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On Target: Moving Targets

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2017-06-15 19:27

A moving target will add fun to your outdoor shoot. Imagine a pig or a deer running across your field.

Take two 4 foot long 2 x 4’s, drill two holes in the bottom of each board, and hammer in two very long nails. Next, take a set of bolt cutters and cut the heads off the nails. This turns them in the spikes. The spikes hold the boards up right so you can set this target up by yourself.

Next, run guy wires off the boards. Take a 50 foot piece of rope, double it and twist it to make the rope stronger so it will not sag when you pull the target across it.

Next, take a hard cardboard tube and cover it in camo duct tape. This’ll make the tube disappear into the background. Next, zip tie the wings to the tube and then zip tie the tube to the top of the pig. Then, take the twisted clothesline and run it through the tube and tie it to the upright 2x4s.

Run a guy wire from the nose of the pig back behind the firing line to the marshal. Pull the pig across the range to give the illusion of flight. The guy wire is over 100 feet long, allowing the marshal to call the line and pull the target at the same time.

At Hornwood’s Scarlet Guard Inn earlier this month, I ran a range just for fun with these targets. I made a flying pig, and everybody enjoyed the pun all day long.

THLord Deryk demonstrates the moving pig target

This month’s safety tip: check out the land around your range. I found a hole in the ground that was well over a foot and a half long and almost 10 inches deep. The hole was full of dead grass and leaves; it was deceptive how deep it really was. If someone had stepped in it, they would’ve twisted an ankle. I marked it with some fluorescent orange tape to make sure no one was hurt.

Until next month, in service,

THLord Deryk Archer

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Help Create Their Highnesses’ Wardrobe!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2017-06-14 20:02

Greetings to all the talented and generous Gentles of our Glorious Kingdom from Elisabeth Johanna von der Flossenburg

Good Gentles:

Our Royalty represents our Kingdom, both at home and abroad. Pageantry is a large part of our game. So is showcasing the talents of our artisans. This is why I am coming to you today requesting your help.

Their Highnesses have honored me by appointing me Mistress of the Wardrobe. But I cannot do this by myself; nobody can. However, if the work is divided out into small parts it becomes easy and manageable.

My thoughts are as follows: I would like to have groups of artisans work together on this project. Please let me explain

In period, there were workshops, where a master and his apprentices and journeymen worked together. If a garment was embroidered, an embroiderer did that work, while the tailor or seamstress only sewed the garment. There were Modelbooks that had the designs in them for the embroiderer, etc. etc.

I hope you see what I am trying to say: I think our Illuminators could be the designers of the embroidery design, which our embroiderers then execute, the weavers make the trim and the seamstresses or tailors put the garment together. Someone else casts the buttons and so on. You see many hands make light work.

It is my hope that all over this Kingdom artisans will get together to form teams so we can all together make our Royalty look fabulous and showcase the talents this Kingdom is so blessed with.  

I will be at Æcademy this weekend. Please find me and talk to me if you are interested in participating in this project. Their Highnesses have expressed that they are willing to wear many different styles of clothing, so everybody in this Kingdom can get involved, and no one person has to do all the work.

If you are not coming to Æcademy but are interested in getting involved, please contact me via email or Facebook messenger under Elisabeth von Hahn.

And please do not worry, I am not expecting anyone to start working on this until after Pennsic unless you want to and have time before then.

Looking forward to speaking to and hearing from many of you. I remain in Service to our Glorious Kingdom and our Royalty



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Leatherworking Demo at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2017-06-13 11:04

The MAKESHOP leather working demo poster (The items on the poster were made by Lord Robert of Ferness, from the Dominion of Myrkfaellin -picture taken by Luceta at Æ A&S Faire, used with his permission)

Lady Luceta Di Cosimo reported the following: On June 4th, the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands conducted another medieval skills demo at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. This time the museum asked the members of the Barony to do a demo on medieval leatherworking. So, once again we were invited to the MAKESHOP which is a partnership between the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments (UPCLOSE). It is a space dedicated to making, reusing and designing things, using everyday materials and real tools. It has regular programs and special guests. Readers may recall that the Barony did a weaving workshop there a few months ago.

