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Stefan's Florilegium updates for February 2015 - Sun, 2015-02-15 17:06

THLord Stefan li Rous has publised updates for Stefan's Florilegium for February 2015.

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Writ Given for First Æthelmearc Master of Defense

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2015-02-15 14:37

- Submitted by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

As promised by Their Majesties, Titus and Anna Leigh, at the Rapier Muster in the Shire of Silva Vulcani today, a Writ of Summons was issued for the first Master of Defense to be made in Æthelmearc.

Duchess Dorinda Courtenay. Photo by Duchess Anna Blackleaf.

Duchess Dorinda Courtenay was called before Their Majesties and instructed to present herself on Friday, May 1st at the Celebration of the Art of Rapier in her home shire of Heronter, there to be elevated by Their Highnesses, Timothy and Gabrielle, as the Principal of Æthelmearc’s Order of Defense and first gentle in our realm to receive a peerage for prowess in rapier.

Her Grace was Æthelmearc’s second Duchess, having first been crowned Queen in March of A.S. XXXIII (1999) and again in September of A.S. XXXV (2000). She is also a Mistress of the Pelican and Laurel, a Companion of the White Scarf, and the 5th Jewel of Æthelmearc. She has served as Kingdom Rapier Marshal, organized fencing at numerous events including Æthelmearc War Practice, and commanded Æthelmearc’s fencers in

Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

battle at Pennsic as Rapier Warlord. Once the cadet of Don Iago Benitez, as a White Scarf Duchess Dorinda in turn took Mark le Gabler as her cadet until he was inducted into the White Scarf last September. She has also been tireless in her service to the Society, autocratting or assisting with the running of Heronter’s largest annual event, Harvest Raid, for at least a decade; serving her Shire as exchequer; using her scribal skills to create numerous scrolls of great beauty and teaching others to do likewise; and marshaling youth combat as well as adult and youth fencing.

The wording of the writ:

Let all of Aethelmearc rejoice!

Their Majesties Titus Scipio Germanicus, King by Right of Arms, and Anna Leigh, Queen by inspiration have been granted the ability to recognize excellence in the field of Rapier.

If Excellence is the bar, there is none more worthy than Duchess Dorinda.

She has served as Inspiration. She has served as Warlord. She has served as Mentor. She has served as Advisor. We are not just recognizing her for these services, and countless other that she renders, it is how she serves.

She embodies the values that we most want our order to encompass for the Known World to gaze upon.

She is welcoming and gracious, nurturing and supportive, chivalrous and courteous. She is well respected and beloved by all. We would have her nurture the new peerage with the same loving care she has guided our Rapier community with from its very infancy.

We ask that she presents herself at A Celebration of Rapier on May 1st, Anno Societatus 50 in the Shire of Herontir where she will be the guest of honor at a joyous celebration of our new peerage.

Done by our hand, this 15th day of February, Anno Societatus 49

Titus, Rex, Anna Leigh, Regina

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Farewell to Lord Sedric Edye - Sat, 2015-02-14 14:22

On January 25, the Middle Kingdom lost Lord Sedric Edye, a founding member of the Marche of Alderford and a close friend of the staff.

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The Valentines of Æthelmearc

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2015-02-14 07:04

Happy St. Valentine’s Day Æthelmearc!
Today is a celebration of love and inspiration; of romance and muse.

Here within this page and the comments section below it are the words of those who wish to let their significant other or would be love know their feelings.  If you would like to add a message to someone and are not on this page just use the comment button below.

My lady carries love within her eyes;
All that she looks on is made pleasanter;
Upon her path men turn to gaze at her;
He whom she greeteth feels his heart to rise,
And droops is troubled visage, full of sighs,
And of his evil heart is then aware:
Hates loves, and pride becomes his worshipper.
O women, help to praise her in somewise.
Humbleness, and the hope that hopeth well,
By speech of hers into the mind are brought,
And who beholds is blessed oftenwhiles.
The look she hath when she a little smiles
Cannot be said, nor holden in the thought;
‘Tis such a new and gracious miracle.
-Dante Allighiere

Unto Mine Husband.

