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Wasaga under Siege coming to Ontario in August, 2014 - Sat, 2014-08-09 14:47

Wasaga under Siege 2014 & the 200th Commemoration of Battle of Nottawasaga Bay and the Sinking of HMS Nancy, August 14th-17th 2014.

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Securing the precious Magna Carta - Sat, 2014-08-09 08:30

Chris Woods, director of the  British National Conservation Service, has a daunting task: to assure the safety of the precious Lincoln Magna Carta during its tour through the United States in 2014.

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Mikolaj de Bracy winner of June Crown in the West - Fri, 2014-08-08 23:12

Duchess Megan reports that Viscount Mikolaj de Bracy was the victor of the June 21, 2014 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West. His Excellency was inspired in His endeavor by Countess Arianwem verch Morgan.

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Pennsic War Comes to a Close

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-08-08 21:39

Children guard the East Kingdom Royal encampment at Pennsic 43. Photo courtesy of Mistress Elisabeth Lovell

The last of the Pennsic war points were decided today with the armored castle battles, siege weapons competition, and the end of the populace archery war points. The East won the majority of the six points for the castle battles as well as six of the nine points of the populace archery war point. The Middle won the siege weapons war point.

Unofficial reports indicate that the East Kingdom won the war by 3 points.


EDITED TO ADD: The full points spread is now available at the Pennsicwar website. The East won with 25 points to the Midrealm’s 20.

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Egyptian textiles documented by British Museum - Fri, 2014-08-08 14:51

Amandine Mérat and Emily Taylor of the British Museum recently completed the task of auditing, documenting and re-housing 1,800 textiles of the Roman, Byzantine and early Islamic eras. In an article on the museum's website, the two discuss the process of handling the spectacular artifacts in the collection. (photos)

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Despite Rain, Pennsic War Points Continue

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-08-08 08:33

Division 3 youth armored Combat at the doors of the fort at Pennsic 43

Despite the continuing intermittent rain and resulting scheduling changes, Pennsic continued in full swing on Thursday, with the East continuing to fight valiantly and victoriously.

The Thrown Weapons war point took place in the morning, and won by the East.

Thursday’s scheduled Bridge Battles were replaced by a broken field battle worth 5 points, all of which were won by the East.

The Ruins battle for Rapier fighters was held as scheduled Thursday afternoon. All three points for this battle went to the Midrealm.

A siege weapons war point was also held on Thursday, which was taken by the Midrealm.

Eastern children and adults participate in Thrown Weapons

The East was also awarded two points toward the overall Service war point.

Friday’s scheduled events at Pennsic include the Castle Battle for armored combat, and the last day of the Populace War Point Archery.  Closing ceremonies are scheduled for today at 2 pm.

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An end to the Bayeux Tapestry - Thu, 2014-08-07 22:41

Professor Robert Bartlett of the University of St. Andrews believes that there should be a better ending to the reknowned Bayeux Tapestry than the death of King Harold and the defeat of his army. Now a community project from the British island of Alderney offers an alternative: the coronation of William the Conqueror. (photos)

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14th century lead bulla found in Polish castle - Thu, 2014-08-07 15:33

Archaeological excavations at Człuchów castle in Poland have unearthed a 14th century lead bulla of Pope Gregory XI, a seal used to authenticate documents. The bulla is believed to have originated during the Teutonic Order's crusade against pagan Lithuania.

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SCA offers "a magical day" for Chicago mom and kids - Thu, 2014-08-07 08:55

On the Chicago Now blog, B and P's Mama writes of her experience of attending an SCA event with her sister and two kids. An avowed snob about nerd activities, she found that her kids had a magical day and the SCA might not be exactly what she expected.

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Weather Impacts Pennsic

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-08-06 23:21

Children guarding the gates of the East Kingdom encampment give chase to a suspicious intruder. Photo courtesy of Mistress Elizabeth Lovell

The frequent rain and thunderstorms moving through Pennsic resulted in the cancelation of the armored and rapier woods battles scheduled for yesterday due to safety concerns.  Armored bridge battles were fought in the morning instead with three points going to the East and two to the Middle.  The rapier ruins battle was scheduled to take place in the afternoon but it and the siege weapon war point were canceled due to lightning.  The rapier ruins battle will be fought at its originally scheduled time tomorrow.  The siege war point may be rescheduled to occur at the same time as the rapier ruins battle.

