware River during a dredging project.

Photo: Museum of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway

Reuters 21 April 2015

Scientific American via University of Pennsylvania Department of Antiquities written by Inglenook Rosebottom

Philadelphia, PA. Crews dredging the Delaware river in Philadelphia have come across something amazing. Spring thaw and run off have built silt to alarming levels after a winter of excessive snowfall. It is a yearly tradition that Philadelphia city crews dredge the mouth of the river to prevent flooding. This year is no exception.

Many unusual items have come to light during the annual project. Including, in the past, the remains of Native American canoes, a pristine but waterlogged Audi R8 valued at $100,000, bags of garbage and drug paraphernalia, and the torso of a then-unidentified Caucasian male in 1998. This year’s top find, however, is causing quite a stir. Chief amongst the questions asked is this: “How did it get there?”

Gleaming up from the wet silt piled into the bed of a city crew truck, a mysterious artifact surfaced that has the history department at the University of Pennsylvania, which oversees the project, baffled. Chief archaeologist Wilhelm Lagerschmidt cautioned readers to take the find at face value, and not attach any speculative history to the find.

What is it, though? It turns out, against all odds, that the piece has an identical twin. That twin, pictured above, is currently residing in the museum of the University of Science and Technology in Norway. The twin artifact in Norway has a long an convoluted history of its own. Once, in approximately the eighth or ninth century, it was the head of a Bishop’s Crozier from the North of England. The richly jeweled and filigreed piece was probably seized as plunder or passed as trade goods by Vikings from Norway.

An enterprising Norwegian, having acquired the piece, chopped the fancy gold ball in half, and made it into two turtle-shell shaped pins, similar to but fancier than the cup brooches most Norwegian women would have worn at the time. This however, is where the twins part ways. Twin Two was found inside a tin box shaped like a church, in a Norwegian grave belonging to a high-status woman from the town of Romsdal. That grave itself was uncovered in 1961.

How Twin One got from Romsdal, Norway to Philadelphia, PA is a mystery that only time and investigation can unravel. “It is just as likely that it was stolen from the grave, traded on the black market, and lost in the river as a transaction went bad in this century, than it is that some Viking man or woman sailed down the coast of the North American continent and up the Delaware river,” Lagerschmidt cautioned. He continued, “At this point, the so-called runic stones found in Northern Pennsylvania, hauled from the edge of the Susquehanna river, are entirely unconnected by concrete evidence. Many believe them to be a hoax. But there is a little boy inside of me that is jumping up and down in joy, imagining that there were Viking Warriors on the river flowing past what would eventually become Philadelphia. It is finds such as these, which are fabricated from start to finish from real news (see link below), that we say unto you the reader, Happy First of April my friends.”

Shared by Dame Aoife Finn

Resource Information: NTNU

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Court Report: Gulf Wars, Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, 18-19 March AS 49

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-03-31 14:02

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Titus and Anna Leigh, King
and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at Gulf Wars in
the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, 18-19 March AS 49. As recorded by
Maistir Brandubh Ó Donnghaile, Sigil Herald with the assistance of
Baron Robert O’Connor, Sycamore Herald.

Photo by Maistir Brandubh O Donnghaile

Wednesday March 18 on the Fencing Tournament Field

Don Orlando di Bene del Vinta. Photo by Lady Arianna dal Vallone.

Their Majesties invited the Assembled Royalty of the Known World in attendance, to bear witness as They issued a Writ of Summons to Don Orlando di Bene del Vinta to confer with Their Heirs, Timothy and Gabrielle, as to when he would accept entry into the Order of Defense. Writ by Catharine Wolfe.

Thursday March 19 in Æthelmearc Camp

King Titus and Queen Anna Leigh invited the members of the Golden Thorn to rise and then presented Helen of Avalon, THLady Cristina inghean Ghriogair, Lord Uaithne mac Faelin, Lady Ailis inghean Mhaolain, Lady Katerina McGilledoroughe, Lady Arianna dal Vallone, Master John the Pell, THLord Marek Viacheldrago, Master Tofi Kerthjalfadsson, Countess Genevieve du Vent Argent, Lady Phelippe Ulfsdotter, Don Annanias Fenne, Maistir Brandubh O’Donnghaile, Amalia Lesniak, Alaric of Steltonwald, Master Alastar MacCrummin, Meistress Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon, THLady Anna im Turm, THLady Ines of Alegria, Lady Cassandra de Matise, Lady Siobhan MacDermott, Mistress Shishido Tora Gozen, Lady Rowena McCara, THLady Alianora Bronhulle and Baron Ichijo Honen with Golden Thorns for their service to the crown in travelling to Gulf Wars to support the kingdom of Æthelmearc.

Sir Byron. Photo by Mistress Illadore de Bedagrayne.

Their Majesties then invited THLord Marek Viacheldrago, Sir Thomas
Byron of Haverford, and Don Orlando di Bene del Vinta to come forward and presented each with a scroll of appreciation as each had stood as a Champion of Æthelmearc to represent the kingdom in the War Point Tournaments.

Helen of Avalon was Awarded Arms for her service as she had attended the war to support the kingdom and assisted driving a van full of other’s gear. Scroll limned by Mary Ann of Seamarch, scrivened by HL Vistillia Messalina Pulcheria.

Baron Robert O’Connor, photo by Mistress Illadore.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Arianna dal Vallone and praised her for her skills in the fencing melees of the war, as she had singlehandedly stopped an Atlantian charge.

Baron Robert O’Connor was called forth and presented with theÆthel mearc Award of Excellence for serving as the land agent and camp organizer for the Gulf Wars camp.  Scroll limned by HL Signey of Starvanger, and scrivened by HL Vistillia Messalina Pulcheria.

THLady Phelippe Ulfsfotter, photo by Maistir Brandubh.

Lady Phelippe Ulfsdotter was called forth and inducted into the Order of the Millrind for her service to the Kingdom as Webminister and seeing the kingdom through many changes in the policies of that office.  Scroll by HL Lillius MacGuffin and Mistress Adela Scrijver van Brugge.

Baroness Katerina McGilledoroughe, photo by Maistir Brandubh.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Katerina McGilledoroughe and invited her friends to come forward and join her as They created her a Baroness of the Court for her service to Their Majesties as Head Retainer. Scroll by THLady Alianora Bronhulle.

Their Majesties then thanked all who had come to attend Gulf Wars and fight for Æthelmearc, and then dismissed the crowd to their entertainments.

There being no further business, Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

Photo by Mistress Illadore.

In Honor and Service,

Kameshima Zentarō Umakai
Silver Buccle Principal Herald, Kingdom of Æthelmearc

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Sistine Chapel "dazzles" after tech makeover - Tue, 2015-03-31 12:45

A new lighting system will allow visitors to the Vatican's Sistine Chapel  to appreciate Michelangelo's famous frescoes more than ever better. The chapel makeover "cost some three million euros (US$3.77 million)—with 1.9 million euros spent on the lighting alone."

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New Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Website Debuts

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-03-31 11:28

The NEW Æthelmearc Kingdom Arts and Sciences website is up! You can see it here.

The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn, and his Deputy, Mistress Orianna Fridrikskona, are excited to offer this great new resource to Æthelmearc’s artisans.

