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Interim Kingdom Webminister Announced

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2017-08-08 15:08

From Maistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid:


For the period of thirty days, starting yesterday, I will be the interim East Kingdom Webminister. After that period, an announcement will be made regarding the full Kingdom Webminister position.

Lord Lorenz and I will be at the East Kingdom Webminister meeting at War on Thursday (EK Royal, 3pm to 5pm). If there’s anything that I can help with in the role, I can be found there or otherwise at N11 Barony of Bhakail. Otherwise, email (, Facebook or phone (484-442-0278) will continue to work, and we’ll be switching the kingdom email address over soon.

In Service,
Maistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid
Interim East Kingdom Webminister

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Pennsic 46 War Points: Monday, August 7th

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2017-08-07 16:23

This year’s Pennsic War is a contest between the Kingdoms of the East, the Middle, and Ealdormere and their allies vs Aethelmearc and Northshield and their allies.

Today seven of the 41 war points were decided:

Field Battle – The Grand Pageant – 4 War Points, each Field Battle is worth 1 War Point for a total of 4 War Points: Aethelmarc/Atlantia took the Field battles 3 out of 4

The Aethelmearc/Northshield alliance won three points.  
The East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance won one point.

Bridge Battle – 3 War Points; each Bridge Battle is worth 1 War Point for a total of 3 War Points:  East/Mid took the Bridge battles, 2 out of 3.

The East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance won two points.
The Aethelmearc/Northshield alliance won one point.

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Peerages at Pennsic 46

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2017-08-07 12:15

News from Pennsic 46!

Baron Eric Grenier de laBarre, known as Grendel, received a Writ for the Order of Defense.

Baron Eric receives a Writ for the Order of Defense. Photo by Dame Katja Orlova.

Sir Stefan Ulfkelsson received a Writ for the Laurel, which will be bestowed tonight (Monday, August 7) in Talbot’s Keep.

Sir Stefan Ulfkelsson. Photo by Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knusslig Hamn.

THLord Tegrinus de Rhina received a Writ for the Chivalry. His vigil was held on Sunday night, August 6.

THLord Tegrinus. Photo by Ursus.

Baroness Beatrix Krieger was Knighted on this field this morning (Monday, August 7).

Sir Beatix is knighted. Photo by Mistress Ekaterina Volkova.


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Pennsic Archery Champions Team Selected

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2017-08-06 22:23

The second of two practice/tryout sessions was held today for the East/Midrealm Archery Champions Team. The East and Middle each have 14 team members and 5 alternates, and there are 2 champions from Ealdormere — for a total of 30 team members and 10 alternates.

The 14 Eastern team members selected are:

  • Godric of Hamtun, Captain General of Archers
  • Colin Ursell, Deputy Captain of Archers
  • Kusunoki Yoshimoto, King’s Archery Champion
  • Siobhan ingean Cormaic, Queen’s Archery Champion
  • Rupert the Unbalanced
  • Li Kung Lo
  • Treya min Teanga
  • Ygraine of Kellswood
  • Shi Tian
  • Mikjall Bogmadr
  • Kieran Bren of Bannockburn
  • Meruit Kieransdottir
  • Peter the Red
  • Nathaniel Wyatt

The 5 Eastern alternates are:

  • Cathain
  • Eoin an Doire
  • Nest verch Tangwystel
  • Kobayashi Yutaka
  • Aaron the Arrowsmith

While the list of Midrealm team members is not known to this reporter, it is believed that Dorigen of Lewes is included in their number, as he is a former resident of the Mid and holds their archery award of the Dragon’s Barb.

The Archery Champions Competition takes place on Thursday, starting about 9am and running for most of the day.

Submitted by Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood

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Pennsic 46 War Points: Sunday July 6

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2017-08-06 18:35

This year’s Pennsic War is a contest between the Kingdoms of the East, the Middle, and Ealdormere and their allies vs Aethelmearc and Northshield and their allies.

Today five of the 41 war points were decided:

  • Unbelted Champions Battle (Melee) – 40 fighters per side, worth one point.
    • The East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance won this point.
  • Belted Champions Battle (Melee) – 25 fighters per side, worth one point.
    • The East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance won this point.
  • Heroic Champions Combat – 14 single combats – 4 unbelted and 10 belted per side, worth 1 point.
    • The East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance won this point.
  • Rapier Champions Battle (Melee)- 20 fighters per side, worth one point.
    • The Aethelmearc/Northshield alliance won this point, with the first two passes going to Aethelmearc. The 3rd pass was fought by the East/Middle/Ealdoremere alternates, who won.
  • Heroic Rapier Champions (Single Combat) – 15 rapier Champions and 2 Cut and Thrust Champions per side, worth 1 point.
    • The East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance won this point with 9 of the 17 bouts.

Total points for the day: 5

Total points for the East/Middle/Ealdormere alliance: 4

Total points for the Aethelmearc and Northshield alliance: 1

Competition for the Populace Archery Shoot and Populace Thrown Weapons Shoot also began this afternoon. These will continue throughout the week, with points determined on Friday.

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Pennsic Setup: Words from the King

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2017-08-03 15:25

I wanted to post a note with a few observations from setup weekend. I saw many, many sets of hands helping out everywhere. Rank didn’t matter. Royal Peers were next to people without any awards whatsoever.

Do we have bad eggs? Off course. They were nowhere to be seen. And that is ok. In Royal, as well as all the other camps I saw, good people did what they could for others. Even the grumbling I heard (this is too much work etc.,) was all good natured. I’ve been at this site every year since Pennsic 12, and it is still just as magical for me now as it was then. If you let the little things bother you, you will never relax, and will likely be miserable.