THL Sumayya al-Ghaziyyaa, head of the BMDL Leatherworking Guild, graciously agreed to share her skills and knowledge of period leatherworking with the museum visitors. She was assisted by Luceta di Cosimo and Medea da Venexia. Our goal was to convey to the visitors just how widely leather was used in period. Kids know that nowadays leather is used for shoes, clothing, and accessories, but most are not aware that its uses in period were much broader. Therefore, we had a display of period leather items (reproductions, of course). In addition to shoes, boots and belts, we had things like books, armor, and paintings on parchment. The kids were so surprised to see that you can have armor made out of leather. Some were not sure leather could ever work as armor. So we set up an ornate cuir bouilli chestplate on the back of a chair, and invited the kids and their grownups to hit it with mallets, so they could see how just tough it was. It proved to be their favorite display item. (Cuir bouilli is the process of hardening leather through the application of heat and/or wax.)

Leather items display, including a Turkish shoe and pouch, men’s boots and pouch, small messenger bag, and miniatures on parchment.

THL Sumayya helps a MAKESHOP visitor choose designs for the key fob

In addition to the display, THL Sumayya put together a make and take activity. In period, tooled leather was primarily carved, but to make sure even the littlest visitors could safely participate, we had children and their adults make stamped leather key fobs, even though stamped leather was less common in period. We had a number of stamps available, and the Museum loaned their own sets of leather punches. The kids came up with many really neat designs, and many key fobs were made as father’s day gifts. We had dozens and dozens of people come through the MAKESHOP that day, and even after the demo was officially over, we still had people working on their key fobs. Overall we probably had about 150 people visit the MAKESHOP that day.

Luceta, Medea, and Sumayya in the MAKESHOP

It was a pleasure to be back at the WORKSHOP. The Children’s Museum is a wonderful resource for local families. It promotes a “play with real stuff” philosophy, which is dedicated to inspire curiosity and creativity in kids and allows them to learn through play. We are very proud to be a part of this experience. The Society is full of talented and skilled people, who do amazing and rare and beautiful things, and we are glad to share these skills and knowledge with our Museum neighbors.

A sample key fob made by Luceta at the demo


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Signet Quiz Begins

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2017-06-12 16:44

The new Signets and their deputies are appointed. Photo by Doña Alessandra (Yasmina).

The 2017-2018 Signet’s Quiz has begun!

Anyone may participate. You do not have to be a scribe but you DO have to send your answers to the Signet email.

If you are one of our winners and not a scribe, you may opt to gift your prize to a scribe that you know! All participants who take all 50 quizzes over the next year will receive a unique item, made by the hand of our very own Mistress Honoria and I guarantee that you do not own this item.

Each Sunday, please visit the Signet’s page where our Web-Goddess Juliana will post the questions *and the address where you may send your answers*. We encourage you to Google for your answers, this is an open-tech quiz. This week’s questions have been brought to you by Mistress Hrefna fruiþkona Þorgrímsdóttir. Don’t wait! Go now! Have fun! Antoinette & Shirin, Sylvan Signets
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Writing about the Crusades and talking about a "meddlesome priest" - Thu, 2017-06-08 21:10
The Middle Ages are in the news again, so here is a roundup of recent news articles. We start with three good reads from historians talking about the crusades

[View the story "Writing about the Crusades and talking about a "meddlesome priest"" on Storify]

14th century Book of Hours depicting the murder of Becket
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K&Q A&S 2018 Competition Format / Règlements du Championnat d’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2017-06-07 14:01

En français

Submitted on behalf of the Kingdom A&S Minister, Master Philip White:

Good news! We are excited to announce the format for the King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions 2018!

One of our goals for the A&S Office is to get information published as early as possible. We want to keep people well informed so that they can be better prepared and have better experiences.

To those ends, here is the initial format (see below) for the King’s and Queen’s A&S Champions to be held in 2018.

We are also ready to share the “General Score Sheet” along with a supporting tool, “Creating Documentation for the General East Kingdom A&S Rubric” (links below). After reading the competition format these two items will be a great place to start before working on your entries. Please note that the rubric has been changed (modified and expanded) from the one used last year. It’s also an excellent tool for general A&S guidance, so even if you don’t want to enter, it’s worth a read!