My dearest Lord, who hath gone before
I miss your laughter and your smile
I miss our discussions and rapport
And most of all I miss your guile.

I see your face in dreams, beloved
Yet each time my heart doth call thee
My mind reminds me of the truth prov’d
Death has taken you far from me.

You voice grows faint inside my mind
Our debates and agreements now grow blurred
I strain to recall your words — so refined
How I miss what can’t be heard!

Your ashes sit upon the mantel
I have no heart to cast you out
Here, yet not, a box by a candle
The body within, the soul without.

Tears pour as I write this,
My emotions are raw and bare
My heart breaking as I reminisce
My soul overwhelmed with despair

I have cursed the day I lost you
I have seen it o’er and o’er each night
I have suffered to see how I could save you
How I could stop your soul from flight

Oh Beloved, how must I live on without thee?
You always knew this would’st come
You tried hard to prepare me
Of the days when your life was done

Unfair Fate, Unkind Death,
You took him far too young!
I should still have my love by my side
I should still be in his ARMS!

Lord Martyn Kennish. June 17th, AS 49
Lady Kathryn MacLuing, OK

Darling m’lord Wil
Of you I can n’ere get my fill
After forty years I still
Love you …… AND your till.’
With love and humor from Lady Mairghread Stoibhard Inghean ui Choine

1.  To Master Broom, you will always be my hero.  Much love and kisses, the happiest apprentice in the world!!!
2.  To Maestro Scoop, thank you for all of the years of advice, camaraderie and friendship.  You will never know how much I treasure being your protege!
3.  To Master Antonio and Lady Leonor, you are the wind beneath my wings.  You have made me want to be the best that I can be, in everything that I do.  For that, I will forever love you both.  Thank you for an amazing 5 1/2 years.  As we start this next chapter of our lives, I look forward to growing old with you both!!
4.  To THL Zosia Kowalewska, PIE!!!!  I love you, babe!!!!

-THL Renata la rouge Cordelia, My beautiful wife and best friend. Thank you for a wonderful life. Thank you fro bringing a smile to my face every day, for making sure I feel loved at every moment. Thank you for being a partner beyond compare. I am a truly lucky and blessed man. Love always and then some , Your Husband and friend Phil  If you would like to add your Valentines Greetings below using the reply feature please do so….
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Q&A: East Kingdom Marshal of Fence

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2015-02-14 00:38

Don Frasier MacLeod

This is one of a series of Q&A articles with East Kingdom Officers.  The Gazette thanks Don Frasier MacLeod, the Kingdom Marshal of Fence, for answering our questions.

Please describe your job responsibilities.
The office of Kingdom Rapier Marshal is, as the name implies, responsible for Rapier activities in the East.  In its simplest terms, my job is to make sure the game we play is safe for everyone who wants to play.  Some of the duties I am responsible for are the reviewing and writing of Rapier rules and conventions, overseeing Rapier activities at the Pennsic war (every other year at least), and overseeing a staff of both Regional marshals as well as Experimental and Youth deputies.

Do you have a goal for your term?
After 25 years in the Rapier community, the vast majority spent as a marshal at large and local marshal, I felt it was time to step up into the Kingdom Rapier Marshal position.  I very much love the community which fostered me, and this is an incredible opportunity to give back to that community.  During my term I hope to get a set of rules in place for Two Handed Rapiers, I am contemplating a complete rewrite of the Rapier Marshal’s Handbook, and I would like to implement a Marshalate Training Program Kingdom-wide.

What was your first event? And what made you stay?
For me my first official event was Duello II, held in the Barony of Carolingia in November 1989 (if I remember the month correctly).  I had found the SCA through the University of Maine Blade Society and Master Gregory Finche, and fell in love with Rapier combat immediately.  After 25 years I have never once looked back and wished I’d done anything else.  I had found my home, both with the SCA and the sword.