Relax, let the little things go and have a wonderful, well deserved vacation with friends and family.


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The Complete Updated Performing Arts Schedule for Pennsic!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2017-07-31 21:59

We’ve saved a seat for you!

Lady Lorelei Skye, Dean of the Performing Arts College at Pennsic, has shared the final schedule for Pennsic Performing Arts, and invites you to enjoy the many new and returning performers, events, and more! The opportunities for entertainment of all sorts are plentiful and varied. You can find the entire schedule here.

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Troll Is Open!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2017-07-28 10:38

Line for Troll at Pennsic. Photo by: Duchess Ilish O’Donovan

Initial reports from Cooper’s Lake Campground are that traffic is heavy, and lines are long but both are moving pretty fast. At one point this morning, traffic was reported to be backed up to the McDonald’s and Pilot off of Curry Road. Duchess Ilish O’Donnovan said,”Everyone here is walking around with big smiles. Gonna be a great Pennsic!”

Our best advice for those long troll lines are make a pit stop before your get in line, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and use the time you are stuck in line to meet new friends and catch up with old ones until you can get to the front of the line and hear those words you’ve been waiting to hear for 50 weeks, “Welcome home!”

Pennsic XLVI Medallion. Photo by: Duchess Ilish O’Donovan

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Pennsic: Opening Ceremonies Info

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2017-07-27 16:21

Unto the Populace of the East does Malcolm Bowman, Brigantia Principal Herald, send greetings!

The Pennsic War is nearly upon us!  As is traditional, the East Kingdom will be marching out to the field as a part of the opening ceremonies Saturday night at 7pm (on the Battlefield or in the Barn, weather dependent).

The Baronies of the Kingdom of the East assemble to march with their crown, and any Shire or other group may also be lined up to join the processional.  Assembly for the procession will begin at 6pm Saturday night on the road outside of EK Royal.

Please address any questions to me – brigantia.

See you at Pennsic!


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A Walk Among the Pines Event, 5th August

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2017-07-27 14:34

Edgithe Hlammandi reporting:

On Saturday, August 5th, 2017, I will be hosting A Walk Among the
Pines at the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH (10 Hale Hill Rd.,
Rindge NH). We’ll be open from 10am to 5pm, and it looks to be a
beautiful and fun filled day!

Current presentations include examples of needlework, illuminated
pages and scrolls, an introductory look at Period Firearms, basic
heraldry for the SCA, period embroidery and weaving, a fencing
demonstration, a heavy fighting demo, a display of inkle loom and
lucet work, medieval archery, bowyery, and fletching, and drop spindle
weaving, along with a lot of fun, music, and camaraderie!

Heading to Pennsic? Staying Home?

East Kingdom Gazette - Thu, 2017-07-27 14:16

For the next two weeks, the Gazette editorial staff will be split between Pennsic and home. If you have information that you would like us to share about events at Pennsic or elsewhere, please send it as usual to  We’ll be watching the email. All post are automatically shared to our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

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A Note from the Polling Clerks

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2017-07-26 14:41

The following is a message from Duchess Avelina Keyes, with regard to the recent changes to the way that polls are sent out to members of the East Kingdom Polling Orders.

Hey folks,

A few notes on the polling process. Here in the East, the polling job is split between two people, Duchess Katherine Stanhope and me.

I handle the software side of the polls. I maintain the awards recommendation form and I put together the polls that the Royalty want.

Duchess Katherine handles distribution.

Each Order has *two* lists. One, the “Discussion list” is for Companions of the Order to discuss candidates and other issues pertinent to the Order. The second is the polling distribution list. That is where Duchess Katherine sends the polls. It is possible to sign up for one and not the other. To sign up for those lists, please visit this link:

Now, for the polls themselves.

Yes, there is a two step process now. This is to prevent anonymous viewing of the polls. The link you get from Duchess Katherine is a “registration” link. Those records who and what email address requested the poll. That info goes into a token table and a unique URL to the poll is generated for *you* and sent to the email you provided. Once you get the poll, yes, you must enter your personal info again. That is because the token table and the data from the polls go to two separate places. The Royalty like to know who has replied to their polls and a way to contact folks if they have questions. That’s why we ask for it in the polls.

I’ve gone into the system to look for errors. A common error I am seeing is that you are spelling your email address wrong. Maybe dropping a vowel in your name, or typing “gmaol” instead of “gmail”. Also, fake email addresses won’t work. If you enter as your email, and you don’t actually have access to that account, you won’t get your unique link.

And, a huge shout out to Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid for checking out the back end delivery issues.

I’m here to answer your questions. Please contact me via email at



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Pennsic for Youth

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2017-07-26 14:25

A guide from Mistress Leonete D’Angely, East Kingdom Chancellor Minor and Pennsic Youth University Coordinator

What Can I Do At Pennsic?

So you are in the 11-17 age range, and you are going to Pennsic. Maybe you are super excited.  Maybe you are going because Mom and Dad said so. Maybe you wait all year to be able to fight twice a day.  Maybe you aren’t so sure there is anything that interests you in this SCA thing. Either way, there is so much for your age group to do at Pennsic. This is a basic overview of some of the options. There is no way I could fit all of the activities into one article, so please check the Pennsic University Schedule and your site book for more ideas and options.

Martial Activities

Armored and Rapier Combat are the two main activities where youth cannot generally participate alongside adults. We do have Youth Rapier and Youth Armored Combat! These activities require special equipment. There may be some for loan, but you would need to check in at that activity. You should bring your parent/guardian with you at least the first time and then ask about the specific rules from there.  

