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Happy Tidings: Welcome Æthelmearc’s Newest Subject!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2016-10-26 20:37

We are very happy to announce the birth of Viktoria Lola, born 10/24/2016, to Lady Maggie Rue and Lord Methius Weasel. The family is doing well. Welcome to Æthelmearc, Viktoria, and congratulations to the happy family!


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Æthelmearc Crown in Sugarpaste

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2016-10-26 12:15

By Sir Ian Kennoven.

Photo by Rose Ashbaugh

For the Coronation dinner of Marcus III and Margerite of Æthelmearc, held at Harvest Raid in the Shire of Heronter on September 24, I created an edible crown. There are several crown styles available to the monarchs of Æthelmearc, but the Byzantine style looked to be the simplest to reproduce, so that is where I started.  My intent is to do the others at some future date… 

Master Janos (majordomo for the reign) provided me a with few pictures of the crown in his care.

I then made a cardstock mock-up and shaping form.

Next, I mixed up a batch of sugarpaste:

  • 1/2 tsp. gum tragacanth
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • 2 tsp. orange blossom water
  • 1 Tb.  egg white
  • 12 to 16 oz. sugar, ground fine

Wet the gum with the lemon juice then add the orange blossom water and egg white.

Rest for several minutes and slowly incorporate the sugar until the desired consistency is reached.

The paste was rolled out and with the mock-up used as a template, the front piece was cut out. I worked the piece flat (smoothed the center areas and textured the borders), but when it was lifted to place onto the form the surface crinkled and much of the detail was lost. The form was too flimsy to work on, so if I make this crown again, I will create a more rigid form to work upon. The sugar was cured for a day in the dehydrator before being removed from the form. The sides were then cut. They slid off the form through the night, but luckily broke along the lines delineating the individual plaques. I now had an eight-piece sculpture instead of four.

They were placed back on the form and cured for another day before being removed so that the back piece could be manufactured.

A template was made and the escarbuncles were quickly cut out of sugarpaste using an X-Acto knife.

Once all the pieces had cured for a few days it was time to gold & silver leaf them. Each section was painted with egg white and allowed to dry. Twenty-four sheets of edible gold leaf and six sheets of edible silver leaf later, they were shiny.

I made a very quick plaster mold from wax cabochons. They shifted on me while pouring the plaster, but enough were workable to make the carnelians. After melting out the wax and allowing the form to cool, it was soaked overnight in water.  I dissolved 1 cup of granular sugar in 1/2 cup of water, tossed in a small red beet from the garden and a tablespoonful of red sandalwood powder. (Editor’s note: red sandalwood, or sanders, is edible, while brown sandalwood used for incense is inedible.) This was brought to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit then the solids were strained out. The syrup was quickly placed back on the heat,  brought to 300 F,  removed from the heat and the bottom of the pan was placed briefly in cool water. The mold was patted dry and a spoon was used to drip syrup into the mold. As they cooled the carnelians were popped out and more were cast.

Once cooled the sugar carnelians were glued in place with a thinned-out version of the sugarpaste.

This was allowed to rest for a day, then the whole was assembled using the same sugar glue. The crown was placed in the dehydrator overnight.

The seams were then covered in gold leaf and the crown was returned to the dehydrator for another night.

Sir Ian presents the sugarpaste crown. Photo by Karen Mensch DeMichiei

Their Majesties Margerite and Marcus. Photo by Phil Martino

I presented the subtlety to Their Majesties about halfway through the feast.  By the end of the meal, Her Majesty had broken the crown into pieces and distributed them to be eaten by the populace.

Reprinted from Sir Ian’s blog. All photos courtesy of Sir Ian, except where noted.

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St. Eligius A&S Event: Details and New Challenges

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2016-10-26 10:59

Submitted by R.Wurm, Barony of Dragonship Haven

Greetings Everyone

St. Eligius is right around the corner and Dragonship Haven is so excited! Queen Anna is honoring us with Her Presence, plus we have some new challenges and special competitions.

New this year are the Baron Adhemar Challenges: Misadventures and Collaboration. Sound intriguing? Go to the Baronial Website or our East Kingdom event listing to find out more and for all other competition information.

Other specialized contests include; Master Alexander the Younger’s Challenge, SCA Kluge, Medieval Moment and Artisan’s Progress, and we will have our Populace and Baron & Baroness’s Choice awards, as always.

St. Eligius is designed to have something for everyone; great food, great prizes, great company and great fun! We pride ourselves on our unique and diverse judging formats and our friendly and supportive atmosphere where all entrants, displayers, and onlookers will feel comfortable, encouraged, and go home feeling enthused and delighted!  Also, St Eligius is a good place to hone and get feedback on your entry for the upcoming King and Queen’s Arts and Sciences Competition.

Don’t feel like entering a competition? Please bring the project that you have been working on, finished or not. We want to see it and have plenty of tables for display only.

We are pleased to announce that there will be fencing, lots of it, with at least 2 tourneys. Since fencing is an art, we can’t leave it out of our A&S day.  Lord Christoffel will be running “The Art of Fence Challenge”; pick your favorite period fencing master and fence in that style.  More on this can be found on our event announcement.

We have space for any Guilds or groups that would like to meet. Please contact the stewards to reserve some space.

Please plan on joining us on November 12th for a day *well spent*. We look forward to seeing you and spending some quality time together!

Thank you in advance.
Hope to see you there!
R. Wurm

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Unofficial Court Report for King’s & Queen’s Rapier Champions

East Kingdom Gazette - Wed, 2016-10-26 09:57

Their Royal Majesties, Brion III and Anna III, ventured forth to Their Barony of Iron Bog on the 22nd of October, Anno Societatis fifty-one, there to watch the competition to determine the new King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champions.

After spending the day watching over 90 combatants compete for the honour of serving as Champion, Their Majesties opened Their Court. His Majesty invited before him the retiring King’s Rapier Champion, Master Donovan Shinnock, thanked him for a well-run tourney, and said that he would be sad to see him go. His Majesty took back the regalia of the office and Master Donovan stepped down.

His Majesty then called for Don Lupold Hass and asked if he would stand as King’s Rapier Champion. Don Lupold accepted and was fitted with the regalia of the office and presented a scroll naming him Champion, penned by Mistress Heather Rose de Gordoun. Don Lupold then took his place in Their Majesties’ Court.

Her Majesty asked for the attendance of the retiring Queen’s Rapier Champion, Don Llewellyn Walsh. She said that he had served with distinction and would always be a champion. Then she took from him the regalia of the office and Don Llewellyn stepped down.

Queen Anna then asked that Don Lottieri Malocchio come forward, which he did to much applause. Her Majesty stated that she’d be honoured to have him as Her Champion because “OMG, what fun!” Don Malocchio was given the regalia of the Queen’s Rapier Champion and given a scroll commemorating this, made by Mistress Heather Rose de Gordoun.