This has all been posted to the Kingdom A&S webpage which will continue to be updated as we get closer to the event.

Things to come:

* Event details to be published after a group is selected to run the event.
* A “Research Score Sheet” for research related entries.
* A “Performance Score Sheet” for performance related entries.

Thanks and appreciation to:

The Kingdom A&S Special Deputies who led (and continue to lead) this effort, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill and Master Magnus Hvalmagi, along with their team who helped with feedback and editing.

Support and feedback from Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Queen’s Champion of Arts and Sciences, and Lady Raziya bint Rusa, King’s Champion of Arts and Sciences.

Support and feedback from Their Highness, Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov and Princess Matilde de Cadenet.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!

Your Servant to Command,


***King’s and Queen’s A & S Champions 2018 Format***

Entrants may enter a single substantial item (pre-17th-century), or a body of work consisting of related items that are connected to each other in a significant and meaningful way. A body of work will be judged as a single “item”; individual entries will not be scored. Items can be from a single discipline or from multiple disciplines. In either case, entries should seek tell a coherent and cohesive story about an historical people, time, place, etc. No item should have won a previous King’s or Queen’s Championship, and each item to be judged should have been completed within three years of the competition. Please note that research papers/projects and performance entries are welcomed as items.

Judging will be done as a single team, drawing from various areas of expertise. Judging will be conducted face-to-face using a judging rubric. Absentee entries will not be accepted. We plan to make every effort this year to have judges provide face-to-face feedback to each entrant after their project has been assessed.

Once rubric scores have been submitted and tabulated, the top entries will then be announced, and a second round of face-to-face judging will occur with the King and Queen present. Those in the final round of judging will have the opportunity present their project to the Crown. Once the Crown interviews top entrants and reviews their entries, the Royals, advised by the current champions, will then determine their new champions from among the top entries.

At a minimum, all entrants are asked to produce a 1/2-1 page written summary which provides an overview of their entire entry. Additional written documentation is highly encouraged of all entries, however, it must be no longer than 6 pages (not including references or appendices). Entrants are also welcome to document their work in other ways (verbally, poster, video, etc).

Additional guidelines, rubrics, and advice for entrants will be provided before the competition, and registration for the competition will begin after a site has been chosen.

Those considering entering are advised that this is a high level competition where the focus is on picking the kingdom arts and sciences champions. The duties of the champions include representing the Crown at events and likely displaying at the Pennsic A&S War Point. If anyone is not able to make those commitments, or does not wish to serve as champion, we encourage them to instead visit one of the many Kingdom A&S Consultation Tables being held at events throughout the year. These tables are available to provide feedback to artisans about their projects in more depth and detail than is typically allowed for at competitions, and to support artisans at all levels in improving their craft.


Guide for Creating Documentation:

En français
Traduction: Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Publié au nom du Ministre des Arts et Sciences du Royaume, Maître Philip White:

Bonnes nouvelles ! Il nous fait plaisir d’annoncer les règlements du Championnat d’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine, qui se tiendra en 2018 !

Un de nos buts pour l’Office des Arts et Sciences est de publier nos informations le plus tôt possible. Nous souhaitons garder les gens bien informés, afin qu’ils soient mieux préparés et aient de meilleures expériences en général.

Pour ce faire, voici le format initial (voir ci-dessous) du Championnat D’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine, qui se tiendra en 2018.

Un de nos buts pour l’Office des Arts et Sciences est de publier nos informations le plus tôt possible. Nous souhaitons garder les gens bien informés, afin qu’ils soient mieux préparés et aient de meilleures expériences en général. Pour ce faire, voici le format initial (voir ci-dessous) du Championnat D’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine, qui se tiendra en 2018.

Nous sommes aussi prêts à partager la feuille de “Score Général”, avec un outil de support; “Création de la documentation pour les Arts et Sciences du Royaume de l’Est” (liens ci-dessous). Après avoir lu les règles de la compétition, ces deux documents représentent la première étape de votre cheminement, avant de commencer à travailler sur les projets que vous souhaitez entrer dans la compétition. Veuillez noter que les rubriques ont été changées (modifiées et étoffées) depuis la dernière version du document utilisé l’année dernière. Il s’agit aussi d’un excellent outil guide en général pour les Arts et Sciences, donc même si vous ne pensez pas compétitionner, n’hésitez pas à le consulter !