“The new A&S website is designed to make information gathering easier,” said Master Fridrikr. “We have a new calendar page, more space for images of Arts and Sciences from around the kingdom, [and] new areas for artisans to share their work. It is streamlined and user-friendly. I hope that everyone will go and look at it, and that the artisans and scholars of Æthelmearc will use the website to share their work with the kingdom.”

Mistress Orianna continued, “Our monthly message will be there as well as information on A&S activities both around the Kingdom and in some of our neighboring Kingdoms. We are also hoping to start a regular focus on individual areas of study, so watch for those.”

The site was built by Lady Amalie Reinhardt and THLady Desiderata Drake, for which the Ministers of Arts and Sciences are very grateful.

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Event Report: Kingdom for a Stage, March 28, A.S. XLIX, in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-30 20:54

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope reports on the bardic merriment of A Kingdom for a Stage.

The Kingdom for a Stage event was small but packed with music and theatrical entertainments. Baron Liam macanTsaoire and Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmyth autocratted the event which featured storytellers, singers, a puppet show, and performances by the Debatable Choir and Delftwood’s Commedia group, i Got Woodi.

Master Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake. Photo by Baron Liam macan Tsaoire

For the heraldic brag-off, each of the five competitors had to select a volunteer from among the attendees. The heralds then had 10 minutes to learn as much as they could about their “bragee”, after which the bragging began. Each herald spoke on the virtues, real or imagined, of their bragee. Lord Justin Lymner praised the good works of Baroness Elizabeth Arrowsmyth as an autocrat and royal retainer. Baron Janos Meszaros, whose subject was THLady Anlaith ingen Trena, spoke of how good things come in small packages, and cited Her Ladyship’s skills with atlatl and paintbrush. Master Dagonell Collingwood spoke of the many contributions of Master Alaric MacConall as a musician, exchequer, and seneschal, then lamented that in archery, Master Alaric “shoots like a 12-year-old” (an in-joke which is explained in the video below).  Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope boasted about the many accomplishments of Her Excellency Helene al-Zarqá, Baroness of Delftwood, as a fencer, bard, and member of i Got Woodi, but then noted that Her Excellency apologized for bringing Delftwood’s weather to the Debatable Lands. Finally, THLord Kieran MacRae extolled the virtues of Lady Lijsbet de Kuekere, most especially as a cook and member of i Got Woodi.

Lady Bugga Bilibit performing on the bardic stage. Photo by Baron Liam.

Baroness Constance and Master Kameshima judged the two best entrants to be THLord Kieran and Master Dagonell, so they were then given another task as a run-off: to do a second heraldic brag, both of them on the topic of Baron Liam. It was a close contest, but in the end, the judges chose THLord Kieran as the winner. His prize was a baronial t-shirt, ironically with a Celtic design that he himself created.

Over the course of the day, there were classes in singing technique and about pilgrimage songs, numerous storytellers and singers, and an impromptu puppet show put on by Kaden, the 7-year-old son of Lord Hrafna-Erlender inn Raudi and Lady Aibell ingen Chernachain, with help from his dad. In addition, Baroness Constance Glyn Dwr set up her Baroness’ Bower for folks to hang out and do hand crafts like knitting and embroidery, complete with yummy snacks.

Kaden’s puppet show. Photo by Baron Liam.

The Debatable Choir performed a concert of five songs as recorded in the video below.

Then the Delftwood Commedia Troop, i Got Woodi, consisting of Baroness Helena al- Zarqá, Mistress Felicitas Flußmüllnerin, Lord Justin Lymner, Lady Lijsbet de Kuekere, and Lord Fridrich Flußmüllner, performed a play in which Capitano kidnaps the servant girl who is in love with Arlecchino. Capitano asks her to marry him but she declines, and calls to Arlecchino for help. Unfortunately, Arlecchino couldn’t seem to figure out that she had been kidnapped, so she ended up having to rescue herself by tricking Capitano into loosing her bonds. She then beat Capitano so he fell to the floor, after which she returned to her beloved and friends. It was noted that Baroness Helene had successfully written a script that permitted Lady Lijsbet, who is currently on crutches with one foot in a cast, to spend the entire play sitting in a chair.

The Delftwood Commedia troop, i Got Woodi. Photo by Mistress Arianna.

While the bardic activities were occurring, there was a delectable all-day sideboard prepared by THLord Jorundr hinn Rotinn with assistance from a large crew of experienced cooks. It was noted that the theme of the feast was “carrots” as His Lordship had gotten a really good deal on a large basket of them… The onion soup was so good that one lady was heard to exclaim that she would marry it if she could. Fortunately, her husband was amused rather than offended.

His Excellency, Baron Liam, thanked everyone who attended, and especially those who jumped in to help with clean up. He plans to make the event even bigger and better next year.

Heraldic brag videos courtesy of Mistress Ts’vee’a bas Tseepora Levi. Choir video courtesy of Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope with thanks to THLord Kieran for manning the camera.

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Spring Crown Tourney

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-30 19:05

With only 2 weeks left to send in your Letter of Intent to fight in the Spring Crown Tourney of Prince Omega and Princess Etheldreda, the Kingdom Seneschal reminds prospective entrants and consorts to use the following link:

The Letter of Intent must be received by Coronation, April 11, 2015.

If using email, the letters of intent must include all of the following information for both combatant and consort: Society name, legal name, address, telephone number, years of residency and be accompanied by proof of membership with membership number & expiration date that is valid at least thirty days after Crown. If both entrants are combatants, then that should be clearly indicated.

Proof of valid membership consists of a copy of a valid membership card, a postcard (with a date-stamp) or letter from the Corporate office, or a confirmation form printed from the website after an online membership purchase.
Confirmation of faxed membership applications with credit card receipts as well as membership applications CANNOT be accepted as proof of membership.

Their Hignesses also request that combatants bring heraldic shields for the list trees.

In Service to the East, I remain

Dueña Mercedes Vera de Calafia
Seneschal, East Kingdom

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Region Two Archery (Plus) Muster Coming Up

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-30 15:19

The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands invites you to a regional muster celebrating Archery, Thrown Weapons, Youth Fighting and Arts & Sciences at the Castle home of Sir Byron and Sir Ariella on April 12th. This is the day after Æthelmearc Coronation. The muster will begin at 10:00 in the morning and continue until 5:00 pm.

The archery and thrown weapons ranges will be open at 10:00 am and archery from the towers, led by THL Deryk Archer, will begin at 1:00 pm.

The main archery goal this day is to shoot and submit rounds for the Gwyntarian Winter Challenge which closes later that week. There will also be training if we have enough marshals. The Barony’s loaner gear will be there.

Please bring something for a pot luck. We’re going to be there all day, so let’s eat. Pop, water, plates, bowls, and utensils will all be provided.

We also ask that you dress in garb for the day.

The  Castle address is 755 Stonegate Drive, Wexford PA 15090.

In service to the Barony-Marche and the Kingdom,

Mestari Urho Waltterinen
crossbow1953 (at)

Per valde mustache adveho valde officium

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Mudthaw Curia Report/Rapport sur la Curie Royale tenue à l’événement de Mudthaw.

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-30 11:50

En français

The Gazette is not an official publication of the East Kingdom; changes to East Kingdom Law do not take effect until they have appeared in the Pikestaff.

