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Notice from SCANZ & SCA Ltd regarding Bullying and Harassment Policy feedback - Thu, 2014-11-27 11:04

The members of the SCANZ Committee and SCA, Ltd Board remind citizens of the Kingdom of Lochac that feedback on the kingdom's Bullying & Harassment Policy closes on 1 December, 2014.

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Pollings Close Tonight

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-11-26 14:51

Reminder: The second pollings of Their Royal Majesties Edward and Thyra close tonight, November 26, at 11:59pm EST. This is 12:59am Atlantic Standard and 1:29am Newfoundland Standard for folks in the eastmost parts of Tir Mara.

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Unofficial Court Report for 100 Minutes War

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2014-11-26 13:10

The Court of our most excellent prince and lord, Edward, by right of arms most illustrious King of the East, third of that name, and Thyra, his Queen, second of that name, held in the Shire of Rusted Woodlands upon 22 November in the forty-ninth year of the Society; on which day were called all and sundry the lords of the realm and the great persons of the kingdom to hear the following publicly proclaimed:

Item. Their Majesties summoned Gellyes Joffrey before the assembled populace and thereupon inducted him into the Order of the Tygers Combattant.

Item. The Order of the Tygers Combattant being as of yet incomplete, Their Majesties summoned Caius Pontus of La Familia Gladiatoria before the assemblage and did thereupon induct him into the Order aforesaid, the which deed was memorialized in a Roman scroll created by Luke Knowlton and Eva Woderose.

Item. Their Majesties gave thanks and greetings to those attending the event from foreign lands, including visitors of rank from the Middle Kingdom, Aethelmearc and the Kingdom of Acre.

Item. Their Majesties presented a document authored by Bjorvig Huldarson and calligraphed and illuminated by Nemania filia Huweli to Ioannes Serpentius in commemoration of his victory in the 100 Minutes War.

Item. Their Majesties presented a document authored by Bjorvig Huldarson and calligraphed and illuminated by Nemania filia Huweli to Arn Ulrichson in commemoration of his leadership of the second place team in the 100 Minutes War.

Item. Their Majesties commanded the presence of Melora of Settmour Swamp before the Tyger Thrones, and thereupon inducted the said Melora into the Order of the Tyger’s Cub, the which deed was confirmed in a document calligraphed by Jan Janovich Bogdanski and illuminated by Aziza al-Shirazi.

Item. Their Majesties caused Halldora Rolandsdottir to be brought before the Court, whereupon they inducted the said Halldora into the Order of the Tyger’s Cub, the which deed was celebrated with the gift of a painted box created by Emma Makilmone and marked with words and runes created by Eithne from beyond the long meadow and Wulfgar Silverhair.

Item. The Order of the Tyger’s Cub being still incomplete, their Majesties commanded Charles ap Brochfael to appear before them, whereupon they inducted him into the aforesaid Order, the which deed was memorialized with a document authored by Aislinn Chiabach, calligraphed by Colin MacLaran of Greinvall and illuminated by Rennewief van Grunwald.

Item. Their Majesties caused gifts of toys to be distributed to the children of the East.

Item. Their Majesties bestowed gifts of friendship upon Duke Edmund of Hertford and Count Cellach MacCormaic, and praised the artisans who have donated their work for use as Royal gifts.

Item. Their Majesties homolgated the act of their ancestors of blessed memory, Brennan Augustus and Caoilfhionn Augusta, naming Bjorvig Huldarson as Brewer to the Crown the which deed was confirmed with a document created by Æsa Sturladottir.

Item. Their Majesties requested the Court to observe a moment of silence in memorial for the passing of their much beloved subject Breuse de Taraunt.

Item. Their Majesties called into their presence Christoffel d’Allaines-le-Comte, and thereupon caused him to be inducted into the Order of the Silver Rapier, the which deed was confirmed with a document created by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka.

Item. Their Majesties homolgated the act of their cousins of Aethelmearc by elevating Date Rokurou Yoshimitsu to the nobility and awarding him Arms, the which deed was memorialized in a document created by Eleanore Godwin.

Item. Their Majesties commanded the presence of Marna Jageren before the Tyger Thrones and thereupon caused the said Marna to be awarded Arms, the which deed was memorialized in a document created by Mariette de Bretagne.

Item. Their Majesties invited into their presence newcomers to the Society and gave them tokens of welcome in memory of the day.