Which people made an impact on you in the SCA and why?
Undoubtedly the most influential person on my life in the SCA was Master Gregory Finche.  Gregory brought me into the SCA, taught me how to fence, and guided me along the path to where I am today.  But more than that he taught me Honor, Dignity, Chivalry, and the responsibility that were all lacking in my life.  Gregory made Frasier the man he is, and I can never thank him enough for that.

Could you share with us a moment – or several moments – that describe what makes the SCA special for you?
One morning, many years ago when Great Northeastern War was at the horse farm on the coast, I woke up very early one morning to heed nature’s call.  On my way back to my camp, I heard something.  I thought I could make it out but wasn’t completely sure what it was.  I followed the sound and the further I went the more clear it became that it was bagpipes.  This particular morning was very foggy, being right on the ocean.  The closer I got the clearer the pipes became until I finally saw what was going on.  Someone from camp was standing, facing the ocean, piping out to the sea in the fog.  Had I not seen this I would never have believed it possible, the moment was truly right out of a movie, and yet there it was.  Moments like that are what make the Society so special for me.

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Feast for the Bears

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2015-02-13 21:59

Feast for the Bears
February 28th, Shire of Stormsport
(Union City, PA)

It has been a long, cold Winter. As the Bear wakes from his slumber, it is now time to shake off the Winter sleep, and begin to prepare for the coming fighting season. Once again, the Shire of Stormsport invites all to attend the Feast of the Bears on February 28th. There will be plenty of heavy fighting with a double elimination tourney running right into our traditional bear pit. There will be room for fencing throughout the day for those who prefer the rapier arts. In addition, we will be providing some space for our youth fighters to come and test their skills. The Fighting will begin at noon.

The site is St. Teresa’s Catholic Church, 9 Third Avenue, Union City, PA 16438, open from 9am to 8pm. The site is wet, but no open flames, please. Your autocrat for the day is Vladisla Nikulich (Matthew Granger, 419 Stafford ave, Erie PA 16508,, 814-455-2486). Teachers and Merchants are welcome to contact the autocrat for space.

In an effort to foster youth and family involvement in the Society, we are hosting a Kids Kitchen at Bears Event. Our head cooks from Stormsport are Lady Evelyn (age 10), Lady Katherine (age 8), and Lady Alva (age 10), with guest cook, TH Lady Alethea Cowle (age 12). Children ages 4+ and their parent/guardian are invited to help us prepare the sideboard for the day. We will have kitchen prep jobs for all ability levels, with lessons on food safety and basic cooking techniques, all supervised by Ottilige von Rappoltsweiler. Questions and dietary concerns can be directed to her at

Site fees for the event are $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children ages 5-12, and children under 5 are free. Students with a valid id are $5.00. This includes a sideboard lunch. An additional $5.00 non-member surcharge will be collected at the door. Please send reservations to Ciar ingen ui Chrotaig (Char Smith, 1007 W. Grandview Blvd, Erie PA 16509, Please make checks payable to SCA-PA, Inc. Shire of Stormsport.

DIRECTIONS: From North: Take your best route to I-90 West and take Exit 41 in North East, PA. Turn left onto Route 89 South. After about 13 miles, PA-89 S joins with Route 8. Continue following Route 8 for another 8 miles into Union City. At the first traffic light, turn right onto West High Street. Follow this for two blocks, then turn right onto 2nd Ave. After one block, turn left.

> From the South & West: Take your best route to I-79 North and take Exit 166 for Edinboro, PA. Turn right onto US Route 6N, which becomes US Route 6. Follow this until it intersects with PA Route 8 (approximately 19 miles). Turn left onto PA-8. Go through two stop lights, and at the third light turn left onto West High Street. Follow this for two blocks, and then turn right onto 2nd Ave. After one block, turn left.