Youth Armored Combat – (ages 6-17) 8/3-8/10  Most Days 8:00AM – 10:30AM and 3:00PM – 5:00PM. Check the schedule for special tourneys or cancellations.

Youth Rapier – (ages 6-17) 8/6-8/10 9:00AM – NOON

Archery – Range is open with some exceptions from 8/2-8/4 11:00AM – 3:00PM, 8/5-8/9, and 8/11 9:00AM – 5:00PM.  There is a family range geared towards those under 14, but youth are also welcome to shoot at the other ranges. There is a youth specific tournament on 8/8 at NOON.

Thrown Weapons – Range is open 8/2-8/10 9:00AM – 5:00PM. Youth Tourney is 8/9 at 10:00AM.


Enjoy acting, singing, or improv at home? These activities are for you. Some of them are a weeklong commitment, though.

Youth Reader’s Theater – Geared towards 14 and under, staged reading of A Bag Full of Fables. Rehearsals 8/3 and 8/4: 12-2, performance 8/4 at 6pm in the Performing Arts Tent.

Commedia dell’Arte – Fancy way of saying Medieval/Renaissance Improv. Geared for 10-17 year olds. Rehearsals 8/6-8/10: 9:00AM-10:00AM, 8/11 12pm-1, Performance at 6:00PM in Performing Arts Tent.

Youth Choir – 8/6-8/9 NOON – 1:00PM. Geared for those gentles aged 12-19. There is a children’s choir as well for the younger set. Performance is the evening of Thursday, 8/10.  


Want to learn something new? The only classes off limits to those under 18 are classes that are clearly marked as such, usually because they involve alcohol, mature topics, or are in private camps. Youth are welcome at all other Pennsic University classes.  However, we have organized a set of classes geared specifically towards youth and teens. You can find them by searching YouthU or TeenU on the PennsicU website. There are a ton of classes, but here are a few highlights:

Do a martial activity? Play a sport at home? Learn some strategies for increasing your strength and endurance with Teen Training (8/4 10:00AM – 11:00AM) Bring a towel or yoga mat.

Learn about service and getting what you want out of events with Retaining 101 (8/2 11:00AM – NOON) , Youth Ideas Matter (8/6 2:00PM – 3:00PM), and I Want to Help At Events (8/7 3:00PM – 4:00PM),

Want to learn how to make your voice carry? Interested in reading scrolls? These classes are for you! Public Speaking for Teens (8/3 10:00AM-11:00AM), Tournament Heraldry and List Running (8/6 1:00PM– 1:30PM), and Voice Heraldry (8/10 NOON – 1:00PM)


Pennsic Runs on volunteers, and there are a lot of places where youth are welcome to help. Volunteer Point is open 9:00AM-2:00PM daily at the Town Hall next to the ice store. They can help match you with volunteer opportunities appropriate for your age and skills.

Other Events of Note

Youth A&S Display: This is a non-judged display open to all youth. It is located at Family Point, on Monday, August 7th. Set-up from 9:00AM-10:00AM; items on display from 10:00AM – NOON; clean-up from NOON – 12:30PM. Submission forms for entries will be available online and at Family Point.

EK Teen Party – Monday, August 7th from 7:00PM – 10:00PM in EK Royal. Open to all gentles 13-17

Aethelmearc Teen/Tween Party– Saturday, August 5th, 6:00PM-9:00PM. Open to those 10+.

I hope that this list of activities helps you discover something new this Pennsic!

*Note* Activities and Times are subject to change. Any mistakes are entirely the fault of Leonete. This is not an exhaustive list of all activities, and my apologies if I have left anything out.



Pennsic U:
Pennsic 46 Website:
Pennsic 46 Family Activities page:
Pennsic Youth Choir:
Aethelmearc Teen/Tween Party:

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Court Report: The Scarlet Guard Inn

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2017-07-26 12:15

From the Scrolls of the Reign of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, as recorded by Dame Kateryna ty Isaf, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald with the assistance of Lord Ronin O’Conall at The Scarlet Guard Inn in the Shire of Hornwood on June 10, Anno Societatis LII.

Their Majesties called forth the children present and asked Lord Robert Hazelet to take up the toy chest and lead the children on a merry chase. The children were instructed, once they caught Lord Robert, to take one toy each, beginning with the youngest child present. Having been given a count of ten, the chase commenced.

Their Majesties invited before Them, the Emissaries from the Kingdom of Meridies in attendance. Baron Griffin, speaking for the group presented gifts to Their Majesties including a reviled hat from the opponents of the Penguins of BMDL currently vying for a Cup from Lord Stanley to the merry hissing of the court.

Their Majesties invited Master Denys the Decadent before Them. Master Denys spoke of his pilgrimage to Scotland and presented Their Majesties with gifts from his travels.

Master Denys presenting a gift to Their Majestes. Photo by Lord Mikus Magellus.

Their Majesties then invited Master Juan Miguel Cezar to bring forth the Marshals of the varied shoots of the Scarlet Guard Inn, who then named those who had bested the fields in the archery competitions of the day.

Master Juan Miguel gives out prizes. Photo by Lord Mikus Magellus.

Their Majesties called for Chebe to present himself before Them. As a skilled archer working with the Hael Hounds, making his own bow and arrows as well as meads and ales, They felt he was a worthy deserving recognition and therefore Awarded him Arms making him a Lord of the court. The Scroll was created by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Their Majesties called Thalia la Papelone to attend Them. Speaking of her quiet service and continued work with the archery community, They Awarded her Arms, thus making her a Lady of the court. The scroll was illuminated by Mistress Cori Ghora and calligraphed by Mistress Liadain ni Chleirigh na Coille.