The Ladies of the Rose were called forward. As is their tradition, they offered tokens to individuals who stood out to them. Duchess Etheldreda Ivelchyld offered her token to Lady Genevra d’Angouleme and Lady Pixie of Iron Bog. Countess Marguerite ingen Lachlainn gave her token to Don Melchior Kriebel. Duchess Avelina Keyes presented her token to Master Connor Levingstoune from Atlantia. And Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain’s token went to Lord Xavier the Sinister.

Queen Anna asked for Don Thomas of Effingham, who carried the Cloak of Perseverance for the last year. She accepted it from him, then called for Don Mark le Gabler and presented the Cloak to him, asking him to bear for the next year.

Their Majesties then called for Lord Eldrich Gaiman. They spoke of his swift reactions on the fencing list and his depth of knowledge of his opponents, and had Their herald read a scroll naming him a member of the Order of the Golden Rapier and Granting him Arms. The scroll was made by Mistress Heather Rose de Gordoun.

King Brion and Queen Anna then asked that the children of the East attend them. As has been Their habit for this reign, they offered the children toys, but first required that they learn something of the Society. Master Donovan Shinnock was called forward to explain the art of defense and distribute the largess.

Next, those new to the Society were called before the thrones. Their Majesties offered tokens that the newcomers might remember their first days among us.

The event steward, Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin, was summoned and thanked, along with the Barony of Iron Bog, for the wonderful event they had put together for Their Majesties.

Friar Jacob the Wanderer was called forward and Their Majesties spoke of his storytelling skills and his “Children’s Bedtime Story Hour” at Pennsic. For his skill in the performing arts, Friar Jacob was made a Companion of the Order of the Troubadours and given a small cup by the Crown, the regalia of the Order.

Captain Berrick Grayveson was called next to attend the Crown. Their Majesties spoke of his time serving as a rapier marshal and twice as Rapier Champion of the Barony of Bhakail, and his teaching of silk banner making, and made Berrick a Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel. A scroll commemorating this was penned by Mistress Heather Rose de Gordoun.

Lord Connor MacSeamus O’Neal was summoned before the thrones. Their Majesties spoke of his artistry, his metalwork, and his skill making guards for rapier blades, and felt that these talents should be rewarded. They named him a Companion of the Order of the Maunche. A scroll will be forthcoming.

Their Majesties summoned Lord Ian Douglas. They spoke of his many years as a rapier combatant and marshal and his participation in the cut-and-thrust community, and felt this deserved recognition. They named him a member of the Order of the Silver Rapier and presented him a scroll with illumination by Lady Triona MacCaskey, calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan, and words by Mistress Dorigen of the Grey Gate.

Next, the Crown called for Lord Morwil MacShane. They recalled his time as Ladies’ Rapier Champion for Bhakail, his service as a rapier marshal, and his place as a alternate on the Pennsic Champions team, and felt all these things deserving. They named Lord Morwill a member of the Order of the Silver Rapier and gifted him a scroll saying such, created by Mistress Heather Rose de Gordoun.

Finally, King Brion and Queen Anna summoned Their Order of Defense. Their Majesties found when that Order gathered, however, that it was incomplete. Queen Anna turned to Her Rapier Champion, Don Lottieri Malocchio and though her herald delivered to him a Writ, to be answered at a later date, that he might respond to Their Majesties’ Summons whether he would take his place as a member of that Order. The words were written by Lady Liadan inghean Chineada.

Their Majesties then thanked all involved with putting on the event, and all attending the event and, there being no further business, processed from the hall.

These are the events of the day as I recall them. My thanks to all the retainers, guards, heralds, Champions, event staff, and attendees who made the day as joyful as it was.

Pray know I remain,
For Crown and College,

Master Rowen Cloteworthy

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Sheep & Wool Festival Through the Eyes of A First Timer

AEthelmearc Gazette - Tue, 2016-10-25 15:51

By Lady Pertolongan Kucingyn.

Welcome to the Festival! All photos by Pertolongan Kucingyn.

I am new to the fiber arts, having just learned how to knit recently.  My teacher, Mistress Irene von Schmetterling, had the wonderful idea of going to this amazing event, the New York Sheep and Wool Family Festival, on the weekend of October 15, in Rhinebeck, NY.  I had no idea what to expect but was game for a weekend away from our home, the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands.

We arrived a half an hour early for the festival, yet there were already at least a hundred people waiting to get in.  Many sported their recent creations and were quick to ogle each other’s work.  The atmosphere was open, friendly, and very welcoming.  

After walking through the first building of vendors I knew this was no ordinary event.  My biggest first impression was of the breadth of color on display!  There was wool in every form, and the dyed fiber contained every imaginable color you could wish for.  One of the vendors specialized in using all-natural dyes and labeled her fiber with the plant used to dye it.  The fiber came in every texture from the rougher wool to the silkiest Cria wool that was impossible not to pet.

Needle felted Triceratops.

There was every tool imaginable for working wool.  If you went there with nothing you could be fully kitted out to work raw wool into a fine garment… if you were wealthy enough to buy everything!  The tools ranged from functional and sturdy to exquisitely beautiful.  There were drop spindles I would have been delighted to use as a decoration in my house for the beautiful designs inlayed in the tops.  Spinning wheels galore were available in every shape and size.  Beautifully wrought looms from portable designs to big floor looms were available.  Perhaps the most clever thing on sale was the 3D-printed Turkish-style drop spindle with a lifetime guarantee.  If a part ever breaks, all you need to do is send the broken piece in and the company sends you a replacement!

 For those people interested in where the wool comes from you could spend time in the animal barns.  Throughout the day, there were demonstrations on shearing and educational talks about the different types of animals and their husbandry.  There were many breeds of sheep on display showing all the different colors and coats to choose from.  The llamas looked on placidly as you stopped to admire them. (My favorite was a white llama with the brown spots all over.)  There were alpaca and goats on display, too.  Some of the goats were quite interested in the people and things around them.  A vendor had to rescue her camp chair from the questing teeth of one goat!  The angora rabbits on display hardly looked real with their long, flowing locks.  I know some of the rabbits were available for purchase and I had to restrain myself from being tempted by a new cuddly companion.

There was no fear of going hungry at this event – it was loaded with food vendors!  There were stands of typical fair food: fried dough, French fries, burgers, and kettle corn.  But there were also vendors that sold lamb dishes.  We stopped at a food truck selling Moroccan lamb stew with a spiced chickpea side dish.  The lamb in the stew was cooked to perfection and delightfully spiced. 

