Like many web sites, provides a "syndication" mechanism to allow other sites to display our headlines with clickable links back to the full story on our site.'s newswire can be syndicated freely on other sites, provided only the headlines and/or "teaser" information is copied and not the stories' main page. The syndicated headlines must link back to the story page on; you may not cut and paste our entire story onto your site without specific permission.

Currently our newsfeed supports RSS 2.0 format. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an XML (extensible markup language) format standard that is compatible with a variety of news reader and web site content management programs.

Typically, programs that display news feeds will "poll" our site at regular intervals to see if there are new stories on the wire. We recommend that you set the polling interval to not less than one hour, though we do not specifically enforce that guideline unless someone abuses our site by polling at ridiculously-frequent intervals. You should also set your polling time to something other than "on the hour", to avoid having everyone pile on requests at the same minute.

The URL from which our RSS feed can be accessed is . You can look for the little XML icon on pages where syndication is supported. This icon links to the appropriate RSS feed.

If you begin running our newswire on your web site, please let us know so that we can add a link to your site from our Partner Sites directory.