At the opening of the Third Curia of their Right Noble Majesties Edward and Thyra, Old Business was opened and the first item of business discussed was the addition of V.C.1.g. – The King’s & Queen’s Thrown Weapons Champions. Concerns about over-loading the Royal Calendar were again brought up, and suggestions for ways to alleviate such pressures were also discussed. Weekend-long Champions events with more than one Champions Tourney were suggested, but ultimately it has been left to Their Highnesses, Omega and Ethedreda, to discuss and implement a plan going forward.

There was a much lengthier discussion regarding the changes to Officer Residency. Many people spoke and there was a wide variety of opinions from the populace, both in favor and against the proposed change. There were many questions as to how the policy would be implemented and monitored. Concerns regarding outside members “taking over” a local group were raised, while others discussed the plight of those who live in Crown Lands, as well as those who live far from their local groups population center, but close to another group’s. Additional issues covered included groups where volunteers are available for offices, but not for specific functions (e.g. lacking a volunteer with experience appropriate to execute the duties of a Webminister), as well as the risk of needing to close a group in the event that a specific task could not be fulfilled by the available volunteer pool. Many of these concerns were addressed to various levels by Their Majesties with assurances that the new policies written would vetted for compliance to Kingdom Law and Corpora by the Kingdom Seneschalate.

Ultimately, Their Majesties approved the proposed new policy to provide a process for branches that wished to allow non-residents to hold office in the branch with some changed wording. The following was added: Branch Seneschals and Exchequers may not be eligible without prior, written approval of the Kingdom Seneschal.

Her Majesty also implored local groups to hold off on adding new language to their bylaws until the Kingdom Seneschal has had a chance to prepare guidelines for creating appropriate language.

Under New Business, Their Majesties first brought up the addition of the Order of Defense to the Peerages and Polling list sections of EK Law, which was accepted without much additional commentary, outside of the need to do so, following the changes to Corpora before the Order is created at Crown Tourney in May.

The second item of New Business was discussed at a much greater length. This was the creation of an Order to recognize prowess and service in the Equestrian lists and activities in the East Kingdom. Two options were available to Their Majesties:

1) Create a new Order of High Merit with an Order unique to the EK, requiring the Kingdom to submit a name and badge to the College of Heralds,

2) Sign the Order of the Golden Lance Treaty which is currently signed by Æthelmearc, Atlantia, Trimaris, Ansteorra, and Caid, which grants the right to the East to use the Order of the Golden Lance name and registered regalia; the only requirement is that it be the highest award for Equestrian prowess and service in the Kingdom.

His Majesty offered commentary that this would not become an issue as has occurred in some White Scarf treaty kingdoms regarding the creation of the Order of Defense. His Majesty also remarked on the lengthy discussions and valuable survey information on the Equestrian community in the East, which currently stands at approximately 35 authorized Equestrians. This is apparently a mid-sized Equestrian group amongst the Kingdoms of the Known World, and the time and cost of investment required to participate in the community is significant, limiting its ability to grow. His Majesty also remarked that he felt creating this award will create an environment that will encourage the community to grow and will give recognition to members of the Order when they travel, as part of an Order that is recognized in several kingdoms. Other commentary was offered by members of the populace, recommending the treaty not be signed, but that an award recognizing Equestrians be created, and respectfully disagreeing with the benefits of signing the treaty in lieu of creating an award specific to the East Kingdom.

Their Majesties stated their preference for signing the Golden Lance treaty and so made it into Law.

The Order of the Rose was also added into IX.E. – The Peerage Orders (Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Rose, and Defense)… as a clerical correction, as the Order of the Rose carries a Patent of Arms by Kingdom Law.

Following the end of New Business, Officer Reports were given and the following summaries are paraphrased by the Gazette’s correspondent:

Seneschal – Dueña Mercedes – She is working on a number of different projects at any given time. If anyone has questions about anything specific, please contact her directly.

Brigantia – Master Ryan – Updates to Order of Precedence are coming. The database is being worked on, and we hope to see it on the Kingdom website in the coming weeks. The badge for the Order of the Golden Lance will be submitted and processed in the coming months.

Exchequer – Mistress Ignacia – We have money, and my report to Kingdom was filed on time.

Chronicler – given in abstentia – Mistress A’isha has applied to take on a fourth and final year in office and is looking for anyone interested in becoming the next East Kingdom Chronicler, so she can begin training.

Arts & Sciences – Mistress Rainillt – Winter is leaving and A&S activities are gearing up to full swing.

Chatelaine – Mistress Vienna – This is Mistress Vienna’s last Curia report as her term in office is coming to an end. There has been a lot of interest in the SCA via the Newcomer’s Portal at There is a new type of demo happening on Saturday, May 16th. The Sir Wilhelm’s Hastilude & Demo is being held in Connecticut and will feature a free event with tournaments that will also serve as a demo.  Please come out an support this new event/demo combination. Event Annoucement

Chirurgeon – Master Galefridus – In the event that the BoD eliminates the Office of the Chirurgeonate, it will likely fold into a guild structure so that the Chirurgeons can continue supporting events and remain in line with Corpora.

Signet – Mistress Nest – We still have scribes!

Chancellor Minor – given by Lady Wentlyanna on behalf of Baroness Leonete – Many more groups are having family activities, and the Society Office is promoting the YAFA program.

Webminister – Lord Lorenz – The Webministry is currently processing approximately 36,000 emails per week, there are approximately 160 different sites hosted by the Kingdom, and there are approximately 16-24 groups that still need to move their websites onto the Kingdom Server.

En français

La Gazette du Royaume n’est pas une publication officielle du Royaume de l’Est; les changements aux Lois du Royaume de l’Est ne prennent effet qu’à compter du moment où ils sont publiés dans le Pikestaff.
À l’ouverture de la troisième curie de Leurs Royales Majestés Edouard et Thyra, le premier sujet abordé fut celui des points antérieurs.

Le premier sous-point concernant l’ajout de l’article V.C.1.g – Champion d’Armes de Lancer- fut d’abord exposé.
Les discussions ont tourné autour des préoccupations entourant la surcharge du calendrier Royal et quelques suggestions ont été faites. La tenue d’événement de championnat durant un événement de fin de semaine mais ultimement, Leur Altesses devront trouver et implanter une solution.

Le deuxième sous-point concernait la Résidence des officiers dans les groupes locaux.
Ce point a généré beaucoup de discussions. Plusieurs personnes se sont prononcées, exposant une grande variété d’opinions, certains en faveur d’autres contre. Plusieurs questions ont abordé l’implantation et le suivi de cette politique. Certain ont soulevé la possibilité de prise de contrôle d’un groupe par de membres extérieurs, d’autres, le sort réservé à ceux qui résident sur des Terre Royale (ie. Terres dont le code postal n’est assignée a aucun groupe), et d’autres, ceux qui vivent loin du centre de population de leur groupe mais proche d’un autre groupe.