Ces informations sont présentement disponibles sur la page web d’Arts et Sciences du Royaume, qui continuera à être mise à jour à mesure que nous approcherons de l’événement.

Encore à venir:

*Détails de l’événement à être publiés après la sélection du groupe l’organisant.
*Une feuille de score pour la recherche, pour évaluer les projets de recherche.
*Une feuille de score pour les prestations, pour évaluer les interprétations.

Remerciements spéciaux à:

Les députés spéciaux des Arts et Sciences au niveau du Royaume, qui ont mené (et continuent à mener) cet effort, Maîtresse Elysabeth Underhill et Maître Magnus Hvalmagi, ainsi que leur équipe, qui ont aidé avec la rétroaction et l’édition.

Le support et la rétroaction de Dame Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Championne d’Arts et Sciences de la Reine, ainsi que Dame Raziya bint Rusa, Championne d’Arts et Sciences du Roi.

Le support et la rétroaction de Leurs Altesses, Prince Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov et Princesse Matilde de Cadenet.

Souvenez-vous… Ayez du plaisir ! Apprenez ! Enseignez !

Votre humble Serviteur,


*** Règlements du Championnat d’Arts et Sciences du Roi et de la Reine 2018 ***

Les participants peuvent entrer un seul item substantiel (pré 17ième siècle), ou un ensemble d’items étant connectés les uns aux autres de manière significative et importante. Un ensemble d’items sera jugé comme un seul “item”; les entrées se seront pas jugés individuellement. Les items peuvent être d’une seule discipline, ou de plusieurs disciplines. Dans les deux cas, les items devraient raconter une histoire cohérente et logique à propos d’un personnage historique, une époque, un lieu, etc. Aucun item ne devra avoir déjà remporté un précédent Championnat du Roi ou de la Reine, et chaque item jugé ne devra avoir été complété plus de trois années précédent la date de la compétition. Veuillez noter que les projets de recherche et les prestations sont bienvenus comme items.

Les évaluations seront faites par tous les juges, formant une seule équipe, pour profiter de multiples champs d’expertise. Les évaluations seront conduites face à face, en utilisant une grille d’évaluation. Les entrées in absentia ne seront pas acceptées. Nous planifions faire tout les efforts possibles cette année afin que les juges puissent fournir de la rétroaction en face à face à chaque participant, après que leur projet aie été évalué.

Une fois que les scores auront été soumis et calculés, les meilleures entrées seront annoncées, et une seconde ronde d’évaluation en face à face sera faite, en compagnie du Roi et de la Reine. Ceux dont le projet se rendra en ronde finale auront l’opportunité de présenter leur projet à la Couronne. Une fois que la Couronne se sera entretenue avec les gens ayant marqué les scores les plus élevés, et révisé leurs entrées, les Royaux, avisés par leurs champions actuels, détermineront par la suite leurs nouveaux champions parmi les meilleures entrées.

Au minimum, il est demandé à tous les participants de produire un sommaire de leur projet complet, d’une longueur entre une demi-page et une page. De la documentation additionnelle écrite est fortement encouragée pour tous les types de projets; cependant, celle-ci ne doit pas dépasser 6 pages (n’incluant pas les références et les annexes). Les participants peuvent aussi documenter leur travail par d’autres moyens (verbalement, par une affiche, avec un vidéo, etc.)

Des lignes guides additionnelles, rubriques et conseils pour les participants seront fournis avant la compétition, et les inscriptions pour la compétition commenceront après qu’un site aie été choisi pour tenir l’événement.

Les personnes considérant se présenter sont avisées que cette compétition de haut niveau mettra le focus sur la sélection de nouveaux champions d’Arts et Sciences du Royaume. Les obligations des champions incluent de représenter la Couronne aux événements et probablement d’exposer au Point de Guerre d’Arts et Sciences de Pennsic. Si quelqu’un ne serait en mesure de s’astreindre à ces obligations, ou ne désire pas servir comme champion, nous les encourageons alors à visiter une des multiples Tables de Consultation d’Arts et Sciences du Royaume, qui se tiennent tout au long de l’année à divers événements. Ces tables de consultation sont disponibles pour fournir de la rétroaction aux artisans sur leurs projets plus en profondeur et en détail que ce qui est typiquement alloué en compétition, et pour supporter les artisans de tous les niveaux pour améliorer leur art.