There was a building devoted to food and wine.  Many small New York wineries from all over the state were there offering tastings of their wines.  You could buy frozen lamb cuts that were sent home in an insulated bag.  Specialty cheese vendors were very busy and had long lines of people waiting to get a taste.  You could get homemade pickles and specialty chocolates.  A maple sugar vendor was even selling maple sugar cotton candy.  I bought a peck of my favorite type of apple from the one fresh fruit vendor there. 

There were plenty of finished items for sale too.  I came home with a beautiful alpaca sweater and a wool jacket.  There were socks, hats, mittens, gloves, and scarves to purchase too.  The needle-felted crafts ranged from adorable to incredible.  One booth had the entire cast of characters from the Hobbit including a four-foot-long needle-felted Smaug that must have taken months to create.  My favorite needle-felted item was a picture of a cheetah face.  It was so incredibly detailed that I thought it was a painting until I was up close!  I can’t believe that could be done in needle felting!  We found some lovely soaps and lotions containing lanolin that will be much appreciated in the winter months to come. 

On Sunday, there was a “Fleece to Shawl” contest of several teams of three spinners and one weaver.  There was a team of East Kingdom gentles (in garb) feverishly working away on a beautiful blue and white piece.  The contest required competing teams make a shawl step by step: starting with washed fleece, through hand carding, to spinning, to weaving, and finally to finishing ends.  We stopped to cheer them on.  I keep checking the website for the results of the competition but it hasn’t been posted yet.

Overall, I was delightfully surprised at all there was to do and see at the festival.  We were there all day on Saturday and for a couple of hours on Sunday, and yet we still didn’t see and do everything there was to do.  Anyone who is involved in the fiber arts should definitely try to attend this event.  You won’t be sorry you went!

(Editor’s Note: The Festival’s Facebook page can be found under “New York State Sheep and Wool Festival.”)

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In Memorium: Mistress Elsa de Lyon

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2016-10-25 15:44

Mistress Elsa de Lyon passed from this world on October 20, 2016, leaving behind two sons and their families, her mother and the remainder of her family – both chosen and blood relatives – and many, many friends.

Elsa began her journey in the SCA in 1991, in the Shire of Montevale. Her wish to spread her creative talents and help others made her a community leader in her Shire as a Minister of Arts and Science from 2001 to 2004, with a small break from officer work for a few years to again step up and become Seneschal for the Shire of Montevale for five years (2009-2014). Recently, she had become A&S Minister again, because she wanted to continue to serve her local group, and enjoyed this role.

Although she would also serve as a head cook at a few events in the western portion of the Southern Region over the years, many remember her best as a scribe in the East Kingdom College of Scribes. While she physically could not travel the Kingdom, her work would travel to the far corners of the Kingdom and across Kingdom borders to inspire others over these many years.

Elsa was a regular teacher at Pennsic, whether taking groups out for a weed walk, teaching basic calligraphy courses at the Aethelmearc Scribal Track and also helping with setup and breakdown at scribal gatherings at Pennsic. At home, she was a gentle lady, always willing to help others develop their artistic skills in informal one-on-one lessons, at demos, and in occasional local A&S workshops. Her skill was noticed by the Society Chronicler in A.S. 36 and she was nominated for a William Blackfox award for her work on the December 2001 cover of the Montevale Knightly Knews.

Iris by Mistress Elsa

After being recognized with an Award of Arms, a Maunche, the Queen’s Honor of Distinction (Jana IV), and the Order of the Silver Crescent, Elsa was issued a Writ of Summons by Their Graces Brennan and Caoilfhionn in May of 2014, commanding her to appear in court at Southern Region War Camp to consider her elevation to the Order of the Laurel. On June 28, AS 49 (2014), Elsa was released as an apprentice by Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, and her elevation was witnessed by all present including her household Clan Black Dragons, her son Ryan, and scribes from the Mac Whyte House.. Speakers for her elevation included Master Denys the Decadent of Aethelmearc, Sir Wulfbrand, Duchess Roxane, Mistress Farasha, and Elsa’s first Laurel, Mistress Brighid the Limner, whom had previously retired from the SCA and returned for this special occasion.

In recent years, Elsa made a point of traveling to Pennsic each year to see friends from afar, and could always be found working on something creative that would cause joy to both herself and others.

Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte shares the following memories of her student and friend:

“I had met Elsa at one of the first Known World Scribal Gatherings at Pennsic (about 16 years ago), held in Midrealm Royal camp at the time. I was in my first year as a scribe in service to the East Kingdom College of Scribes, maybe in my 3rd year in the SCA as a whole, and I recall being overjoyed to bump into someone from “back home”, despite the physical distance between us. We remained in touch through the mailing list for scribes and via email for many years after, and into the years when social media became available. In 2012 while I served as Tyger Clerk of the Signet, I was able to see her work a bit more often, and marveled again at her talent. Although she had the strong support of her local community, and although I viewed her as more of an equal if not my better in many ways, we spoke privately and we had agreed that an advocate for her behind the scenes was needed, and entered into a student-peer relationship, which became an apprenticeship at Pennsic the following year. We would continue to stay in touch, becoming closer within the last five years, albeit perhaps not as close as her SCA household and mundane family.

Detail from a Queen’s Cypher scroll

Our last meeting was at Pennsic 45, at which Elsa and I would meet every day, making the most of the time we had together since we rarely had opportunity during the rest of the year to travel to see each other; her schedule was just as busy as mine, but I would always hear of the success of her prize-winning daffodil bulbs (goodness, she could tell you a million different things about daffodils and other members of the Amaryllidaceae family) as a master gardener and competitor in local gardening shows, or occasions where she had time to teach others at demos or events. We also shared our concerns over the welfare of and recognition of gentles in the southwestern borders of the East Kingdom, and she took to heart her duties as a new peer in looking after others in her community, encouraging them to grow further in the SCA. When we parted ways at the close of this past Pennsic, we probably took several attempts at saying goodbye, knowing it would be a while before we would see each other again.

We made the most of the time we had, and the East was blessed to have this gentle woman among us, with a smile, laughter and gentle demeanor that influenced others across Kingdom borders. She was the kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up, long before I was a peer, and I and others have been honored to have known her simply as a friend, grateful for having her in our lives, and her example to live by.”

A memorial service for friends will be held at Gensel Funeral Home at 333 Falling Spring Road, Chambersburg, PA 17201 on Saturday, October 29 2016. Please note that her family has requested that friends of Elsa wishing to attend please arrive at 1:00pm, one hour prior to the family service at 2pm.

A GoFundMe page (originally set up for her medical expenses for recovery) has since been left up online to cover funeral costs as well.  A memorial page has been set up by her family.

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Make Your Own Period Drawing Charcoal!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Mon, 2016-10-24 21:12

Make your own period art supply!
By Elska á Fjárfella (Susan Verberg)
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn in Aethelmearc – Ithaca, NY

Affordable, but oh-so-easy to make yourself, charcoal drawing sticks might very well have been one of the first art supplies available to man. As all that is needed to make some is a low oxygen burn, and as we have seen time and again with our son, it only takes a kid playing near a cooking fire and another graffiti artist is born!