Les autres discussions ont gravité autour des groupes ayant un bassin de bénévoles qui ne possèdent pas les qualités requises pour prendre en charge un office particulier comme ex.: Ministre de laToile. La possibilité de fermeture de groupe dû à un manque de bénévole fut aussi discutée. Leurs Majestés ont rassuré la curie concernant plusieurs des points soulevé et ont assuré celle-ci que la loi écrite serait vérifiée, par le Senéchal du Royaume, pour être conforme aux Lois du Royaume et à la Charte Corporative (Corpora).

Ultimement Leurs Majestés ont approuvé, avec amendement, la nouvelle politique qui permet à un groupe d’établir un processus permettant à un non-résident d’y détenir un poste d’officier. L’amendement se lit comme suit :

Sénéchal et Échiquier de groupe ne peuvent se prévaloir de ce privilège à moins d’avoir obtenu, au préalable, une autorisation écrite du Sénéchal du Royaume. Sa Majesté a demandé à tous les groupes locaux d’attendre avant de faire toute modification à leurs règlements, que le Sénéchal du Royaume aie préparé un guide sur la formulation précise de ce règlement.

Le second sujet abordé fut celui des Nouveaux points.
Le premier sous-point fut l’ajout de l’Ordre de Défense aux Lois du Royaume de l’Est qui fut accepté.

Peu de discussion s’en sont suivies, sauf d’attendre les changements à la Charte Corporative (Corpora) avant la création de l’Ordre au Tournoi de la Couronne de mai prochain.

Le second sous-point touchant la création d’un Ordre pour reconnaitre la prouesse et le service pour les activités Équestres.

Deux options étaient possibles pour Leurs Majestés.

1) Créer un Ordre de Haut Mérite unique au Royaume de l’Est, nécessitant que le Royaume doive soumettre un nom et un écusson (badge) au Collège des Hérauts.

2) Signer le Traité de l’Odre de la Lance dorée et rejoindre les Royaumes d’Æthelmearc, d’Atlantia, de Trimaris, d’Ansteorra et de Caid. Par cette signature, le Royaume acquiert le droit d’utiliser le nom ‘’ l’Ordre de la Lance dorée’’ et les insignes associés. Il est requis, par ce traité, que l’Odre de la Lance dorée’’ soit la plus élevée des récompenses Équestre du Royaume.

Sa Majesté a affirmé que la signature de ce traité ne susciterait pas les mêmes problématiques que d’autres traités du genre, tel le Traité de l’Écharpe Blanche dans le dossier de la création de l’Ordre de Défense. Sa Majesté a aussi fait remarquer les grandes discussions et toutes les informations pertinentes recueillies auprès de la communauté équestre du Royaume. Rappelons que la communauté équestre du Royaume est constituée d’approximativement 35 membres accrédités, ce qui en fait une communauté de moyenne envergure parmi les Royaumes. Le coût en temps et en investissement requis pour participer à cette communauté est un frein à sa croissance potentielle. Sa Majesté croit que cette récompense créera un environnement favorisant la croissance de cette communauté tout en permettant une reconnaissance accrue de ses membres. Particulièrement lorsque ceux-ci voyageront dans des Royaumes ayant eux aussi signé ce traité. Des commentaires différents ont été offerts par des membres de la population, recommandant que le traité ne soit pas signé, mais plutôt qu’une distinction reconnaissant les prouesses équestres soit créée, car le sentiment général est que le traité ne présenterais pas d’avantage comparé au fait de créer une récompense spécifique au Royaume de l’Est.

Leurs Majestés ont annoncé que leurs préférences étaient de signer le traité de la Lance Dorée et d’en faire loi.

L’Ordre de la Rose a été ajouté à l’article IX.E –
Les Ordres des Pairs (Chevalerie, Laurier, Pélican, ROSE et DÉFENSE) pour corriger une erreur cléricale puisque l’Ordre de la Rose est lié, lui aussi, à un Brevet d’Armes (Patent of Arms) tel qu’inscrit dans les Lois du Royaume.

Le troisième sujet fut le rapport des officiers et voici un résumé rédigé par le correspondant de la Gazette.

Sénéchale : Dueña Mercedes –Elle travaille sur plusieurs dossiers, si quelqu’un a des questions particulières, on peut la contacter directement.

Héraut de Brigantie : Maître Ryan – La mise à jour de l’Ordre de préséance sera finalisée sous-peu. Des travaux sont réalisés à la base de données et on souhaite que les résultats soit accessibles via le site Web du Royaume dans quelques semaines.

Échiquier : -Maîtresse Ignacia- Nous avons de l’argent et son rapport au Royaume est à jour.

Chroniqueur : -Sans être présente- Maîtresse A’isha a postulé pour une quatrième et dernière année à son poste. Elle souhaite trouver une relève bientôt pour débuter sa formation.

Arts & Sciences : -Maîtresse Vienna- Il s’agit de sa dernière Curie Royale puisque que son terme d’officier prend fin. Le portail des nouveaux, génère beaucoup d’intérêt. Un nouveau type de démonstration aura lieu le samedi 16 mai prochain. L’Hastilida de Sire Wiliam & Démo se déroulera au Connecticut et consistera en un événement gratuit comprenant un tournoi. Nous sommes tous invités à participer et à encourager ce nouveau concept d’événement/démo.

Chirurgien : – Maître Galefridus- Si jamais l’Assemblée des Directeurs (BoD) dissolvait le poste de Chirurgien, ce dernier serait fort probablement transformé en guilde structurée pour que les Chirurgiens puisse continuer d’assurer une présence lors des événements, le tout en accord avec la Charte Corporative (Corpora).

Clerc des Sceaux : -Maîtresse Nest- Nous avons des scribes.

Webminister : – Seigneur Lorenz- Le Webministère gère approximativement 36 000 courriels par semaine et il existe approximativement 160 sites différents hébergés par le Royaume et entre 16 et 24 groupes nécessitent un déménagement de site vers les serveurs du Royaume.

Leurs Excellences Godfroy et Alisay de Falaise

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Mudthaw – Lost and Found

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-03-30 10:11

Lost and found items from Mudthaw. Please contact Galefridus ( if you recognize any of these.

Fleece scarf, grey and black

Pair of brown fleece gloves

Thigh pad

Pair of grey suede and faux fur boots

2 books on weaving

White cotton women’s coif

Leather belt pouch containing several belt tokens

Black leather mug strap

6″ hairpin with gobular crystal

Small black cloth drawstring bag

Belt token, yellow with crossed keys

Belt token, green velvel with gold fringe and embroidered design

Belt token, narrow card-woven with pewter token

Single men’s wrist-length black leather glove (RH)

Single men’s black leather fencing glove (RH)

10″ wooden plate

6″ wooden bowl

Pewter goblet

White tee shirt, no decoration, XL

Small plastic gryphon head, looks hand-painted

3″ blue pastice toy dish

2 site tokens from various events

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Musicians Needed for Coronation

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-03-29 19:29

Good gentles of Æthelmearc,

The Coronation of TRH’s Timothy and Gabrielle is but two weeks away.

There will be dancing to celebrate.  Dances will be taught and enjoyed.

But to make this most memorable occasion more memorable we need the skilled musicians of the Sylvan Kingdom to play for the dancing to honor the new King and Queen.