> From the East: Take your best route to Route 6 and go west. Follow until you reach the intersection with Route 8 in Union City. Go straight though the stop light, onto West High Street. Follow this for two blocks, and then turn right onto 2nd Ave. After one block, turn left.

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Heirs of L’Ile du Dragon Dormant Announced

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2015-02-13 13:00

Lady Jeanne de Robin and Lady Genovefa Clerica

Baron Angus and Baroness Tadea of L’Ile du Dragon Dormant have announced that their successors will be the sisters Lady Jeanne de Robin and Lady Genovefa Clerica, as decided by Their Majesties Edward and Thyra.  The Investiture will be held in conjunction with the East Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship on March 7, 2015.  More information about the event is available on the East Kingdom Event Calendar.

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Meet Drachenwald's Laurel of the Month: Mistress Lia de Thornegge - Thu, 2015-02-12 22:53

Each month, the Laurels of the Kingdom of Drachenwald showcase one of their own. For January 2015, it is Mistress Lia de Thornegge of Nordmark (Uppsala, Sweden), who specializes in late period embroidery and late period costuming.

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Premiere Order of Defense Writ to be Issued

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2015-02-12 21:19

Unto the Glorious Æthelmearc fencers does your Royalty send greetings. You will not want to miss the Fencing Muster at California University this weekend; be there not just for the joy of fencing, or for the community, but for a historic announcement! The first writ for the Premiere of the Order of Defense will be issued. If you’ve ever thought of picking up sword in defense of the realm, what a day to begin!

The Fencing Muster starts at 10am on Sunday February 15, 2015. Location: California University (CalU) 250 University Avenue, California, PA 15419.

The fun starts at 10:00, with a brief break for food at around noon; feel free to bring your own, or check out places like Subway, The Great Wall, Dairy Queen, Spuds (though they can be very slow, as can Campy’s) or even Kwick Fill.

GPS and Google maps are both good at finding Cal U, so take your best route to 250, University Avenue, California, PA 15419.

At the red light in town, you will want to go past the Rite Aid – if you came down the hill and the Rite Aid is ahead and to the right, go straight through the light. If you came through town and the left, turn left.

At the next stop sign, turn right. Keep going straight until you can’t, turn left. (It’s really your only choice.)

Follow the road until you reach a rail road crossing gate. You can go across here, and turn right, when you reach the next crossing find a place to park.

The convocation center is the large, impressive building at the end of campus…when you leave the river lot you will be heading left, it’s the building to the left of Hamer, the gym we often practice in. (If you go around to the front, it’s the building with the very tall electric advertisement sign.)

Cal U is no longer able to afford to allow us free parking. The fencing club is happily covering the expense on this occasion, but we would be grateful if anyone was willing to tip in a few dollars to defray the cost of parking.

Contact Gabrielle at with any questions.

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Morguhn drapa inn Langferðamaðr (Drapa for Morguhn the Long Road Walker)

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2015-02-12 12:35

Today, February 12th, is Duke Morguhn’s birthday. In his memory, I present the erfidrapa I wrote for him. The title comes from the witness he bore at Ekaterina Volkova’s Pelican elevation. The kennings are pretty easy. The last line in each stef (refrain) means “Morguhn’s spirit over the land.”

Morguhn drapa inn Langferðamaðr
(Drapa for Morguhn the Long Road Walker)
by Fridrikr Tomasson
(Pennsic 38, July-August 2009)

Met in boldest battle
Better sword not yet found
Great duke merry mighty
Morguhns ǫnd ofar lǫndum

Saw I flame haired fighter
Field stand never yielding
Brash youth green clad granted
Great knights swift deaths eight-fold
Fought from dawn til dark fall
Dragon tors’d fed corse hawks
Conquered Manfred mighty
Made Rowan his first queen

Saw I fiercesome fighters
forty seeking glory
Grass clad Morguhn mighty
Mowed down those who stood there
Met there turquoise tyger
Tribesman Randall gliding
Shadows minion stalwart
Stood til Morguhn slew him

Laughter rang out loudly
Light heart sang in bright eyes
Keep his memory mighty
Morguhns ǫnd ofar lǫndum

Saw I Dragon’s doomsman
Delve lords guide to Hel’s door
Crossing river’s rock span
that roaring Calon horde kept
Four great giants joined there
Jarred loose rock-scarred foeman
Charging woeful warriors
Wedge from rock’s edge threw them.

