This Colophon describes how this web site is created and maintained, and provides credits for those who have contributed in a major way.

Technical Features

This web site runs on a content management system (CMS) called Drupal ( Drupal is an Open Source, free software application that stores all of the text and HTML content for the pages themselves, user accounts, security settings, search engine data, and so on. Drupal, like other CMS programs, allows people to concentrate on creating content while it handles the details of page formatting, navigation links, and other administrivia.

Large files, such as images, are stored on the server's filesystem, but all other content is stored in a relational database called MySQL ( MySQL is another free Open Source application, and it is powerful and reliable enough to be used in many commercial and industrial applications.

The web pages are delivered to your browser using the Apache Web Server (, yet another free Open Source application, which happens to be the most popular web server on the Internet by a wide margin.

Finally, all of this software runs on the GNU/Linux ( operating system, created by Linus Torvalds and improved upon by hundreds of thousands of other programmers. Linux is an Open Source, free operating system akin to UNIX™ but available from the Internet at no cost.

Graphics doesn't have a lot of graphics, and that is intentional. We want the site to be heavy on content and light on pretty fluff, so that it will download fast even over dialup links. The graphics that we do have, however, were mostly created by Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma in their original form, then modified and composited by Justin to fit the page layout of the site.

Web Site Hosting gratefully acknowledges the contribution of our hosting provider, NewTide Group. Byron Albert and Jason Dutt run this business together, with Byron providing the technical work and Jason taking care of the back-office business functions.'s Publisher, Justin, first met Byron at a Linux User Group meeting and is proud to call him a friend.

Byron has gone out of his way to offer great flexibility, reliable service, and prompt resolution of problems to this and Justin and Milica's other web sites, and has worked closely with us to accommodate the special configuration requirements of these web sites even if we asked for things not offered to his other customers. We have hosted with Byron's company since about 1996, and the reliability and service have been superlative.

We don't, as a rule, do commercial endorsements here at, but in this case we will make an exception—we highly recommend NewTide Group for web hosting of small-to-medium-scale web sites.