Their Majesties called forth Baron Edward Harbinger and Master Juan Miguel. They spoke of the rank of Master Bowman and how it was achieved through dedication to the art of the bow. Their Majesties then called forth Lady Ghaliya bint Yusef. Having attained the rank of Master Bowman, it was Their pleasure to witness this title conferred upon Lady Ghaliya. Furthermore, They felt it right to induct her to the Order of the Golden Alce for her tremendous dedication to the sport. They invited before them Mistress Ysabell Graver and Master Jacapo di Niccolo who presented her with the Golden Alce medallion originally worn by Master Jacapo before Lady Ghaliya’s birth and then worn by Mistress Ysabell. The scroll was created by the hand of THLady Anlaith ingen Trena.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Kathryn Täntzel. Seeing her work as both a seamstress and as a feast cooking assistant along with her creation of archery targets to enliven the hunt, They inducted her into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Mistress Gillian Llwelyn of Ravenspur.

Their Majesties then called forth Lord Cyrus Augur. For his study of period fencing technique and his teaching of this knowledge, They inducted him into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll by Freiherrin Helena Muetzhasen.

Their Majesties call for Lady Rachaeldis of Swansmere to attend Them. As the Mum to Sylvan Vulcani, she helps in archery, fencing marshalling and bringing lost cousins into the SCA with grace and inspiration. For all this, Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Felice de Thornton.

Their Majesties thanked Hornwood for hosting the Scarlet Guard Inn as it allows them to showcase the skill of the archers of Aethelmearc and enjoined the populace to take up the bow to strike fear into our enemies at Pennsic War. This day, They advised, They sought to find a new champion for Their court and indeed Master Jacapo di Niccolo had surpassed all this day. Having done so, Their Majesties saw fit to name him Their Archery Champion.

Maestro Jacopo is named Kingdom Archery Champion again. Photo by Lord Mikus Magellus

Their Majesties asked that all scribes who contributed to the scrolls given during the courts today stand and be recognized.

Her Majesty asked Lord Alfonso to attend Her. Her Majesty advised how she was delighted by the archery targets created for the event and was advised Lord Alfonso volunteered to create them all in the two weeks before the event while finalizing all the classes he was teaching at University. This moved Her to name him Her inspiration of the day and bestowed upon him the Golden Escarbuncle for his selfless devotion.

Lord Alfonso receives a Golden Escarbuncle. Photo by Lord Mikus Magellus.

There being no further business this day, Their Majesties’ court was thus concluded.

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Living The Dream

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2017-07-25 16:37

We all have different reasons for why we enjoy being a part of the SCA. Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words. Raiya Corsiglia, from Caid, has showcased those feelings in her film, “SCA – The Dream,” using no words at all. She is most graciously allowing it to be shared.




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A Recipe for Pickled Mushrooms

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2017-07-25 00:09

by THFool Dagonell the Juggler.


From The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie Opened (1669)

 Original Text:


Champignons are best, that grow upon gravelly dry rising Grounds. Gather them of the last nights growth; and to preserve them white, it is well to cast them into a pitcher of fair-water, as you gather them: But that is not absolutely necessary, if you will go about dressing them as soon as you come home. Cut the great ones into halves or quarters, seeing carefully there be no worms in them; and peel off their upper skin on the tops: the little ones, peel whole. As you peel them, throw them into a bason of fair-water, which preserves them white.

 Then put them into a pipkin or possnet of Copper (no Iron) and put a very little water to them, and a large proportion of Salt. If you have a pottle of Mushrooms, you may put to them ten or twelve spoonfuls of water, and two or three of Salt. Boil them with pretty quick-fire, and scum them well all the while, taking away a great deal of foulness, that will rise. They will shrink into a very little room.

 When they are sufficiently parboiled to be tender, and well cleansed of their scum, (which will be in about a quarter of an hour,) take them out, and put them into a Colander, that all the moisture may drain from them. In the mean time make your pickle thus: Take a quart of pure sharp white Wine Vinegar (elder-Vinegar is best) put two or three spoonfuls of whole Pepper to it, twenty or thirty Cloves, one Nutmeg quartered, two or three flakes of Mace, three Bay-leaves; (some like Limon-Thyme and Rose-mary; but then it must be a very little of each) boil all these together, till the Vinegar be well impregnated with the Ingredients, which will be in about half an hour. Then take it from the fire, and let it cool.

 When the pickle is quite cold, and the Mushrooms also quite cold, and drained from all moisture: put them into the Liquor (with all the Ingredients in it) which you must be sure, be enough to cover them. In ten or twelve days, they will have taken into them the full taste of the pickle, and will keep very good half a year. If you have much supernatant Liquor, you may parboil more Mushrooms next day, and put them to the first. If you have not gathered at once enough for a dressing, you may keep them all night in water to preserve them white, and gather more the next day, to joyn to them.”


Champignon is the medieval term for white button mushrooms.  “Of last night’s growth” means ones that weren’t there the previous night.  I chickened out and got packages from the grocery store.  Pipkins and Possnets are small cooking pans.  A pottle is an archaic unit of measure equal to a half gallon.  Twenty or thirty cloves???  Um, no.  Just no.  By liquor, he means the pickling liquid, not alcohol. Supernatant liquor is liquid over a solid residue.  I didn’t realize the term was that old!  