Saw I Pennsic pastures
Potent Gavin great king
Brought his knights to kneel there
Noble Morguhn summoned
Round his waist the white belt
Wedded spurs to high boots
Chain of gold was given
Green clad lord thus knighted

Saw I lord of leaf’d round
Longed to hear the swan’s song
Soaring heaven highward
Hied to tourney’s violence.
Verdant Morguhn met there
Mighty western belt-lord
Ronald’s head was hewn there
High born Morguhn won crown.

Met in boldest battle
Better sword not yet found
Great duke merry mighty
Morguhns ǫnd ofar lǫndum

Saw I realm made royal
Ruled by Princes truly
Leaf clad leaf lord led them
Loved by clear-voiced Meirwen
Four times stood he stalwart
Staid by none nor laid low
Fairly reigned by right hand
Ring lord by his prowess

Saw I oak-strong Aethling
Evil’s eye struck death blow
Stood the berry browed lord
Brave til battles ending
Long road walker wanders
Whither no wight follows
We go to join his journey
Gentle Morguhn leads us

Laughter rang out loudly
Light heart sang in bright eyes
Keep his memory mighty
Morguhns ǫnd ofar lǫndum

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Announcement from the East KRM

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-11 23:59
Unto the Kingdom of the East do I, Don Frasier MacLeod send greetings, I am writing today to announce the filling of my Experimental Deputy position.  I received several outstanding resumes from many highly qualified candidates, and I am pleased to announce that Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranleigh will be taking over the duties of the Experimental Deputy position, effective immediately.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Experimental Deputy, Don Pascual Del Mar.  I ask you all to welcome Baroness Alesone and give her all the support you can muster.  Welcome Baroness Alesone!! In Service, Don Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East
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The Diversity of Equestrian Activities

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-11 21:56

As an active equestrian, and marshal, in the SCA, I have often been asked: What types of activities do you do with your horses in the SCA? I have written articles about the various equestrian activities practiced in the SCA. But what people often want to know is: What type of weapons do you use and what level of skill is required to be an excellent SCA equestrian? This simple question does not lead to a quick or simple answer, for SCA equestrians participate in numerous and diverse activities. In fact, equestrians participate in every area of martial activity that we currently have approved for participants in our Society. Competitions often involve many of these diverse activities. Therefore, the more successful equestrians have studied and learned a wide variety of weapons systems and skills, and are not limited to a single weapon style.

The martial horsemanship skill tests (commonly called “Games”) require a rider to learn to handle a sword and lance, much as a knight was trained in the Middle Ages. The sword is used to strike at opponent-type targets, requiring strength, while other targets such as the Reeds require more precise handling and speed. Maces are used for some of these activities as well. Equestrians engage in a variety of combat on horseback. This includes a form of heavy rattan fighting known as Mounted Combat where the sword is slightly padded to protect the horse from serious injury. Mounted combatants fight in the Single Sword style as well as Sword and Shield. There is a lighter form of fighting which has been in the program for many years, known as Crest Combat. In this type of combat, the only legal target is the crest mounted on a rider’s helmet. This type of combat is challenging in that there is only one target area to defend, making it much more difficult to score successful hits.

Sir Graedwynn utilizing the sword during last year’s Kingdom Equestrian Championship.

The lance, a weapon unique in the SCA to the equestrian program, is used to skewer rings, requiring point control and precision. The heavier Quintain lances require considerable more upper body and arm strength, and their use requires the rider to control the long lance during precise targeting. Follow through is needed to prevent being struck in the back by a well-designed Quintain. Spears are used to target objects on the ground, replicating the hunt and battle.