If you are both willing and able to play for the dancing at Coronation on April 11, please contact me as soon as you can so I can provide you the set list and other necessities to make your participation easier.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

THL sionn, the lost

mka john kyle
304 281-3819 (text or call)
facebook john sionnthelost kyle

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New SCA Ltd Board Members - Sun, 2015-03-29 15:11

After consideration and commentary, the Board of SCA Ltd (the corporate body in Australia) welcomes two new Board Members for the next three years, commencing at the AGM on Friday, 3 April 2015.

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Æthelmearc Expat to be Western Master of Defence

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-03-29 09:50

Photo by Mistress Illadore

Mistress Illadore de Bedagrayne has been summoned by the Crown of the West to be put on vigil as one of their premiere members of the Order of Defence. Her elevation will occur on May 1st.

Mistress Illadore originally hails from the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, which she once served as seneschale. She received her White Scarf from Malcolm and Tessa at Pennsic XXXV and a Court Barony from Christopher and Morgen in 2007. She was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for her cooking by Isenwulf and Rosalinda in 2011. She served as 12th and 27th Queen’s Rapier Champion of Æthelmearc, as well as commander of the Southern Watch. She is also a past Rapier Champion in the West Kingdom.

Due to her real-life work, Mistress Illadore has moved around a lot since 2007, living in Atlantia and the West Kingdom (twice) where she was instrumental in bringing Rapier to prominence. However, she has always called Æthelmearc home, in proof of which she served as camp cook for the Æthelmearc royalty and entourage at Gulf Wars two weeks ago.

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Launch of the Knowne World Bardcast - Sat, 2015-03-28 16:18

The inaugural edition of the Knowne World Bardcast, featuring performances and panel discussion from bards scattered across the SCA, is now available on Soundcloud. Versions formatted for iTunes and other podcasting services will be available in the near future.

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Unofficial Court Report: King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions & L’Ile du Dragon Dormant Investiture

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-03-27 19:00

En français


On March 7, in the forty-ninth year of the Society, Their Majesties Edward and Thyra held Court in the Barony of l’Ile du Dragon Dormant, and conducted the following business:

Item. Their Majesties thanked Angus McHaley and Tadea Isabetta di Bruno for their Court service as Baron and Baroness. As tokens of their thanks, they created Angus a Baron of the Court, with scroll by Mergriet van Wijenhorst, and Tadea a Baroness of the Court, with scroll by Shadiyah al-Zhara.

Item. Their Majesties invested Jeanne de Robin as the new Baroness. Her scroll was illuminated by Eleanore MacCarthaigh, calligraphed by Nest verch Tangwistel, with words by Shadiyah al-Zahra.

Item. Their Majesties invested Genovefa Clerica as the new Baronne, with a scroll authored by Shadiyah al-Zahra, and calligraphed and illuminated by Nest verch Tangwistel.

Item. Their Majesties accepted the fealty of the new Baroness and Baronne of l’Ile du Dragon Dormant.

Item. Their Majesties elevated Pellandres dit le Frère to the Chivalry and he accepted the belt of a Knight. His scroll was created by Jan Janowicz Bogdanski.

Item. Their Majesties gave tokens of welcome to newcomers to the Society.

Item. Her Majesty announced Agatha Wanderer as the new Queen’s Arts and Sciences Champion. She was given a scroll by Vettorio Antonello.

Item. His Majesty announced Naomi bat Avraham as the new King’s Arts and Sciences Champion. His scroll was created by Vettorio Antonello.

Item. Elysabeth Underhill and Rosina von Schaffhausen were given Awards of the Golden Lyre.

Item. Their Majesties made gifts of toys to the children of the East.

Item. Their Majesties Awarded Arms to Tiberius Sergius Valens. His scroll was illuminated Bella De LaBerge and calligraphed by Nest verch Tangwistel.

Item. Their Majesties Awarded Arms to Bella De LaBerge. Her scroll was illuminated by Melina al Andalusiyya and calligraphed by Robin dit Dessaint.

Item. Their Majesties presented Guthfrith Yrlingsson with his backlog Silver Rapier scroll, created by Fiona O Maille.

Item. Their Majesties presented Tiberius Iulius Rufus with his backlog Pelican scroll, created by Jan Janowicz Bogdanski.

Item. Their Highnesses were presented with appliquéd tabbards for the Tir Maran Archery Champions, created by Yuri Mayuki.

Item. Their Majesties Awarded Arms to Cacht Mhór inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh.

Item. Their Majesties Awarded Arms to Kazmer of House Al’Karakal, with a scroll created by Elena O Sirideain.

Item. Their Majesties inducted Barnabus O’Pheylan into the Order of the Silver Crescent. He was given a scroll illuminated by Anna of the Middle and calligraphed by Constance de St. Denis.

Item. Their Majesties thanked the musicians who had played for the Courts.

The heralds for this Court were Martyn de Halliwell, Constance de St. Denis, Kirsa Oyutai, Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle, Simona bat Leone, and Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen.

With thanks to Mistress Alys Mackyntoich for the report, and Mór of Kilkenny for the translation. Photos courtesy Baron William Lancton

En français


Le 7 mars en l’année quarante-neuf de la société, leur majestés Edward et Thyra ont tenu la cour en la baronnie de l’Île du Dragon Dormant, et ont accompli les affaires suivantes:

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont remercié Angus MacHaley et Tadea Isabetta di Bruno pour leur service à la cour en tant que baron et baronne. En guise de remerciment ils ont établi Angus baron de leur cour, parchemin par Mergriet Van Wijenhorst, et Tadea baronne de leur cour, parchemin par Shadiyah al-Zahra.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont investi Jeanne de Robin en tant que nouvelle baronne. Son parchemin a été illuminé par Eleanore MacCarthaith, calligraphié par Nest verch Tangwistel, mots par Shadiyah al-Zahra.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont investi Genovefa Clerica en tant que nouvelle baronne avec parchemin par Shadiyah al-Zarah, calligraphie et illumination par Nest verch Tangwistel.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont accepté les voeux de fidélité des nouvelles baronnes de l’Île du Dragon Dormant.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont élevé Pellandres dit le Frère à l’ordre de chevalerie et il a accepté la ceinture d’un chevalier. Son parchemin a été créé par Jan Janowicz Bogdanski.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont distribué des insignes de bienvenue aux nouveaux venus.

Itème. Sa Majesté Thyra a annoncé la nomination d’Agatha Wanderer en tant que nouvelle championne des arts et sciences de la reine. Un parchemin créé par Vettorio Antonello lui a été remis.

Itème. Sa Majesté Edward a annoncé la nomination de Naomi Avraham comme nouvelle championne des arts et sciences du roi. Son parchemin a été créé par Vettorio Antonello.

Itème. Awards of the Golden Lyre ont èté attribués à Elysabeth Underhill et Rosina von Schaffhaussen.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont donné des jouets aux enfants du Royaume de l’Est.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont adjugé des armoiries à Tiberius Sergius Valens. Son parchemin a été illuminé par Bella De LaBerge, calligraphie par Nest verch Tangwistel.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont adjugé des armoiries à Bella De LaBerge. Son parchemin a été illuminé par Melina al Andalusiyya, caligraphie par Robin dit Dessaint.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont présenté un parchemin à Guthfrith Yrlingsson pour le Silver Rapier qu’il avait reçu ultérieurement.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont présenté un parchemin à Tiberivs Ivlivs Rvfvs Primvs pour le Pelican reçu ultérieurement. Le parchemin a été créé par Jan Janowicz Bogdanski.