One pottle of mushrooms = 1/2 gallon = 1892.7 grams

One package of mushrooms = 12 ounces = 340 grams = ~20% of a pottle


From: Elinor Fettiplace’s Receipt Book (1605)

 Original Text:


Take your Buttons, clean ym with a spunge & put ym in cold water as you clean ym, then put ym dry in a stewpan & shake a handfull of salt over ym, yn stew ym in their own liquor till they are a little tender; then strain ym from ye liquor & put ym upon a cloath to dry till they are quite cold. Make your pickle before you do your Mushrooms, yt it may be quite cold before you put ym in. The pickle must be made with White-Wine, White-Pepper, quarter’d Nutmeg, a Blade of Mace, & a Race of ginger.”

 My translation:

Take your Buttons, clean them with a sponge and put them in cold water as you clean them, then put them dry in a stewpan and shake a handful of salt over them, then stew them in their own liquor till they are a little tender; then strain them from the liquor and put them upon a cloth to dry until they are quite cold. Make your pickle before you do your mushrooms, so it may be quite cold before you put them in. The pickle must be made with white wine, white pepper, quartered nutmeg, a blade of mace, and a race of ginger.


Again, the liquor is not alcohol, but the pickling liquid.  Nutmeg and mace both come from the same plant, Myrstica fragrans.  Nutmeg is the seed, mace is the lace-like peel.  A blade of mace is about 1/6 of the entire peel, so call it about a 1/2 teaspoon.  A race of ginger is one piece of root.  


Modern Redaction using both recipes:

  • 3/4 cup water (12 tablespoons)
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 36 oz. fresh mushrooms (3 12-ounce packages)
  • 1 quart white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons white pepper
  • 3 whole cloves (not 30!)
  • 1 whole nutmeg, broken (place in baggie, wrap in towel, hit with hammer)
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered mace
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 1 small ginger root, peeled and sliced

 In a small saucepan, combine water, salt, and peeled mushrooms.  Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.  It looks like there’s not enough liquid.  You just need enough to keep the mushrooms from scorching until they start to tenderize.  They will give up half their weight as liquid.  When the mushrooms are tender, strain them in a colander over a second saucepan.  Don’t throw away the liquid, it makes a great mushroom broth for homemade soup!  If you use commercial mushrooms, there won’t be any scum to deal with.  In a third saucepan, combine the vinegar, pepper, cloves, nutmeg, mace, bay leaves, and ginger root.  Bring to a boil.  Let everything cool.  Place the mushrooms in a clean jar, pour the pickling liquid over them, and seal.  Let marinate for two weeks.  

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Royalty Retainers Urgently Needed for Pennsic

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sun, 2017-07-23 15:07

Lady Elena. Photo by Jinx.

Pennsic is shortly upon us, and I am in search of gentles to help attend Their Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle. They will need retainers beginning Thursday of Peace Week and continuing through closing ceremonies on Friday of War Week.

Each shift is an hour long and every willing gentle is welcome – whether you’d like to retain for one hour on one day, or return multiple times over the course of the war. As always, new retainers are very welcome!

If you wish to sign up in advance (really encouraged!), please get in touch with me. I can be reached via Facebook message (Elena de la Palma) or via email.(   You can also sign up by coming to Æthelmearc Royal (at the corner of Brewer’s and St. Lawrence, right next to Pennsic University) at any point during Pennsic – even after the War starts, more hands will always be needed!

And finally, we will need many hands for some of the bigger events like Opening Ceremonies, Æthelmearc Court, the Known World Party, and Closing Ceremonies. Your help will always be welcome – simply come to Æ Royal before the event and let us know you’d like to help!

 Generous Æthelmearc, you have been so gracious in attending Their Majesties these past months. I am humbled with gratitude as I think ahead to Pennsic, and to the many gentles who will give of their time to ensure Their Majesties’ comfort. Truly, there is no place like home!

 Want to get in touch about retaining for Their Majesties at Pennsic?

Elena de la Palma, Head Retainer

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Battle of Five Armies

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2017-07-23 07:34


The Shire of Quintavia has discovered gold and more in our hills, and, while the Barony of Smoking Rocks has graciously “guarded” our mining operations for the last year, Quintavia has many neighbors who may wish to “liberate” us from this arrangement.

The following is a partial understanding of the goings on that have happened in and around the Shire of Quintavia.

February 13th, AS L, Carolingian Service University, Baron Colin of Carolingia and Citizen Ulrich von der Insel of Bridge begin plotting an alliance for the upcoming event.

March 12th, AS L, Black Rose Ball, Clothilde and Ulrich usurp Baron Eloi, taking control of the Barony of the Bridge. Word of the growing tensions in the Central Region is overheard in Royal Court.

AS LI – gold is discovered in Quintavia

September 3rd, AS LI, Smoking Rocks Baronial Investiture, the Dread Baron Richard Leviathan leads his forces to seize control of Quinatvia’s gold mines, allegedly in an attempt to block Carolingia from doing the same.

September 17th, AS LI, Falling Leaves in Exile, Carolingia pledges to overthrow Smoking Rocks’ intolerable interference.

February 18th, AS LI, Ice Weasel 12, Quintavia pays tribute to Smoking Rocks.

March 11th, AS LI, Novice Schola & Birthday Feast, Bergental pinky swears to come to Quintavia to combat Smoking Rocks’ aggression.

What’s more, our miners have recently discovered a magnificent stone that glows with an inner light.

There shall be competitions and Melees in all of the combat arts(Heavy List, Fencing, Archery, and Thrown Weapons), A&S challenges for artisans, War Points specifically encouraging Youth participation, and even a riddle contest.

In addition,  Dancing and Feasting (Please pre-reg!) will be had by all.  Finally the Shire of Quintavia invites one and all into a party at their encampment the Friday night of the event.

The site does have tenting facilities, please Pre-Reg to ensure spaces.

As part of the event Households in about Quintavia have issued challenges with the winners receiving renown for there the Baronies.