The science behind making charcoal, or charring, is interesting yet surprisingly simple,  and revolves around oxygen. Charcoal is formed by the incomplete burn, or combustion, of wood. Composed of mostly cellulose (CH2O), wood does not burn immediately; first it releases steam (H2O) and turns from white to black. It chars, thus becoming charcoal (C, or the element carbon, with trace minerals). When charcoal burns in contact with air, carbon combines with oxygen to form the gas carbon dioxide (C + O2 => CO2) and lots of heat. The white ash leftover from burning charcoal is what remains of the small amount of non-flammable minerals which were present in the wood from the start (and can be used to make lye).

When wood is burned without oxygen (this is called anaerobic), it turns black as the water is evaporated out and charcoal is left behind. If access to air is limited and heat is removed, the charcoal will become stable and available for future use. Charcoal takes up less space and is able reach a higher temperatures with the addition of extra air (bellows) than a pile of wood, which makes it ideal for use in a smithy’s furnace. To make proper charcoal an anaerobic burn is necessary, and in history people have found different ways of doing so, mostly by either digging in wood in hill sides or covering wood with a burn resistant material (like a metal kettle) while building a large fire right over it.

Previously used and new paint cans ready for heating.

All kinds of woody twigs can be made into charcoal and by varying the types of trees the twigs come from you can make sticks of varying densities and hardness. To make the type of charcoal sold in art stores, traditionally grape vine or willow twigs are used. Add a small charcoal kiln, and a nice big bonfire, and voila! charcoal sticks!

Any kind of metal can with a tight fitting lid can be used as a charcoal kiln. I prefer to use a new paint can from a home improvement store as it has lots of room, a handle, and minimal chemical residue. It does have a liner and same as with yard sale tins it is a good idea to dry burn it first, not only to remove any leftover residue but also to see if the tin is strong enough to survive the temperatures of a good fire without melting or warping! Lastly, your kiln needs an air hole – a vent – in the lid; a finishing nail hammered through the center works perfectly.

Bonfire ready to go, kiln steadily venting steam.

Next up is the hunt for some good sticks and twigs. Keep in mind that charcoal shrinks significantly so don’t get real skinny ones. Wild grapes are easily found along roadsides and forest edges; willow likes to grow in ditches and near water. The bark can be removed beforehand, or left on to be removed later as needed. Fill the kiln as full as you can, making them as long as you can while still being able to close the lid. Hammer the lid on well, its purpose is to keep oxygen from entering the kiln chamber. It’s fine to mix types of wood and various diameters, and that way you’ll get a nice mix of drawing sticks to play with too!

Combustible gasses are being burnt off.

And now it’s time to play with fire. Make a good wood fire with lots of coal and with a long stick place your cans in or near the fire. Depending on the amount of water in the wood. after a bit steam will come out of the vent enthusiastically. If the steam comes out forcefully, looking like a pillar, pressure is building up inside which can blow off the lid. Either scoot the can over away from the heat a little, or wire the lid down, and try again. If you feel like it should be steaming but suddenly is not, the hole might be plugged with liquid tree sugars – fish the kiln out of the fire, use the nail to poke open (and slightly enlarge) the hole, and try again.

Closing off the air hole during cool down.

Heat the kiln well for at least an hour if it is directly in the fire, or a couple of hours if at the sideline. As long as steam is coming out no air can come in, and the charcoal is doing fine. If the lid blows off, replace is as soon as you can, and take another drink… At the end of the burn, when all water is evaporated, the combustible gasses are ready to go. The steam will dwindle away and suddenly a candle flame will spout out of the lid hole! When the flame also dwindles away, carefully take the kiln out of the fire, immediately plug the air hole and let it cool down completely.

Admiring the charcoal – it’s like a magic trick!

When the kiln has cooled down, pry open the lid and behold – your own freshly made drawing sticks! The neat thing of charcoal sticks as an art medium is that it smudges easily, which can be used to create impressive shadows and highlights – but can also easily muck up your drawing. It is a good idea to use a fixative (like hairspray or an art fixative) to protect your finished drawing, and to store your fragile drawing sticks in a sturdy container like a mason jar so they don’t get crushed or bent. And, last but not least: go forth & create!

It works!

Dunn, Kevin M. Caveman Chemistry, 2003. ISBN 1-58112-566-6
Neddo, Nick. The Organic Artist, 2015. ISBN 978-1-59253-926-0
Verberg, Susan. Of Charcoal and Ashes, 2015. Class Handout by Elska á Fjárfella.

People in photographs:
Bedwyr Danwyn (Theodore R. Lazcano)
Sîmon á Fjárfelli (Simon Verberg, my son)
Photography by me, Susan Verberg

Bedwyr did this demo at my birthday party in 2015 and taught me the process of making charcoal in a paint can as part of my interest in making quality ashes for soap making.

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King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champions 2016

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2016-10-24 20:27
On Saturday October 22nd, in the Barony of Iron Bog, more than 90 rapier fighters contended for the positions of King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champion.  The tournament, run by Master Donovan Shinnock, the outgoing King’s Rapier Champion, followed the traditional two-round format, with the first round being multiple round-robin pools and the second round being a 16-person double elimination.   At the end of many friendly but hard-fought combats, the final four contenders were Master Caine Ramsey, Don Lupold Haas, Don Lottieri Malocchio and Don Remy Delemontagne de Gascogne.  Lupold defeated Remy to advance to the finals.  Malocchio defeated Caine to advance to the finals.  

Don Malocchio and Don Remy


 Lupold and Malocchio then fought a best three out of five finals.  The fights were intense, passionate and joyful to behold.  At the end, Lupold emerged as the victor and the new King’s Rapier Champion.   In court later that evening, Queen Anna selected Malocchio as her new Queen’s Rapier Champion.   Also in court, their Majesties issued a Writ commanding Malocchio to appear at a date and time to be determined to answer whether he would accept the accolade of the Order of Defense.   The fencers of the East gratefully thank the people of Iron Bog, the marshals and the list officials who made this wonderful day such a success. 
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A Reminder for Crown Tournament Combatants

East Kingdom Gazette - Sun, 2016-10-23 21:29

Attention Crown Entrants: Remember your device for the shield trees!

If you need info on how to make a device for the shield tree, see this page on the East Kingdom wiki.

If you have questions or need help either making a shield or deciding what to put on it, please feel free to contact Rosina von Schaffhausen, Jongleur Herald, who can also get you in touch with an accomplished heraldic artist.