Item. Their Majesties summoned before them Conor Ó Ceallaigh, and, praising the said Conor’s work in glass, did then induct him into the Order of the Maunche, the which deed was confirmed with a document created by Lada Monguligin.

Item. Their Majesties gave public thanks to Martyn de Haliwell, the King’s Bard, for his singing during Court.

I, Alys Mackyntoich, Eastern Crown Herald, wrote this to memorialize and make certain all such things that were done and caused to be done as above stated.

Master Ryan Mac Whyte
Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranlegh
Lord Yehuda ben Moshe
Lady Anastasia da Monte

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Lilies 2016 Survey - Wed, 2014-11-26 12:39

Eowyth þa Siðend reports that His Grace Joe Angus has posted the following on the Calontir Website, with regards to gathering information for Lilies 2016. Please take a moment to answer the TWO questions being posed.

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Known World Dance Symposium 2015 - reserve your beds now - Wed, 2014-11-26 07:50

Margaret de May, co-event Steward for the Known World Dance Symposium (KWDS), reports that bed reservations for the event are limited and filling up fast.

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A Message from the Prince

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2014-11-25 15:48

His Highness, Crown Prince Darius, called Omega has asked the Gazette to share the following with the populace.

For my failings in Crown I apologize to my wife, the King and Queen, to Duchess Avelina, to Duke Kenric, to the Order of The Chivalry and to the Kingdom.

I am now Prince. I will use my time as Prince and later as King to serve this Kingdom and show each of you that the tournament is only a small part of this reign. I will respect the guidance of the Peers. I will treat each person with the honor and dignity that everyone in this Kingdom is entitled.

I ask now that we move forward as a Kingdom and work toward making our hobby fun, exciting and honorable for everyone. For my part, I again apologize and pledge to serve this Kingdom to the best of my ability. I would also like to add that this is the last Crown tourney I will fight in.

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Stefan's Florilegium updates for November 2014 - Tue, 2014-11-25 12:14

THLord Stefan li Rous reports that he has published updates for Stefan's Florilegium for November 2014.

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New Event Concept Allows Easterners to Explore Research in a Novel Way - Tue, 2014-11-25 07:33

On Saturday October 25, in Carolingia, over 70 Easterners participated in a new way to hold an event.

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Job Opening: Northern Region Rapier Marshal

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2014-11-24 16:45

The East Kingdom’s Marshal of Fence wishes to share the following:

Unto the Kingdom of the East do I, Don Frasier MacLeod send greetings -

I am officially calling for resumes to fill the Northern Regional Rapier Marshal position.  If there is anyone interested in taking on this challenge, please forward your SCA resume to me via the Kingdom Rapier Marshal’s e-mail.  I will be accepting resumes for this position through December 15th, at which time I will close the window and review the resumes I have received.  Also, if you are interested and have questions, please feel free to contact me at the same e-mail and I will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

In Service,
Don Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East

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The Crusader Bible on display at the Morgan Library - Mon, 2014-11-24 14:07

The Maciejowski Bible, better known as the Crusader Bible, is the star of a new exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City. The 13th century manuscript is considered one of the greatest illuminated manuscripts in the world. It will be on display through January 4, 2015.

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Kinggiyadai Ba'atur victor in Lochac Spring 2014 Crown Tournament - Mon, 2014-11-24 05:53

Crispin reports that Viscount Sir Kinggiyadai Ba'atur was the victor of the November 1, 2014 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Lochac. His Excellency was inspired in His eneavour by Viscountess Altani Khalighu.

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Medieval furniture lecture at Castlerock Museum - Sun, 2014-11-23 16:42

Anplica Fiore reports that the Castlerock Museum in Alma, Wisconsin will host a lecture entitled Medieval Furniture of the Maciejowski Bible on November 30, 2014 at 2pm.

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SCA BoD seeking Director nominees - Sun, 2014-11-23 10:12

Lisa Czudnochowsky, Director, SCA Inc. and Ombudsman for Board Recruiting reports that the SCA Board of Directors is seeking nominees.