Feuille de score général:

Guide de création de Documentation:


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2017 Battle of the Nations – Barcelona ~ Así es la vida

PainBank - Thu, 2017-05-11 21:51
La Monumental

As I sit here on the plane and reflect on my 6th year of campaigning in Europe at medieval tournaments, I ponder where to next and how shall I commit.  I am over traveling alone.  I have not the drive to do it myself any more.  Having someone with you to just talk with, assist you when confused on how things should work in an unknown place or even to decide on where to eat is an immeasurable bonus and happiness.  Then there is the question of what happens should you get hurt, who can assist you with the heavy stuff and getting to the airport or perhaps even home from the hospital?  These are the things to consider, which you might not even think of, until it is too late.

Trying to travel with armor sucks.  How do you pack? Where does it all go?  This makes things very difficult. What if you have a pole ax or halberd?  What is the length of the poles?  Can you buy a pole to put it on at the site?  Or do you get (my current usage) a snowboard bag and attach then axe head on site?  Then can you get it off, should you need to, for getting it home?  Is it now long enough to compete properly, 6.5 foot or 7 foot?  Of course, there is always the questions that occur from the airlines when you check it in!  What is this?  Sports equipment… then there is some waving of hands and attempts to explain it to them.  Of course, there is always questions, but usually they let you go.  I also pack in about 1/3 of my armor in the snowboard bag as well.  Of course, that is now two bags, so there is a cost to take it over, then one to bring it back.  So now you are looking at about a $200 extra cost for flying and returning. 

Then there are the emotions.  What is the greatest about fighting is also the worse.  The highs are followed by lows to the same degree.  Expectations, anticipations and preparations, which having lead one to the tournament, build you up to a climax that is an amazing experience.  This is something that is slightly different for every person and every tournament.  It is part of the sport and I am yet unsure how to suggest one cope with it.  Ride the emotional wave and enjoy life.

Then there is the fighting.  Every tournament except Battle of the Nations (BotN) seems to be pretty lax on armor and weapons requirements.  (I’m not sure about Dynamo Cup) And weapons for that matter, although they still check those out pretty well.  The actually marshaling to address safety concerns seems to be at a fairly high level all around.  There always seems to be some kind of issue that gets raised or set of issues at and I suppose there always will be until the sport matures to a professional degree.  Something like where you check in/out your arms and/or armor or some such.  But the logistics of that is pretty significant.  They were up to the old ways of running things some.  late rule changes, odd enforcements both in the list and out of the list for registration.  There are definitely some improvements to be made, but overall it is getting better a little by a little.  My #1 suggestion to improve this is for them to schedule things more sooner and to let teams supply volunteers to join in in making some of the stuff happen.

I would say one the biggest disappointment I have seen from BotN is the lake of catering to the fans or new fans of the sport.  They price the event out of the range of average folks that want to enjoy the show.  They could have probably filled 10k+ fans into the arena in Barcelona, however, by charging 30 euro per session or half day, per person, that made it 60 euros for someone to watch just one day of action.  Yup, not many families or other coming out.  What is the right price, maybe 20 euro for the day.  In Belmonte, the price being 30 euros kept the crowd pretty low, compared to the IMCF championship where the price was like 10-20 euro for the day, which had a huge crowd.  Until this sport is completely filling arenas, we should be keeping those ticket prices good for all.   

Barcelona was a wonderful city to visit, which I wish I had more time to explore.  Maybe one day I’ll return just to enjoy the city.  Walking through the gothic quarter it was easy to image what walking through Diagon Alley in Harry Potter might have felt like or perhaps walking through Waterdeep.  I’ll be back, but not sure how much I want to go to Battle of Nations again verse attending other potential tournaments, as there could be a lot of fun at smaller ones as well.  It all depends upon where my travel companions wish to go and have fun at.  Look for me in the list though as I will be there again.  I’m also leaning toward doing more singles fights too.  Hell, I’ll fight in as much as I can.

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