THL Meadhbh successfully striking the Quintain.

Recently, Rapier and Cut & Thrust activities have been added to the equestrian program (though at this point only on an Experimental level). This activity is based on the Unarmored Combat or Historical Combat as practiced in Caid and other Kingdoms. (Æthelmearc has recently been approved for this activity as well.) Equestrians use the longsword or arming sword in recreating the type of combat found in historical training documents such as the Fiore and Ringeck manuscripts. With the approval of this activity, equestrians have gained another area in which to gain expertise while mounted.

Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin on Fauna doing Mounted Archery

Many of these weapons (with the obvious exception of the lance) are seen on the heavy list or rapier field.  Equestrians use weapons which participants in the Thrown Weapons and Archery programs commonly use as well. This includes javelins which are thrown at a variety of targets and bows identical to those seen on the target archery range. Mounted archery presents horse archers with a real challenge as they must shoot from a moving platform.

Lady Rowena throwing a javelin








Most people think of Jousting whenever they think of medieval riding, and the SCA equestrians can participate in two forms of this activity. One type uses a lance with a breakable foam tip and the rider is required to handle the lance accurately in order to strike a well scored hit. Wood Tip Jousting is still in the Experimental phase in the SCA, and requires substantial armor. The armor used by many participants in this activity closely approximates the full plate armor seen in use during the late period of the Middle Ages. The wooden lances are heavy and this level of Jousting requires a high degree of strength, skill and lance control. Riders must learn not only to handle their weapon, but also to maintain their balance while riding in armor. The helms used for Wood Jousting have small apertures for safety reasons, which greatly limits a rider’s vision and their armored hands limit their ability to feel the reins. These factors make Jousting, in either form, a challenging activity requiring a great deal of training and practice.

Training the War Horse.

All these weapons skills must be exercised in addition to the rider’s use of advanced horsemanship and equitation skills to remain balanced on the horse’s back, without interfering with their mount, and also guiding that horse into the most advantageous position. Maneuvering while mounted requires a high degree of horsemanship in order to effectively use these various weapons. Riders must guide their horses with the use of a single hand on the rein and through the use of leg cues and shifts of weight. Riders who can turn their horses smoothly and efficiently have a distinct advantage when navigating a complex horsemanship course, in order to engage a variety of targets. Mounted combatants who can position their horses in an advantageous position can more easily hit an opponent, and present a more difficult target for their opponent. Bold riders will often have the advantage in both combat and horsemanship skill tests.  Those who are fearless and confident in their balance and abilities can more quickly turn and move their horses.

SCA equestrians must also exercise the skills of a horse trainer. It is said that every time an equestrian is mounted on their horse, or even interacting with it on the ground, they are training the horse. In other words, they do not need to be a professional trainer to train their horse. SCA horses are often referred to as war horses because they must be trained to perform the same skills as the war horse of the medieval period. This includes tolerating the sounds of combat, the quick movement of weapons near their heads and bodies, and the noise and weight of an armored rider. This is only acquired through countless hours in the arena. A great deal of time must be spent training the warhorse, practicing maneuvering actions and achieving a high level of communication and harmony with the horse.

SCA equestrians must learn to master numerous weapons, their horses and just as importantly, themselves. This wide variety of activities presents the participants with many opportunities to test both themselves and their horses. It is both challenging and rewarding. I hope that you, the reader, will come out and watch these skilled riders and their magnificent war horses as they perform these varied and diverse activities.  And that you will consider joining us!

 By Shishido Tora (Gozen)

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Estrella War XXXI Collegium - Wed, 2015-02-11 12:10

Estrella War is fast approaching and we are still in need of instructors for the collegium. If you have a skill or talent you could pass on to the populace, please consider teaching at Estrella War XXXI. 