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Tiny chapel found in Wales - Sat, 2014-11-22 19:13

Twenty years ago, Bill Devereux bought land near Wrexham in northern Wales. During clean-up and restoration around the property, Devereux discovered what is believed to be the smallest chapel in the UK (photos)

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St. Eligius A&S Competiton and Faire 2014

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2014-11-22 16:46

Winning entry in Master Alexander’s Challenge


The Barony of Dragonship Haven celebrated St. Eligius Arts and Sciences competition Saturday

November 15th, as well as tourneys for rattan and rapier to select Baronial Champions. The main A&S competition was an unusual design and involved entrants judging other entrants of similar experience level. Advisers discussed considerations for judging with each group and were available for consultation throughout the contest. Many thanks to Mistress Anarra Karlsdottir and Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne who guided our novices, Mistress Briony of Chatham who helped the Artisans, Master Jehan du Lac who assisted the Experienced Competitors and Mistress Nest ferch Tangwystl who worked with the entrants in the Laurels and Masters group.

Twenty six entries were in this competition each consisting of several parts and examples. Many fine and beautiful items competed for prize scrolls created by Baron Adhemar, Duchess Elisende of Merides, Baronness Efa Gath fach (Parsley) and Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan.  

Winners of this competition were:

Novice A (in SCA under 3 yrs) – Chelsea of Gloucester – Spinning – Display of different weights

Novice B (in SCA over 3 yrs) – Ulfgeirr Ragnarsson– Viking Arm band

Artisan – Gideon ha-Khazar) – Research – “Why is this knight different than all other knights?”

Experienced competitor – Lissa Underhill – Anglo Saxon Glass Beads

Laurels and masters – Mistress Eleanor LeBrun — Evolution of Hoods through the SCA period.

Several focused competitions were also held this day. Winners included

Artisan’s Progress: Lissa Underhill: Anglo Saxon Glass Beads

Medieval Moment: Dziuginte Litovka: Armor for a Lithuanian Farmer

SCA Kluge:Anna Illevna – Heraldic Viking Apron

Master Alexander Challenge: Ysemay Sterling–Weaving silk fringe, woodcut print, glass beads.

Baron Adhemar’s Choice: Eleanor le Brun- Hoods through the Sca Time Period

Populace Choice: Lissa Underhill: Anglo Saxon Glass Beads

The organizers are very grateful to the good gentles who thoughtfully examined and judged entries into these contests: Master Luke Knowlton judged entries in Medieval Moment. Mistress Pagan Graeme picked the winner of Artisan’s Progress. Master Morgan Rhys ap Bran chose best SCA Kluge. At Lady Cassandra de Matisse’s request, the Master Alexander’s Challenge winner was selected by His Excellency Adhemar de Villarquemada.

A varied and delicious homemade dayboard was prepared by Master Tristan de Worrell and Mistress Renye Wurm able supported by Master Jaji and Lady Yasmine bint Rasheed.

In other contests of the day, Ulfgeirr Ragnarsson won the Baronial Heavy list tourney as well as the Novice B division of the A&S competition. Thus was Lord Ulfgeirr Ragnarsson appointed both Dragonship Haven Baronial Rattan Champion and Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion.

Having won the Rapier Tourney, Lord Jean Michelle LeVode was appointed Dragonship Haven Baronial Rapier Champion.

The Barony’s Worshipful Company of Artificers (A&S) was augmented by the induction of Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling called Brose and Lady Kathryn Ramsey. The Barony’s Order of the Yale (service) was likewise strengthened by the additions of Lady Kathryn Ramsey and Lord Jean Michel LeVode.

A marvelous dessert revel after court was organized and largely prepared by Lady Isabella d’Allaines le Comte.

Our thanks to Lady Bronwen Rose of Greyling called Brose for submitting this report, and for the use of her photos.

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Two-Part Schola Coming Up in February and March

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2014-11-22 16:21

Lady Lilie Dubh recently shared with us that two NY groups will be trying a new event concept early next year: a two-part Schola.

The Canton of Lions End and the Barony of An Dubhaigheann were both contemplating having scholas over this coming winter. As the groups are neighbors, representatives consulted with each other and decided to collaborate.

The Lions End event, Lions in Winter, is scheduled for February 21, 2015, will be part one. Part two will be the Spring Schola in An Dubhaigheann on March 21, 2015. Some classes will start in Lions End and finish in An Dubhaigheann, and projects needing help or completion can be worked on at both events and in between.

However if you can’t attend both events, don’t be deterred from attending whichever you can. There will be single session classes which begin at the An Dubhaigheann event as well as continuations of those started at Lions End.