Itème. Leurs Altesses ont reçu des tabards appliqués for les Champions du tir à l’arc de Tir Mara, créé par Yuri Mayuki.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont attribué des armoiries à Cacht Mhór inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont accordé des armoiries à Kazmer of House Al’Kalrakal avec parchemin créé par Elena O Sirideain.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont intronisé Barnabus O’Pheylan dans lordre du Silver Crescent. Un parchemin illuminé par Anna of the Middle et calligraphié par Constance de St-Denis.

Itème. Leurs Majestés ont remercié les musiciens que ont joué durant leur cour.

Les hérauts pour cette cour étaient Martyn de Halliwell, Constance de St-Denis, Kirsa Oyutai, Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle, Simona bat Leone et Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen.

Translation by Mór of Kilkenny

Traduit par Mór of Kilkenny

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On Being a Knight

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2015-03-27 18:48

A common thread among SCA members is our fascination with the idea of Knighthood. Many of us got our first taste of the medieval world reading about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or the exploits of Richard the Lionheart, or maybe the tragic but noble self-sacrifice of the Song of Roland. Even the least martial among us has probably thought about what it means to be a knight. Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope interviewed several members of Æthelmearc’s Order of Chivalry to find out how they view their role as Knights of the Society.

The Chivalric Virtues

When asked what being a knight meant to them, many of the knights of Æthelmearc referenced the Chivalric Virtues. Curiously, there is no real agreement, even in the scholarly world, as to what those virtues are.

The tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, written around 1400, has Sir Gawain bearing a shield with a pentangle representing five knightly virtues. Duke Guillaume de la Belgique of the Kingdom of Caid, who writes frequently on chivalric topics, lists a set of six chivalric virtues. Count Sir Garick von Kopke of the Kingdom of the Outlands wrote an essay on chivalric virtues in which he lists eight knightly virtues from Le Ordene de Chevalrie, The Ordination of Knighthood, a 12th or 13th century anonymous French poem, and the 13th century work by Raymon Lull, Libre del Orde de Cauayleria, The Book of the Order of Chivalry. Most comprehensively, the Midrealm’s Middle Wiki states:

The Seven Knightly Virtues are much written about and there is no one authoritative list of them. Some historic accounts have four virtues, others have six. Even for those that list seven, those seven differ greatly. As Knights and Chivalry are important to the SCA, so does Chivalric Virtue play a part in our Society. Some of the commonly referenced Knightly Virtues are:

Chastity                                                   Compassion
Courage                                                   Courtesy
Faith                                                        Fortitude
Franchise                                                  Honor
Honesty or Truthfulness                             Humility
Largesse or Generosity                               Loyalty
Noblesse, Nobility or Noblesse Oblige          Prowess
Prudence                                                   Reason

It might be agreed that these virtues can be used to describe a person who is good and noble. But beyond that, what does it mean to be a knight in the SCA, where our Chivalry are not called upon to literally spill their blood in defense of the realm?

Duke Malcolm Duncan MacEoghainn, photo by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Duke Malcolm Duncan MacEoghainn, who was knighted by Æthelmearc in 2000, put it this way: “The short answer is it means I am expected to be everyone’s exemplar of the ideal at all times. You see, everyone has a visceral, almost instinctive concept of “Knight.” Our culture is inundated with the imagery and we all grow up hearing stories of King Arthur and Knights in Shining Armor. I would venture to say that there is no one that you could interview anywhere that does not have SOME concept of “Knight” and what a knight is supposed to be or how they’re supposed to behave. Our culture has created such a mythos around “Knight” that the word has come to be more of a concept of behavior rather than just a man.”

Duke Malcolm noted that there are a lot of expectations placed on the Knights of the Society. “When I put on my belt, everyone who looks upon me has an expectation of me: that I am a great fighter, that I am Noble, that I am Chivalrous (which also has an incredibly diverse definition) – that I am all these things, and many others, all the time. Along with this, any time anyone sees me that knows me as a Knight, expects that, not just in the context of the SCA world, but also in all their dealings and in all their interactions with me. Those of us who identify as Knights are held to that standard and are subject to the internal judgment of all we encounter.”

Duke Maynard von dem Steine. Photo by Baron Steffan Wolfgang von Ravensburg.

Duke Maynard von dem Steine, who was knighted by Æthelmearc in 2000, had a similar attitude. “To me, being a knight means putting others’ needs before your own. As a Knight, you represent the Crown and the Kingdom as well as the Society, so when you put that white belt on, you have to remember that you’re expected to live up to every kid’s expectations of what a Knight is, keeping the seven Chivalric virtues in mind at all times. A knight is the hand of the King, doing the King’s justice and following his word.”

Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, who was knighted by the Midrealm in 1983, agrees that knighthood is not something one can put on or take off. “Most knights don’t consider themselves only knights on weekends, they don’t take it off with their garb, chain and belt. It’s inside, part of who they are. There are some exceptions who wear the accoutrements of the knight but I would not call them a knight because it’s not inside them, not part of who they are.”

His Grace continued, “For me, Knighthood as a concept is the single best embodiment of the virtues I was raised with. I’m Jewish by background; I was raised with virtues of courage, honesty, and service, so chivalric virtues were the cultural ones I grew up with. My models were biblical stories of Hebrew warriors, and tales of knights. In many ways, those were the same thing.”

“My father said, to be a mensch, you need chutzpah and rachmones (courage and compassion). For me, that’s a knight. Knights may be admired for their prowess, but they are loved for their kindness. I’ve heard it said of a lot of knights, “Wow, that guy can fight, but he’s a real ass…” I prefer “Yes, that fellow can fight, but he’s a really nice guy.” People remember the knights who take the time to be kind, teach people things, be gracious. I may have had memorable exploits of prowess that I and other knights recall, but what most people remember is when I was generous with my time, kind, helpful, or compassionate.”

Sir Thorgrim Skullsplitter, who was knighted by Æthelmearc in 2009, also feels that being a knight is not something you do only at SCA events. When considering candidates for the Chivalry, he said he looks for people who are chivalrous both in and out of garb. “I like to see how candidates for the chivalry behave in their real lives, not just in the SCA when they think people are watching. Do they live up to those virtues 24/7?”

Being a knight is not about how hard you can hit, but about whether you stand up for people who need protection, who are being bullied or treated with discourtesy. – Sir Thorgrim

Sir Thorgrim continues, “The Knightly Virtues align well with the Boy Scouts’ creed, which I very much hold to. Prowess is not as important as being a good person. Without those other virtues, a fighter is just another thug.”

While every knight interviewed espoused the ideals of chivalry, they also acknowledged that it can be a struggle sometimes to maintain those levels of behavior every day. Duke Malcolm said, “To be a Knight is to strive to be that, and understand that it’s a sysiphic ordeal. Each day you awake and each day you rededicate to the purpose. Each day you do your best to be the best influence you can on those you encounter. No matter how hard you train, you can always train harder. No matter how much kindness you show, you can always show more. No matter how supportive you are, you can always give more. “

Viscount Bear the Wallsbane, knighted by the East Kingdom in 1989, agreed. “Of course we fail; we’re human. But true Chivalry get back up, dust themselves off, and try again and again.”