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College of 3 Ravens 2015 – Tentative Class List

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2015-02-11 09:37

Is the winter getting you down?  Are you looking for a new skill to acquire or to learn something new about medieval history and life?  The College of 3 Ravens has an interesting offering of classes to help cast off those winter blues.  If your interests run towards Dance, Scribal Arts, Teaching, Culture, or Fiber Arts, you will find something to pique your interest.  And that is just a sampling of the classes being taught at this year’s event.  If you are interested in sharing your own knowledge, there is still room on the schedule.

The Æthelmearc Gazette is pleased to pass along this missive from the Chancellor of Classes for the College of 3 Ravens regarding the tentative list of classes.

To the populace of Sylvan Æthelmearc does Lady Kadlin Sigvaldakona, Chancellor of Classes for the College of 3 Ravens, send Greetings!

The  class list can be found at

While this will fill the schedule quite a bit, there is still space for a few more classes if you wish to teach.  For those who have already signed up to teach, please let me know if I need to make any corrections.  My hope is to have a tentative time/room schedule posted by the weekend.


The College of 3 Ravens, which is hosted by the Barony of Threscore, will be held on February 21, 2015 at the Western Presbyterian Church, located at 101 E. Main St, Palmyra, NY 14622.  Event information can be found at

For further information about the classes being offered, to teach or update class information, the Chancellor of Classes, Lady Kadlin Sigvaldakona can be contacted at – please include“C3R” in the subject line.

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Singing with the Pennsic Choirs

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2015-02-10 12:39

Article by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Photo by Arianna of Wynthrope

One of the oldest continuously run choirs in the SCA is the Pennsic Choir. Founded at Pennsic XVI in 1987 by Mistress Josselyn ferch Rhys of the West Kingdom, each year it brings Scadians from all over the Known World together to rehearse for a week and then perform a concert of Medieval and Renaissance choral music for the enjoyment of the Pennsic populace. Choir members have come from every Kingdom in the U.S. and Canada as well as Lochac and Drachenwald.

The Pennsic Choir

The Pennsic Choir is an open choir that anyone can join. There is no audition or requirement for prior singing experience. All you need to do is download the music from the Known World Choir website to practice in the lead-up to Pennsic, and then attend the daily rehearsals that run from 10 a.m. to 12 noon from Thursday of Peace Week through the middle of War Week. The concert is held on Thursday of War Week in the early evening at the Performing Arts Tent in the University district. If you plan to sing in the Pennsic Choir, please also go to the choir’s webpage on the Pennsic War website and register. It really helps the director to plan – if we know that we’ve got a major imbalance of certain sections, we can boost recruitment for the smaller sections. That said, well, it’s a choir, so we always need tenors!

Children, Youth, and Select Pennsic Choirs

In recent years, responding to demand from those who love choral music, the Pennsic Choir added a select, audition-based choir of 8 to 16 voices called Chorulus Pennsicus, as well as a Children’s Choir and a Youth Choir. All four choirs perform in the joint Thursday evening concert.

Directors for Pennsic 44

At Pennsic 44, three of the four Pennsic Choirs will be directed by gentles from Æthelmearc: THLord Kieran MacRae will conduct the Children’s Choir, Lady Rachel Dalicieux will direct the Youth Choir, and Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope will direct the full adult Pennsic Choir. Chorulus Pennsicus will be directed by Lord Cailin mac Aindréis of the Midrealm, who directed the adult Pennsic Choir at Pennsic 43.

Learn More

If you or your children are interested in singing with any of the Pennsic Choirs, check out the Known World Choir website. Each choir has its own page, and there are also pages with resources for those more generally interested in choral music. Music for this year’s full adult choir is already available for download, and information on rehearsal and performance schedules for all four choirs has been posted. As Pennsic approaches, the website will be updated with additional information on the songs for each of the choirs.

The video below is from the Pennsic Choir performance at Pennsic 39:

- Video by Master Robyn Solarius.