House Fiori – Quintavian Colors Challenge

The Defender of Quintavia shall be chosen from among those residents who present anything green and white, or green, or white. This is to represent the shire colors. Hurrah for the green and white!! Long may our banner wave!

House Lochleven – Practical Garb

Duke Edward and Mistress Cassandra wish to see your practical garb. Whether for smithing, nursing, cooking, plowing, or viking, show off your plain, stained, efficient, or comfy garb.

House Thorgeir – Viking Embellishment

Countess Svava encourages one and all to engage in Viking Embellishment, whether in trim, embroidery, carving, or storytelling.

House Darostur  – Flamingus:

“We of House Darostur. enjoying the finer things in life, such as decorative lawn ornamentation, inflatable creatures, and nylon structures invite the populace to expound on their appreciation of the most noble of birds found throughout our fair Shire and the Known World…the Noble Flamingo. Such expressions of wonder and thoughtfulness will be judged using the arcane and dubious methodology that this Noble House is best known for. Creativity and flair should be used to great affect and will indeed be remarked upon by all of the Household.”

Bring your finest flamingo festooned forms for display Saturday and earn your Barony the Darostur War Point (and maybe some gracefully awkward prizes).

House Viborg is sponsoring a Dirty Dozen Largess challenge!

Each entrant must make 12 items of largess to be given to the Crown. There is no limit on the number of entries. These can be sets of the same item (12 pairs of earrings) or a suite of items to showcase the breadth of an artist’s talent.

More information can be found at the event website, including the pre-reg form.

All are invited to come support the Shire’s neighbors in their bids to see which Barony shall earn the right  to bear the Arkenstone!

This event is co-sponsored by the Shire of Quintavia, the Barony of Carolingia, and the Barony of Bergental, please do come.

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From the Æthelmearc Gazette: Paladin’s Pantry at Pennsic

East Kingdom Gazette - Sat, 2017-07-22 21:27

Reprinted from the Æthelmearc Gazette


Dear Gentles,

Have you ever found yourself with more to pack at the end of Pennsic then you did when you set out from home, only to find that your vehicle seems to have shrunk? Is your kitchen area full of boxes of cereal, pasta, jars of peanut butter, and jugs of bottled water you can’t remember buying?

Never fear! The annual Paladin’s Pantry Food Drive is here to help by conveying your camp’s extra food and drink to a local food bank. Just drop any unopened foodstuffs or beverages (no alcohol, please) at one of our handy collection points:

  • Æthelmearc Royal (N04) Next to Pennsic University
  • Atlantia Royal (N40) Near the Gothic Abbey
  • Northshield Royal (E02) Across from Soalr Showers
  • Trimaris Royal (W17) Runestone and Great Middle Highway
  • Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands (N10) Central Serengeti
  • Barony of Bhakail (N11) Corner of Brewer’s and Fletcher
  • House Sable Maul (N29) Count Jehan’s Bounty
  • Puffin’s Rock Inn (N01) Next to Great Hall
  • Barony of Blackstone Mountain (E04)
  • Venshavn (E24) Next to Wulfden’s Back Door
  • Clan Blue Feather (E12) Slope of Horde Hill
  • House Akeru Thunder (E17) Hill Road
  • The Lusty Wench Tavern (E17) Across from Chalk Man Pub
  • The Chalk Man Pub (E17) Hill Road and Good Intentions
  • House Finisterre (B09) Far West Side
  • House Iron Lance (W13) Base of Runestone Hill
  • Maison Rive (Merchant Space 23) Across from Cooper’s Store
  • Offices of the Pennsic Independent –Top of Runestone Hill
  • Herald’s Point (Low Road, next to playground)

In addition, this year the program will be collecting used tents, sleeping bags, cots, and rain gear, (especially those in child sizes), which will serve no one in a dumpster, to benefit the homeless.

Exercise your charity, lighten your load, and help members of the community that has made us so welcome over the years!

Please direct any questions to Lord Alexander of Ayr (301.401.2045) or Master Morien MacBain (304.283.5640).

Paladin’s Pantry: We put the “large” in “largesse”!

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Court Report: Æthelmearc War Practice

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2017-07-22 16:28

From the Scrolls of the Reign of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, as recorded by Dame Kateryna ty Isaf, Jewel of AEthelmearc Herald with the assistance of Lord Arias Beltran del Valle,   Misty Highlands Herald, Master Liam Mac An TSaoir, Sycamore Herald, Drotin Jǫrundr hinn Rotinn, Golden Alce Herald and Master Fridrikr Tomasson, Gullskel Herald at War Practice in the Canton of Steltonwald on May 20, Anno Societatis LII.

The Court of Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle was opened upon the Fencing Field:

As Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle, accompanied by Their Heirs, Gareth
and Julianna, observed the fencing melee They asked for the crowd to assemble. They discussed the pride They found in the tremendous forces assembled. They spoke of the joy They had in creating the first of the Masters of Defense and asked the members if they felt there was anyone missing from their rank. The Masters of Defense advised Their Majesties that there was such a lack. So counseled, Their Majesties called forth Emily of Dunvegan and asked she sit vigil and play her prize at a date of Their choosing so that she may be so elevated to this Order. Scroll calligraphed by Isabella Montoya upon wording by Mistress Gabrielle Winter.

At the Court in the Afternoon:

Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle, accompanied by Their Heirs, Gareth
and Julianna, invited The Baron and Baroness of BMDL, Brandubh and Hilderun, to Their court.