The autocrats of both events are eager to hear from anyone who would like to teach classes which take advantage of this longer format; their contact information can be found in the event announcements:

In addition to classes, Lions End will be holding an Arts and Sciences Competition, and An Dubhaigheann will be selecting Bardic and A&S Champions, and offering a garb sale.

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APEC - Proposed Corpora Change - Sat, 2014-11-22 13:57

At the July 2013 Board Meeting, the Additional Peerage Exploratory Committee (“APEC”) proposed that the Board of Directors create a new Patent-bearing Peerage Order parallel to the Orders of the Chivalry, the Laurel and the Pelican. This Rapier Peerage would be for the related martial arts of rapier and all forms of cut & thrust in the SCA.

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Honoring the "standing cup" - Fri, 2014-11-21 18:18

Like their modern counterparts, medieval people enjoyed entertaining guests, often with their best utensils. Naomi Speakman, curator for the British Museum's Late Medieval Collection, salutes the museum's newest acquisition, the Lacock Cup, in a feature article on the museum blog. (photos)

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In Memoriam: Lord Breuse de Taraunt

East Kingdom Gazette - Fri, 2014-11-21 18:05

It is with great sadness that the Gazette reports on the passing of Lord Breuse de Taraunt. Lord Breuse passed away on the evening of November 16th, 2014, following a collision with another vehicle. He is survived by his wife, his son, Lord Jence Brunerson, and his two daughters.

Lord Breuse first found the SCA in A.S. XV when he attended Pennsic IX while living in the Midrealm. Shortly after, he joined the U.S. Navy and later returned to the SCA, most recently in the East Kingdom, residing in the Canton of Black Icorndall in the Barony of Bhakail. Lord Breuse also went by: Stone Pate, Male Bruce, and Wing Bruce, the story behind which is detailed by the Baron of Bhakail, Mael Eoin mac Echuid:


He earned his Tyger of Foreign Legions for transporting Royal gear to Estrella and Gulf Wars in a single trip, for helping clean, set up and tear down as needed and for retaining at those Wars.  That trip kicked off numerous friendships, an intended annual tradition of making it out to Estrella and was where the legend of Wing Bruce was born.

It was through his travels to the Midrealm, Atenveldt, Ansteorra, the West, An Tir, Trimaris and more, that Lord Breuse became known to many, including those in the East whom he served. These are the words of our King, Edward III:

I have been blessed to have known many within the society: heroes and legends going as far back as AS 3;  queens whom I would follow to the ends of the earth; sword companions; and nobles from across the Known World.  In this talk of heroes… “You’ve left out one of the chief characters – Samwise the Brave. I want to hear more about Sam.”  

I want to hear more about Breuse, as he was all that I have ever hoped to be.

He had a quiet grace, strength and courtesy that never failed.  He delighted in the goodness of others and affirmed as much by his stalwart and true service.  His humble actions spoke volumes more than these feeble words can hope to.  This world was made bright for his part in it. 

Lord Breuse was known to be a helpful and giving individual, whether it was through his brewing, his cooking, or his service cleaning the hall, hauling gear, or retaining for both his local Baronage or Their Majesties.  Recently, Lord Breuse served as a member of the Queen’s Guard for Queen Thyra, and Her Majesty sent us words:

“I will miss his steadiness, and his quiet constant support of everyone around him. He was a member of my guard, because no one could be more trustworthy in the defense of others. He was always surprised when anyone noticed him, but it wasn’t hard to see the quality of this man. I was lucky to have known him.”

Lord Breuse will be missed by many throughout the Known World, and his liegelord and friend, Mael Eoin mac Echuid, Baron of Bhakail:

We are diminished, today, for in losing Bruce, we have not lost a shining champion from the field, but a man who did much to get others to the field.  Nor did we lose a cook renowned for his courses, but a kitchener who would chop and clean all that needed to be chopped and cleaned.  What we did lose is a mensch, a model of service, a father, a friend.  Bruce was all of these, to many, and many will remember.

Details for a memorial service, to be held on Friday, December 5th, 2014 will be forthcoming.

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"Sometimes you end up going to Wal-Mart in Viking garb.” - Fri, 2014-11-21 09:58

For four years, members of the Medieval and Renaissance Society (MaRS) of the University of Georgia have been honing their fighting skills at Myers Quad. Recently reporter Emily Dardaman of the Red & Black dropped by for a visit. (photos)

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