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On Target: Archery for Kids

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2016-10-22 22:57

When it comes to children’s archery, make sure “The Size is Right.” Many a well-meaning parent has handed their equipment to their son or daughter not realizing how oversized it is for a 10-year-old. Tiny fingers, inexperience, and nerves already make that first shot very difficult. Added to that, many adults shoot 35-pound bows and higher. Most children should be shooting 25-pound bows and lower.

In the picture at right you can see the difference between a 6-foot longbow and a 3-foot youth bow. Also, you can see the difference in the length of the arrows, I have a slight overdrawn so I used 29-1/2 inch arrow. For a youth, the length can be much shorter.

In addition, youth arrows might have factory tips which don’t always have the appropriate weight, throwing off the balance of the arrow.

Remember archery is for the whole family, but the equipment has to match the size of the shooter.

This month’s safety tip: be sure to go to your local fletcher and he’ll help you make the right decision.

In service,

THLord Deryk Archer

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Court Report: Kingdom A&S Champs

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2016-10-21 17:33

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Marcus & Margerite, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Æthelmearc Arts & Sciences Champions, 15 October, Anno Societatis LI, in the Shire of Sunderoak. As recorded by Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald.

Their Majesties invited Mistress Alicia Langland to address the populace whereupon she shared news of the upcoming Æthelmearc Æcademy & War College and invited all to attend.

Next, Their Majesties called for Simon a Fjarfelli and Hannah- the day’s two entrants in the Youth Arts and Sciences championship. Having spoken of each entrants submissions and the craftsmanship of each, Their Majesties faced a tough decision as to the winner of the competition. After much deliberating and consideration, Their Majesties named Simon as Their Youth Arts and Sciences Champion. Words and calligraphy by THL Máirghréad Stíobhard inghean uí Choinne with illumination by Lady Catherine O’Brien.

Their Majesties then bid Hannah tarry a bit longer. They praised her artistry and craftsmanship and did award her a Silver Sycamore. Scroll forthcoming.

Then, all children present were invited before the Throne and were advised of the chest-of-treasures in the possession of THL Alrekr Bergsson. Seeing the treasure-lust in the eyes of Their young subjects, Their Majesties released THL Alrekr from court with the chest and the children in pursuit.

Master Fridrikr Tomasson next approached the Throne. He read the names of the day’s entrants in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship. He also read the names of the judges and offered tokens of gratitude for their service. Master Fridrikr also noted that Lord Hrolf Fjarfell was the winner of the populace choice.

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences champion, Lady Elska a Fjarfella, was then invited forward. Their Majesties thanked her for her services as the Æthelmearc A&S champion but noted that it was time for another to take her place, and so the winner of the day’s competition, Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen was called forward and named as the new Æthelmearc Arts and Sciences Champion. She was given the regalia of the position and was then invited to join Their Majesties Court. Scroll wording by Duchess Dorinda Courtenay, calligraphy and illumination by Lady Abigail Kelhoge.

Next, the following gentles were recognized as nominees for the William Blackfox Awards. For Best Regular Feature: Lady Eleanor of Pembroke, Cooks Corner, Authors: Cooks Guild; The Apple Press, Shire of Sylvan Glen. For Best Artwork: THL Rhiannon Elandris, Cover Illumination, Ice Dragon, June 2014, Barony of Rhydderich Hael. For Best Layout and Design: Lady Aerin Wen, Windfalls, Shire of Coppertree. For Best Article: Lady Aerin Wen, Viking Navigation & the Sunstone; Author: Mistress Mathilde des Pyrenees, Summer 2014, Windfalls, Shire of Coppertree. For Best Overall Newsletter: Fuji’na no Takako, The Althing, Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands. For Best Poetry or Short Fiction: Leo Ronin, The Tale of the Wandering Lion: My story in verse. Across the Hills, Spring 2015, Barony of Endless Hills.Commendation for Best Special Edition: Lady Margarita Carpintero, Full tilt- 10th Anniversary Arts & Sciences Special Edition, Barony of Delftwood.

Mistress Illadore de Bedagrayne was then called before Their Majesties and gave her oath of fealty.

Their Majesties then invited Lord Hrolf Fjarfell to attend Them. They spoke of his skill in woodworking and named him a Companion of the Sycamore. Calligraphy and illumination by Lady Kaðlín Sigvaldakona, words by Master Fridrikr Tomasson.

Their Majesties then called for Lady Fenna Rioux. Praising her for her dedication and service in running events did induct her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll forthcoming.

Next, Lady Oribe Tsukime presented herself to Their Sylvan Majesties, who spoke of her work on her Japanese persona and of her resist dyeing, and so did induct her into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll forthcoming.

Lady Jerngurd Omgürd next came before the Throne. Their Majesties spoke of good food, and how Lady Jerngerd was responsible for not only today’s good food, but is known for such labors. Being pleased with her craft in cooking did induct her into the Order of the Sycamore. Scroll forthcoming.

Her Majesties then wished to be attended by Rachel McMichael, who was not present. Her Majesty spoke of the importance of the care of the youth of the kingdom and of how Rachel spent her day tending to the children and providing them activities that were both fun and engaging. For this service, Her Majesty named Rachel as Her Inspiration and awarded her a Golden Escarbuncle.

Their Majesties then thanked the scribes and invited any scribe who contributed work to the day’s event or Archers to the Wald to come forward, be recognized, and receive a token from Her Majesty’s hand.

There being no further business, this Court of Their Majesties was closed.

Faithfully submitted,

Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta,

Jewel Herald.

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Court Report: Archers to the Wald

AEthelmearc Gazette - Thu, 2016-10-20 16:45

Here begins the report of the Court of Her Majesty Margerite, Queen of Æthelmearc, at Archers to the Wald in the Canton of Steltonwald, 8 October AS LI, accompanied by Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Golden Alce Herald, reporting.

Her Majesty thanked all who attended the event this day and all the staff for running this event at which She had such a wonderful time. His Majesty also sends His greetings and regrets that he was unable to attend this day.

Her Majesty gave leave to Their Excellencies of the Debatable Lands leave to conduct the business of Their Court.

Her Majesty gave leave to Lord Alrekr Bergsson to recognize some archers who had attained ranks in the Royal Round standings. Shelby Hernan, Vera Ivanova Tolstikova, and Alfonso de Santo Domingo, all achieved the rank of Archer, and he presented them with pewter medallions made by the hands of Lady Edana the Red.

Lord Alrekr had one further gentle to recognize but was unable to do so, thus he besought Her Majesty to make this recognition for him. Her Majesty summoned Devon Haugh before Her. Devon has achieved a Junior Royal Round average of 85, and was thus presented with a medallion, also by Lady Edana the Red to reflect his rank of Master Bowman. Her Majesty was further moved to recognize this remarkable achievement by inducting Devon into the Order of the Silver Alce. The scroll will be created by His Majesty at a later date.

