Privacy Policy

This document explains what personal and statistical data is collected by, and how we will (and will not) use that information. We are committed to protecting your privacy as we would protect our own.

Anonymous Statistical Information and Logs

As a routine part of running this site, collects information about its users and their computers, for technical administration and for gathering statistics. We do not ask specific permission to do this, but we also do not link this information with you as an individual unless you give permission, you request help with a problem, we have reasonable cause to believe that you are attempting to compromise the security of our server, or we are compelled to do so by court order.

The information collected by for all visitors is of the following nature:

  • Browser type (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Mozilla, Opera, etc.)
  • IP address of your computer, or of a proxy server
  • Domain name of your internet provider and hostname pf your computer
  • Complete URL of each page hit (for statistical purposes)

All of this information is collected in our standard server access logs, which record every HTTP transaction; this is very typical of almost all web sites. may release aggregate statistics, which do not identify any particular individual, as we wish, for any purpose we choose. Aggregate statistics in this context include such data as how many people have visited the site, which features are most used, how many registered users there are and from what geographic areas, etc. Statistical data will never include any information that can reasonably be used to identify specific individuals.

Registered User Accounts

It is certainly possible to use anonymously, and anonymous visitors are welcome to browse nearly all of the site's content. For various legal and technical reasons, however some features will not be available except to users who are logged in with a registered user account. Registered accounts are available for free, and can be created by any visitor with a reasonably-modern web browser; no administrator approval is required for new accounts. Visitors are requested not to create multiple accounts, and reserves the right to delete multiple accounts created by automated software and in other cases where we feel our hospitality is being abused.

When creating a registered user account, visitors are asked to pick a user name (called a "screen name" by some other web sites) and to provide an e-mail address, persona name, and kingdom of allegiance. This will allow users to login and have access to all features of the site. Any other information collected by is strictly voluntary, but may allow registered users to participate in forums, contributing stories, or being listed in a future online directory.

Stories contributed to will be attributed to the contributor by user name; visitors to the site can click on the user name byline to see the persona name and kingdom of allegiance but not the email address. Contact information will not be posted unless requested. Some features may offer an option to post anonymously. plans to offer an online directory of registered users, listed by user name, persona name, and kingdom of allegiance. No other personal information will be given unless authorized by the registered user. Users may choose to provide additional information in optional fields, but the default will always be to show the minimum amount of information. promises never to sell or give your personal information to a third party without explicit consent of the user unless we are required to do so by a court of law or unless we have reasonable cause to believe the user is engaged in an illegal activity on our site. Note: Any probable evidence of illegal activity will be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

At any time, users may request that personal information be removed from the database. We will comply within a reasonable time period after establishing the authenticity of the user's request. It may not be practical to remove data from the offline archives, but we promise to remove it from the active web server's database if requested. Login accounts will be disabled and all personal information removed from the database, but the empty user name will remain if it is linked to any contributed content. Exception: will not remove data from our database if doing so would violate a court order or subpoena.

Email Addresses

The email address provided when registering a new user account is not revealed to the public. Rather, it is used by the web server software to send out the initial random password for the account, and to send out a new password if you request it. administrative staff can obtain the email address from the database, and will occasionally use this to contact you for specific purposes, such as to ask a question about a story or forum post that you have contributed or to notify you of problems with your account. We will not publish the address, however, without your permission.

From time to time, may send out e-mail notices to all registered users for the purpose of notification of policy or technical issues. will not send out unsolicited e-mail for commercial or marketing purposes, nor will it make e-mail addresses available to third-party marketers unless specifically authorized to do so. There will never be an implied or implicit opt-in by default for any unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE, commonly called "spam"). may offer e-mail discussion or announcement lists, to which users may subscribe if they wish. Such subscriptions will always be strictly opt-in, with specific action required on the part of the user rather than a default opt-in for all users.

As a standard policy, if someone other than's editorial staff seeks to contact one of our registered users, we do not provide the email address of the user to that person. Rather, we ask for an email address from the person seeking the contact, and then one of our staff will send that address to the person being sought, allowing them to decide for themselves if they wish to converse with the person seeking them. Once the person being sought decides to respond to the person seeking them, the conversation is directly between the two individuals and does not involve staff members.

Email addresses embedded within a contributed article may or may not be redacted by our editorial staff, based on our judgment in good faith as to whether the person whose email address is indicated intended for that information to be published. For example, if we receive a press release or event announcement containing a contact email address from the person whose email address is in the announcement or someone we may reasonably believe speaks on their behalf (such as a colleague on the event staff), we will usually include the address in the published article. We will remove email addresses from published articles upon request from the owner of the address, however.

Securing Personal Information takes reasonable precautions to safeguard the privacy of personal information in the database, but there is no way to make the system 100% impenetrable while still offering public access by way of the Internet. There is, therefore, no warranty of security for information in the database, and advises visitors not to share passwords with anyone, nor to use the same password for as is used elsewhere.