Aspiring to the Chivalry

There are, seemingly, as many opinions about what it takes to become a member of the Chivalry as there are knights and masters at arms. Interestingly, none of the Chivalry interviewed talked about technique or even general skill level. Instead, their emphasis was on commitment to fighting, but also on participating in all aspects of the Society.

Viscount Bear the Wallsbane, photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Viscount Bear said “If you want to be a knight in the SCA, you have to dedicate your life to the pursuit of that white belt. Hit every SCA event you can, and fight as often as you can, not just to gain in prowess, but also to become known among the Chivalry. The Knights want newer fighters to hunt them and challenge them. I was disappointed to see several big name Dukes at the Delftwood Muster in February just standing around waiting for someone to challenge them, but hardly anyone did. I had to urge the younger fighters to go after them.”

His Excellency continued, “As far as candidates for the Chivalry, prowess is the most important element to me.” When asked about melee combat vs. tournament fighting, Sir Bear said, “That’s an area of disagreement within the Chivalry: whether a fighter’s primary skill area has to be tourney fighting. We’ve made knights whose abilities were primarily in melee combat, but I go by Corpora which explicitly says that a prospective Knight must be the equal of his or her peers in tournament combat. On the other hand, we’ve had some knights who started as primarily melee fighters but then improved their tournament skills over time.”

Duke Maynard looks for people who are persistent and work hard. “In candidates for the Knighthood, I look for people who are hungry, who are trying to learn. Anyone can be a knight. When I began in the SCA, I never imagined myself achieving everything I have accomplished. I had a couple of friends who had much more natural talent than I did as fighters, but I kept working at it while they dropped out. In my opinion, those who have to work hard to become good fighters are often better knights than those who have natural talent, because they’ve had to not only analyze their technique, but also maintain a certain work ethic that they can then pass along to other fighters.”

His Grace also stressed the importance of having the right attitude. “When I was squired to Duke Christopher of York, he didn’t really teach me specific shots so much as a way of thinking about fighting, including having the confidence that I could win fights. I teach my own squires that same mental preparation, including analyzing both their opponents’ fighting and their own, but also believing in themselves. So much of fighting is mental rather than physical.”

Duchess Rowan de la Garnison, photo by Lord István Nyiregyhaz.

Duchess Rowan de la Garnison, who in 1998 became the first woman knighted by Æthelmearc, agrees that perseverance is key. “When I joined the SCA, I had this wench persona and was kind of a party girl. But as a kid I used to play knight errant and attack things with sticks, beating up all the boys so I could be Queen, so I guess it was kind of natural that I took up fighting. It took me three tries to qualify as a fighter, but I just kept plugging away at it. I only got serious about fighting a few years later, when I started going to more tourneys and to practices 3 times a week.”

Her Grace echoed Viscount Bear’s thoughts about hunting the Chivalry, both to improve and to become better known. “I was told to always challenge the Knights if I wanted to get better. When they beat me, I asked them to show me the shots they used to kill me so I could learn how to throw them myself. That’s what up and coming fighters need to do: show that you want it. Target the Chivalry, get on the field early, stay late, then ask for feedback from those you fight so you can learn.”

Duchess Rowan had the same experience as Duke Maynard, in not being the most naturally talented fighter but achieving a white belt through perseverance. “I had been a fighter for over ten years when I was knighted, so my path was always about persistence, about plugging away and figuring out how to improve. Once I got serious about my fighting I started working out, and learned the body mechanics that would allow me to increase the power in my shots so people would take them. As a woman with less upper body strength than the male fighters, I couldn’t just use brute force, so good technique was vital.”

Some women have trouble being aggressive, but those who get past that can be just as good as the men. – Duchess Rowan

She also had some advice on what fighters can expect as they improve. “The way the Chivalry fight you will change over time. When you’re new, you might be happy to be able to block a few shots before they kill you. As you get better, you might start to kill a knight or two, but when they get to know you and take you seriously as a threat, they’ll bring their “A” game against you. At that point, you will actually start losing more often against the chivalry. Don’t get discouraged – everyone hits plateaus, so it’s important to keep learning everything you can. At some point, eventually something will just “click” and your fighting will go up a level, sometimes quite suddenly.”

As the first female knight in the Kingdom, Duchess Rowan remembers that it was tough breaking through some barriers. “When I started fighting (in the 1980s), there was some discrimination against women. Some Kingdoms, like the Midrealm, even had rules forbidding women from fighting as late as the mid to late 1970s, and there were male fighters who refused to fight women because they felt it was unchivalrous to hit a woman. Other men refused to take our blows because they weren’t willing to admit that a woman could hit them hard enough to kill. These days there’s a lot less bias against female fighters – they’re not coddled but more accepted as equals.”

Her Grace continued with some advice specifically for female fighters who seek the accolade. “Duchess Elina of Beckenham, who was knighted about a year ago by the Midrealm, wrote a terrific book called The Armored Rose that explains the differences not only in body mechanics, but also in mindset between men and women in the martial arts. Duchess Elina’s book offers great advice for women on how to add power to their blows using their own natural movement styles. There are so many issues that women fighters face which men do not, beginning with the fact that women are trained from childhood to be nurturing and not to hurt other people. Just getting past their concern about injuring their opponents is a big hurdle for some women. In addition, women are more likely to have to take breaks in training, whether because of issues with their menstrual cycles, or because they get pregnant and have children.”

I think the most important attribute for a knight is ethics. – Sir Thorgrim

Sir Thorgrim prefers to focus on character rather that skill. “To me, prowess is not all.  Of all the knightly virtues, I believe only prowess can be learned as an adult. All the others, you acquire as a child from your parents. Call them your moral compass.” He continued, “I will take a fighter as a dependent in a heartbeat if they possess the other knightly virtues; I can always teach them prowess. Some in the Chivalry may feel that prowess is the most important thing, but I do not.”

When asked about the path to knighthood, Duke Eliahu also was less interested in talking about the fighting itself than in the philosophy he wants to see in candidates for the Chivalry. “I tell people there’s a difference between wanting to be knighted and wanting to be a knight; wanting to receive the accolade and wanting to be worthy of the accolade; wanting to be seen as a knight and wanting to live as a knight.“

Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, photo by Lady Dianimh Ban.

He continued, “It’s appropriate to have the goal of becoming a knight, of living as a knight, being on the path of knighthood. Goals can be way points or end points. If the knighthood is seen as an end point, that’s not appropriate – they don’t understand what knighthood is.”

His Grace went on to explain how fighting is more about a process than a product. “I’m an adjunct professor of design and marketing. I teach both fighters and design students to work the process to get a good outcome. If you focus on the result, you’re less likely to get a good product. Art, design, fighting, whatever – work the process. “

He also emphasized the importance of individualized training. “The way I teach is to try to make it as individual as possible, see where someone is in their knowledge and ability, and help them find a path to success and improvement. What are their strengths and weaknesses? I push people to get better at their weaknesses rather than work on their strengths. I wouldn’t give someone advice until I understood where they are and what they need. I may give technical fighting advice to start if they aren’t getting it, thinking and strategy and movement. But being a knight takes too much work and has too many challenges for someone who doesn’t love fighting. If they want to be there, I won’t be able to stop them.”