The Archery Champions shoot occurred today with the point going to the East.  East Kingdom court was held this evening.  Among many other items of business, Their Majesties awarded the Tyger of the East to Duke Gregor von Heisler.

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Caerphilly Castle rebuilt virtually - Wed, 2014-08-06 12:38

Animator Chris Marshall has brought the past to life in a film which recreates Wales' Caerphilly Castle as it would have looked in the early 14th Century. The film was commissioned by Cadw who oversees the country's historic monuments.

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Fall Quivers and Quarrels submissions deadline - Wed, 2014-08-06 09:56

Quivers and Quarrels, the SCA archery magazine, is accepting submissions for the October 2014 issue until September 31, 2014.

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i Firenzi presents: "Arlecchino in Love" - Tue, 2014-08-05 20:43

Manus MacDhai, Direttore Tecnico for i Firenzi, reports that the Commedia del' Arte company recently performed Arlecchino in Love at the Return to Crecy in the Barony of Sacred Stone (Kingdom of Atlantia.) The performance was recorded and is available to view on YouTube.

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French museum hosts Shakespearean costume exhibit - Tue, 2014-08-05 10:02

The National Centre for Stage Costumes in Moulins, France is playing host to an elaborate display of Shakespearean theatrical costumes entitled Shakespeare, l'étoffe du monde. The silk, satin and gemstone-studded costumes reflect designs from over a century of productions.

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"From heads to tails" change in fish trade in 13th century London - Mon, 2014-08-04 21:55

New research by archaeologists from UCL, Cambridge and UCLan shows that there was a sudden switch in the fish trade in London from local supplies to imported during the early 13th century. The paper, Fish for the city: meta-analysis of archaeological cod remains and the growth of London's northern trade, appears in the June 2014 issue of Antiquities Journal.

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Pennsic War Rages On

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2014-08-04 21:27

Photo courtesy of Mistress Catrin o’r Rhyd For

Today saw the armored and rapier combatants of the East, Middle and Allies take to the filed in the epic confrontation that is the field battle.  The armored fighters fought a best of five scenario with the East taking three of the five. The rapier fighters engaged in a best of three scenario with the Middle Kingdom and allies taking all three battles.

Their Majesties knighted Ivan Valfrekr Hroereksson and Wilham de Broc on the battlefield.  Following the rapier field battle They inducted Robert Earlson and Sorcha Dochair into the Order of the Silver Rapier.

Several Eastern fencers took the field this afternoon dressed as super heroes.

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Richard's spine shows evidence of scoliosis - Mon, 2014-08-04 08:11

Readers of Shakespeare's Richard III know that the medieval king was a hunchback, but a new study of the king's remains shows that Richard actually suffered from scoliosis.

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Gregor and Isabella new Prince and Princess of Oertha - Sun, 2014-08-03 23:41

Khevron reports that Gregor Hawke was the winner of the July 19, 2014 Coronet Tournament in the Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West. His Highness was inspired in His endeavor by Isabella Hawke.

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The East Kingdom at War

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2014-08-03 20:20

Unbelted champions of the East and Middle Kingdoms shake hands before the battle. Photo courtesy of Baroness Leonete D’Angley.

War was declared today between the Kingdoms of the East and the Middle.  Pennsic War 43 is now underway.  Today’s war points included the Allied Champions battle which was won by the East, the Unbelted Champions battle which was won by the East, the Heroic Champions battle which was won by the Middle, and the Rapier Champions which ended in a tie.  The Belted Champions battle which was scheduled for today was not held. Their Royal Majesties were unable to reach an agreement to fight the belted battle.  The Middle conceded the war point.

Their Majesties of the East have bestowed awards on several members of the Eastern populace and beyond. Mistress Tyzes Sofia, called Zsof, former resident of the East Kingdom and current King’s Bardic Champion of the Middle Kingdom, was awarded the Order of the Troubadour at the East/Middle Bardic Exposition on Saturday evening. Lord Thomas of Effingham was inducted into the Order of the Golden Rapier on Monday following the Rapier Champions, becoming the 100th member of that order.

Tomorrow the armored and rapier armies will meet in the Field battles.



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Scottish burial may be 10th century King of Dublin - Sun, 2014-08-03 18:00

In 2005, archaeologists unearthed the remains of a person of importance near Auldhame in East Lothian, Scotland. Now experts believe that the burial might be that of the 10th Century Irish Viking King Olaf Guthfrithsson, who led raids in the area and reigned as King of Dublin and Northumbria.

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