Their Majesties invited Mistress Arianna Winthrope to speak regarding Their Youth Combat Championship. Mistress Arianna advised that there were two Youth who were victorious in their divisions, Fox and Katrina. Their Majesties being so advised did invest both Fox and Katrina as Their Youth Combat Champions. The outgoing Youth Combat Champions, Karl and Timothy of Arindale the Younger, were thanked for their service.

Fox and Katrina invested as Kingdom Champions. Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Their Majesties called forth Evelyn of Stormsport. For her work in helping with pre-cook for feasts, serving feast and especially her assistance with the Queen’s Tea, Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Silver Buccle. The scroll by Lady Edena the Red.

Their Majesties also called forth Alva Halfdansdottir. For her work as a List Runner at Crown Tournaments, kitchen assistance and serving at the Queen’s Tea, Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Silver Buccle.

Their Majesties called forth the rest of the children present. They asked the children to assist with singing Happy Birthday to someone before Lord Robert MacEwin took the toy chest and ran from the court. The children were instructed to take one toy each, beginning with the youngest child present.

Their Majesties called Meisteren Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen forth to be serenaded with the appropriate aforementioned song. Upon completion They asked her to remain a moment while the children departed. Once the children had left They asked her take a knee while the Order of the Master of Defense were invited before Their Majesties. Their Majesties advised Meisteren Fredeburg that she should present herself at a future date of Their choosing to sit vigil and play her prize so that she may be inducted into this most noble Order. Scroll calligraphed by Isabella Montoya upon wording by Mistress Gabrielle Winter.

Their Majesties invited to Their court His Majesty, King William of the MidRealm. His Majesty William thanked Their Majesties for a rousing day of fighting and advised that although He will take the field at Pennsic to oppose the armies of Æthelmearc, He yet counts Their Majesties as friends. Their Majesties presented Him with a gift basket in appreciation of His visit.

King William of the Middle. Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Their Majesties invited to Their court His Majesty, King Quilliam of Ealdormere. His Majesty Quilliam remarked on how enjoyed His day and looked forward to clashing with the might of Æthelmearc upon these very fields in the Pennsic War to come. Their Majesties presented Him with a gift basket to return home with and thanked Him for His visit.

Their Majesties gave leave to Their Excellencies of Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands to hold Their court.

Upon the completion of the Baronial court, Their Majesties invited before them Edelvrouw Lisbet de Keukere to discuss the Scarlet Apron competition this day. Edelvrouw Lisbet advised that there was a strong showing of competitors and was pleased to announce the populace choice was La Connectsion Frances and the Winners of the Scarlet Apron were Team Pel/Laurel comprised of Mistress Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon and Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin.

The Scarlet Apron is awarded to Master Alastar and Maistres Myfanwy. Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Their Majesties invited before Them Mistress Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon. Touched by her teaching of the tournament and hospitality in the galleries They rewarded her years of dedication her by adding her to Their Court as a Baroness. They asked Sir Aengus to attend Them so that he might present the Coronet to mark her station. The scroll was a work by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Their Majesties called forth Baron Friderich Swartzwalder, Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshall for Combat Archery. They asked if he felt it was time to step down from the post he had held with great diligence and he advised that he agreed and had found a suitable replacement in Mistress Zoe Akropolitina. Their Majesties asked Mistress Zoe if she was willing to take on this role and having assented They received her oath of service.

Mistress Zoe swears fealty as Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal. Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Their Majesties next demanded the presence of the Wild Hunt. Countess Elena and Don Po came forward to announce the results of the Wild Hunt throughout the year and bestow gifts upon the winners. In third place was Lord Robert Hawkesworth, second place THLady Gytha Oggsdottir and first place went to Lord Ru Cavorst.

Lord Ru Cavorst collects his prizes as winner of the Wild Hunt. Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Their Majesties called forth Duncan MacCoulagh and Isabella of Steltonwald. For Duncan’s work in the archery community and blacksmithing, Their Majesties Awarded him Arms and made him a Lord of the court. For Isabella’s interest in cooking, help in the kitchens and with whatever tasks need done, Their Majesties Awarded her Arms and made her a Lady of the court. Both scrolls were created by Countess Anna Leigh.

Their Majesties called before Them Jack Falleinwell. His Majesty commented on how He could not help but smile at this gentleman’s name, since as a small lad, the great and intelligent hound Lassie had often been known to call for Him to find a gentle with this very last name. Their Majesties advised that such a man must be mighty indeed and found that his extensive work at the Pennsic Wars did indeed make him a mighty helper for the Pennsic staff and especially mayor. Having been advised of such accomplishments They conferred upon him the title of Lord and Awarded him Arms.

Their Majesties called forth Illyria of Delftwood and for her beautiful work on garb and accessories and her generously donated works for largess and fundraisers They Awarded her Arms making her a Lady of the court. Scroll by Lady Genevote Nau d’Anjou.

Their Majesties called Charlotte Starke to attend Them. For her work in crafting lovely garb and fencing bucklers and her participation in fencing They made her a Lady of the court by Awarding her Arms. Scroll by THLady Mary Elizabeth Clason with wording by Mistress Gabrielle Winter.

Their Majesties called forth Mathias Al Tabai. Because of his helpfulness including willingness to become an exchequer and his fencing acumen, Their Majesties saw fit to make him a Lord of the court with an Award of Arms. Scroll was created by Elspeth of Wormwald with wording by Mistress Gabrielle Winter.

Their Majesties called Salvador Moro de Medici to come before Them. For his skill both on the Heavy and fencing fields and his willingness to teach others, They Awarded unto him Arms, thus making him a Lord of the court. Scroll by THLady Felice de Thornton.