Duke Malcolm similarly emphasized the soul-searching that aspirants to knighthood should do. “What advice would I give a fighter who seeks to become a Knight? That honestly would depend on who is doing the asking, but if it were being asked by someone whom I’d never met and knew nothing about, my first bit of advice would be to ask “why?” Why does she/he seek the white belt? Does she want to be that good of a fighter? Does he want to be acknowledged as one of the best fighters? These are the two most common responses, but in all truth, my advice is to sit down and think very long and hard about exactly *what* it is they seek, and why. If they truly have determined that they want to be a “Knight” and not just “the kick-butt” fighter, then the advice alters to guide them there. If they really want to be a Knight, then the advice is for the person to know to their core what being a Knight is – to them – and live it. It is said that you have to be a knight before you become a Knight. It’s true. Once you live it, you’re already there.”

It’s Not Just About the Fighting

Sir Thorgrim Skullsplitter. Photo courtesy of Sir Thorgrim.

Sir Thorgrim emphasized the importance of service and relationships in the SCA. “At one point I trained with fighters who had prowess as their goal, but over time I found that service to the fighting community was a better path for me. Originally I was squired to Duke Rurik Longsword, and I learned most of my technique from him. Later, I squired to Sir Kadan Chákhilgan Ger on Echen. Obviously, he and I have very different body types, so our relationship wasn’t so much about him teaching me technique (except some footwork) as it was about having the right attitude and philosophy about fighting. In particular, he taught me about the importance of family and friendships within the SCA, and I’ve tried to foster those kinds of relationships with my own dependents.”

Duke Maynard also felt that relationships are key. “It’s important not to take the SCA and rank within it too seriously. When the regalia comes off, we’re all equals and the titles don’t matter. Friendship is really the foundation of the Society for me.” That said, His Grace did not feel that a fighter must be a squire to become a knight, though it can help. “Your Knight can be an advocate for you in the order, and can also push you to practice when you might not feel like it.”

His Grace also wants to see candidates for the Chivalry who are well-rounded participants in the Society as a whole. “As a general rule, those who aspire to Knighthood should also take an active role in their shire or barony – be involved in service, get to know people who are not fighters. You can’t be a peer of any type if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of all the elements that make up the SCA: garb, heraldry, history, and so on.”

Having a diverse background and knowledge of all aspects of the SCA makes me a better peer and a better knight. – Duke Maynard

Duchess Rowan also felt that knowing more than just fighting is important. “We especially want to see service – go wash dishes, mop an event hall, help take down list ropes, marshal and train other fighters. When we discuss candidates, it’s really common for people to ask “What else does he do besides fight?” Pick up an art. Many fighters get into armoring, brewing, leatherwork, or blacksmithing. You can be knighted for being a hot stick as long as you’re reasonably well-rounded, but a solidly competent fighter who isn’t spectacular on the field can also be knighted if they have a really complete package of service, arts, and courtesy.”

She also likes to see fighters who can lead troops on the field or generate enthusiasm among the fighters in their area. “Because we choose our Kings and Queens by combat, we expect our Chivalry to be leaders, not only good individual fighters. You need to prove that you can be a leader on the field of battle, and learn to be at least a little charismatic so others will follow you. We look to the next generation of Chivalry to bring others into fighting, to build enthusiasm in their fighting communities.”

After You’ve Been Knighted – Continuing on the Path

Once you do receive the accolade, the journey continues with new responsibilities.

Sir Mord Hrutson the Green, photo by Baron William Widefarer (Les Berkley).

Sir Mord Hrutson the Green, who was knighted by the East Kingdom in 1993, commented from Gulf Wars, “We all try to be chivalrous; we all succeed in one form for a brief moment. We all fail in another – sometimes for longer times. For instance, I am sore and tired today. I don’t feel too much like fighting. Yet, my king will be on the field today. Fealty, oaths, chivalry require that I be there.”

Sir Thorgrim explained how his approach to fighting has changed since he was knighted. “Since becoming a knight, I’ve felt much less urgency about fighting in tournaments. I don’t have a huge desire to be King, and I believe I’ve proven myself in the list field. My primary interest now is in training new fighters and helping to build Æthelmearc’s army through melee work. I can have a greater impact that way, building enthusiasm among younger fighters. When I became a regional commander, I went from being responsible for training 20 people to 120 people. I love seeing these younger fighters’ passion.”

Sir Bear’s focus has also changed since he is now medically prohibited from fighting. “I consider my role to serve as an inspiration and to teach, not just my squires, but everyone who’s interested. I also try to instill the chivalric values in my squires, including support of the Kingdom. Right now some of them are annoyed with me because I’ve told them they all need to take up archery so they can shoot in the Pennsic War Point. This Pennsic in particular, Æthelmearc will need all the war points it can get, and our job is to support the Kingdom in every way we can.”

Duke Maynard talked about how the SCA has changed his life outside the Society. “I found that the SCA, and especially being a knight as well as having been King, made me a better person in real life. I’m a better manager and a better public speaker. I’m more confident. As a knight in the SCA, I feel responsible for helping others. As a group, the Society has the ideal of what everyone should be – chivalrous and courteous – and that ideal carries through to real life, so I find myself more courteous to the people I work with, too.”

Duke Eliahu feels that one of the roles of the Chivalry is to be, like all peers, the problem-solvers in the Society. “Every organization has people with institutional memory, people who know how to get things done. In the SCA that’s the peers and the officers. The peers can fix social problems, hopefully recognizing them before they become big problems and blow up. The best servants of the Crown and Society get things done in a way that is professional, without causing additional drama.”

His Grace also mused on the issues faced by Chivalry as they age. “Being a knight and getting older is increasingly a challenge for a lot of people. A knight who was physically gifted but not very technical will see their ability decline, and if they don’t replace that with strategy, technique, and wisdom, eventually they can’t do what they did when they were younger. Some of them stop fighting and drop out of the SCA, which is a shame.”

SCA fighters need to understand that the real fight is about controlling the bout, not about a trick or technique. – Duke Eliahu

Duke Eliahu recounted how he realized 15 years ago that his fighting style had not kept pace with developments in the field. After some consideration, he went to some of the best technical fighters he knew and asked them to help him start over. “I worked with Duke Ragnvaldr and Duke Brannos (of the Midrealm) to relearn how to fight. They taught me how to stand, move, breathe, throw blows, everything. I practiced once or twice per week plus some pell work to make the new style automatic. If I hadn’t done that, I would no longer have been on the path, I would have been sitting down on the path.” Eliahu says he also organized what he learned from them into a teaching methodology so he could pass it along to others. “It was frustrating sometimes, but also exciting because at every practice I was learning something new,” His Grace said.

Duke Malcolm summed it up: “Knighthood is more than just a meaningless word that references some particular achievement in a 45+ year-long running social organization. To me, being a Knight means making a commitment to a way of life. The Code of Chivalry isn’t a checklist or even something that is the same from one moment to the next. Like the Zen concept of Beginner’s mind, it is by its very nature unable to be specified beyond ‘Doing what is right.’ The hard part is defining that ‘right’ and living up to it.”

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