Her Majesty next bade the children of the Kingdom to present themselves. So that they might be entertained she summoned forth the box of goodies, and the bearer of the day Alfonso de Santo Domingo that he might carry the box and run with it.

Her Majesty summoned THL Aemelia Soteria, the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion. This day she ran a tournament to determine her successor, and from among the finest throwers in the land, one rose above the rest. Master Juan Miguel Cezar proved himself most skilled this day and was named the Thrown Weapons Champion of Æthelmearc.

There was another champion to be determined this day, so Her Majesty summoned, Takamatsu-san Gentarou Yoshitaka, the Kingdom Archery Champion before her. The round robin style tournament had one archer rise above the rest, Ichikeiro-san Osoroshi, proved to be the best shot and so was named, Æthelmearc’s Archery Champion.

Her Majesty called for Caelfind in Eich Gil to attend Her. Their Majesties have heard much of the good works of this gentle and how she not only shoots, but also assists with setting up the range and tearing it down at the end of practice. For this it pleases Their Majesties to Award her Arms and make her a Lady of Their Court. Scroll by Brigette de

Her Majesty next had words for Sanada-san Masamoto Kenshin O’no Kuma. His skill with knife, axe and spear is a wonder to behold, and his rate of improvement is an achievement that all should seek to emulate. Thus does Her Majesty induct him into the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll illuminated by Isabel Fleuretan with calligraphy by Kameshima Zentarou Umakai.

Her Majesty next gave leave to Master Juan Miguel Cezar to do some business as a member of the Order of the Scarlet Guard. Juan Miguel had a notion to take a pair of students that he might further their interest in and service to archery, Lord Ru Cavorst and Lord Alrekr Bergsson. Juan Miguel however noticed an issue with the regalia that he had brought with him, that being the tassel of the members of the Scarlet Guard, rather than their students. He asked her Majesty if she know of a way that his error could be rectified, and so the Order of the Scarlet Guard was summoned to present themselves.

Lord Ru Cavorst was inducted into the Order of the Scarlet Guard and granted arms with a scroll by Graidhae ni Ruaidh.

Lord Alrekr Bergsson was inducted into the Order of the Scarlet Guard and granted arms, scroll forthcoming.

Her Majesty spoke of how one gentle this day inspired her with her willingness to assist the new members of the Society by taking time out of her day, while taking care of her own child to take care of the child of a family new to the Society so that the parents could get a chance to see what the event had to offer. For this Her Majesty named Lady Aisling Ngleantan Her inspiration of the day and awarded her a Golden Escarbuncle.

Her Majesty bid all the scribes who presented scrolls to this day’s Court to attend Her, and she presented them with a token in thanks of their hard work.

Her Majesty thanked everyone for being so welcoming to Her this day, and wished all a good night and a safe trip home.

Court Closed.

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Come and Have an AMAZing Time!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2016-10-19 18:08

Corn Maze III is nigh!

Photo by Ursus.

Corn Maze III is hosted by the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais from November 4, 2016 at 4 PM to November 6, 2016 12 PM. The event takes place at Ard’s farm (4803 Old Turnpike Rd, Lewisburg, PA. 17837).

We caught up with HRH Timothy to discover what makes Corn Maze (or A&E War, which is the official name) different from other SCA events:

“Several years ago, THL Angus McClerie and I were driving through ACG, and we drove by a corn maze. I said to Angus, “wouldn’t it be sweet to have some melees in there?” His response made my heart leap: “I went to High School with the owner”.

“The first year, he told us we could have it for a few hours after he closed it on its last day before he plowed it under/harvested it. So we arranged for some construction lights, and at 8 pm on a Sunday night, with only three weeks notice, about 50 of us tromped through the maze with every goofy scenario we could come up with. Mostly they were traditional scenarios with a maze twist thrown in.

“The site is a corn maze of about 10 acres. In the middle of the maze is a bridge that we allow spectators to stand on and watch the fighting happening all around them; they wear safety goggles, as there is combat archery in most of the scenarios.

Photo by Ursus.

“The second year, we added fencing, and only fought heavy in the maze during the evening. Again, we migrated to whatever wacky scenario I could come up with. Bearing in mind I had a year to plot, I did get very creative, and that is how we ended up where we are now. The Corn Maze war is in no way, shape or form high medievalism; it is about having a good time. We fight pretty much all day and most of the night, with fighters taking a break as they feel like it. I run one scenario after another with only a brief break for dinner.

We do resurrection battles, free-for-alls, warlord tourneys, and our grand finale, the famed “zombie battle”. This battle is run several times, but the first one is the one that is the most epic. Each fighter is given a glow stick on a lanyard that they are to tie on their person. They can distribute themselves throughout the maze as they will. After all fighters have a chance to place themselves, I announce that they are to stop moving. Each fighter then breaks open their glow stick, and sees what side they are on. I turn out the construction lights, and call lay on. As each fighter dies, they resurrect. The resurrection points are either end of the bridge, and the maze separates them. From the bridge, the spectators get to see glow stick laden arrows fly through the air and the lights of fighters bobbing along thru the maze. I added a twist last year. I selected one fighter at random, and in secret, and told them they were patient zero. When they died, they didn’t resurrect. They were to wander through the maze, and try and kill stragglers, to increase the mob of zombies. At some point, the zombies reach a critical mass, and I call humanities’ last stand, and the red and blue team joins up, under the bridge, trying to fight off the ever increasing number of zombies.”

The autocrat is HRH Timothy of Arindale. The event page can be found here.
Adult Event Registration: $18
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $13
Children are free.
Please make checks out to SCA Inc, shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais.

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Unofficial Report – GGG and Rose Tourney

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2016-10-18 14:50

On the 8th of October, Anno Societatis LI, or 2016 in the Common Era, Their Majesties Brion III and Anna III rode to Their Barony of Carillion, there to attend Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins and the Ladies of the Rose Tourney.

Their Majesties Opened Court by inviting in Duchess Kiena Stewart and Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, who hosted the Rose Tourney. Their Graces thanked the Barony of Carillion for hosting them, then announced the winners of the various categories. The overall winning team belonged to Duchess Etheldreda Ivelchyld.

The top team in archery was Countess Violante do Porto’s team and the top archer was Master Peter the Red.

The top armoured combat team was also Duchess Etheldreda’s, with the top chivalry combatant Master Ioannes Aurelius Serpentius and the top unbelted combatant Baron Rory McClellan.

The top rapier combat team belonged to Duchess Caoilfhionn. The top OGR fencer was Don Melchior Kriebel and the top non-OGR was Lord Titus Hostilius Nero.