Their Majesties requested Lady Rebekah Whytebull come before Them. Praising her work as tolner, kitchen staff, water bearer and watching the children of the Realm, They noted her gentle and quiet smile was always a staple of her work. Seeing fit to recognize such work for the betterment of the Kingdom, They inducted her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll was created by Lady Elena Modarovavnuka.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands. They remarked upon her beautiful work as a scribe, delicious brews, and lovely voice. Knowing her to be an anchor of the Debatable Choir, They found it right to induct her into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll created by the hand of Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Their Majesties called before Them Lord Theowulf fitz Renault. Remarking upon his regular attendance at musters and notable prowess They adjudged him to be a dedicated fighter and saw fit to induct him into the Order of the Golden Alce. Their Majesties directed him to note that this scroll had been created by the hands of Countess Aidan in the 50th year of the society and while the date was incorrect, They could not in good conscience alter or amend what was likely the last scroll Her Excellency had produced for the court. They enjoined Lord Theowulf to treasure the great gift bestowed upon him.


Their Majesties called forth Lord Nicolo Loredan da Venesia. Noting that he had served for several years as the exchequer of Silva Vulcani and worked diligently as a fencing marshal, They inducted him into the Order of the Keystone. The scroll was by THLady Elyse la Bref.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Takasukasa Riku. They advised They had seen how she was a stalwart of the archery community and a heavy weapons fighter of skill. Such a Samurai, should be given recognition befitting her accomplishments and so They inducted her into the Order of the Golden Alce. The scroll was created by Lord Sasson della Sancta Victoria.

Their Majesties invited before them Sir Arnthor inn sterki. For his tireless promotion of heavy weapons fighting and siege weapons, for his work as Regional Army commander, his service as Deputy Warlord and Shire Knight Marshal, Their Majesties inducted him into Their Order of the Keystone. The scroll was limned by Baron Caleb Reynolds and calligraphed by Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Their Majesties invited before Them Maestro Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato. They noted how he creates clever thrown weapons targets. They remarked upon his creations such as the Rhydderich Hael gate and the fire ring and box for the Kingdom. Having seen the beautification of Their Kingdom done by his hands, They inducted him into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll was created by Baroness Rosamund von Glinde.

Their Majesties invited before them Lady Vivienne of Yardley. Their Majesties then called forth the Order of the Fleur d’Aethelmearc to attend Them. Speaking of how the works of art created with pen and brush grace many halls and homes in Their Kingdom and how her ability is recognized throughout the Kingdom, They were moved to induct her into the Order of the Fleur d’Aethelmearc upon this day. The scroll was limned by Master Caoinlean n Seachaidh, also known as Tower, and calligraphed by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Their Majesties called before them Baroness Anna Eisenkopf. Their Majesties advised They had been counseled that an order was missing a member. Their Majesties then called for the Most Noble Order of the Pelican to attend Them. They advised that her work as Mistress of the Lists, at crown tournaments and Pennsic, as well as at smaller events had been seen for many years. Her support for the Thrown Weapons community was known to all. She was never seen idling for an event when hands were needed. For all this, They would have her sit vigil upon a date of her choosing to contemplate induction into the Order of the Pelican. The scroll was by the hand of Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Their Majesties were asked for a boon from Mistress Morgana bro Morganwg of Ealdomere. She asked that Their Majesties consider Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful as worthy of the Laurel Leaves and peerage for her gifts of song heard throughout the Known World. Assenting to her request, Their Majesties called Brehyres Gwendolyn forth. Accompanied by song as always, she presented herself unto Their Majesties. They asked her if having heard the counsel of her peers and bards, she agreed to proceed. Having her answer They called forth the Most Noble Order of the Laurel to attend Them.

Brehyres Gwendolyn is asked if she will accept elevation to the Laurel. Photo by Lady Aine.

From the Kingdom of the West, the words of Duke Frederick of Holland speaking as a Royal Peer were read by Countess Margerite Eisenwald. From the Kingdom of Ansterorra, Sir Kenneth MacQuarrie of Tombermory speaking for the Order of the Chivalry were read by Count Jehan de la Marche. From the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, speaking for the Order of the Master of Defense, the words of Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta were read by Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne. From the Kingdom of Trimaris, the words of Master John Lyttleton speaking for the Order of the Pelican, were read by Countess Caryl Olesdattir. From the Kingdom of Ealdormere, Mistress Morgana bro Morganwg spoke finally for the Order of the Laurel. All these bards, accomplished in every aspect of the Society, spoke to the depth of impact that Gwendolyn has had upon the bardic arts throughout the Known World.

With joyful hearts, Their Majesties received this wise council and agreed that Gwendolyn should be recognized as a member of the Order of the Laurel and so elevated her to that noble station with the Laurel leaves to mark her forevermore a peer. A cloak to warm her during bardic circles deep into the night was laid upon her shoulders. The ancestral fruitcake of the Order of the Laurel was presented to her. She was further advised that her name and arms will be added to the book of the Order of the Laurel ennobled in Æthelmearc. There were two scrolls in process of creation, one with words by Master Fridikr being limned by Lady Raven Whiteheart and the other by Lady Emer nic Aidan of Ealdormere.

Their Majesties asked that all scribes who contributed to the scrolls given during the courts today stand and be recognized.

Her Majesty asked Lord Tassin to come before Her. She spoke of how there is a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes and is rarely noticed unless it is not done. Her Majesty was moved to recognize Lord Tassin as Her inspiration of the day and bestowed upon him the Golden Escarbuncle because of all he had done to ensure the Kingdom encampment was built from the ground up, including the driving of well over a hundred stakes for the pavilions.

Lord Tassin receives a Golden Escarbuncle. Photo by Lady Aine.

There being no further business this day, Their Majesties’ court was thus concluded.​

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