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Northshield 12th Night and Border Skirmish photos online - Tue, 2015-02-10 11:25

Baroness Kateryn of the Amber Mists reports that Her Ladyship Elspeth has posted an album of photos from the recent 12th night event in the Kingdom of Northshield, as well as two albums from 2013 Border Skirmish. All albums are available on Flickr.

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Applications for East Kingdom Chatelaine

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-09 21:56

The following announcement has been received from Mistress Vienna de la Mer.

Good Gentles of the East, pay heed –

My term as East Kingdom Chatelaine will expire on April 1, 2015.  Applications of those interested in the office will be considered at this time. Please submit a letter of intent, along with copies of your SCA and mundane resumes to King Edward, Queen Thyra, Mistress Mercedes (the East Kingdom Seneschal), and myself.

If you are interested in applying for this position and are not familiar with the duties of the Kingdom Chatelaine, I encourage you to contact me.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with the local Chatelaines and my staff to welcome newcomers to our great hobby.

In love and service,
Mistress Vienna de la Mer
East Kingdom Chatelaine.

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Exchequer Reports Due

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-09 19:45
The following message is from Maestra Ignacia la Ciega, East Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer. Greeting unto all the exchequers of the East Kingdom. Many groups have not sent in completed the End of Year reports. By my estimate less than half of the groups have sent in the the fourth quarter 2014 report. If you have not sent in a completed Q4 report, you need to do that now. Groups that do not have a bank account need to file the negative report each quarter; that form is on the exchequer website. While some groups have contacted the regional deputies for additional time, that is not the case for most groups. All exchequer warrants are renewed on Feb 15, based on a timely and complete Q4 report being submitted. The reporting requirements from the exchequer webpage are below. Q1=Jan, Feb, March: due April 30; Q2=April, May, June: due July 31; Q3=July, Aug, Sept: due October 31; Q4/EOY=Oct, Nov, Dec: due January 31. The reports should be sent to your local Seneschal, Regional Deputy Exchequer and Kingdom Exchequer and include:
  • All event reports not previously sent
  • All bank statements for the quarter
  • All cancelled checks (front only) for the quarter
  • A ledger, cumulative to the quarter being reported
  • A complete and balanced SCA Financial report, cumulative to the quarter being reported

Event reports are due 30 days after the event, to the Regional Deputy and the Kingdom Exchequer. This should include the check for the Kingdom’s portion of the profits for Kingdom level events.

Non Member Surcharge reports are due to the NMS Deputy within 14 days after the event. The NMS check is due to the NMS Deputy within 30 days after the event.

In Service,

Maestra Ignacia la Ciega,

Penny Supina

East Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer

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A Celebration of Rapier!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2015-02-09 13:33

A Celebration of Rapier

Please join the Shire of Heronter in Celebration of the Art of Rapier. On May 1st, come join us as we celebrate the birth of a new peerage.

The site is a merely a deep lunge from Crown Tournament, so no need to miss that either. This event will take place on May 1, 2015 in the Shire of Heronter. Site opens at 3:00pm and the main hall closes at 11:00pm. This event will be held at Camp Timbercrest 11169 Moore Rd; Randolph, New York 14772

Stewards for the Event are Baroness Margerite Eisenwald (Jennifer Stendahl, 523 Winsor Street Jamestown NY 14701, 716-338-8184, and Lady Thora ni Drukkard ( Reservations will be conducted online via facebook or electronic mail.

The Shire of Heronter is well aware that there is another Kingdom event the next day and thus will not be charging a site fee for the evening’s activities. As there is no site fee (although donations gladly accepted) there is no NMS.

We will be providing a sideboard for which there is a $5.00 fee. There may also be bunks available for a cost of $5.00 a bunk, for one night only). These fees will be collected on site only.

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SCA Board of Directors - Meeting Schedule - Mon, 2015-02-09 11:22

The Board of Directors of the Society for Crative Anachronism has announced the location and time of the next BoD meeting.

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