Their Majesties invited the children of the East forward. When asked if the children liked the Society, one child exclaimed, “Yes! I love it!”. In keeping with Their Majesties’ philosophy that gifts such as these should come with some learning about the Society, King Brion and Queen Anna asked Duchesses Kiena and Caoilfhionn to come forward and speak to the children about courtesy before the children could claim their bounty.

The Crown then called for the event steward, Baroness Tysha z Kieva, and thanked her for her efforts putting together the event.

King Brion and Queen Anna then invited those new to the Society to come forward. Queen Anna spoke briefly to them, making them welcome, then the newcomers were offered tokens that they might remember their first steps in the SCA.

Next, Anastasia Wolf of House Carpathia was called for. Their Majesties noted that she served as a water bearer and entertained people with Middle Eastern dance. Finding her contributions worthy, Anastasia was made a Lady of the Court and Awarded Arms. She was given a scroll to commemorate this, with calligraphy by Master Jonathan Blaecstan and illumination by Baroness Ellesbeth Donofrey.

Lord Aharon Ben Ze’ev was summoned and Their Majesties spoke to him of his work in Settmour Swamp as an event steward, cook, and event staff and, in light of these good works, inducted him into the Order of the Silver Wheel. Aharon was given a scroll made by Mistress Heather Rose de Gordoun to mark the occasion.

King Brion then spoke briefly about the Orders. For the duration of the reign, when in tight quarters or with larger Courts, members of the various Orders may be asked to stand in place, rather than gather around the newest Order member. It is hoped that this small change will help speed the longer Courts.

Their Majesties then requested that Master Erhart von Stuttgart attend them. They spoke of his works crafting brass needles, hooks and eyes, and pins, and drawing of wire. They heard the words of Their Order of the Maunche and inducted Erhart into that Order. There was no scroll present, but there were words provided by Master Ryan McWhyte.

The Crown then called for Duke Gavin Kilkenny. King Brion mentioned that “back in the day”, it was not common to receive regalia when elevated to the peerage. Friends of His Grace felt this should be rectified and were called forward to present him with a hood for his induction into the Order of the Pelican these many years past.

Queen Anna spoke briefly about a day she described as “delightful” and King Brion called “excellent”. The business of the Court concluded, Their Majesties retired to their rooms.

These were the events of the Court as I recall them. My thanks to the event staff, retainers, guards, heralds, scribes, and all those others who made the event the thing it was.

Pray know I remain,

For Crown and College,

 – Master Rowen Cloteworthy

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Announcement from Their Majesties – Fall Crown Tournament list

East Kingdom Gazette - Tue, 2016-10-18 14:46

To the Kingdom of the East, do We Brion and Anna send these words from the Tyger thrones, this 17th day of October.

We are pleased to announce the following gentles who would contest on the field of honor for the Fall Crown Tournament of the Kingdom of the East:

Master Ryan Mac Whyte fighting for Mistress Kay Leigh Mac Whyte
Duke Ronald Wilmot fighting for Duchess Bronwyn Dawntreader
Duke Randal of the Dark fighting for Duchess Katherine Stanhope
Duke Gryffith FitzWilliam fighting for Duchess Aikaterine FitzWilliam
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver fighting for Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo
Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke fighting for Mistress Vienna de la Mer
Sir Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus fighting for Lady Katerina LLiova Vladimirov
Sir Marcus Blackaeart fighting for Lady Solveig Bjarnardottir
Master Ávaldr Valbjarnarson fighting for Mistress Eva Woderose
Master Æthelhawk Keyfinder fighting for Mistress Siubhan Wallace
Sir Matthew des Arden fighting for Mistress Fia Kareman
Master Tiberivs Ivlivs Rvfvs Primvs fighting for m’lord Vopiscus Rufius Donatus
Sir Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov fighting for Baroness Matilde DeCadenet
Master Ionness Aurelius Serpentius fighting for Mistress Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt
Sir Ané du Vey fighting for Mistress Sylvia du Vey
Sir Harold Hokonson fighting for Sir Sichelgaita von Halstern
Sir Simon Gwyn fighting for Lady Tullia Tranquilla
Sir Hrafn BoneSetter fighting for Lady Sigrún Soldottír
Sir Matthias Grunwald fighting for Baroness Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir
Baron of Smoking Rocks Richard Leviathan fighting for Mistress Nest verch Tangwistle
Baron Ceawlin Alreding fighting for Baroness Molly Blythe
The Honorable Lord William RavenHair fighting for Lady Albreda Aylese
Baron Sigurthr VigurHafn fighting for Baroness Medhbh inghean Cheallaigh
Baron Duncan Kerr fighting for Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick
Lord Richard Crowe fighting for m’lady Ameria Brown
Lord Micah of Brighton Hall fighting for Lady Thallos Alexiou of Brighton Hall
Lord Sigurdr Berserkr fighting for Mistress Mistress Eleanore MacCarthaigh
Lord Thomas de Winterwade fighting for Lady Sara of Stonley
The Honorable Lord Ulfgeirr Ragnarsson the Nice fighting for Lady Lavina Attewode
Baron Tiberius Nautius Maximus fighting for None Meave Macintosh
The Honorable Lord Duarcaín MacWard fighting for Lady Aurnia MhicWard
The Honorable Lord Gawyn O’Clery fighting for m’lady Maeve O’Clery
Baron Rory MacLellan fighting for Baroness Astridr Sigrun Ulfkelsdottir
Baron Fearghus O’Conchobhair fighting for Baroness Christina Jenevra De Carvalhal
Lady Leurona Winterborne fighting for Sir Ketilfastr Thorkilson
Lord William of Wyndhaven fighting for Lady Saruca bint Lazari
Lord Gunnar Alfson fighting for m’lady Suke Arslajin
Lord Greadden Olthurssun Veassellurd fighting for Lady Aesa Ormstung Called Jotunsbane
Lord Martin Wasser Speier fighting for Master Donovan Shinnock
Lord Perley of Malagentia fighting for Lady Mary of the High Hills
Lord Edwarde Midnight fighting for Lady Rose Copper-Steel
Lord Alexander Clarke fighting for Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge
Lord Matthew MacGyver fighting for Baroness Lillian Stanhope
Lady Vasia Von Königsburg fighting for Lady Æsa Sturludottir
Lord Corwin Blackthorn fighting for Lady Ada Wright
Lord Nicol mac Donnachaidh fighting for Lady Vivien de Valois
Lord Albrecht Østergaard fighting for m’lady Anne Forneau
Lord Leon Cristo del Camino fighting for The Honorable Lady Christiana Crane
m’lord Brian of Stonemarche fighting for m’lady Sorcha Dhorcha
m’lord Edward de Bosco fighting for m’lady Isabella de Bosco

Given the size of our list, we plan to fight a single fight, double elimination tournament. The semi final will be matched weapons with the individual from the winners bracket having to win two fights and the individual from the losers bracket having to win three fights. The finals will be best 3 out of 5 with matched weapons.

Our intent will be to use several preliminary fights to narrow the list to a field of 32. Final framework TBD based on the weather, start time of the tournament, and Our Royal pleasure.

Best of luck, and best wishes to the Noble’s who will contest to be our heirs.

We remain, in service the Great Kingdom of the East.

Brion Rex & Anna Regina


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News Roundup - The 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings - Mon, 2016-10-17 23:26
How the anniversary celebrations and the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings at Battle Abbey was reported in the media... [View the story "News Roundup - The 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings" on Storify]
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Report on The Endewearde Hunt, 2016

East Kingdom Gazette - Mon, 2016-10-17 10:16

The Gazette thanks Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir for sending the following report.

On a lovely fall day, the archers of Endewearde gathered to try their skill at a challenging woods walk with 10 stations, and a novelty shoot of targets representing stories from the Wild Hunt. There were ground targets, hanging targets, a window shoot, a friend and foe and a mini-clout (80 yards) with a boar in the middle.

Not to be outdone, the throwers also took aim with various thrown weapons.

There were also several classes on topics as various as Japanese leaf viewing and enameling, and a cut and thrust tournament, as well as a potables competition and a bacon judging.

The next day, in spite of the rain, Endewearde archers and throwers gathered to compete for the baronial championships. Thrown Weapons came down to a father/son battle between William of Wyndhaven and his son Seth, but William finally prevailed in the speed round. The archery tournament featured head to head competitions on such targets as ground targets, moving targets that had to be shot in order, and a swinging target tree where the object was to get all the targets to swing to your side. The finals were between Godric of Hamtun and his daughter Isabella Altoviti, and she gave him a run for his money, but Godric and his crossbow won the day.





Court saw many worthy gentles recognized, both for winning various competitions and for their contributions over time. Some highlights: Ludwig von Eisenberg won three categories in the potables, the Baron of Ruantallen offered to pay for his defeat at Great Northeastern War by giving any Malagentians who came to Ruantallen a bottle of beer, Isabella Altoviti was given a token by Baroness Sylvia for being an inspiration on the archery range, Brita took Conall an Doire as a protégé, and Alan of Wittlesie turned the captaincy of the North Tower Archery Company over to Admiranda Howard, giving her a box of archery marshal necessities, including duck tape, a stop watch, ibuprofen, and Southern Comfort.

In her closing remarks, Baroness Sylvia thanked Albrecht and Nuttus for setting up the White Shield encampment where new people could be welcomed and find their SCA niche, and spoke of the joy of seeing the two championships come down to father/child contests. Both of these things made her happy that the future of the SCA was in good hands. Thus ended what has become a traditional end of season archery/thrown weapons event in the Barony of Endewearde.

Photos courtesy of Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

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Important Notice to all Group Chroniclers from the Kingdom Chronicler!

AEthelmearc Gazette - Sat, 2016-10-15 19:11

I sent out the announcement below ten days ago as a follow up to the earlier one calling for local chroniclers to report in or have their office considered vacant on November 1. This is a problem, as Chronicler is a required office for a group to maintain Baronial status. All chroniclers in Æthelmearc need to report in. This is not optional.

This is the list of chroniclers who have responded.

Rhydderich Hael
St. Swithin’s Bog

The chroniclers from the groups listed above have reported in. Thank you
for your prompt responses.

Previous message:

I sent out an email on this announcement list about two weeks ago requiring ALL chroniclers to report in with their contact information,  various bits of info etc. and their most recent newsletter in .PDF form  so that my successor could have a current list of all active  chroniclers. Per my conversations with Their Majesties, and the Kingdom Seneschal any chronicler not reporting in before November first with the
requested information will be deemed inactive, and their replacement sought. The reason for this is simple. For my entire tenure it has been impossible to get a complete list of current and active chroniclers, and I have found that several chronicler listings I have have been out of date for 6 plus years. This is not a problem I want my successor to have to deal with starting out.

To make it easier for people to report in our wonderful Kingdom Webmistress Lady Amalie (of her own initiative) developed a web form seemingly just a few hours after my email came out for me to approve, with everything on it, and implemented the changes I asked and made it live.

You can now find the web form link here.

I have gotten several emails in response to my email with chroniclers checking in (the 6 who have always been extremely good about checking in, and I thank you folks!) I hate to ask them to re-submit through the form (if you folks don’t mind though it will help put everything in one place if you do) but all of the rest of the chroniclers who have not responded to the last email, if you do not check in and report by November first you will be considered inactive and your office vacant. For those of you representing a Barony that might be a bit of a problem for your seneschal as I believe that Chronicler is still a required officer for a Barony

In service,
Master John Michael Thorpe
Æthelmearc Kingdom Chronicler

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Delftwood’s Peace Tourney FAQs

AEthelmearc Gazette - Fri, 2016-10-14 15:23

Greetings fair and mighty Æthelmearc!

Questions have been coming up about Delftwood’s Peace Tourney at our Yule event on December 3, 2016. Please see this page for event information:

What is the Peace Tourney?
It’s Delftwood’s third annual Arts & Sciences competition held at Yule. Artisans, scientists, and performers of all levels are invited to participate from across the Society.

What is needed?
One to three pieces of your best work. Works in progress are allowed. You will discuss your work with the judges face to face. It is suggested that you bring notes, but written documentation is not required. Please do bring a list of your resources.

A sponsor. Anyone can enter and anyone can sponsor anyone. Your sponsor
must provide a prize of no more than $10 in materials. Prizes will be
picked in order of points received from highest to lowest.

  • A sponsor can be found for you.
  • Please offer a prize if you don’t have a person you are already sponsoring.
  • You can sponsor more than one person.
  • Please provide a prize for each person.

What else do I need to know?

  • There are no categories.
  • There are no novice or advanced divisions.
  • Scrolls will be given for the first three places.
  • You will be assigned a time to sit with your work. Sitting with your work all day is up to you.
  • All performances pieces will take place during dessert. Performance pieces are limited to five minutes.

Please contact Mistress Othindisa Bykona at aebeelady AT gmail DOT com for
more information.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

A&S Coordinator for Delftwood Yule

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Teachers Sought for FFF

AEthelmearc Gazette - Wed, 2016-10-12 21:23

Classes are already coming in for Fiber, Fabric, Fighting, etc., etc., etc.!

Won’t you join your compatriots in sharing your knowledge? This is the fourteenth year for this wonderful event, and you too can be part of the long tradition.

If you wish to teach, please email me (Phiala):

  • Your name (SCA and modern), and preferred titles (if any)
  • Home Kingdom
  • A brief biography
  • Title of class
  • Brief description
  • Class length, limits, fees, and special needs (if any)

The full announcement is here.

Phiala O’Ceallaigh

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